Life of a Magic Academy Mage Chapter 975

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Episode 975

In fact, Delet was particularly unlucky with classes this semester.

Didn’t other professors come in to listen to the lectures because Jo Woo-rin ran away from home the other day?

At that time, Delet thought, ‘There is no lecture more difficult than this.’

But today, Direth clearly felt why a wizard should not be hasty in making conclusions.

There could have been even more difficult lectures than back then!

“I’m really sorry. Seniors.”

Lee Han apologized with a guilty expression.

In fact, I didn’t bring my crazy alter ego because I liked Lee Han. Who would want to bring someone like this to the classroom?

But the crazy alter ego was resolute.

It was a claim that he would directly guide and supervise from the side to achieve small world magic.

‘Is this perhaps a new type of pressure?’

Lee Han couldn’t help but suspect that his crazy alter ego had changed his methods.

The methods I used until now no longer work well, so I have to change my direction with this mental pressure…

It was terrible to think that way.

They will come after Professor Garcia’s lecture, they will come after Professor Verdus’ lecture, and they will come after Professor Bendozol’s lecture.

‘for a moment. It looks better than I thought.’

Now that I think about it, they were not particularly terrible professors. Lee Han realized that he had chosen the wrong example.

“no it’s okay. “You probably didn’t come along because you wanted to, junior.”

Direth came to his senses and stood up holding the hands held out by Lee Han and Yukbeltire.

Yukveltyre’s eyes were much more generous than before as he looked at his friend who was standing up.

“If it was going to be like this, you should have told me in advance.”


“It was all an effort to lure the archmage.”

It was understandable if all these seemingly useless preparations were actually intended to attract the archmage’s alter ego.

It wasn’t for a trivial lecture, but to uncover the secrets of magic.

Yukveltire sincerely apologized for misunderstanding his friend’s sincerity.

“It’s not?”


“No. “I just prepared it to congratulate my junior.”


Yukveltire let go of his hand coldly. Lee Han glared at the back of this evil senior’s head.

“Shall we kick him out?”

“Quit. “I’ll get out on my own anyway.”

Just as Dirette said, Yukveltire packed his bag.

In return for paying off the debt, I painted the walls dark, so I was thinking of leaving now.

I didn’t intend to watch Direth teach black magic to his juniors, even if it meant extracting magic from the Archmage’s clone…



While the three were talking, the crazy alter ego got up and arrived at the front of the classroom.

The crazy clone, who saw the spell written on the blackboard, looked at Direth.

“Wizard. “Did you create this spell?”

“…Uh, ah, yes.”

Delet’s tongue got tangled without realizing it.

Of course, the opponent in front of him was a wizard who kidnapped his junior, but strictly speaking, he was also the founder of the Einrogard school of black magic.

If such a person asked, ‘Did you use this black magic?’, no matter how much I tried, I couldn’t help but become nervous instinctively.

Being nervous in front of a professor is the sad fate of students.

“It’s witty, but the ending is clumsy. There is no need to fixate on the enemy in sight. Expand your sixth sense based on your five senses. Don’t forget that magic is another sense organ for a wizard.”

The that Direth brought for his junior was a magic created to overcome the limitations of the existing black magic school’s poison spells.

A magic that converts a material poison into an immaterial form of a curse and then uses the wizard’s vision as a medium to hit the enemy.

If you learn this, you don’t have to go through the trouble of trying to hit Yukbel, or any other enemy, with poison.

However, the crazy clone noticed some unrefined parts of this spell.

There was no need to visually check the enemy’s location.

Just as a wild beast uses its beard as a sense organ, a wizard can use the magic of the world as his sense organ.

There was only one reason not to do so.

The wizard’s own fear.

“If you deteriorate your magic out of fear of poisoning others, you are abandoning your duty as a magician.”

“…I will keep this in mind…”

Direth, who had been stabbed in the painful spot, nodded without being able to refute.

The point was so sharp that I wasn’t even angry. That was definitely true.

If you’re going to create magic, you should be prepared to handle it yourself. It’s not good for anyone to lower the level of magic by worrying about it being dangerous in advance.

“By the way, senior. “If I change it to what I just said, won’t the difficulty level increase?”

“I guess so, right?”

There was a significant difference in difficulty between casting a curse by sight and casting a curse using all of your other senses.

“Is this the magic I need to learn?”


“I just think I like the existing magic better…”

Lee Han tried to secretly talk to his crazy alter ego, but his teacher flatly ignored him.


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I tried to convince him that I needed stepping stones, that I would learn this and learn it later, etc., but it didn’t work at all.

“There are definitely some weak points in Delet. “If it weren’t for that, I could have become a greater wizard.”

“…Senior, aren’t you going?”

Lee Han was taken aback when Yukveltire, who he thought had gone out earlier because he was packing his bag, was sitting down and listening to the lecture.

What is this guy, really?

* * *

Originally, he was a crazy alter ego who tried to quietly guide his students through their small lives, but Einrogard’s passionate students did not leave their excellent teacher alone.

To be exact, Yukveltyre did not leave it alone. Direth and Lee Han glared at the silver-haired wizard as if they wanted to kill him.

“indeed. So, does that mean it would be better to use a person’s tibia and clavicle as reagents for this part?”

“Yes. But in that case, there is another problem.”

Lee Han, who was listening from the side, muttered.

“You will be arrested under imperial law.”

Yukbeltire and his crazy clone were ignored. Only Direth twitched his quill.

I found that joke funny.


Lee Han looked at him, moved.

After all, being the best senior in the empire wasn’t just anyone’s job.

“Can I ask you one more question?”

“Can not be done.”


Shock spread like a wave across Yukveltyre’s face at the unexpected rejection of his crazy clone.


“Wizard. Be careful of presumptuous behavior. “I answered the question because I am a fellow student, but the royal family is not your teacher.”

The crazy alter ego drew a line.

The question about Ahrak’s red poison just now had already been written on the blackboard, and as he was a fellow student, he had answered mercifully.

But strictly speaking, asking questions like this was rude.

Shouldn’t every wizard ask his teacher?

The crazy clone looked at Lee Han and asked.

“I don’t know what kind of guy that wizard’s teacher is that makes his students ask questions elsewhere.”

“Shall I fetch you?”

Lee Han felt excited for the first time in today’s lecture. Delet seemed to feel the same way, so his wings rose slightly.

Honestly, I miss you!

“done. “I don’t know who he is, but he must be a worthless bastard.”

‘what a waste!’

While he was feeling regretful, Yukveltire, who had returned to his seat, whispered behind Lee Han.

“A junior member of the Wardanaz family.”


“Ask how to withstand the strong external pressure that occurs in the distortion dimension.”

“…You were speaking in Imperial language, right?”

Lee Han was confused as he wondered if Yukbeltyre spoke in Old Giant or Verdus.

“What are you talking about?”

“Just kidding… no. So what?”

Lee Han, who was trying to explain the joke, gave up.

How do you explain a joke to a small golem that doesn’t have a heart (I thought it had one, but it turns out it doesn’t)?

“One of the dangers when casting dimension-related magic is the distorted dimension.”

It was a multidimensional concept that all high-ranking wizards were introduced to, but it was also a concept that became more difficult and troublesome the deeper you delved into it.

The dimension was too wide to begin with.

The spirit world and the undead world that ordinary people can understand are also different dimensions, but the parallel world that is practically impossible to observe also falls under the concept of dimension.

Even if you don’t go there, there are many strange and twisted places in the dimension.

Either there is no soul, no volume at all, only force…

Among these dimensions, the malignant dimension that does not actually function in the world but only affects other dimensions is called the distortion dimension.

For wizards traveling or exploring dimensions, they are like reefs that must be avoided.

When they encounter wizards who try to visit other dimensions, they compress or distort their souls.

‘for a moment. ‘Why am I learning this?’

Lee Han, who was taking notes on attributes, became confused.

Why are you learning this?

Lee Han doesn’t even major in dimensionality!

“If you understand, hurry up and ask questions.”

“All right.”

Lee Han nodded.

Then he spoke to his crazy self.

“Master. “Then, can I practice the magic now?”


Yukveltire’s eyes trembled with betrayal. Direth thought to himself when he saw that.

‘Why does he feel betrayed…’

It’s not a situation where I feel anything at all…!

* * *

Although the difficulty level increased thanks to an archmage, was a good magic.

Above all, the fact that it stopped at the 4th circle despite the madman’s interference proved the excellence of this magic.

Even if the difficulty suddenly increases, you can somehow find a solution within the 4th circle.

‘This is excellent magic.’

Lee Han, who was happy with the feeling of profit, realized something was strange.

…If you think about it, there’s no reason to be happy about the 4th circle magic, right?

‘Did I fall victim to mental magic?!’

No matter how much I thought about it, I couldn’t understand it otherwise. Lee Han circulated his magic power and checked his condition.

“What’s wrong, junior?”

“I was wondering if I might have been the victim of a mind interference spell.”

“what?! why?!”

Delet was surprised.

The fact that my junior brought up such a story was not something to be ignored.

What kind of sign was there?

“You just practiced ‘The Crow’s Matter’ without any complaints.”

“…That was the way it was.”


This time, Lee Han was shocked, but Direth coolly turned his head away.

This cannot be denied.

I looked to the side and saw that my ugly friend was still sitting even though the lecture was over.

“Yukveltyre. let’s go.”

“I still have questions left.”


Delet sighed deeply.

And then he spoke to Lee Han with an expression that he really didn’t want to do and that he was sorry.

“Junior. “Can you do me a favor?”

“it’s okay.”

Lee Han readily agreed and immediately called his crazy alter ego.

“Master. “What are some ways to withstand the strong external pressure that occurs in the distortion dimension?”

“It’s been a while since you asked a useful question. Utilizing infinite extradimensional power is the desire of every wizard. But that power…”

Yukveltire blinked as his crazy clone immediately began to explain.

When his friend’s reaction was different from what he expected, Direth asked in confusion.

“what’s the matter? “Isn’t that what you wanted to ask?”

“…Why does the junior member of the Wardanaz family only listen to you and not me?”



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