MEMORIZE Chapter 402

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00402 3. Second Request – Rescue: Frozen Forest (5/5) ——————————— —————————————=

Song Seung-gyu rose into the air with his limbs hanging down. Then, after shaking from side to side a few times, he jumped over the ice wall and disappeared.

‘Are you running away?’

I tilted my head and quickly looked at the reactions of my clan members.

“Wow, Kim Soo-hyun! sorry! Stop without even realizing it… .”

Vivien bows her head in apology.

“ha… . ha… .”

Hannah is slightly out of breath.

At first glance, most of them seemed calm, but Hannah seemed a little surprised. Seeing her do this even though she had already been notified in advance, she probably has an instinctive fear of the same situation as before.

I stared at her. Hannah was trying to control her breathing, pretending she wasn’t doing anything. When she saw it, she instantly thought it was a little cute.

Did he feel my gaze?

She made eye contact with me and gave a weak smile.

“sorry. I was startled when my neck suddenly turned… . “It’s okay now.”

“I’m glad you’re okay.”

After answering clearly, I looked around at my clan members. Everyone’s eyes were also focused on me.

‘We’d better go right away.’

Finally, I quietly opened my mouth.

“User Song Seung-gyu’s request to confirm and rescue his colleagues was canceled due to unavoidable circumstances. therefore… . “As of now, the investigation team is disbanded under the ex officio authority of the Clan Lord.”

I paused for a moment and moved from the middle to the leader. Then Hannah looked relieved and quietly walked next to me.

“Then, from now on, we will begin exploring the ice tower in the center of the frozen forest.”

The moment my words fell, the clan members immediately changed their formation.

Hannah and I are in the lead, Hayeon and Shin Jae-ryong are in the middle, and Hyeon and Vivian are in the back.

As there were only a small number of people, the formation was formed in an instant, and we immediately started running down the road.

The tower’s vengeful spirit tried to drag us to the 9th floor.

And I was planning to go to the 9th floor now.

Of course, I know that there will be some pitfalls. However, rather than wandering around in a maze and being attacked, it was much easier to go directly into the tiger’s den and kill it.

As the ghost said, at the end of the road there was a new staircase leading to the right. Then, I quickly climbed the stairs, and the empty entrance I saw on the 7th floor was in front of me.

There was an iron gate here too. However, instead of being tightly closed like the 7th floor, it was wide open.

‘there is.’

And I could feel it instinctively. That this door is a passage to the 9th floor, and that a vengeful spirit is waiting for us.

Suddenly, I heard someone swallowing behind me.

The inside of the entrance was so dark that nothing could be seen.

I also only felt it with my senses, and even with my magic-powered eyesight, I could only see a faint silhouette. The sound was that some internal energy was interfering with projection by eye power.

Before going right in, I opened my mouth just in case.

“I don’t think there is any need to be afraid. This is a world called Hall Plain, not modern times. Vengeful spirits are nothing more than monsters, and we, the users, have the ability to catch them.”

“… Tongue, you’re right. “If you know that monster, it’s nothing.”

Ahn Hyeon immediately agreed and stepped forward. And I stared at him intently.

Thank you for correcting me, but why don’t you stop shaking your lips.

“Hyun is right. It’s just a monster that looks a bit scary, but I think we can easily catch it. Remember. “We also have a history of capturing Marbolo.”

In fact, it was like I caught it alone, but what can I say if I can just boost morale?

As I finished speaking, I took off my earrings, and soon the ‘Glory of Victoria’ was revealed, emitting a brilliant light. The soft light emitted from the sword flowed into the entrance and brightened the vision slightly.

“Then let’s go inside.”

Eventually, the clan members entered the dark room at the same time.

So we finally entered the 9th floor. And the moment I stepped inside, a strange sense of discomfort passed through my body. It felt like a soft, fluffy rag.

It was then.

Ododog. Ododog, ohdodog.

Amid the heavy silence, the sound of biting into something hard was heard in the invisible air.

When I turned my attention to the source of the sound, I saw something long swaying back and forth in the air. As I was checking detailed information with my third eye, I heard a heavy sound of a spell being chanted from behind.

“───. ───. ───.”

Shin Jae-ryong began to memorize the priest’s spell, perhaps intending to secure his vision.

The sphere that was slowly created soon rose into the air, emitting bright light.

Oh my gosh! Ododog, ohdodog! Ododog, ohdodog, ohdodog, ohdodog, ohdodog!

Meanwhile, the uncomfortable noise grew in intensity, and when it became somewhat more frequent, Shin Jae-ryong’s spell was activated.

“Holy Light!”


As the spell is chanted, bright light bursts out from the floating sphere and colors the room. Although the swarm of light was not enough to illuminate the entire 9th floor, it was still enough to secure peripheral vision.

Eventually, the scene of the 9th floor with a part of the sphere at the center was clearly revealed.

“Huh, huh!”

“Ugh, ugh! “W-what is that!”

At the same time, the clan members who had somehow endured until now let out fresh screams.

The floor of the 9th floor was a room so empty that it reminded me of a void.

But the floor wasn’t important.

After a while, my clan members and I had no choice but to fixate our eyes on something floating in the air.

There was a large ‘head’ floating in the air as we looked. As for how big it is, is it the size of two ripe watermelons put together?

The revealed face was also truly grotesque.

The face was cracked here and there, and a dark red liquid was flowing out from the cracks, giving a strong feeling of redness.

Additionally, the eyes were excessively large, taking up more than 1/3 of the face, the black masturbation that took up the center half of the eye looked like a black hole, and the lips were torn all the way down to the ears.

This wasn’t the only thing.


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The moment the sphere lit up, I was able to visually confirm the information I had seen with my third eye earlier.

Ododog, ohdodog!

The long thing swaying from side to side was the client, Song Seung-gyu. He was being bitten by the vengeful spirit’s teeth and being eaten from his head, one by one.

And the gentle touch that passed through my entire body was my hair. The hair extending from her head was long and thick enough to fill the room.

Oh my gosh! gulp!

– Hickey kick! Hikiki kick!

As if he had swallowed up all of Song Seung-gyu, the ghost rounded the corners of his eyes and smiled bitterly.

And, it was that moment.


Suddenly, a strong metallic sound struck my ears. As I glanced back, I suddenly saw a tightly closed iron door. The door, which had been wide open just a moment ago, closed of its own accord as soon as the ghost smiled.

‘Are you trying to block the escape route?’

I think I saw it somewhere. However, I had no intention of being taken lightly as intended, so I approached the door.

It generates the magic of the circuit. Then he pulled his right knee up to his chest, and then pushed his foot out as hard as he could in a straight line.


Then, I felt something distorted on the soles of my feet, and at the same time, the heavy iron door was completely shattered to the point where it was appropriate to say it was shattered. Because it was covered in ice, it appears that the shock was transmitted to the entire area.

Eventually, after checking the gaping entrance and the broken debris again, I turned around and stared at the ghost again.

– Hick?

The ghost’s reaction was quite subtle. The big, bloodshot eyes were already visible, a clear difference compared to the way he leisurely enjoyed the meal just moments ago.

Sussseu… ! Ssssssseu… !

As the bloodshot blood slowly became thicker, a change was detected. At some point, the hair that was fluttering began to show the same movement.

I felt an omen of something unusual, and immediately cried out.

“Everyone prepare for battle!”

At first I thought about placing a detailed order, but I quickly put the thought aside.

‘It’s not difficult to handle, but… .’

The Vengeful Spirit is not a monster strong enough to make me nervous. Of course, as he was the boss of a ruin, he had weapons that differentiated him from regular monsters, but that was all.

If I used Hwajeong, I was confident that I would defeat them within 3 seconds, and even if I didn’t use Hwajeong, I was confident that I would crush them overwhelmingly all by myself.

Roughly speaking, the vengeful spirit was not Marvolo, but was similar to or below the Knight of Destruction ‘Horence’, minus the regenerative ability.

However, rather than trying to solve the problem with a one-man show, I thought it would be better to use this opportunity to instill confidence in similar situations.

When I finished thinking like that, what I saw was the ghost’s mouth wide open. And countless hairs sticking out in all directions. As I looked at her quietly, I thought she looked like a crazy bitch.

Soon, the vengeful spirit’s attack began.

– Kiiiiiiiii!

A large sound wave that hurts the ears emanates from the open mouth.

The sound wave came through the air and immediately hit the area where we were.

『It’s a sonic attack filled with resentment! This is an attack that cannot be considered a full-fledged magical exercise! You are restricted from using magic resistance!』

『Magic power level 96! Luck stat 90! It is judged as partial defense!』

For a moment, a very slight feeling of dizziness passed through my head, but it soon returned to normal.



However, some clan members let out soft groans as if they had received the damage.

Taking advantage of the disruption in our formation, spiky hairs began to fall all at once.

However, the clan members did not sit still.


“Shield Of Repelling!”

Hayeon and Shin Jae-ryong’s defense spells exploded all at once, as if they had been prepared in advance.

“Under the Covenant Of Blue Moon… . “I wish.”

“Moon phase, Crescent Moon on the 3rd.”

And the orders that came in succession were clearly the voice of one person, Hayeon. I had doubts for a moment, but I soon understood. She used the ‘Necklace of Glory’ that she had given her before.


A large eyebrow-shaped moon with a bluish glow is created in front. Hayeon, who completed the materialization in an instant, shouted fiercely at the invading hair.


At that moment, the crescent moon split into dozens of pieces in an instant, then rotated continuously and ejected in all directions. Her talent, Magic Chain, was combined with her secret class, ‘Blue Moon Mage’, making her debut.

Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!

Soon the crescent moon whirled around and cut off the thorn-shaped hair in one go. The bluish light cut without hesitation and penetrated inside, as if showing off its prowess.

But that was all.

Hayeon’s magic was clearly effective, but the number of hairs coming in was too many. Except for some of the hair that had been cut off, the rest of the attack came in intact and violently pierced the two-layered defense shield.

Jang! Pakang!

“Numbers, there are too many numbers!”

“If this continues, it’s only a matter of time before the shield collapses!”

Hayeon and Shin Jae-ryong’s urgent voices.

When I glance back, I see Ahn Hyeon, who is just holding a spear and not knowing what to do, and Im Hanna, who is constantly flashing lights.

And Vivien, who stands still just like me. Her sonic attack must have been quite irritating, and her expression is quite distorted.

Finally, Vivien shouted in a wheezing tone.

“Hold on just a little longer! All it takes is a little bit, a little time!”

Are you trying to summon a demonic beast? As soon as I saw her entering her chantry, I let out a short sigh.

In this battle, I knowingly or unknowingly tried to take a step back… .

‘But if it just buys me some time, it’ll be okay.’

I immediately made up my mind and walked out of the shield on my own.

“Soo, Su-hyeon! “What are you doing!”

“Clan Lord!”

I didn’t care about the voices that were holding me back, and I just quietly got lost in my thoughts. Then, a sudden thought occurred to me, and I used magic power in my left hand.

And it was at that time that the ghost looked at me.

– Kihi?

As soon as he saw me, he blinked a few times, then opened his mouth wide and laughed.

– Kihihihihihihi!

But I didn’t care at all and used the ’empty air’ technique to create magical power with my left hand. The target designation is ‘hair.’

Soosook! Sorghum souk!

Since there was hair lying around, the designated target grabbed a handful in no time. At the same time, the vengeful spirit also rushed forward with a gloomy wail, but it was already too late.

I grabbed my hair and lifted my arm up with all my strength.


– Squeak!

Was the hair too long? The head shot up in an instant and hit the ceiling nicely.

Immediately, hit your arm down again with all your might.


– Pfft!

I could see the ghost coming down at the speed of light and face down on the floor.

Anyway, thinking that there was nothing like this to save time, I started swinging my arms excitedly.

thud! bang! thud! bang! thud! bang! thud! bang!

– Squeak! Okay! Squeak! Okay! Squeak! Okay! Squeak! Okay!

Every time it hits the ceiling or floor, the vengeful spirit screams and cries out.

‘… It’s surprisingly fun, isn’t it?’

So I decided to change things up a bit and this time I tried drawing a circle.

thud! Squeak! thud! Squeaky!

– Knock! Kkgerererereek!

As the space was limited, it was impossible to draw a smooth circle because there were things that got stuck in the middle.

However, every time I got caught in the middle, I had to force myself to push through, and as a result, the ghost’s face ended up just sweeping across the ground it caught on.

Meanwhile, the surroundings suddenly became quiet, so I calmly turned around. Then, before I knew it, I could see the hair that had calmed down, and several clan members staring blankly at me through it.

I opened my mouth in embarrassment.

“no. I asked to buy time… .”

At that time, Anhyeon urgently raised his hand and pointed at me.

“Tongue, bro! “Back!”


So I quickly turned around, and suddenly felt a heavy pull from my grasp. The ghost had suddenly come to its senses and moved to escape my touch.

I reflexively pulled my hand, and as a result, Squeak! I was able to achieve the result of pulling out a handful of hair. I quietly stared at my hair, then shook my hands and stared straight ahead.

– Kihaaaaa!

He seems quite angry about what happened a little while ago. Even though it didn’t show much, the ghost screamed loudly in anger. Then she opened her mouth wide as if she was about to attack with sonic waves again.

It was then.


At the same time as a flash of light flashed, a thin stream of blood burst out from the Vengeful Spirit’s mouth.

Flash! Flash!

The flash of light continued two or three times, and in the end, the spirit was unable to overcome the relentlessly flying arrows and had to close its mouth again.

But it wasn’t over yet.

“come! Pierre! “You crazy flame jester who rules the 4th Legion!”

Vivian’s demonic summoning circle was finally activated.

The 4th corps was among the 6th corps out of 66 corps, and was the top corps that Vivien always boasted about.

Thinking that today would be a real treat, I watched the rising magic formation with deep interest.

Patchoux! Partschut!

– Hehehe… . Hehehehe… . Heeheeheehee!

Soon, in the dark abyss above the magic circle, the sound of creepy laughter slowly fills the room. Then, I saw a strong man who looked to be about 2 meters tall rise up.

I looked closely.

Cross-shaped eyes, a red nose like Rudolph, and long painted bright red lips. And a colorful stick like a toy held in his right hand.

This look… . okay. It looked very similar to a modern-day Pierrot.

“Open your eyes! Pierre! Show your majesty to the head monster in front of you! “Push it down so hard it doesn’t move!”

Soon, Vivien gave a command, and Pierre’s eyes, which had been closed, flashed open. Pierre’s mischievous gaze went straight to the ghost, and he immediately opened his red-painted mouth wide and laughed until the whole room was gone.

– Hehehehehehehe!

At that time, a thought suddenly passed through my head, and I quickly looked at the ghost.

The moment Pierre appeared, the ghost stopped making even a sound. Where has the attitude that seemed like something from earlier gone? He is just completely overwhelmed and trembling.

Thinking of ending it quickly, I made a fuss again and grabbed my hair.

“Under the Covenant Of Blue Moon… . “I wish.”

“Moon phase, Crescent Moon on the 3rd.”

At the same time, Hayeon’s spells were heard one after another, and a blue crescent moon was created around the ghost.

hair caught.

Pierre laughs as the room leaves.

A crescent moon full of anticipation surrounds the surroundings.

– … … .

In such a situation, the ghost did not react at all.

He just looked around his surroundings with blank eyes and then quietly closed his eyes.

Thinking that this was the end, I lightly raised my arms.

The vengeful spirit rose into the air without any resistance and then fell towards the summoned demon beast in a circular curve.

And Pierre looked at the soft falling hair and opened his mouth as wide as a hamburger… . huh?

‘Are you really going to eat it?’


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