Leveling with the Gods Chapter 489

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Is that guy Kim Yu-won or not?

A question mark appeared in Goku’s mind.

A different expression appears on one person’s face.

The atmosphere and the appearance of Hwaan Geumjeong also changed from moment to moment.

Let’s do that for a while.

“… … okay. “Sure.”

Yuwon, who spoke again with a different expression, bent down and placed his hand on Ubo Satla’s back.


The darkness surrounding Ubo Satla’s body dispersed.

Ubo Satla, who was otherwise invisible as he was enveloped in black darkness, turned into ashes and scattered into the sky.

‘Is it extinction?’

The traces of Ubo Satla disappeared.

I could feel the heavy weight that was being supported by the female pole gradually becoming lighter.

A creature the size of an island disappears before your eyes.

What’s more, it’s such a large creature that it has hard leather that even Gungnir can barely pierce.

“Shorten down.”


Yeouibong was back in Son Goku’s hands.

The Yeouibong, which had changed from a pole used to measure the length of the sea to a long, thin pole, was hung on Son Goku’s back.

When Uvo Satla disappeared, the clones that had been maintained by pouring out enormous amounts of magical energy also disappeared.

Pop, pop, pop, pop!

When all the clones disappeared, my pounding head felt a little more relieved.

Even though Son Goku possesses nearly infinite magical power, maintaining five hundred alter egos still requires enormous mental power.

“Hmm… … .”

I had a hard time somewhere, but it didn’t feel like I was fighting properly.

All along, all of our efforts were focused on stopping Uvo Satla.

With regret, Son Goku naturally looked at Yuwon.

The appearance of Yuwon standing undisturbed as if he had a foothold in the air.

But still.

‘I don’t want to fight with something like that.’

Son Goku couldn’t think of fighting Yuwon easily.

I don’t know who was inhabiting his body, but he was an extraterrestrial being.

“Give up. give up.”

“What are you giving up?”

Goku, startled, looked back.

I don’t know when he came, but Yuwon approached me without a sound.

“Uh, when did you come? nice to meet?”

“What are you glad to see? And what’s so awkward again?”

A greeting as if nothing had happened.

Son Goku hesitated and took a step away from Yuwon.

Yuwon laughed at Son Goku’s appearance like that.

He looked like a puppy wary of strangers.

“It’s Son Goku.”

at that time.

Yuwon’s mouth opened and another strange tone of voice came out.

“He was that arrogant guy back then.”

He said he had no tact, but he had eyes.

Someone else was seen behind Yuwon, who was standing right in front of him.

If it were normal, I would have opened my chest and asked confidently.

Today, Son Goku felt himself getting smaller and smaller.

“Do you know me?”

“know. Without any fear… … . “It’s noisy.”

The expression and tone of voice change again.

“If you’re done with work, quickly disappear.”

“… … ?”

Son Goku looked at Yuwon with a puzzled expression as his personality came and went.

“Are you out of your mind?”

“… … but.”

“What are you doing?”

“I think I would look like a crazy person to anyone. “Even if it’s not really you.”

Yoo Won, who was a little hesitant about answering, immediately turned around.

Yuwon turned his head and saw the Nibelungen rankers taking care of their colleagues who had collapsed or fainted from exhaustion.



The dragons began to move.

The house they were in.

Toward the nest.



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“It’s not over yet.”

Yuwon’s footsteps began to follow them.

Son Goku, who was naturally following behind, asked as if he had remembered it too late.

“And what about Hercules?”

“I’ll explain later.”

The distance was quite far.

It would take quite some time to just run this distance.

“Quickly, call Geundun.”

* * *

Dragons passed by left and right.

No matter how fast the dragons were, they were nothing compared to Geunduun.

However, there was someone who arrived one step faster than Geun Du-un.

-Are you here?

A dragon holding a long staff and looking at the collapsed mountain range.

Dragon King Fafnir.

Anger was visible behind him.

Their nest had already disappeared without a trace.

Chijiji, chijiji-.

Hercules was seen standing beneath the collapsed mountain peak, emitting a faint light.

-… … Then, it ended up like this.

A ruined nest that returned after the fight with Outer.

Fafnir’s pupils were torn horizontally.

He took one step closer to Hercules, who was standing with a dejected look on his face, looking down at his palms.


The ground shook.

Sadness and anger over losing the nest.

It was directed to Hercules, who brought about the battle here.

That moment.

“How about we listen to the story first?”


Yuwon blocked Fafnir as he approached Hercules.

Fafnir’s eyes turned to Yuwon.

-Whether there is a misunderstanding or not, the fact that that guy destroyed our nest is an unchangeable fact.

“Didn’t we tell you this before? “Now is not the time to fight among ourselves.”

-That is no reason to forgive that guy.

“The intervention of other people is probably the bigger reason why this place has come to this. “You shouldn’t take out your anger on someone who is so strict about taking out your anger right now.”


Yuwon, who was blocking Fafnir, tightened his grip.

“But what if… … .”

Suss, ss-.

A shadow rises behind Yuwon’s back.

“If you’re going to keep fighting, then there’s nothing you can do about it.”

Can not help it.

There was no further explanation as to why there was nothing we could do about it.

But that was enough.

The shadow that appeared behind Yuwon’s back was a monster that swallowed Ubo Satla in an instant.

What on earth is that?

-… … Is it a threat?

“If words don’t work.”

-I have no choice but to get through it. Because I saw something like that.


The deadly force that flowed around Fafnir disappeared.

No matter how angry I am about the house collapsing, I can’t let my family be ruined right here.

Yuwon, and Son Goku behind him, had enough power to do so.

Moreover, the clan was now very exhausted from the great battle.

-But keep in mind. If you don’t formally apologize later, we won’t just let it go.

“I’ll definitely tell you.”

Perhaps Hercules will definitely apologize.

He was not a fool like Son Goku who only knew about fighting. He did not know that this place was a nest of dragons.

Nevertheless, this was probably the reason why he had no choice but to fight here.


It may be because of his death.


Yuwon approached Hercules, who was still standing still and not reacting to the surrounding noise.

Surely he was fighting foolish chaos here.

Still, the fact that he was here alone meant that he was missing him.

‘It’s a shame I missed it, but I’m glad I’m safe.’

Yuwon felt fortunate that Hercules was alive.

Stupid chaos.

He was still a difficult figure for Hercules to handle.

* * *

The Nibelungen rankers each headed to a different floor.

A world left half in ruins by Ubo Satla. Fearing what might happen, they decided to move to a completely different floor.

On a barren land where all people have left.

Yuwon faced Hercules on a literally empty plain where there was nothing left.

“… … “Is that so?”

Hercules told them what had happened.

What kind of fight took place here?

What happened to Zeus?

It wasn’t a very long story.

For Hercules, too, all he saw was what he saw with his own eyes.


“You left earlier than I thought.”

Yuwon checked the ranking recorded in the kit and came to a clear conclusion.

Zeus’ name disappeared from the rankings.

The disappearance of the ranking meant the death of the ranker.

I thought it would end up like this.

Things happened faster than expected.

“I only got one hit.”


He chews his words and spits them out, as if he feels aggrieved.

“At last. “Only one.”

“Where are you injured?”

“He just kept running away. “There may be injuries.”


Son Goku took out an apple from his inventory and ate it.

It looks like he was quite hungry after the short fight.

“I’m not a coward and I run away.”

“Why are you always chewing while talking?”

“Why man?”

Munch, munch-.

Despite Yuwon’s mistreatment, Son Goku remained steadfast. He ate the rest of his apple in one bite and then took out his beef jerky and held it in his hand.

On one side, Pandora bandaged Hargan’s injured body.

Fortunately, none of the five people in the group were seriously injured in this fight.

“But it’s strange.”


“That guy ran away. “That can’t be possible.”

These words were spoken while hastily stuffing food into one’s mouth, but the words came from the experience of fighting foolish chaos rather than from the head.

Hercules made a puzzled expression as if asking what that meant.

But Yuwon also agreed with those words.

‘If he was in good health, there would be no way he would have run away from Hercules, who was exhausted from the fight with Ubo Satla.’

It might have been any other time, but the foolish chaos that had been here just a moment ago was definitely real.

If so, it would probably have been difficult for Hercules alone.

‘Zeus, did that guy do something?’

He died fighting foolish chaos.

However, the Zeus that Yuwon knew was not the kind of guy who would come here and just waste his life in vain.

Just think for a moment.

I felt confident.

‘I did it, I did it.’

The situation was roughly sketched out.

Hercules was quieter than usual.

I wanted to do something, but there was no way to do it.

Before we all gathered here, Yuwon visited Zeus once.

‘I can’t find my soul.’

You may not be able to find the body of a dead person.

Even the dragons’ nest has disappeared without a trace.

If there had been a foolish and chaotic fight with Zeus, it would not have been strange for a few corpses to have been destroyed.

But the soul was a different story.

[‘The star of the night that brings destruction’ cannot find its soul.]

The night star that brings destruction.

A name that uses divine power to forcibly drag the dead into the world of the living.

Although it was impossible to completely revive the dead, it might have been possible to at least temporarily revive Zeus as an undead.

But for some reason, there were no souls of the dead around here.

No matter how difficult it was to find the dead, it was strange that Zeus, who had just died, was nowhere to be seen.

It wasn’t that there wasn’t a place to point out.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Because there was a part of me that I had always had doubts about.

‘Is it Mimir?’

Mimir lost both eyes.

One was said to have been used in dealings with Foolish Chaos, but the source of the other was unknown.

But what if Zeus took those eyes?

Yuwon’s gaze turned to Hercules.

Unlike Son Goku, who was chomping and engrossed in snacks, he was even quieter than usual.

It seemed like he was trying not to show it, but he seemed to be in great shock.

‘… … ‘It’s not clear yet, so there’s no need to give false hope.’

Even Yuwon, who remembered Mimir’s eyes, does not know what Zeus has prepared.

Shaking Hercules to the core with useless words was not a good choice.

‘Zeus, what have you done?’


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