Leveling with the Gods Chapter 488

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* * *


Golden light pushes away the darkness. The teeth hidden inside bit into Hercules’ shoulder.


It was then that the club moved.

As if he had been waiting.

The club shattered the teeth with precision.


The remains of shattered teeth.


He slaps them away with his palm and lunges forward.

Deeper in the shadows.

Towards ‘foolish chaos’.


He wraps his fist around lightning and stretches it out. Then the shadows cleared and foolish chaos appeared within them.



A fist plunged into the body of foolish chaos.

For a moment I thought I had caught one. The body of foolish chaos dispersed and turned into a shadow again, attacking Hercules.

Without any time to panic, my body reacted first. no.

The thunderbolt reacted.


While the thunderbolt was just buying time.


Hercules’ club hit the floor.

Blah blah blah-!


Lightning spread in all directions around the ground where the club was struck. The teeth that were targeting Hercules from all directions were destroyed by lightning, and the foolish chaos hidden within them was revealed.

Tsutsu, tsu-.

Hercules, with his body wrapped in lightning, glared at such foolish chaos.

A look of foolish confusion was reflected in the golden eyes. Although it was clearly a threatening force, it didn’t seem like it was trying to fight properly.

“Are you going to keep running away?”

“You are not Jecheon Daeseong. “It’s Hercules.”

Wrong answer.

But Hercules’ expression became distorted in response.

“Giant slayer. A powerful warrior with the strongest body in the tower. And the blood of Zeus.”

It was only a small amount of information, but it was the most essential summary.

This is what foolish chaos was trying to say.

I know you well.

So this fight is in the palm of your hand.

“It’s been a little over a year since you began manipulating that power. “Every time I fight, I only believe in that body.”


A ray of light passed next to the foolish chaos.

“You seem to be in a bit of a hurry.”

“talk too much.”

“okay. It has to be urgent. Because you don’t have overflowing magical power like Jecheon Daeseong.”


As if he had no intention of listening any further, a golden shock struck his foolish, chaotic body.

A shadow that is swept away. A figure of foolish chaos split into several branches and appeared in front and behind Hercules.

“You seem very angry. “When I see you getting so angry and running wild.”

“I said it clearly. “I’m not angry.”

“I know you better than you think. Jecheon Daeseongdo and Kim Yuwondo.”

The foolish and confusing words that followed were the final blow.

“And Zeus too.”


The distance between Hercules and foolish chaos has narrowed.

Boom, the club closes the distance and falls on the head.


Blah blah blah-!

The surrounding shadows were torn apart and the ground turned over. The giantess let out an angry roar and Hercules ran wild like an animal.

Despite its threatening movements, foolish Chaos did not stop provoking.

“Thanks to you, I killed him easily. “I knew he would make such a foolish choice.”

It was a lie to say that it was easy to kill him.

From the beginning, Zeus was the one who created Gigantomachia out of foolish chaos to annihilate the giants.

However, that group turned out to be a powerful enemy and drove a spear into his heart.

‘Dozens of names were lost and damaged.’

Due to the aftermath of that battle, Foolish Chaos is now unable to fight like usual.



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There was also a reason for not confronting Hercules head-on.

‘We will even eliminate Hercules from here.’

Hercules was a difficult opponent.

His strength, stamina, and mobility were at an extraordinary level.

One drawback is that, unlike Zeus, the time for using thunderbolt is not very long.

But it was clear that time would solve that problem.

“That mouth… … .”


Hercules swung his fist.

“Shut up!”


The string of reason that is gradually being broken.

Hercules was definitely weak against provocation. The foolish chaos continued to distance itself from Hercules and ate away at his magical power.

‘If it stays like this just a little longer… … .’

Sweat began to flow from Hercules’ body.

No matter how strong my stamina was, my body and magic power would not have been able to withstand using lightning without stopping like this.

‘I can take his head off.’

a little bit.

Just a little more.

While we take some time like that.

[‘Foolish chaos’ faces greater chaos.]

[‘Amorphous chaos’ meets ‘foolish chaos’.]


A message was heard that stopped his movements for a moment.

‘no way-.’

And that moment.


The fist of Hercules covered the face of foolish chaos.


* * *

The Nibelungen rankers, who were in the midst of a fight, stopped moving for a moment.

The Outers who were fighting against him also stopped.

It had to be that way.

Probably not many people can remain calm at the scene unfolding before their eyes.

Ubo Satla, the huge whale that covered the sky, was covered in black shadows.

“That… … “What is it all about?”

“Has Hades come?”

“It’s not like that…” … Hey! Wake!”


The rankers who were watching the scene lost consciousness one by one and fell down. Among Son Goku’s clones, those with lower numbers lost some of their magic power and disappeared, and the outer tentacles also wriggled to the point where they fell limp on the floor.

So the fight went into a lull for a while.

The knights each put down their weapons and looked up at the sky.

“What the hell is going on?”

Around the time when chaos broke out on the ground.

“… … .”


Goku was standing on top of Ubo Satla, who was being chewed by the shadow’s teeth.

I felt creepy. The teeth could pierce the hard skin of Ubo Satla, which was not pierced by the Yeouibong or Gungnir.

What was even more horrifying was that the scene before my eyes was not unfamiliar.

‘Kim Yu-won, that bastard… … .’

This shadow.

And this familiar yet ominous energy.

“Try to put this away.”

That was when Shub Niguras first appeared in the tower.

It was the same one that appeared right after the fight when Son Goku tried to eat the purple egg Yuwon was carrying.

“Before that, let go of the egg first.”

“Oh right.”

At the time, Son Goku didn’t think it was that dangerous.

It’s clear that he bit off the back of Shub Nigguras’ neck, but that’s it.

Goku thought that those teeth were just slightly sharp awls.

“Stop it, now.”

“Isn’t it fun?”

That’s why I made a joke.

Because it doesn’t seem that dangerous.

I thought I would be able to overcome it even if those teeth came towards me.

But now.


The toy at that time was crushing Ubo Satla’s body.


I swallowed my dry saliva out of nervousness. Even though those teeth are not pointed at me right now.


This was horror.

‘I could die… … ‘Is there one?’

A question mark appeared in my mind.

Son Goku did not feel fear about most things. It wasn’t just that he was brave and fearless by nature.

After devouring the entire heavenly peninsula and becoming immortal.

Son Goku was able to fight with the best weapon that ‘never dies’.

So far, only once has Son Goku felt the danger of death.

But today.

That once increased to twice.


The sound of footsteps falling in silence.

Goku’s ears perked up and his head turned.

On the shadow-covered back of Ubo Satla.

Yuwon was walking slowly.

‘The work is over… … .’

Son Goku, who was about to call Yuwon by waving his hand, stopped.

No sound came out. Even though I said it clearly.

I felt an eerie energy.

No, it wasn’t particularly energetic.

This was a chill.

Tsk, tsk-.

The feet were frozen.

I felt like I was in the middle of the universe. I saw Yuwon walking somewhere in the distance, but I felt a strange sense of strangeness.

Clearly, on the outside, he is the Kim Yu-won he knows.

‘please… … ‘You seem like a different person.’

Even though we fought and fought, we had a lot of time together.

Yuwon and I were colleagues and friends at the same time. Moreover, unlike his poor sense of humor, he was proud that his sharpness was the best in the tower.

In Son Goku’s eyes, the current Yuwon felt a different feeling from usual.

“Satla… … .”



The moment he heard the voice, Son Goku almost aimed the baton in his hand.

The voice was clearly Yuwon’s.

There’s no way I won’t remember that voice.

It was the same with the face.

Clearly, he was wearing the shell of a Yuwon.


‘Kim Yu-won, that bastard… … .’

Goku was clearly convinced.


‘What’s in your body?’

Behind Yuwon, reflected in Hwaan Geumjeong, a white-haired man wearing black clothes appears.

Who on earth is that?

Yuwon’s mouth moved.

“I don’t remember giving you that name.”

His face was deep in thought.

I never gave it a name. Son Goku covered his head, not knowing what these words meant.

‘name? ‘What name?’

Quad deuk-.

Meanwhile, the teeth continued to pierce Ubo Satla’s skin.

Ubo Satla writhes and screams silently.

I could feel Ubo Satla’s body slowly falling down.

“This is crazy… … .”

Goku muttered a curse and hurriedly called out Geundun.

Go down before the falling Ubo Satla, and aim the pole upward with your clones.

““Grow up, Yeoui-.””


Together with the remaining clones, they stretch out their arms and lift the falling Uvo Satla.

If Uvo Satla falls here, the Nibelungen rankers below him will probably be wiped out.

Giggeek, Giggeek-.

In the meantime, Son Goku and his clones are lifting Ubo Satla.

“Has that guy even started making up a name?”

Yuwon, who was standing on top of him, eventually sneered.

Although the distance was far away, Son Goku could clearly see Yuwon’s expression.


I couldn’t figure out what that expression meant.

Are you happy or angry?

But one thing is certain.

‘That’s not Kim Yu-won.’

“Entrusting my records to something so dirty… … Hey, you guy.”

It was then.

Yuwon, who had been muttering something unintelligible, changed his tone and started saying words that did not fit the context.

“Don’t do anything unnecessary and finish it quickly. “Don’t make people tired.”

The face and voice were clearly the same.

However, the tone, atmosphere, and facial expressions suddenly changed to a completely different person.


All the tension and fear that had been constricting my body just a moment ago suddenly disappeared.

Son Goku, who was looking at Yuwon in the distance through Hwaan Geumjeong, scratched his head.

This was my first time doing something like this.

Above the figure of one person, two people were visible.

“Kim Yoo-won… … go?”


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