Leveling with the Gods Chapter 484

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* * *

Around the time when I had used up half of the spiritual power I had.

“Ugh, wow!”

Beyond the amorphous chaos, Yuwon found Maple sitting on the throne and stumbled, coughing as if she could barely breathe.

Hercules and Pandora rushed to Yuwon’s sudden reaction. That moment, which must have been a very brief moment, felt longer to Yuwon than ever before.

“You are an amorphous being that endlessly repeats destruction and creation.”

Someone’s voice came from Yuwon’s head.

Who was it?

I remembered.

Shub Niguras.

It was when she first broke through the wall that separated the tower’s perimeter.

“Now he will find his form and appear before us… … .”

“Please, we want you to take your teeth away from us.”

She seemed to know the identity of the autumn leaves.

Nevertheless she came.

Perhaps, in the worst case scenario, she would have come prepared to fight even the autumn leaves.

‘I guess they decided they could win.’

In the slowly passing time.

One memory flashed through Yuwon’s mind.

“Nothing will change.”

This, too, was the voice of Shub Nigguras.

When is this?

It wasn’t the first. However, it wasn’t a memory of the future either.


Yuwon, it wasn’t his memory.

“The phoenix dies and rises from the ashes, but its embers do not light up the sky from the beginning. “You too.”



‘Are you talking about autumn leaves?’

She clearly seemed wary of the autumn leaves. Maple died once and was resurrected again through an egg.

“To me, you still look like a kid. “The great power and status have fallen to the ground, the power of the name has disappeared, and only the shell of the true name remains.”

True name.

The only name that can never be taken by anyone else and is the basis of existence.

Everything was taken away from the maple leaves, and only that name remained.

“All of these are correct, but one thing is wrong.”

‘My voice?’

It was clearly he who had the conversation with Shub Nigguras.

This much was expected.

I couldn’t remember the process of cutting off Shub Niguras’ head and taking her name.

That meant that he had been moving around as someone else.

And now this conversation was between Shub Nigguras and that ‘someone’ who was presumed to be Autumn Leaves.

“Jinmyeong is the substance, not the shell. “The various names you are obsessed with.”


What on earth is that?

“It’s just a beautiful shell.”

Are they so obsessed with it?

“The power of a name is- #@#, … … … … … … .”

Hardly any voices were heard after that.

Is it because I used up too much spiritual power in an instant? Or was it a mistake to try to look into the amorphous chaos?

The conversations I had with Shub Nigguras no longer came to mind.

While my consciousness was slowly fading.

At the last moment, Yuwon thought.

Autumn leaves.

If I had known he was such an incredible guy, I would have given him a more sincere name.

* * *

Stop it!


A golden spear split the sky.

For a moment, it felt like the world was split in half. A golden spear split the sky in two for a moment.

And the goat, whose body was pierced by the spear and went mad, eventually fell to the ground.


Zeus took a moment to catch his breath as the goat fell, causing madness.

But that didn’t last too long.


Before you know it, the atmosphere is taking your breath away.

I felt like everything in the world had become my enemy and was strangling me. The golden sky turned black, and the ground became dry and cracked.

The black goddess of abundance.



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This was the second name of Shub Niggurath, taken by Foolish Chaos.

“This name is a bit difficult for me to handle.”

Unlike the ‘Goat that gives birth to madness’, which was destroyed and ruined by Vishnu, the ‘Goddess of the Black Rampant’ had an intact form.

Naturally, the more power he used, the bigger his name expanded, choking Zeus.


Zeus’ skin cracked.

Zeus no longer had any strength left to stop it.


“… … “It was crushed there.”

There was no room left for that.


“… … ?”

As Zeus’s figure suddenly disappeared, foolish Chaos looked around in surprise.

Where did it go?

“There was only one chance.”


“… … !”

The body of foolish chaos wriggled from the shock felt in the stomach.

The hand of Zeus, which had been lost from sight for just a moment, penetrated the body of foolish chaos.

“… … Fortunately, you caught it.”


The opportunity he was talking about seemed to refer to foolish chaos suddenly using great power.

All while fighting the goat that breeds madness.

Zeus continued to search for the location of foolish chaos, waiting for the briefest opportunity.

Quad deuk-.

Zeus pierced the belly of foolish chaos and grabbed hold of it.

“Whoop… … .”

No matter how many names he had, he was also a living being with a body.

The pain of having my body pierced and my arms torn apart from the inside could never be light.


“… … “It won’t help.”

He didn’t know himself yet.

Pain alone was not enough to kill him.

Outer’s death. Among them, his death was different from the normal life forms in the tower.

“Isn’t it too grandiose to think of an opportunity that pierces your body?”

“Don’t worry.”

Sweat flowed from Zeus’ forehead.

“Now is the beginning.”

I support you!


The lightning that erupted from Zeus’s hand swept over the foolish body of chaos and soared into the sky.

It was a level of lightning that I had never felt before. The ‘Black Goddess of Plenty’ still made Zeus’ body dry and dead, but Zeus did not care about his own body, which was turning into a rotten eardrum.

“together… … dying… … “Is that what you mean?”

“Your death means that your ‘name’ will disappear, right?”

Foolish Chaos and Zeus’ eyes met.

His body was obviously dying, but his eyes were burning hotter than ever.

‘This is dangerous.’

Instinctively, a warning light came on.

That lightning is dangerous.

It’s a completely different kind of power than the lightning I’ve seen so far.

I had to get out.


Foolish chaos held Zeus’ hand. It was to drop Zeus’s hand, which had somehow pierced his body, and to push away the power of the thunderbolt that had begun to flow into his body.


“Didn’t you tell me?”


The electricity that erupted from within the body of foolish chaos spread out in all directions.

“I took the opportunity.”

“Big… … .”

Foolish Chaos groaned as the power of the thunderbolt spread throughout his body.

This wasn’t just painful.

Zeus spoke clearly.

Your death will mean the disappearance of your ‘name’.

[The ‘corrupt and cunning ghost’ is destroyed by ‘lightning’.]

[The ‘child who cannot cry’ is destroyed by ‘lightning’.]

[‘The snake that touches the ground’… … .]

[…] … .]

Names are disappearing.

I tried my best to stop it, but I couldn’t.

Zeus burned his thunderbolt to erase the names in the foolish chaos.

Zeus’s eyes narrowed.

If possible, I wanted to put a fatal blemish on his name.

It seemed like the other smaller names that had been superimposed on top of that name had to be removed first.

“You’ve had so many ugly names.”

“Jewoo… … “S!”

The power of Zeus’s thunderbolt was clearly great.

That power was enough to instantly turn hundreds or thousands of nameless Outers into ashes and destroy them.

“That guy’s polite manner of speaking always bothered me. “It’s fixed now.”

“Are you planning to die?”

“At this rate, I know I can’t kill you. “It looks like you’ve grown a lot bigger than I thought.”


What was merely written in words and writing meant the essence to the beings outside.

From the moment he realized that fact, Zeus aimed to erase the name of foolish chaos.

“But at least I can make you weaker.”

Wow! Kwarung-!

A thunderbolt strikes and erases the name.

The ‘Goddess of Black Plenty’ was still valid. As Zeus’s face suddenly turned earthy, foolish chaos realized that he had prepared for death.

“Off… … Ahhh-!”

[‘The darkness of losing dreams’ is destroyed by ‘lightning’.]

[The ‘lost young calf’ is destroyed by ‘lightning’.]

[‘Buried in despair… … .’]

[…] … .]

As the lightning struck my entire body, more and more names disappeared.

Starting from the smallest names to the biggest names.

Zeus was attempting Donggwijin.

“fat. Can… … “There is a way.”

Hope that you can live.

Sweet words waved before my eyes.

One, if it was going to stop at that point, it wouldn’t have started in the first place.



No more words were said.

The lightning created using the life force of the body was like wringing out a dry towel.

In addition, the ‘Black Goddess of Plenty’ was still rotting Zeus’s body, so it was terrible.


Zeus once again grabbed hold of the foolish chaos body with his other hand.

As if he couldn’t tolerate missing out.

“-does not exist.”

“What a terrible guy… … .”

I was so surprised.

No matter how physically strong a high ranker was, it was natural for him to lose his mind and collapse.

No, that situation would have already passed a long time ago.



‘What kind of power does this guy have?’

The foolish chaos could not shake off the hand of Zeus.

The strength of the grip that is embedded in the body and grabbing the flesh, or the strength that holds the shoulder.

If you were stronger than usual, you were stronger, never less.

What on earth happened?

“… … more.”

It was then.

Zeus’ voice lowered his head and he began to mutter something.


“a little bit… … .”

A voice leaking out along with the sound of teeth grinding.

Why on earth are they muttering?


When consciousness faded, Zeus forced his gums and grip. When there was no more magical power left in his body, he burned his bones and flesh and used them as firewood to light the fire.

Paget, paget-!

The skin of the body was torn, and golden light leaked out from between the cracks.

The thunderbolt devoured blood and flesh. The pain was indescribable, but it was the only way Zeus could increase his strength now.

‘If it’s a body that will die and disappear anyway.’

I didn’t have the strength to hold on any longer, so my head fell of its own accord.

The lowered eyes gradually lost their light and became blurred.

‘It wouldn’t be a waste to burn this one body.’

Clearing the name of foolish chaos.

I came here with that goal, but his name was surrounded by too many names.

‘However, it is unacceptable for this body to burn pointlessly.’

It was pride.

As the king of Olympus for thousands of years, he will never die in vain.

Dig, dig!

‘So please.’

Last moment.

Zeus’ eyes, which had been dying due to his pride, sparkled brilliantly again, and thunderbolts erupted from within his foolish, chaotic body.



Watching this foolish chaos scream.

[‘Foolish Chaos’ is damaged by ‘Lightning’.]

Zeus continued the wish he had hoped for countless times before.

‘Please, just hold on a little longer.’

Did you say it was a half-light cycle?

The candle burned most splendidly before it went out.


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