Life of a Magic Academy Mage Chapter 957

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Episode 957

“Why are you so nervous? “It’s not any other professor, it’s Professor Garcia.”

Perse was puzzled by his junior’s appearance.

Of course, the call from Professor Einrogard was not very comfortable for the student.

But that was the story of ordinary professors, and wasn’t Professor Garcia’s case a bit different?

This is not a professor who will get angry, scold you, or tell you to create 173 artifacts for your work by tomorrow.

“…Yes, of course…”

Lee Han nodded and thought to himself.

‘After the hardball game, I’ll have to move to another club right away.’

I thought I might be able to avoid meeting up with the kitchen club or the masonry club as an excuse.

Senior Perse did not understand the junior’s fear of Professor Garcia, but there are exceptions to the rule.

Lee Han didn’t want to risk his neck to find out whether Professor Garcia was angry or not.

‘…Even if the professor is angry, it will subside over time. maybe…’

Next to Lee Han, who was engrossed in the professor’s thoughts, the seniors talked about today’s game.

“Did you hear? I heard they brought a fully-grown hippogriff from the Grandeur City Gyeokgu Club?! “I guess someone comes out riding it.”

“It’s terrible, really. “There’s no need to go to that length against us.”

The seniors at the club were shocked.

Of course, it was a true hard-ball player to not let down his guard against a weak team, but it was also human nature to hope that he would let down his guard against himself.

“If anything, the junior is in a position where he has to deal with it directly… I’m sure he’s worried a lot.”

“no. Look over there.”

The senior pointed to Lee Han.

The boy from the Wardanaz family was lost in thought, without any change in his expression.

The seniors who saw this reflected on themselves without realizing it.

The juniors were doing their best to focus on the game, but they were making a fuss unnecessarily.

“…Wodanaz. do not worry. “Because we are behind you.”

“Just do what you practiced at the club. “You don’t have to go any further than that.”

“yes? Uh… thank you.”

Lee Han, who was trying to guess whether Professor Garcia was angry or not, was taken aback by the sudden cheering.

* * *

“Wow, that’s amazing. “I can’t believe the Grandeur City Gyeokgu club was like this.”

“Weren’t they originally strong players?”

“Yes, but not to that extent.”

Angago said, reaching for the bowl of fried rice that Salko was holding. Salko slapped the hand away in displeasure.

At the Grande City Stadium, a large number of people had already gathered and were chatting in groups.

As you can guess from its popularity, the price of the sign was expensive, and Angago, who enjoys relatively excessive spending, had to save money to buy snacks.

“…Still, since you came here like this, can’t you give me some?”

Salko picked up a handful of fried rice, swallowed it, and spoke.

“I would have told you to stop buying things so needlessly. “Why did you buy the cloak again?”

“New, I needed a new cape. “This is much better for hiding than the original cloak, so when fighting hard…”

“What about that helmet?”

“I needed a new fighting helmet. “More shock absorption than the original helmet…”

Salko asked, looking more and more pitiful.

“Why did you buy Gyeokguchae again? “How many Gyeokguchae are there?”

“This… this will give you Wodanaz.”


“Wodanaz is also a tough ball club. “If you receive good gyekgu chae, you will become more interested in gyeokgu.”

Angago felt sorry that his friend, who had outstanding qualities, was always indifferent to difficult situations.

I couldn’t understand why neither Giselle nor Lee Han liked Gyeok-gu.

Salko tilted his head inwardly.

‘Do you think you’ll sell it?’

“And I would also like to express my gratitude…”


Salko looked surprised. Angago grunted and asked.


“I didn’t know you had a conscience.”

“…shut up.”

“For your information, I think Wardanaz would be happier that you don’t go out without permission rather than being treated like that.”

“Who are you blaming for going out without permission?”

When Angago cried, Salko shrugged his shoulders and returned his hand to the fried rice.

‘Now that I think about it, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to buy Wodanaz a gift as a way to repay him.’

Salchow was a student with clear merit.

I received so much, but I had no intention of just letting it go.

Since most students probably wouldn’t even think about it (Anrago was really surprising), it wouldn’t be a bad idea for Salko to express his gratitude on their behalf.

Salchow could not have imagined that dozens of other Einrogard students were thinking similarly.

-It’s a Hippogriff!


A large-scale competitive game did not just start.


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There are some additional events before the game.

The stunts of the animals participating in the competition, the battle between monsters and humans risking their lives (this has been abolished), the promotion of some guilds and merchants, etc.

Now, players from the Grandeur City Gyeok-gu club came out and showed off various tricks.

You could even see a player riding a fully grown hippogriff.

“no. Is it common to see full-grown Hippogriffs in hardball games?”

“Is that possible? What a ferocious Hippogriff. They say he’s dumber than a griffon, but it’s not easy to tame him. “It’s especially true for a grown-up like that.”

Salchow, while explaining, grumbled that it was unfair.

The Grandeur City Hardball Club receives sponsorship from various families and organizations and can obtain rare mounts from all over the empire, but it is not easy to go out to the Einrogard Hardball Club.

“But you’re bringing a hippogriff? “That’s really cowardly.”

“Alpha. I think I was too focused on the game. “It doesn’t seem particularly cowardly…”

“It’s because you don’t know the rules!”

“Tsk tsk. “I don’t know why I’m so emotional.”

Salko shook his head.

I couldn’t understand Angago’s ecstasy at Salcó, who came to see the game in person and figure out what the stadium should be like.

“Ugh. “Why did the monsters I brought with me and the skills of the players become so strong?”

“Something must have happened. Losing to someone… Defeat can be a driving force for growth, right?”

“Stop talking nonsense. By that logic, our Gyeokgu club should be a hundred times stronger than it is now.”

* * *

Bullpad, a city noble who serves as captain of the Grandeur City Gyeokgu club, looked around at the players and vehicles with a determined expression.

“Everyone worked hard.”

“I was skeptical at first, but I found out that your opinion was correct.”

The shocking defeat suffered by a student from Einrogard last year brought a huge storm to the players of the Grandeur City Gyeokgu club.

Even though they were not the main players, the content of the game was shocking.

Well-trained mounts get scared and move out of the way or run away!

As time passed after the shocking defeat, Bulpad began to feel grateful.

Wouldn’t it be much better to realize it now than to realize it later at a critical moment?

After that, Bulpad worked hard with the players.

So that the vehicles can withstand any fear.

If it was a monster that radiated threat or fear, I would go there and train regardless of the time and place. Sometimes, if an abnormal phenomenon occurred due to excessive magical power in an area, I would go there and train without hesitation.

And the hard training eventually paid off.

Not only did they overcome their fears, but the capabilities of each athlete and vehicle increased significantly.

-It’s a griffon!!!!

-Oh my god, I never thought I would see a griffon! Today’s game was amazing!


The players looked away as if they were surprised.

I knew that the magicians of Einroguard were the best talents in the empire, but weren’t they also very busy?

But you tame a gryphon and bring it out?

But Bulfad nodded and spoke as if he had been expecting it.

“Among the Einrogard students, there is one who has tamed a griffon.”


‘Then shouldn’t you tell me that first?’

The players were taken aback by the captain’s arbitrariness, but Bulpad also had a reason.

“If you believe in your own abilities, there is no reason to be shaken even if a dragon appears as your opponent.”

“No, the dragon is a bit…”

“And didn’t you train thoroughly to prepare for the griffon?”

“That’s true.”

The players nodded.

The Grandeur City Gyeokgu Club trained for a variety of situations.

From the situation where a short and skinny griffon is brought into a game with restrictions, to the situation where a full-grown griffon is brought in.

Hadagak, a well-known defender within the club, said while pounding his chest.

“Just leave it to me. “It will make the griffon get tired and fall out.”

“Oh oh!”

“You’re reassuring!”

Hadagak was not bragging without any basis.

The Griffon was definitely a smarter and more powerful monster than the Hippogriff, but it also had its drawbacks.

Basically, wise monsters are not easy for humans to manipulate.

This was especially true in a hard-fought game like now.

A monster as clever as a gryphon immediately realized that what was happening was not a life-threatening fight, but just a prank planned by people.

‘Looking at its size, it looks like an adult body. If so, they are more likely to behave as they please.’

Adult griffons are much smarter and are quicker to recognize pranks.

If Hadagak endures well, he will quickly get bored and look the other way.

As loyal as he was to his master, the Gryphon did not want to give up his pride for pointless pranks.

-Gryphon is performing tricks! This is a feat dedicated to the honorable people of Grandeur!


“Even stunts? “To do such a careless thing… Are you still students?”

Hadagak sympathized with the other person.

I can’t believe they’re doing tricks like that when it’s not enough to let them rest before the game.

If you do that, the griffon will get bored even faster!

* * *

“Wardanaz. “You can let the griffon rest.”

“yes? “Why?”

“Gryphons are smart, so if you ask them to do too many annoying things at once, they pretend not to hear.”

“…Did you do that!?”

Lee Han looked at Phonerig in surprise.

Von Rigg, who was very excited about his owner riding on his back for the first time in a long time, looked around his head in bewilderment. Then he clicked his beak and glared at the students.

Where are you fighting!

“look. “You’re already angry.”

“Uh… But Ponrigg has never been angry with me or disobeyed me.”

As the owner took his side, Vonrig narrowed his big eyes and nodded repeatedly. His face was full of joy.

“It’s been okay so far, but everyone has their limits. Wardanaz. “You know so much about other animals, but you make a few mistakes when it comes to griffons.”

“sorry. “I started taking care of it myself, so at some point I stopped looking at books.”

Lee Han reflected.

I made a mistake because I let my guard down, thinking I knew enough to know because I had become friends with Gryphon.

Von Rigg, who was listening to the conversation, looked like he was dying to start a riot right away.

But Vonrigg’s high intelligence did not allow that.

The moment they go on a rampage, those evil, mean, and petty wizards say, ‘Look! It was because I expected people to say, ‘That’s what Gryphons do!’

All Ponrigg could do was endure that mean insult.


As a bloody sound came out of his beak, Lee Han asked cautiously.

“Phone League. If you don’t want to go out, you can tell me now. You don’t have to force yourself to run because of the greed of a crazy senior. “There’s also Basil.”


But Vonrigg shook his head resolutely. He then tapped his floor hard, as if asking him to proceed with the game.

…I swear on my noble blood that I will destroy everything that stands in my way!


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