Leveling with the Gods Chapter 496

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* * *

Pandora sat for a while and looked at the black clouds covering the distant sky.


Pandora blinks.

Although I couldn’t see it, I could feel Yuwon and Son Goku fighting in the distance.

But it still didn’t move. She had neither the ability nor reason to intervene in the fight between the two.

I didn’t want to disturb.



Pandora got up from her seat and started walking.

Yuwon was clearly starting to go somewhere.

Must follow.

I felt confident.

Because I was by his side for that day.

* * *


Stupid Chaos leaned against the wall.

A black wall located at the end of the world. It was the wall that never collapsed, crossing the tower and the outside.

“Umm… … .”

Groaning in pain, he raised his head.

I used to come here sometimes. Because it was the closest place to his hometown, he felt a little more at peace.


The pain in my chest was quite severe.


It was a wound created by that guy and Zeus.

The wind blew my hat off a little. He put his hat back on, as if he was embarrassed to show himself to the outside world.

And suddenly.

“Are you embarrassed?”

A memory I didn’t really want to remember came to mind.

“… … father.”

A faint murmur.

Faces and names I didn’t want to remember kept coming to mind. That memory kept turning the inside out of my foolish confusion.

“Foolish, foolish, my father.”


I don’t know how many times I repeated this curse.

But he didn’t know until the end.

What will happen because of your foolishness?

“The day you were so anxious about has arrived.”

I’m sure you won’t hear it.


Foolish Chaos ran his hand across the huge wall that divided the perimeter of the tower.

“He comes here.”


One side of the wall cracked.

On the outside, it was nothing more than a small crack. However, the wall that seemed never to be broken began to crack more and more due to the foolish gestures of chaos.

“Now I can’t stop it either. So what did I say? “I told you that if you give too much, you’ll regret it someday, right?”

He criticizes his father, who criticized him for being foolish. Why did he do that, couldn’t he have made a different choice?

“Do not be ashamed of your face. “If you hide it like that, no one will notice you.”

A caring voice.

I’m sure he was just saying it for himself, but the way he took off the hat he was tightly wrapped in was truly disgusting.

“You are a being who shines more beautifully than anyone else. trust you Also, believe in your name, which I have given you. “Be proud and proud.”

How great it would be if that were really the case.

If that were the case, at least she might have been by his side.

“If you said that, you should have gone straight.”

But he chose everyone.

The eyes of foolish confusion turned to the cracking wall.

This wall was the proof.

Blah, blah blah-.

“This wall you built has no meaning anymore. “I will break it.”

The boundary dividing the outside and inside of the tower.

The boundary has collapsed.

as soon as.

[Points are consumed.]

[The wall created by ‘amorphous shape’ collapses.]

The cracks will probably not be as big as initially planned.

Clearly, their goal was to break down all these walls and create a world without boundaries.

But this wasn’t too bad.



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“If this place is so precious, try blocking it.”


The sky begins to change as the wall collapses.

“With that name that became a rag. Us.”

A voice continued in the foolish confusion of my mind.

“The reason I gave you names is for that purpose.”

* * *

[Enter ‘amorphous chaos.’]

It was an unfamiliar feeling.

His feet were clearly moving, but there was no walking sound. Are you walking on the ground, or are you flailing your feet in empty air? I was even confused about how to move my feet.

‘It sounds familiar.’

A place as dark as space. Yuwon remembered coming here.

Perhaps it was when he decapitated Shub Niguras.

‘Was it here?’

I came in with great enthusiasm, but it turned out that I had already been there before.

I don’t know if I should be happy or scared because it’s a familiar place.

There were autumn leaves back then, but now there was no one around.


It was then.

A familiar voice came through, garbled. I couldn’t tell if it was the distance or the special nature of this space.

Head turned reflexively.

Yuwon’s eyes widened.


Why is she here?

Pandora hurriedly ran towards the amusement park. He seemed to be slightly out of breath, probably because he had come running from quite far away.

“Let’s go together.”

I take a deep breath and spit out words.

Yuwon looked down at Pandora. She knew that she was strangely obsessed with her, but she never thought that he would follow her this far.

Among other things.

‘Son Goku, that guy couldn’t come in here either.’

Pandora wasn’t the only one who didn’t want to let herself go alone.

For a moment, Son Goku also tried to come here with Yuwon.

But that was impossible in the first place.

This was a place where only those with the name of Azathoth could enter. Even if Son Goku is a high ranker with the greatest power in the tower, it is not a place where unauthorized people can enter.

So what is Pandora?

‘Something… … ‘Is there more?’

Clearly she had the power of the Outerwear.

It was Zeus who gave her that power, and it was foolish Chaos who gave it to Zeus.

So what gave that power to foolish chaos?

“… … okay.”

As soon as his thoughts reached that point, Yuwon made a decision.

“Come with me.”

Perhaps this has something to do with Pandora’s strong obsession with herself.

Pandora’s face brightens.

She turned and walked behind Yuwon, who started walking.

There was no other conversation.

This was because there was no time to pay attention to Pandora clinging to her back.

Jeopuk, Jeopuk-.

The footsteps started again. I thought the empty chaos was over.

I looked around.

A familiar place.

It was a black forest.

‘I was here then too.’

If you think about it, it was a funny scene.

“Autumn leaves-!”

“Autumn leaves-!”

Yuwon looked for autumn leaves in this black forest with Zeus.

How long did you have to wander around to find the guy who suddenly disappeared? I followed her and ended up here.

But this was the space of Azathoth.

‘Where did you find it then?’

Yuwon searched for memories.

But no matter how much I thought about it, there was no way I could remember. She wandered around so frantically that no matter where she turned in the forest, everything looked the same.

‘if… … .’

[‘Ye Jian’ reads the path to the ‘Black Forest’.]

‘I wonder if it will work out.’

A path was drawn in the golden, sparkling eyes.

Trees crowded together. I could see myself and Pandora looking through it.


It was a complicated and difficult path that may have taken several years. Ye Jian consumed a huge amount of magical power.

A headache I haven’t felt in a long time.

Still, thanks to that, it wasn’t that difficult to find the way.


“there… … .”

Pandora pointed somewhere.

It was the same direction that Yuwon had seen with his foresight. Feeling doubtful, Yuwon looked back at Pandora who was clinging to him behind him.

“Over there?”


“What next?”

“Just past the three trees and to the right. and-.”

Pandora explained the path that Yuwon had difficulty reading.

In fact, in some ways the path she figured out was better. Unlike her complicated path to the amusement park, the path she taught me was closer to her shortcut.

When the explanation of the route was finished.

“he is… … .”

Pandora spoke with eyes that seemed somehow possessed by what she saw.

“Stay there.”

* * *

63rd floor.

A world with the strongest guild, Asgard.

There were signs of something unusual happening in that world.

“It’s not coming back.”

“How many days is it today?”

The rankers of Asgard looked up at the sky and were excited.

The sky turns purple.

Although it was beautiful on the outside, the color gradually became deeper and darker.

The changing colors of the clouds and sky were a topic of interest not only to rankers but also to everyone.

It was only natural that there was no place where that sky appeared recently and casualties did not occur.

“Is it the fourth day?”

“The evacuation of residents will soon be over.”

“If you’re lucky, you’re lucky. Still, nothing much has happened so far. “Thanks to you, we were able to gain time to evacuate.”

The purple sky was a sign before the battle with Outer began.

But usually the sky lasted for a day, at most two, and then disappeared. It was the first time that the same sky had stayed the same for four days.

However, unfortunately or fortunately, the sky just changed color and did not cause any problems.

Thanks to this, residents and players not related to Asgard have already evacuated.

Step by step-.

On top of the castle wall where I continued to observe the sky.

“Ah, Prince Thor… … .”

“Huh! “Your Majesty?”

Odin came up the castle wall with Thor.

He was a king who sat on the throne for a long time and did not move. Even when the sky turned purple within Asgard’s territory, Odin did not move much.

But why?

“I guess something like this is about to happen.”

Chijiji, chijiji-.

Blue electricity flowed from Thor’s body.

He has the most aggressive personality in Asgard, raising tension ahead of the battle. Thor, Odin’s son, had somewhat expected that a day like today would come someday.

“It’s much faster than I thought. “That too.”

Odin looked up at the sky.

The sky turned purple.

The color gradually becomes darker, heralding the end. The sky was getting closer and closer to the future that Yuwon had once heard about.

“Zeus, I wish I had that friend.”

I heard the news of Zeus’ death.

When I found out that he had disappeared from the rankings, I felt sad and regretful for a few days without knowing why.

Have we become close enough to call ourselves friends? Or did she feel a sense of kinship because they all had the same title of king?

Odin stretched out his hand forward, imagining Zeus standing here for no reason.

And that moment.


Chijiji, chijiji-.

A pure white spear created in the hands of Odin.

The rankers standing on the castle wall widened their eyes in surprise at its appearance. Among them, there were those who had lived in Asgard for hundreds of years and had never seen the spear.

“That’s it… … .”


One of the top’s strongest items.

A spear symbolizing Odin and a national treasure of Asgard.

“There’s no need to keep waiting, right?”

Odin, holding it in his hand, assumed a javelin stance.

The direction is sky.

To declare war, Odin initiated Gungnir.


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