Life of a Magic Academy Mage Chapter 959

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Episode 959

‘Is this… tears?’

Carnella felt hot liquid flowing down her cheek.

Of course, they were not tears of worry about the situation in which their junior was under siege, but tears of joy.

The collapsed enemy formation is empty!

“Go in! Go in!”

“Hormasi. to the left! I will help my junior… Hey!”

Carnella ignored what the senior said or not and urged the puppy. His three-headed beast of hell raced through the arena, breathing sulfur.

Now was not the time to rescue my junior from the siege and take him out.

Now that the opponent was confused, it was time to hit harder.


Surprisingly, the junior was amazingly aware of Carnella’s movements even though he was surrounded in the middle of enemy lines.

The way it reacted so quickly made it feel like it had left everything to the Gryphon and was only looking around before reacting.

But that made no sense.

What the Gryphon just showed was a frantic sprint that only a true horseman can show.

If the hearts of the owner and the vehicle were not truly one, such majesty could not be shown.

‘The junior… is a much better player than I thought!’

Carnella had no choice but to admit it.

Maybe, really maybe…

…That junior may be a slightly better hardball player than Carnella!

In the midst of this rampage, he even noticed Carnella coming.


Lee Han hit the ball accurately. Carnella received it and ran toward the goal.


“Good job, junior! “More than this Hormasi expected!”

“Phone League did it all!”

“There’s no need to be humble! okay!”

“No, the phone league really ran on its own!”

* * *

“Wardanaz! Wodanaz! Wodanaz!”

Angago shouted, waving an improvised flag with his cape. Several people had already gathered nearby to support the Einrogard hardball club.

Originally, in a stadium like this, crazy people would band together and normal people from the educated empire would band together, so over time, they became separated like this.

“Giggles! I really like this young fellow!”

The drunken crowd loved Anrago.

“Why don’t you lead us and boo us! In style!”


Anrago waved his flag and then paused.

I can’t believe I have to lead people who are seeing me here for the first time and boo the clubs in Grandeur City.

Can he do it?


“Okay, I understand. Bull… Bullpad, Bullpad. It’s too weak. Bullpad, the player who will be deprived of his meals, his bed, and kicked out.”

“With a song?!”

“Huh, the lyrics are addictive and catchy. “Let’s sing it together!”

As people reacted enthusiastically, Angago sighed in relief.

‘thanks. ‘Moon Card!’

Angago, who had plagiarized his friend’s song, sang even louder. The people cheering for the Grandeur City Gyeok-gu Club booed the song as if they were displeased with the song, which was much more offensive than expected.


“Well, that song belongs to everyone in Einrogard!”

In response to Salco’s call, Angago blurted out an excuse without realizing it.

But that wasn’t why Salchow called.

“What are you talking about?”

“Ah… no. “Why did you call me?”

“The kids over there keep booing Wodanaz. Is there anything you can do to stop it?”

Angago, who was waving the flag, was slightly embarrassed.

“Aren’t you really interested in hardball games?”

“I’m not interested in the game, I just want to make sure it’s played fairly. Alpha. “I’m not really interested in the game.”


Anrago’s eyes narrowed.

For some reason, I felt like my friend was lying.

“There is no way to stop the booing…”

“Hahaha! Young friends! You’re smart and clever, but there’s still something you don’t know! “There is a way to stop it!”

The drunken crowd laughed and shouted loudly.

Angago asked, puzzled.

“yes? How do you stop the boos?”

“It’s easy! “Everyone follow me!”

The crowd who bet silver on the defeat of the Grandeur City hardball club, and the crowd who originally cheered for the Einrogard hardball club. And even the drunk spectators were moving around.

The spectators began to move around and slowly collect lumps of mud one by one.

‘…no way…’


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Angago, who was not drunk, felt a shiver run down his spine.

no way?!

“Tu, tutanta. this…”

“Hey, you bastards! “If you’re weak, you should just keep your mouth shut and watch. How can you be a distraction?”


The crowd of spectators began throwing mud at the opposing spectators.

Angago screamed.

“This is illegal under imperial law!!”

“Whahahaha! Where can I find something like that? “You throw it too!”

-You bastards! Am I crazy because I lose every time!

There were few people who could stand still while mud was flying. People who were already in a bad mood after being miserably pushed out by a weaker opponent reacted immediately.

“Alpha! Alpha! I have to get out!! They were crazy people… Hey!!”

Anrago was frightened when he saw Salko from a distance.

Salchow was shouting as he made clay using his magic and distributed it to his fellow spectators.

“Let’s take down those cowardly bastards! “Let’s take down those cowardly bastards!”

‘…You idiot who said he wasn’t interested in the game!!!’

It was better when I was indifferent to the game. Anrago was in tears.

* * *

“senior. “The crowd seems noisy.”

“It’s naturally noisy. “Concentrate.”

“It looks like they’re fighting.”

“We fight in the first place. “Concentrate.”

“It looks like a mud monster has been summoned.”

“I was originally summoned. “Concentrate.”


Lee Han looked at Carnella as if he were Professor Verdus.

The way they only say what they want to say is very similar.

‘Well, that’s not important now.’

Whether a war broke out in the stands or not, the stadium was already at war.

The difference in scores was overwhelming on this side, but Einrogard students still maintained a cautious expression. This was because I began to feel the power of my opponent.

‘If the difference is this much, I might give up…’

The players of the Grandeur City Gyeokgu Club were truly amazing.

Even though Gryphon was running wild and trampling on them throughout the first half, they did not give up and started to hold on.

If a mount fell, it was replaced with a new mount, and if a player fell, it was replaced with a new player.

Normally, when a change like this goes on, they might be shaken, but there was still persistence in their eyes.

“Why on earth are you doing that? Do you really hate it when we win once?”

“What happened to make you so strong??”

I had no idea that the players were upset because they lost to Einrogard’s first-year juniors last year, and the students talked as if they were embarrassed.

Perse licked her dry lips, took out a canteen, and wet her throat.

Because I ran the entire first half, I felt like all the moisture had been drained from my body. The monsters riding it must have been even more exhausted.

“Wardanaz. “What about Gryphon?”


Vonrig sounded like he was okay, but Lee Han could feel that he was very tired.

It might have been difficult to play until the second half.

“You seem exhausted.”

“Wodanaz will also have a hard time, and it might be better to change players and defend.”

At Perse’s words, an animal and a person jumped.

The beast was Gryphon and the person was Carnella.


“Are you crazy to leave out the best striker!? “How can we stop it with our defense?”

“But you can’t force it out.”

“I’m not tired! Aren’t you tired?! “Look at these eyes?”

Griffon looked slightly satisfied with Carnella’s support.

From the looks of it, the opponent seemed to be the only one among the wizards here who took Griffon’s side.

But the owner shook his head mercilessly.

“I’m tired of phone league.”

“No… no! Junior!”

Carnella did the most obscene thing a senior could do.

He immediately threw himself onto the dirt floor, rolled over, and grabbed his junior’s ankle. The other students avoided their gaze as if they couldn’t bear to see it.

“please! “Please just endure the second half!!!”

Gryphon, who had been satisfied until now, also looked disgusted. Lee Han also felt the same way.

‘The opponent is a senior. The opponent is a senior…’

Lee Han tried to slowly withdraw his foot (Carnella did not let go with the tenacity of a hard-core player) and opened his mouth.

“senior. “If you leave out the phone league, you don’t necessarily lose.”

“lose! I can see it. “Do you think this Hormasi is being unreasonable?”

The dark elf senior stood up with his long body and spoke with burning eyes.


“If you just play defense without attacking with the current thin Einroguard players, you will quickly catch up with the points you have earned, junior. Please trust me. “If I lose this game too, I’ll be so embarrassed that I might have to change my affiliation to Baldrogard!”

“No… I’m going to attack.”


Carnella, who was shouting out loud, stopped.

“You said you were leaving out the griffon?”

“yes. But in preparation for this situation, I asked the unicorn if it was okay. They said it was okay. So, I plan to go out on a unicorn in the second half.”



The seniors were astonished.

I knew that Lee Han was taking care of the unicorn, but I couldn’t believe that they had become close enough to ride it during a hardball game.

Perse calculated briefly and then nodded.

“everyone. “Just one more thing.”

“What is it, Perse?”

“This is an absolute secret from Professor Bendozol.”

“…of course!”

The members nodded.

If Professor Bendozol had heard this, he might have suffered a heart attack.

* * *

-What kind of bastard is there?

The game ended with the screams of those who bet big on the Grandeur City hardball club.

Although it was not as destructive as the Crazy Gryphon, the Unicorn was also a very deceptive mount. As they dazzled the stadium with continuous teleportation, the Grande City players were unable to pursue as much as they wanted.

“Hey, I won!”

Anlago, who had been suppressing the enemy spectators after being caught up in a fight, burst into cheers when the trumpet sounded, signaling the end of the game.

“Wardanaz! Wodanaz!”

“Tutanta! The game is over! Let’s stop and get out!”

“Wardanaz! Wodanaz!”

Despite Angago’s cries, Salchow and his newfound friends did not stop throwing mud at the enemy crowd.

Anrago looked around to see how he could stop him, and belatedly realized that the spectators above were looking at him with disgust.

I checked and found that a large blank space had been created near the stadium area where they were.

Other people were disgusted and distanced themselves from each other.

‘…My, I was in the middle of crazy people!’

Angago, who was only thinking about fighting, realized his situation too late.

To an educated and sane audience, wouldn’t Ango look just like those drunken lunatics!

‘How could I…!’

Cursing his friend, Anrago decided to get out as quickly as possible.

If he was caught by the guards and sent to the temporary prison in Grandeur City, Anrago could have surpassed the prince in the ranking of second-year Einroguard idiots.

“…Angago student?”

Hearing the professor’s familiar voice, Angago felt the hairs on his body stand on end.

Angago, forgetting that he was in disguise, answered indifferently.

“Go, Professor Garcia…!”

“…What on earth are you doing now?”

Anrago looked back. Salchow was climbing onto the makeshift palanquin that others had made and firing mud bullets at the other people.

There was only one thing Angago could say.

“…watching the hard ball…”


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