Leveling with the Gods Chapter 490

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“That face has a lot of story behind it.”

Goku again took out an unknown fruit and put it in his mouth.

He looked at Yuwon’s face and asked curiously.

“Or is it a face hiding something?”

I thought there was definitely no change in facial expression.

Yuwon made eye contact with Son Goku and Hercules. Even though he wore the Hwaan Geumjeong for over a thousand years and did not use the skill, he had quite a sharp eye.

However, I can’t say anything useless here.

“What am I?”

Hearing Yuwon’s shameless question, Son Goku opened his eyes and asked.

“That one from earlier.”

Fortunately, what Goku was asking wasn’t about Zeus.

“What on earth was that? “No, who was it?”

“Oh, that.”

If that’s the case, I was going to say it anyway.

“Isn’t that the kid I was taking around?”

“Is it autumn leaves? “The guy with a strange name?”


“… … “Can you just say it’s him?”

An image of autumn leaves clinging to Yuwon’s side appeared in Son Goku’s mind.

The same was true for Hercules.

At first, he looked like a small doll the size of your palm. Although he was a little older, he looked like he was three or four years old at most.

That guy is the guy who inhabited Yuwon’s body just now.

“What I saw was a different guy.”

“Strictly speaking, it’s a little different. “The appearance, the power, the name.”

“But why?”

“Because it’s true that the autumn leaves are a part of him.”

There wasn’t much to tell about Azathoth.

Because it was a matter that Yuwon still needed to find out more about.

However, it was clear that his presence was a bomb.

“… … “Are you okay?”


“I heard this isn’t the first time something like this has happened.”

Yuwon had experienced something similar a few times.

In the fight against Shub Nigurath. And during the fight with Tulcha, someone else resided in Yuwon’s body.

Maple spoke clearly.

It would be dangerous.

Perhaps this was the ‘danger’ he was talking about.


“I knew his name.”

Still, something changed.

“It won’t be the same as before.”


Until now, Yuwon had not been aware of its importance.

But now I know.

What power does a name have?

Where and from whom did it originate?

Now that I know that, it’s definitely different.


When Yuwon first heard this name through Pandora, it did not feel unfamiliar to him.

I had definitely heard this name before.

Azathoth was the name that the autumn leaves were mumbling about.

‘If I could make this name mine-.’



Azathoth… … .

I repeated that name in my mind over and over again. Just like the autumn leaves did.

‘You can win this fight.’

For the first time in Yuwon’s mind, a winning battle was pictured.

* * *

Crack, crack, crack-.

The time when everyone was asleep.

Hercules remained seated.

Son Goku filled his stomach and went straight to sleep. He snored so much that Pandora, who heard the sound, blocked Goku’s nostrils with her fingers.

Hercules also needs rest.

It was my first time feeling so discharged. Not only did my entire body’s magic power run out, but my body felt heavy, as if I had consumed a lot of water.

“Everyone is sleeping.”

Hercules, who had been looking down at the campfire, raised his head at the sudden voice.



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It was an amusement park.

“If you have something to say, say it.

“What do you want to say?”


Hercules’ eyes, lifeless as a dead man’s, wavered.


That name shook Hercules to the core.


“I have nothing to say.”

Just as he did to the foolish Chaos, Hercules hid his true feelings this time too.

Yuwon clicked his tongue briefly as if he knew that would happen.

It’s not that I didn’t know he would come out like this.

“There must be.”

“I can’t believe there isn’t one-.”

“I’ve heard it once anyway, so I’ll hear it again.”

There was nothing left to say.

Yuwon already knew how Hercules felt about Zeus. He was an opponent who could not be deceived even if he tried.

Hercules let out a long sigh.

“I hate my father.”

“I hated my father.”

It was just a different time, but it was still the same person.

The next words were the same.

“It was because of that bastard’s plan that my mother died. “How could she like it?”

Alcmene, mother of Hercules.

Zeus did not love her even for a moment.

“My father never loved anyone. “My mother and me.”

“okay. So you also abandoned Zeus. As a son, as a father.”

“shit. “I know.”

An awkward swear word came out of my mouth.

This is the second time I have heard Hercules curse.

Perhaps the reason why the same curse was uttered in the same situation was because there was no word that could better represent Hercules’ feelings.

“right. I abandoned his father then. Because I can’t forgive. “So we fought.”

The day he first fought Zeus came to mind in Hercules’ mind.

Destroy Olympus.

The day when Poseidon, Hades, and Yuwon joined forces to fight Zeus.

Considering how I felt going into that fight, this feeling was truly unbelievable.

That day, Hercules truly intended to kill Zeus.

But I couldn’t.

It was because of Asgard’s intervention.

“I tried not to pay attention to it later. I brought my father down with my own hands, so let’s stop now. He thought of becoming someone else.”

Hercules was already naturally calling Zeus his father.

Just like before again.

“But my father kept looking at me. I was created by my father. From his birth, he was called a goddamn hero in Gigantomachia and even inherited this power.”

Chijiji, chijiji-.

Electricity flashed from Hercules’ hand.

Originally, he didn’t use any skills other than turning into a giant. Although he had magical powers, he did not have any attributes, so Hercules was considered the representative superpower in the tower.

Zeus’ thunderbolt was delivered to him.

With that, Zeus finally completed Hercules.

“Isn’t it absurd? “This is also my father.”

He creates a son to satisfy his greed. In the process, Zeus did not show any consideration to Hercules.

The affection that a father should naturally give. The respect I deserve as a person.

But Zeus and Hercules were different.

“My father didn’t love me or my mother. however… … .”

Hercules, who was speechless, lowered his head.

“But it seems like my father was a father. “Seeing something like this makes me feel.”

Bloodline. family. son. father.

The relationship that began at birth has a magic that cannot be easily broken.

Hercules tried to cut it off.

In the end, I couldn’t cut it off.

‘Are you kind or stupid?’

Zeus, as he is known to the world, was definitely a great king.

He founded Olympus along with Hades and Poseidon and pioneered various areas of the tower, contributing to ensuring the safety of players and residents.

However, although he was a good king, he was by no means a good father.

Everyone else may not know, but Hercules had no reason to be sad about Zeus’ death.

“But after talking about it, I feel better. “It’s much better.”

“If that’s the case.”

“… … .”

Thump, thud.

Hercules became speechless again.

The two looked down at the campfire again for a while. It will probably take quite some time to soothe your complicated feelings.

During that time, Yuwon planned to stay by Hercules’ side.


The sound of Son Goku’s snoring can be heard even far away.

In the distance, the sound of Hargan waking up and being distressed by Goku’s snoring was heard.

Yuwon burst out laughing at the funny situation that followed the serious conversation. Hercules also laughed.

Then suddenly.

‘But it’s strange.’

Yuwon remembered a fact he had forgotten until now.

I turned my head and looked at Goku. Son Goku was caught by Pandora’s collar and still did not wake up.

‘If Zeus died here, why is he over there?’

* * *

The sky covered in purple.

Odin’s face was dimly reflected in a small pond on the black ground below.

“Mimir, that guy… … .”

His hair turned white, he held the fishing rod in his hand and muttered dissatisfiedly.

“What on earth are you doing, asking me to stay here like this?”

Odin looked at the fishing rod in his hand.

It was a relic of Vishnu who failed to return from his battle with foolish chaos.

One month later, Kim Yu-won goes back to the past.

Mimir suddenly woke up and asked Odin.

“Where is Vishnu’s fishing rod?”

“fishing rod? “Why are you looking for that?”

“Take that and quickly go to the nearby pond. “Go and fish.”

“What are you talking about all of a sudden?”

“Don’t talk nonsense… … .”

Perhaps because he had been forced to wake up, Mimir fell back to sleep.

Has he ever been forced to wake up like this?

If he went to great lengths to resist the curse of knowledge and woke up even for a moment, there must be a good reason.

With that in mind, it has been several months since I came to the pond with the fishing rod that Vishnu left behind.

“It’s boring.”

“It seems so.”


A figure approached behind Odin.

It was quite a loud footsteps. He came and sat down next to Odin.

It was Hercules.

“Is the fishing going well?”

“I don’t know. “What on earth are you supposed to fish in a pond with no fish in it?”

“Still, the other guys seem to be jealous of you. “Is it easy to leisurely fish in a world like this?”

“I’m not doing it because I want to.”

“is it?”

Hercules picked up a random rock and threw it into the pond.

Although it was thrown lightly, the stone flew quite far and bounced on the water dozens of times.

“It’s already been about half a year since Kim Yu-won passed away.”

“Half a year? Has it already been that long since I’ve been fishing here?”

“You seem to have lost track of time as you spend your time leisurely.”

“is it?”

It wasn’t a very interesting conversation. To begin with, Hercules wasn’t a person who had fun talking.

Still, perhaps because it had been so long since he had spoken to someone, Odin found even this conversation quite interesting.

“Son Goku decided to go next.”

Odin frowned at Hercules’ words.

“Not you?”

“That’s it.”

“That monkey is really anxious.”

After Kim Yu-won, this is the guy I want to send back to the past.

Naturally, the candidate was mentioned as either Son Goku or Hercules. There were initially three candidates, but they were reduced to two, so now only two remained.

Personally, Odin recommended Hercules. However, Hercules actually recommended Son Goku, and the next runner was decided to be Son Goku.

“He’s better than me.”

“I guess it’s because I don’t have the confidence to fight Zeus when I go back.”

“I’m not denying it.”

“Go back and explode. Tsk.”

Odin, still dissatisfied with sending Goku away, turned his head away from Hercules.

Sure, Son Goku was strong, but he was like a bomb with no idea where it would go. Hercules knew that too, but he trusted the amusement park that went first.

“Anyway, I plan to send Goku as soon as Mimir wakes up. “It will be in about a month, so you should at least say goodbye before then.”

“Even so, I was just wondering if I should stop this damn fishing. What’s the problem… … .”


It was then.

A signal came that something had caught on Vishnu’s fishing rod, which had been unresponsive for several months.

“You got caught?”


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