Life of a Magic Academy Mage Chapter 375

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Episode 375

 “Cough. “That’s strange.”

 While his predecessors were struggling to maintain their dignity, Professor Mortum was checking the inner passage of the ruins.

 Sentinel golems appeared and blocked the path ahead, but in reality, they weren’t that big of an obstacle.

 Thinking back on the ruins I had seen so far, I wasn’t at all surprised to see that there were many more dangerous traps.

 “Why are you doing that?”

 “There’s nothing special inside.”

 Delet nodded at the professor’s words.

 Certainly, for a ruin this intact, the resistance was weak. Other than the sentinel golem stationed at the entrance, there were no other enemies to be seen.

 “ Darkness, spread out and resonate…  Never like this. Collock. “It’s really strange.”

 Professor Mortum, who extended his magic toward the passage inside the ruins and cast various search spells, stared into the darkness and was lost in thought.

 “Perhaps… no.”

 “What were you thinking?”

 “I wondered if these ruins had an owner. Collock. “If it’s a ruin that has an owner, they won’t set up useless traps.”

 Most of the relics that imperial wizards can find have long since disappeared from their owners.

 However, sometimes there were relics where the owner still remained.

 In that case, the wizard was in a very difficult situation.

 It was the same as illegally trespassing on someone else’s land…

 “If the owner had been there, he wouldn’t have been able to come in so easily, right?”

 Delet tilted his head.

 If the ruins were in good condition and the owner was still alive and managed, some signs should have been shown before entering.

 Not only are there warnings to prevent outsiders from approaching, but there are also minions who patrol the surrounding area to prevent them from approaching.

 In this way, the outskirts of the ruins were empty, and when I entered the entrance, there was little chance of the owner being there as it was quiet and there was no sign of presence.

 “Cough. yes. You are right. If there was an owner, it wouldn’t have been so poorly maintained. “Unless the owner is trapped somewhere or seriously injured and recovering…”



 Professor Mortum and Lee Han were the first to feel a change in the flow of magic within the palace ruins.

 Lee Han looked around. The walls, floor, and ceiling around the palace entrance began to swell like slime.

 They say transformation magic can change the properties of matter and change its form, but I never thought I would see magic on this scale in person.

 “Everyone, don’t move!”

 Professor Mortum, who felt that the current situation was unusual, immediately took action.

 Gone was his usual sickly appearance, and Professor Mortum waved his cane with his eyes shining.

 “ I command you to open the path of yin! The ropes of darkness will bind! 

 At that moment, a door connected to the negative dimension appeared behind the students, and a rope made of dark elements came out of it.

 Originally, it was a magic that used the dark element to open the door to the negative dimension and temporarily draw the enemy in, but Professor Mortum applied this magic and used it as a space movement magic.

 If applied, it can be a powerful defensive spell that can temporarily protect students.

 The students who passed through the sound dimension jumped out next to Professor Mortum. The students felt dizzy, as if they were about to vomit at the sudden contact with the dark element.


 However, it soon became clear that Professor Mortum’s judgment was correct.

 The floors that had been fine until just now began to tremble and go down, and the walls came closer to colliding with each other, erasing and changing the space.

 If I had tried to move and bring them back, several people would have fallen on the way.

 “Gyo, professor!”

 Wood clatter!

 Professor Mortum held out his palm to calm the fearful student and began to bring the surrounding bones under his control.

 A huge bone platform appeared in the dark void where there had been a solid floor just a moment ago. The remaining bones surrounded it like a wall.

 Only then were the students able to breathe a sigh of relief.


 “Calm down. The floor disappearing isn’t a very dangerous trap. “Seeing how they react this way, this ruin is not that dangerous…”

 “No, my junior disappeared!”


* * *

 At first, when all his seniors except him were teleported to the sound dimension, Lee Han thought he had done something wrong to Professor Mortum.

 ‘Did I do something wrong?’

 However, he was able to figure out what happened when he saw the dark element and the dimensional gap that bounced off while trying to cover his body.

 ‘professor…! If you apply attack magic anywhere…!’

 Just as poison and other curses were repelled, Professor Mortum’s magic was repelled as well, causing more bewilderment than fear.

 Feeling the sensation of the floor disappearing and falling downward, Lee Han immediately launched the iron ball.

 “ Move! 

 It wasn’t originally a magic meant to withstand a fall, and it wasn’t enough to withstand this much weight, but Lee Han’s ignorant magic fixed it like an iron ball nailed in the air.

 A strong shock hit my shoulder.

 Lee Han held on by pouring magical power into his body.

 “ Feet, touch the ground… Space, be aware! 

 I cast strengthening magic and spatial awareness magic to prepare for any unexpected situation. She was still wandering around, but thanks to the magic, her sense of distance had returned.

 ‘There is a floor!’

 Lee Han launched a sphere of light. Then, the iron ball changed its position and began to go down.

 I promised myself that when I go back to magic school, I will definitely learn slow falling magic first.

 ‘I should have learned it right after I captured Rock Drake… but I’m suffering like this because I didn’t study.’

 Lee Han lamented.


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 It wasn’t for nothing that professors said, ‘Are you going to study for someone else? I’m doing it all for you.’

 I will study more diligently in the second semester.



 While safely coming down, something fell next to him and Lee Han looked away in confusion.


 “Arms, arms…”


 Ogoldos, a second-year senior, was rolling next to him with a painful groan.

 Unlike Lee Han, Ogoldos was not bold enough to cast a spell while falling in the air.

 If it hadn’t been for the mistake of laying down the undead summons that had been summoned in advance like a cushion, not just his arms but his entire body would have been shattered.

 “Are you okay?”

 “It’s okay, it’s okay. are you okay.”

 Ogoldos waved his hands in cold sweat with a white face.

 As I was a year older, I didn’t want to appear weak in front of my juniors.

 Moreover, didn’t Ogoldos suspect that other top juniors, such as Lee Han and Gainando, were not serious about black magic?

 I couldn’t get help from a junior who said something like that.

 “You broke your arm?”

 “I said it’s okay. “Splint…”

 By the second year of Einrogard, students were able to provide emergency response to some wounds, excluding those that caused immediate death.

 Ogoldos held up his wand and tried to cast a spell. But it wasn’t easy because of the pain. The spell went astray again and again, and the magical power was dissipated.

 “senior. “I’ll just do it.”


 Lee Han, who became increasingly annoyed, thought for a moment, then grabbed Ogoldos’ shoulder and used his strength to subdue him.

 If you get picked on by a skeleton principal, you’ll have a hard time at magic school for a few years, but if you get picked on by another top 2nd year senior at best, it won’t be that tough.

 “What are you doing… ugh!”

 “ Stick! 

 Surprisingly, instead of applying a splint and providing first aid, the junior waved a staff and cast magic.

 Ogoldos screamed at the sudden healing magic.

 “stop! what are you doing! no!”

 Ogoldos, recalling the memory of a fellow second-year priest who had failed with a healing spell and rotated his friend’s slightly sprained finger 360 degrees, desperately tried to stop him.

 A sprained finger is dangerous, but a broken finger is even worse…

 “Try moving.”


 Ogoldos was dumbfounded and moved his arms.

 Surprisingly, there was no pain.

 Lee Han nodded silently and said.

 “Because it was an urgent situation, I had no choice but to cast it first.”


 Ogoldos pondered and pondered before opening his mouth.



 “Sharkan. Is there a road over there? thanks. senior. “There’s a road over there… What were you trying to say?”

 “It’s… painful.”

 “Well. “It looks like you were seriously injured.”


 “Sharkan. You shouldn’t treat it like that. “You didn’t get hurt because you wanted to get hurt, too.”


* * *

 Ogoldos had never sat on a thorn cushion before.

 One third-year senior claimed to have sat on a thorn cushion in the senior room in the basement of the punishment room (Ogoldos was still confused as to whether he was bluffing or not), but fortunately, Ogoldos did not have that experience.

 But now Ogoldos felt like he was sitting on a thorn cushion.

 “…Damn it. “Magic…”

 Wizards were delicate creatures.

 Not only the impact of failing the magic, but also the shock of falling as the walls danced and the floor disappeared, shook the magic power and made it impossible to use magic for a certain period of time.

 No matter how much Ogoldos tried and concentrated, the flow of magical energy inside his body was twisted and he could not move.

 “senior. it’s okay. “I can use magic.”

 “…I said I would do it. Just a moment… ugh.”

 “Gonadaltes. “Let me help you, senior.”

 “It’s okay… what? what?”

 “yes? What?”

 “No… that… no. done.”

 Ogoldos was about to say the name of the skeleton warrior, but stopped.

 It was the wizard’s freedom to name his summons…

 …Isn’t that a bit too free?!

 -■ ■■■■■.


 Lee Han walked forward.

 Except for Sharkan and Gonadaltes, all other skeletons had been de-summoned. It was so slow that it got in the way when I moved.

 Of course, from Ogoldos’s perspective, it was received a little differently.

 ‘because of me…!’

 My face got hot at the thought of my junior canceling other undead to support him.


 Lee Han stopped walking.

 An eerie scene came into view from the other side of the underground passage.

 Ogoldos, who still had dark vision magic remaining, blinked and spoke.


 “Punishment room… Ah, a prison. “Habitually.”


 Surprisingly, the place connected to the end of the passage was a dungeon. Lee Han was surprised that a place like this existed underground in the ruins.

 ‘I thought all ruins were broken and ruined.’

 When I arrived by walking down the passage, the four rooms were laid out in a circular shape.

 One unusual thing was that there were no iron bars. There was not a single wall visible that would have originally prevented the prisoner from leaving.

 For a moment, Lee Han wondered who came first and tore off the bars.

 -Who are you? What fearless intruder is prowling the king’s prison?


 Lee Han was surprised that he didn’t notice the other person so close.

 He might not know if the opponent was a better wizard than Lee Han, but if not, he would definitely detect the opponent’s magic power first.

 -You’d better hide quickly. If you get caught, you won’t be safe.

 The person who spoke was an undead wizard in a nearby cell. Lee Han realized why he hadn’t noticed the other person. When his opponent removed the cloak he was wearing, he felt the magic.

 Seeing that the monster’s characteristic hostility was not visible, Lee Han asked cautiously.

 “who are you?”

 -Who are you? He is a sinner who failed to keep the king’s orders.

 “So who is the king?”

 -…What are you talking about… How did you get in here? Did you come here without knowing that this is the palace where the King of Ghouls reigns? What about the soldiers outside??


 Lee Han paused at the familiar name.

 Surely not?

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