Leveling with the Gods Chapter 493

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* * *

Zeus is in the future.

One of Mimir’s eyes is gone… … .

‘I wonder just in case.’

It wasn’t that there wasn’t a corner to point out.

Yuwon’s eyes turned to Son Goku.

‘There’s no way to check.’

The guy is still snoring in his sleep.

Of the futures that Son Goku heard about, the only thing that changed was that Zeus was alive.

He and Son Goku came from the future to the past.

So why not do the opposite?

It was a story with plenty of potential.

‘But why?’

One of Yuwon’s eyebrows wrinkled.

Clockwork was the work of Cronus, Mimir, and Odin. Among them, the most important one was Cronus, who had the principle and power of ‘time’, and it was Mimir who conceived and created the clockwork. Odin was merely an assistant to those two men.

Movement of the world across time using clockwork.

The reason I attempted that difficult task was because I decided there was no more hope for the future.

‘Is there a reason to send Zeus?’

As I thought about it, I became somewhat unsure.

Did Zeus really go to the future?

If so, why did Mimir make that choice?

Why did he give one of his eyes to Zeus?

If not… … .

‘I don’t know.’

Yuwon shook his head as his thoughts became complicated.

As of now, I can only guess and nothing can be determined.

Mimir was a being that Yuwon could not understand. I couldn’t find out what he was planning until I woke him up.

‘I don’t know what he was thinking after Shub Niguras died… … .’

Mimir began to create variables of his own.

Since he has to be asleep most of the time, you should give up any expectations that you can get proper information from him.

‘I only think about what I can do.’

Yuwon spent the night with his eyes open.


As the day passed, I felt like I would have to be indebted to the sleeping monkey in front of me a lot.


* * *

Goku slept a lot.

Aside from fighting, he spent most of his time eating and sleeping.

It was two days.

The amount of time Yuwon waited.

And eventually.



Son Goku, who had rolled onto his side in his sleep, opened his eyes with a snoring sound.

Soon, his eyes became fierce and he raised his head and looked up at Yuwon.


“How long are you going to sleep?”

“If you’re going to wake me up, wake me up gently.”

“You are the first person who doesn’t wake up even when you wake him up with words, shake him with a hand, or pour cold water on him.”

“So you’re going to kick me?”

Goku growled.

It seemed like he felt quite bad for having his sweet sleep interrupted. At a time like this, Son Goku only asked for two things.

“Unless you wake me up to eat or to fight, know not to leave me alone.”

“Do I not know you? “Just wake me up.”


Goku’s eyes sparkled.

An anticipation appeared in Son Goku’s eyes. And in accordance with that expectation, Yuwon nodded.

“It’s just right. Fortunately, this is a floor where no one lives.”

“That means… … .”

Goku’s pupils were slit horizontally and the corners of his mouth went up.

The atmosphere was different from simple sparring. Yuwon wanted a little more sincerity.

It was what I hoped for.

“Let’s move quickly.”

Hargan had already left. But Pandora still remained nearby.

She might get caught up in the fight between the two.

Son Goku, who sang Geunduun, started moving with Yuwon on board.

Two hit!



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In an instant, the surrounding scenery changes.

It was Geunduun who had the mobility to go back and forth between floors in a short period of time.

The two headed to another place, a ruined land.

The land where Ubo Satla disappeared.

A pit so deep and wide that the end is unknown.

The area above turned into another battlefield.

“Is this enough?”

“It’s just right.”


Geunduun, which was supporting Yuwon’s feet, disappeared. Yuwon naturally fell down and landed on a protruding stone beak.

Son Goku, still the owner of Geunduun, was still there.

It meant that there was no longer any kindness to give us a comfortable ride.

“so? “What do you want?”

Boom, boom-.

The female pole turns smoothly at the fingertips.

There was no sign of him falling asleep while drooling until just now. Son Goku, who was fighting, had to be seen as a completely different person.

“You’re not going to ask me to fight for no reason, right? “An expensive guy.”

When he was in the future, Goku spent every day looking for someone to fight.

It was no different from a child begging to play. It could take a day or two, but there was no one who could handle Son Goku, who attacked without getting tired.

And at that time, the people that Son Goku clung to the most were Yuwon and Hercules.

“uh? “What is it?”

“It might be a little dangerous this time.”

“Is this a warning?”



Yuwon pulled out his sword.

The World Sword did not react against Son Goku. The only time the alien sword reacted was when dealing with the outer.

And the same goes for ‘Another World’.

Most of Yuwon’s abilities were not well suited to dealing with Son Goku.


“You could die.”

Yuwon left a warning to Son Goku that he did not usually say.

This is for Son Goku, who has one of the most deceptive characteristics of all, ‘immortality.’

“who? I?”

“Do you remember what you saw back then?”

At Yuwon’s question, a thought crossed Son Goku’s mind.

A huge shadow that swallowed up Ubo Satla.

Just thinking about that power made my fingertips tremble.

“And the guy I saw back then.”

“ah… … .”

Goku nodded.

At this point, no matter how stupid he was, he could figure out what Yuwon wanted.

“I plan to try writing it again then. Then he will come out again.”

“Sounds like fun.”


The corners of Goku’s mouth rose.

At that time, when he saw its power, Son Goku thought that he should avoid fighting with it as much as possible.

It wasn’t a conscious thought.

It was a thought that came from things like fear, fear, and rejection that arose unconsciously.

But if someone were to choose whether to fight it or not.

Goku will gladly choose to fight.


Anger boiled in Son Goku’s body as he held the female baton.


And in response to that speculation, a shadow creeps out from Yuwon’s body.

[‘Amorphous chaos’ appears.]

Amorphous chaos spreading around Yuwon’s feet.

And the sharp teeth hidden there.

The moment when it finally happens to Son Goku.



Yuwon and Son Goku.

The two people jumped towards each other at the same time.


* * *

Jeong, blah blah blah!

Shuaa-, boo!

The sword and baton were exchanged quickly, and Yuwon’s kick kicked Son Goku in the chest.

The two people had identical eyes. Two pairs of fire-eyed gold jewels of the same color moved quickly and followed each other’s movements.


In an instant, the distance between Yuwon and Son Goku widened.

The other hand that was holding the knife.


A long thunderbolt was held in Yuwon’s hands.


A thunderbolt flew through Son Goku’s heart along with a dazzling light.


Son Goku, who instantly turned and dodged, approached Yuwon.


Swords and batons clash again.

The moment the two weapons collided, Yuwon’s arm swelled.


[The power of a giant resides in your arms.]


The strongest muscle strengthening skill that created Hercules.

However, there was clearly a gap that could not be overcome with skill alone.



Son Goku, clutching the female baton, takes a deep breath and strengthens his whole body.

Naturally, the balance of power was balanced.


Rather, Yuwon’s power is pushed back.

Ka ga ga ga-.

It was truly ignorant power.

Even when using giantess, he was pushed back by force.

However, it was not like he could surpass Son Goku in other technical aspects.


With the sword and baton facing each other, the Yeouibong is turned.

Zeng, Zeng, Zeng, Yuwon’s body was pushed out with a light and heavy sound.

I thought it was okay, but I didn’t feel like I hit the mark.


Son Goku clicks his tongue in regret.

When I quickly retrieved the baton I swung, I saw Yuwon’s eyes sparkling golden.

“Are you going to write that so shamelessly?”

“It’s the same for you and me.”

[‘Yejian’ predicts the future a little while later.]

[The ‘Sense Zone’ is activated.]

It feels like everything around you is looking into the palm of your hand. A very short future, lasting just over a second, is felt through the body.

Precognitive eye and sensory zone.

The two skills allowed him to follow the battle sense of Son Goku, who had completed his transformation into a monster using Hwaan Geumjeong.

This is the Jecheon Daeseong of the world.


“It’s pretty good, though.”

A voice suddenly came from a short distance away.


“But that alone isn’t enough.”


The tip of Yeoui-bong touched Yu-won’s chest.

“Grow up, Yeoui.”


Yeo Eui-bong, stretched out, pushed Yu Won’s body and threw him against the wall. A stick so powerful that it could blow away a mountain covered Yuwon’s body.

Boom, coo coo coo-.

The ground turned over with Yeouibong and I fell into it.

Fortunately, the shock wasn’t that big.

About once.

[The ‘Blessing of the Sea’ dwells in your body.]

[‘Blessing of the Sea’ has been damaged.]

Because Yuwon had the ability to block most attacks.


Small stones or sand buried in the body flow down. Yuwon’s body was firmly embedded in the rock and did not fall.

Just for a little while.

It was a time of recovery.


This was my first time using Foresight.

How many futures are there? Several Son Goku were visible.

Since I couldn’t keep up with the speed, I decided to look into the future. But even that future was shaking uneasily, disturbing Yuwon’s eyes.

I thought I knew what the reason was.


A huge flame continues to burn before your eyes.

Hwaan Geumjeong has reached a state of maturity that is different from its own.

It continued to shake Ye Jian.

‘It’s the same, but… … . ‘I don’t see a breakthrough.’

The moment the sword and baton meet, Son Goku becomes a completely different person.

I can’t think of any way to defeat it like this.

Even if you get the Hwaan Geumjeong like him, or even if you have Foresight, which is a skill with even more value.

The giant figure, a symbol of Hercules, and the heart of Uranus, which can handle thunderbolts.

All those means were destroyed in a short moment.

This is enough.

“Is this it?”

It is impossible to attack Son Goku, who has gained the power of a monster, head on.

Son Goku flew up while sitting cross-legged, his body burning on the ground cloud.

The guy looked at Yuwon pinned against the wall with a wry smile.

It was a provocation.

Are you going to stop here?

Usually, when he smiled like that, Yuwon would get so proud that he would get up and run towards Son Goku.

But today things were a little different.

“… … back.”

“huh? what?”

Son Goku listened as if he couldn’t hear the small voice properly.

The moment I heard Yuwon’s words that continued like that.

“Look behind you, you monkey.”


Goku’s head turned back.


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