Leveling with the Gods Chapter 495

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* * *

Yuwon boasted that he had the greatest amount of magical power in the tower, except for Son Goku.

It was natural.

Among the plans I made with my colleagues in the future, we studied ways to increase magical power in quite a few areas.

For players, stats are a quantification of strength.

He focused on increasing those stats and the most important part of those stats, magic power.

However, that does not mean that Yuwon’s highest stat is magic power.

It was originally planned to be that way.

[Strength: 197]

One unexpected stat intervened.

One question I had when I first got that stat.

‘Where on earth is this being used?’

At the time, I didn’t know what kind of stat “spiritual power” was.

But when I found out that it was a necessary stat to write my name.

Yuwon had this thought.

‘If this is magical power… … .’


Stats with numbers I’ve never thought about before.

‘I think I can beat that thunder-naked guy.’

And today.

That moment is just around the corner.

* * *


A wolf with sharp teeth rushed towards Son Goku. It was a wolf that was much faster than before and had strong teeth.

Quad de-.

The wolf naturally bites Yeouibong, as if its goal from the beginning was not to bite the body.

Goku’s body was pushed back.

Before we knew it, the wolf had grown in size to the size of a small rock mountain.

“Off… … .”

I hold on, my arms shaking.

It was small, but I felt fear as it blocked the huge teeth that seemed to swallow my body whole.

If you get bitten by those teeth.


The wound in my chest hurt. It was a cut from Yuwon’s knife.

““Grow up.””

Son Goku’s alter egos.


The wolf’s body was pushed away by the Yeoui-bong fired by as many as ten clones.

There was no time to take a breath just because a gap had appeared.

Son Goku, who was lying flat on the floor, jumped upward as if bouncing.

And that moment.



A few black blades flew from somewhere and cut down the spot where Son Goku was lying just moments ago.

If only it had been just a little bit late.

The moment I thought of that, I got goosebumps. The tension increased further.

‘If you got cut… … ‘Is he dead?’


I keep thinking of words that I had forgotten for quite some time.

But how could it be that I came to think of that word while fighting with my closest colleague, Yuwon, rather than anyone else?


Goku looked around with an ominous premonition.

The surroundings suddenly became dark.

Even though it was close to the ground, the sky that was once bright with the sun turned black.

‘When did this happen?’

When I realized it, it was too late.

I looked down at the floor. A huge beast was waiting for him with its mouth open.

I came into chaos.


In that thick darkness, Yuwon walked towards Son Goku.


“you… … “Who are you?”

At Son Goku’s question, Yoo Won hesitated and stopped approaching.

“Who is it?”

He answered casually, as if asking me something like that.





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It wasn’t a very clear answer. But I could tell by looking at his eyes and expression the moment he said those words.


The corners of Goku’s mouth rose.

“That’s right, Kim Yu-won.”

I could tell by looking at their expressions and eyes. The two have been together for that long, and Son Goku’s sharp sense of sight is second to none.



It was then.

A large flock of sheep appeared around Son Goku.

‘Shub Niguras?’

The presence of mountain goats.

It was a trauma that was strongly embedded in the minds of not only Son Goku but also many of his colleagues.

But fortunately, Shub Nigguras was dead, and now one of his names had been passed on to Yuwon.

But now.

The name Yuwon should have used was not ‘Goat of the Black Forest with a Thousand Babies.’

“Hey, I didn’t mean to fight with this… … .”

Son Goku’s red eyes shook as he continued speaking.


The mountain goats that appeared here were not the ones that Shub Niguras owned. Unlike mountain goats, which have purple fur, these were covered with black fur.

“What is this?”

“I did it just in case, it worked.”

I wonder if you did it.

In any case, it was clear that this was not the name Shub Niguras had.

That’s all that was certain.

‘What happened now?’

Dozens of question marks hovered over Son Goku’s head.


The surrounding goats came towards Son Goku and rubbed their faces. For a moment, Son Goku, who almost swung his baton at them, held back.

“I endured it well.”


Yuwon stroked the head of a nearby mountain goat.

“I still can’t control it very well.”

“Are these really okay?”

A goat from the Black Forest with a thousand babies.

It was originally a name that represented Shub Nigguras. And what was scary about her was not only the enormous power of her body, but also the fact that she led as many as a thousand high-ranker-level mountain goats.

However, Yuwon created that power using a different name.

Is that even possible?

‘What on earth did you get?’


Goku’s gaze turned downward.

‘How on earth should I fight something like this… … .’

What the heck.

A gigantic monster hidden in great chaos that is not apparent on the outside.

The monster that had devoured Ubo Satla was at his feet.

This can’t be beat at all. This was the second time I was certain of defeat even before I fought.


I could almost hear the sound of my heart beating violently in my ears.

The pupils of the eyes are torn apart. The thought of being able to fight against something like that makes me shiver with joy that goes beyond fear or tension.


Goku, who was petting the goat, put his hand away.

“As expected, it doesn’t matter.”

“It doesn’t matter?”

“When did I fight while thinking so deeply?”


Son Goku aimed his baton at Yuwon’s head again.

“First of all, you bump into each other and see.”

Yuwon faced Son Goku’s eyes, which were still burning and not extinguished.

He was also a fool.

He obviously knew he couldn’t win, but he didn’t give up.

In the first place, he wasn’t fighting to win. He just wins because he fights.

Defeat and death.

It was not something that could be an obstacle to Son Goku.

“Sometimes being ignorant like this can be helpful.”


Put down the knife you were holding in your hand. As Yoo Won gave up the fight, Son Goku also relaxed his grip on the female baton.

“Eh? what?”

An expression that asks what you’re going to do if you don’t pick up the knife right away.

Yuwon seemed to want to show that he had no problem, so he put away the knife.

“Thanks to you.”


“Thanks to you running around like a mad dog, I also got some practice.”

“Is it a compliment or an insult?”

“It’s a compliment that’s like an insult.”

Suddenly, a thick tendon appeared on Son Goku’s forehead. At the same time, although he mentally took the tilt of his head as a compliment, he felt bad and seemed confused.

Yuwon, who was laughing as if that was funny, suddenly took on a serious expression.

“Oh Gong.”

Goku’s eyebrows furrowed.

My body trembles, as if I’m getting goosebumps.

“What, cringe?”

Oh Gong.

Thunder naked too.

Monkeys too.

Not Son Goku, but Goku.

When had Yuwon ever called him so affectionately?

“Hey, man. “When did you call me that?”

While speaking.

A situation that seemed to overlap with the current situation appeared in Son Goku’s mind.

“Oh Gong.”

When was that time?

Perhaps, it was time to go to the battlefield to fight against foolish chaos.

“What are our chances of winning?”

A difficult question was asked.

From the moment I heard the question, my mind became confused.


Goku had heard Yuwon, Mimir, and Odin talk several times about the possibility of winning the fight. But such numbers games and predictions were beyond Son Goku’s interests.

Naturally, no one has ever asked Son Goku that.

So, when I actually get asked a question, my mind is bound to become complicated.

“Well, well, well? Is it half and half?”

Win or lose.

As expected, that was the only thing on Son Goku’s mind.

Yuwon sighed.


It was wrong to ask the question in the first place.

“What about half and half? “If it’s half done, I won’t worry so much.”

“Eh? “You and I both went through hardships, but isn’t that okay too?”

“10%… … “I don’t know if it will be to that extent.”

“How much is 10%?”

“10 percent. “I also thought about this a lot.”

“Is that all you need?”

“Have you already forgotten? “That’s what we saw together back then.”

Goku’s body trembled. His brain may have been a little lacking, but his body remembered.

What was it that made my future colleagues think of clockwork together in the first place?

It was because of three people who seemed like they couldn’t win no matter what they did.

Fortunately, one of them was defeated in the future, and one was defeated here in the past… … .

“I thought there was no other way to get over that.”

“Are you going to go to the dead again?”

“When have I ever gone in there and come back dead?”

“so? “Where are you going?”

“To find a lost child.”

Yuwon looked around at the chaos he had created.


The name he bore.

If you walk through it, you might be able to find the missing autumn leaves. And if we find that guy, we might be able to learn more about the power of this guy called Azathoth.

Now I had to go on a little adventure.


Goku’s eyes narrowed.

“Are you planning on becoming like those guys?”

Yuwon nodded.

I wish I could just move on. Son Goku was always as alert as a ghost during these inconvenient times.

“That might happen.”

The more I wrote the name, the more I felt it.

This was ultimately their strength. Maybe the more you use it, the closer you will become to them.


Just like that.

“What about Pandora?”

Are you trying to find your way?

Son Goku’s question made Yuwon, who was turning around, stop for a moment.

Strangely, the moment I heard her name, my throat caught in my throat.

But love and affection. It wasn’t like that. To put it bluntly, something like camaraderie was slowly emerging.

Thinking about her strange obsession with him, it was no wonder his feet stopped for a moment.


“Please take care of yourself.”

I didn’t even know whether the place I was going to from now on would be safe.

‘There’s no need to take him.’


The words became too long.

There is no reason to delay further. Even at this moment, time flies.

Yuwon looked at the direction his steps were heading.

In the deep chaos where neither foresight nor Huaan Jinji can work.

[Enter ‘amorphous chaos.’]

The more I used the name and the deeper I looked, the clearer it became.

He is definitely here. Azathoth, sitting on some unsuitable throne while muttering that name over and over again.

Autumn leaves.

That guy was waiting for him.


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