Leveling with the Gods Chapter 486

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* * *

[The power of ‘thunderbolt’ enters the body.]

[The power of a giant resides in your body.]

[Entering ‘complete giant transformation.’]


Hercules’ club moved.

The club flew through the air, entangled with lightning, and fell on the head of foolish chaos.



The foolish hand of chaos blocked the club of Hercules.

The ground where the two were standing caved in and they collapsed.


A beam of electricity flowed from Hercules’ eyes, which turned golden.

Unusual atmosphere.

‘Are you planning on not stopping?’

Hercules’ name is always preceded by a modifier.


It was a title derived from his calm and good nature and behavior.

And like most rankers, Hercules’ personality was reflected to some extent in his fighting.

Although he has more power than anyone else, he does not wield it carelessly.

Some even said this to Hercules:

He seems like a person who is not angry.




There was clear anger in Hercules’ fists pounding on the body of foolish chaos.

“artist… … “It looks like there’s a lot of it.”



Hercules’ foot kicked foolish chaos in the chest.

“I’m not angry.”


Even as he said that, Hercules still swung his club without stopping.


That one word stimulated Hercules even more.

[The power of ‘thunderbolt’ resides in the right arm.]

[The mastery of ‘complete titanization’ has surpassed the critical point.]

[‘Gigantomachia’ reacts to ‘Giantization’.]


Hercules’ fist stretched forward.

The fist I didn’t see because I was blocking the club.

A fist wrapped in lightning swallowed up the body of foolish chaos.


A golden lightning flew over the ground, flipping it over. The foolish chaos that stood at the center of the shock flew away into the sky at high speed.

‘I knew you were strong, but… … .’

Jerk, Jerk-.

While flying, foolish Chaos muttered as he wrapped his arms around his waist where he had been punched.

“This is beyond calculation.”

“My calculations are not over yet.”


When did we get here?

Hercules appeared behind the quickly flying foolish chaos and stretched out his hand.


Hercules’s grip grabs the head of the foolish chaos that was flying.

At that moment, my mind became confused and foolish.

‘Speed ​​is also out of the calculation.’

Clearly, Hercules was known as the strongest warrior in the tower.

However, unlike his strong power, he was not that excellent at speed combat.

But this speed was completely different from what foolish chaos knew.

This movement is like.

‘Zeus guy-.’

King of Olympus.

It resembled Zeus, the master of thunderbolt.

‘What did you do to Hercules…? … .’


As the thoughts continued, the body of foolish chaos began to move due to the gesture of Hercules’ hand.

Hercules grabbed the neck and threw the foolish body down with all his might.



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Ujikkeun, blah blah blah-.

The foolish chaotic body that fell from the top of the mountain collapsed a small mountain and fell deep into the ground.

And Hercules, who had thrown him down, stretched out his hand forward.

Hit, hit, hit.

A long spear created in the hand of Hercules.

One hand was not enough, so Hercules stretched out his other hand.

In that way, he stretched out his arms and tightly grasped the thunderbolt he had created.

‘What did your father do?’

Until I got a club, I lived with only my fists.

It was only at this point that I started to get used to holding a club, but a spear.

‘like this-.’

Hercules followed Zeus and took a javelin throwing stance.

Beneath the pit where foolish chaos flew and fell.

Aiming the tip of his spear towards that place, Hercules flicked his pulled body like a bowstring.

“… … “Did you do it?”


The spear flew out of my hand and distorted the air.

The thunderbolt that fell below the ground rose upward and created a tall, gigantic golden pillar.


Looking at the golden pillar of electricity rising high.

Hercules let his hands hang down.

I couldn’t believe it.

He threw the spear with his own hand. That he followed Zeus.

Finally he realized.

That he had lived with Zeus’s back up until now.

* * *


A small pillar of light rising from afar.

The impact of that power reached here. The distance must have been considerable, but if it could be seen with the naked eye, it was hard to tell how big it was up close.

‘Is it Hercules?’

The Zeus Yuwon remembered did not have this much power left.

Moreover, after obtaining all the stone tablets, Hercules headed straight toward Zeus.

By now, the fight over there is probably in full swing.

Due to the timing, there was a high probability that that lightning belonged to Hercules.


That thing, that thing -.

And vice versa.

Son Goku and his clones were holding on, pushing Ubo Satla away.

“strength… … “Good!”

“Hey, hey! Hold on longer! “Why, I have no strength!”

“You, nigga, are number 29! “I’m number 112!”

“Is now the time to question that? uh!”

“Shut up and just… … .”

Goku’s clones were sweating. Although Son Goku possessed nearly infinite magical power by devouring all of the nectarines in the heavens, it was by no means easy to maintain all of these numerous clones.

Ubo Satla is a being so large that it supports the Nibelungen.

It wasn’t easy to stop a guy like that.

‘Both of them are fighting hard.’

I became anxious.

Yuwon’s eyes turned to Pandora, who was looking intently at the stone slab.

How much longer will it take?

As I was looking at her with impatience, our eyes briefly met.

“it’s over?”

“That’s the third time I asked that.”

“… … “I guess it’s not over.”

They said it would take some time to interpret it, so it looked like I might have to stay up all night.

It’s not too late now, should I destroy the stone slab?

If you break the stone slabs that were put together in front of you, the Ubo Satla will be resolved at that moment.

‘You came all the way here?’

How long has it been since my head became this complicated?

There was no way to know what was written on the stone tablet. I wondered what it meant to fight like this to read uncertain content.

But still, if what’s in there is really important… … .

‘Which is the right choice?’

My head was spinning so complicatedly.

“It’s done.”

The words fell out as my eyes lit up.

Yuwon, who was in trouble, approached Pandora and asked.

“Really? “Are you done with the interpretation?”

“huh. “Completely everything.”

“Tell me quickly. hurry.”

As the fight was in full swing, impatience grew.

Pandora rolled her eyes for a moment and then began reading the first sentence.

“Yog Sothoth… … .”


Yuwon’s eyes widened at the ‘name’ mentioned from her mouth.

Yog Sothoth.

The name flowed down Yuwon’s spine and made his whole body go numb.

The surprise didn’t end there.

“Shub Niguras, Nyala Totep. Niyog Sotep… … .”

Yuwon couldn’t help but be surprised as the names started to come out of her mouth.

Among them, there were names I knew, and there were names I did not know. However, some names, including the second mentioned Shub Nigguras, were names that had been encountered several times in the future.

The name continued for quite some time.

At some point, it was full of names I didn’t know.

Of course, the name didn’t catch my ear.

‘Was everything written on the stone tablet the names of the outerwear?’

Outer God.

Beings who have one, two, or more names on top of one name.

The names are all different and, like skills or items, the names are sometimes transferred to or chosen by an owner.

But just one.

The true name, which signifies its existence, never changed or moved, as did its true name.

And what’s written on this stone tablet are probably those names.

It couldn’t be said to be completely meaningless information.

But as expected, the profit margin was not right.

‘I didn’t make this mess just to know your name.’

At least a secret about the outerwear.

As much as possible, I hoped that based on that information, I could gain some kind of secret to fighting Outer.

‘Let’s know this much… … .’


I felt eyes on me.

I missed it because I was thinking about something else. Pandora continued to look at the amusement park.

“it’s over?”


It seems that all the names written on the stone tablet have been said.

No matter how useless the information was, it was my own fault for not being able to concentrate. In the first place, it was Yuwon who asked me to interpret the writing on the stone tablet and to read it.

“sorry. “I didn’t hear it.”

“are you okay.”

Pandora speaks confidently while turning the stone tablet in Yuwon’s direction.

“I memorized everything.”

“Memorize it? “All of that?”

There were probably hundreds of names.

Just look at those names, read them, and memorize them all.

‘Still, I’m glad.’

I was debating whether I should listen to it one more time or just destroy it, but I figured I had it all memorized so there was no need to waste any more time.

“Then destroy it now.”


Pandora blinked and tilted her head as if puzzled.

“It’s not over yet.”

“Isn’t it over?”

I stopped listing the names and thought that was all that was written on the stone tablet.

But it’s not over.

“Then why stop?”

“I feel like I’m not concentrating.”

“… … It was like that. sorry.”

The delay was his own problem. He didn’t blame Pandora.

“The important thing is the same from here on.”

Pandora, who had no facial expression, looked at the other side of the stone slab.

A stone slab divided into three pieces.

Apparently, the content written on each stone tablet was different.

“Just listen first.”

I didn’t have great expectations.

Unlike before, I kept my ears open, but I couldn’t help but feel like I had to finish it quickly.


“These are all the names of the things I have gathered.”

It was unusual from the first sentence.

Concentration increased in an instant.

Yuwon listened to Pandora’s words.

“From the front-.”

From front to back, I wrote down the names of the people I cared about in order. Some people have names from the beginning, and others have names that I gave them for the first time.

I deserve it. No, only I deserve it.

In the first place, all names came from me.

The introduction was long.

Out of consideration for those who read this record, I would like to first tell you who I am.

I don’t know where or who you are, but it doesn’t matter.

Instead, just know one thing.

If you only know the superficial name without knowing the true name, an earthworm can never become a dragon, and you cannot even use your own name properly.

So you must know my name.

I am the beginning of all names, and not knowing my name is no different from not knowing all names.

I am a blasphemous king who sits on the throne in amorphous chaos and prepares for great chaos.

If you combine all the names in the world into one, you get this name.

Azathoth, I say.


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