Leveling with the Gods Chapter 494

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Goku turned his head in a creepy mood, and what he saw in his eyes was an unstable, disheveled shadow.



There was only one.

Yuwon’s name.

Amorphous chaos.

It was not as big as the one that swallowed Ubo Satla. Instead, it was unstable, but unlike back then, it was taking on a certain shape.

“I told you to take a good look, right?”

What the heck.

It was a wolf hiding its teeth in chaos.

“Because I don’t want to get bitten.”

“Now that I think about it, it was because of this.”

Boom, boom-.

Yeouibong turns lightly.

It’s clearly a stick with a blunt end, but it has a sharp edge inside.


Drawing an X, Yeo Eui-bong cut down the wolf.

Scattering shadows.

“But, nothing special?”

“It’s still a bit difficult.”


The shadow that was once scattered returns and takes on its previous form again.

A wolf appears in front of Yuwon, growling and baring its teeth at Son Goku.

It was larger and had a more precise shape than before.

“I’m slowly getting used to it, though.”


Goku’s eyes sparkled.

In the first place, this fight started for Yuwon to demonstrate his abilities.

For that purpose, Son Goku took the fight just as seriously as he did when fighting Outer.

If only Yuwon could skillfully wield that power.

If only I could freely use the power I saw back then.

‘The odds of winning will go up.’

Goku also knew.

No matter how much was achieved, the odds of winning were still not very high.

So it was absolutely necessary.

A natural enemy that eats up outerwear.

“Okay, then… … .”



Son Goku’s eyes burned as he lifted the fan and spun it around.

“Go to the end.”

* * *


Yeo Uibong exploded the wolf’s head.

A shadow that loses its power and becomes disheveled. The wolf, which had raised its claws, slowly dispersed.

Quack, quack-.

The wolves that rushed in from another direction blocked the spears held by Son Goku’s clones.

The hard teeth could not break the Yeouibong and it got stuck in the middle.

[‘Amorphous chaos’ takes shape.]


Teeth coming up behind Son Goku.

“Now there are four?”


A dark cloud surrounded my fist.

The only magical attribute that Son Goku possesses.


Electric shock.

The electricity that Geunduun was carrying erupted into his hands.

The wolf’s body created by the amorphous chaos was torn apart by the outstretched fist that made a thunderous sound.

alter ego. Yeouibong. And it’s dark.

All of Son Goku’s representative abilities are displayed. Son Goku never allowed the wolves to attack.

Thanks to that.

“It seems scary.”

Yuwon smoothly entered the range of Yeouibong.

“You give up all the distance.”





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A sword that cuts through the chest.

At the same time, the power of the thunderbolt contained in the sword sent Son Goku’s body flying far back.


Goku’s feet step into the air and stop. His chest was slightly cut and blood flowed out.


Yuwon lightly swung the sword that cut into Son Goku’s chest.

It felt like I hit a solid weapon, not a living creature.

“Your body is still strong.”

“What, weren’t you trying to practice on those?”

“Knowing how to use it also includes how I move along with it. “If you are afraid of these things, I have no choice but to use them.”


Four wolves appear around Yuwon.

At first there was only one, but soon the number increased.

Black wolves with only teeth, each about the size of a tiger. Those were the shapes created by Yuwon in his head.

If the name had been used without any form, it would have literally appeared as an ‘amorphous’ entity.

‘Is it because I knew Azathoth’s name?’

Now there is no longer a need to simply cling to intangible power.

If you just get used to dealing with names, you will be able to use the power that was so unclear so far more specifically.

For example,

‘Like this.’


By consuming divine power, the four wolves merge into one.

A bigger wolf appears after eating the smaller wolves. It looked down at Goku and opened its teeth.


“Oh oh-.”

Son Goku was impressed by the appearance of a summoned beast with even more terrifying power.

“This also works.”

Chaos that changes shape.

That was exactly what Yuwon was trying to practice in this fight.


That there is no form.

That’s what Yuwon knew until he learned Azathoth’s name.

But that wasn’t it.

‘It wasn’t that it had no form, it could be anything.’

The shape of the wolf is just something created arbitrarily.

In the first place, there was no set shape or limit to this power.



Yuwon’s use of names has not yet been as proficient as Azathoth’s.

Son Goku’s elongated female staff pierced the wolf’s head.

“Grow up, Yeoui.”


The wolf’s body explodes. Son Goku shrugged his shoulders as he watched the figure being scattered to pieces by Yeouibong.

“There’s nothing really wrong yet.”

“that’s right.”


Black smoke rising around Son Goku.

Son Goku’s expression, which had been so energetic just a moment ago, became stiff.

“… … Anyway, this guy’s mouth is always rude.”



Dozens of eyeless wolves appeared around.

And an even larger being reflected in the shadow beneath Yuwon’s feet.

Creepy, creepy-.

‘Is that him?’

It was visible in Goku’s eyes.

Under the shadow of the Yuwon.

The more the name’s power was exerted, the more the hidden aspects of it were gradually revealed to the surface.


The back of a man reflected in Son Goku’s eyes.

It was clearly some entity that inhabited Yuwon’s body.

“Why are you so distracted?”

Son Goku suddenly raised his head at Yuwon’s question.

When will it be the last time?

While fighting like this, I lost sight of the opponent in front of me.

“Oh sorry.”

Crumbling, rumbling.

Kkeung, kung-!

Goku’s eyes lit up again as he looked at the wolves around him.

‘What was this?’


Son Goku’s grip on the female pole tightened.

My hands are sweaty and the pole is slippery. I could feel my pores expanding and my whole body becoming hot.


We’ve already gone beyond that.

This was the first time I felt this way since I gained the trait of immortality.

‘Was it nervous?’

Fear of dying. The tension that tightens the heart to overcome it.

This made Son Goku smile brighter than ever.

“exciting… … .”

Instead of humming, the voice of an animal flows from the corner of the mouth.

“I’m so excited, I’m going crazy!”


Son Goku kicked the air.

In a pack of wolves summoned by Yuwon.

A larger predator jumped in.

* * *


The tip of the rod moves smoothly.


Is it sharp?

Boom, boom, boom.

How long has it been since I saw Yeoui-bong being swung so busily?

It can freely change length and thickness and serves both offense and defense. When the wolves’ teeth come closer, Yeouibong, who has already shrunk, blocks them.

“Grow up.”


The huge Yeouibong crushed a wolf. Soon, as the other wolves came after Son Goku, he turned around and held the suddenly shrunken Yeouibong in his hand.

“It shrinks, and then again…” … .”


“Be long.”

Quad, ddddddd-.

Yeouibong Peak, which has grown so long that it cannot even be seen with the naked eye, forms a huge circle and cuts off the surrounding cliffs.


The flashing red eyes move in a line.

In that short period of time, Son Goku’s Yeoui-bong had returned to a size that fit comfortably in his hand.

It was a skill like a ghost.

‘Beyond handling the rod freely, we also calculate the length and thickness of the rod. Furthermore… … .’


Yeouibong flew next to Yuwon’s head.

Yuwon, who had avoided it using his foresight, glanced and moved his gaze along the rapidly shrinking Yeouibong.

‘Even the speed of Yeouibong is fast enough to make that possible.’

Is there anyone else in this tower who can perfectly handle an item that can change so freely?

Among the countless rankers Yuwon knew, Son Goku had the best sense of battle. At this moment, Son Goku was not the stupid monkey he usually was.

‘You’re in big trouble.’



Yoo Won’s arm trembled as he blocked Yeo Eui-bong.

‘This kid seems to be losing his mind.’

Goku’s eyes rolled over.

No matter how crazy he is about fighting, at least he didn’t risk his life even in a fight with his colleagues.

Because he knew it himself.

No matter how human he looks on the outside, his species is a monster. Once you lose your temper and start going wild, it’s hard to control your excitement.

“Get longer-.”

This is exactly what Son Goku is like now.



Yeoui-bong was swung as if it didn’t matter how far away the distance was.

Yoo Won’s arm, using giant fire, blocked Yeo Eui-bong. Suddenly, a cracking sound was heard from his arm, as if a bone had been slightly broken.

Normally I wouldn’t have done it to this extent.

‘Did I stimulate it too much?’


Yuwon’s body was blown away by the shock. Son Goku flew without stopping and caught up with Yuwon, who was thrown into the wall.


The shadows flowing from Yuwon’s body surround Son Goku. For a moment, Son Goku, whose body was covered in black, quickly turned the female baton in his hand.

Boom, boom, boom.


Goku’s baton pierces the black shadow surrounding his body. Without even slowing down, it rushes towards Yuwon.

Easy profit-!

A baton flying with the sound of the wind.

Yuwon’s eyes moved.

‘Two directions, no… … .’


The direction of Yeouibong seen through Yejian.

‘How many?’

In a short moment, so many that you can’t even see them with your eyes.

It wasn’t possible to avoid it all. The direction seen with the eyes was limited, and the range in which the body could move was also limited.

I had to choose one thing.

at last.


Yuwon’s chin was hit by Yeo Eui-bong, causing his head to tilt upward.


My head rang. For a moment, my ears became deaf and all sounds around me disappeared.

But the body still moved. I looked down and saw Son Goku swinging his sword again.


I get so frustrated that my hands suddenly become tense.

“Getting hot like a crazy person… … .”


[‘Amorphous chaos’ dwells in ‘Ice Sword (2nd)’.]

The body of the sword, which was otherwise black, took on an even darker shade.

I clashed my swords with Son Goku’s sword as he swung again.

“What… … .”

Son Goku’s voice sounded embarrassed.

With a snapping sound, the side of Yeouibong that hit the sword split. Beyond that, Yuwon’s sword cut into Son Goku’s chest.


A black knife mark left on the chest with a long spray of blood.

Chin, Teodeok-.

Son Goku, who was stepping in the air, winced in shock and lost his footing. If he hadn’t hurriedly chanted the sound at his feet, he would have fallen into the endless pit beneath him.

Son Goku, who had been deeply involved in the fight, came to his senses.

On the other hand.


Thanks to Yuwon, he realized this.

‘I guess it was different depending on how I made up my mind.’

Just sparring for practice.

This name was not easy to handle, even if I could handle it with that mindset.


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