Leveling with the Gods Chapter 483

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No matter how many times I saw it, it was still disgusting.

Slime surrounding the stone slab. A fragment of Uvo Satla, which has the power to steal life and magic.

Even half-baked magic didn’t work on him.


[The ‘adversary of the other world’ confronts the ‘incorrectly shaped piece of idiot’.]

[Tartaros is summoned.]

[The ‘Otherworld Sword’ inflicts strong wounds on the ‘incorrectly shaped piece of idiot’.]


Pieces of Uvo Satla were cut into pieces. Hercules extended his fist towards the slime that was writhing and trying to stick together again.



Two hit!

The slime exploded, revealing the stone slab hidden within. Just as the slime was about to stick again, Pandora moved.


Pandora grabbing the stone tablet.

The moment she tightened her grip and tried to destroy the stone tablet.

“Don’t break it!”

“… … ?”

Pandora paused for a moment. And that short gap was enough time for the scattered pieces of Uvo Satla to come back together.


Fortunately, she was not a burden that just followed Yuwon.

Although she may not be as strong as Yuwon or Hercules, she is comparable to a double-digit high ranker in terms of her strength.

Pandora used her other hand to tear away the slime that had begun to cover the slate again, eventually jumping back with the slate.



Pandora frowned and moaned softly. When she looked down, she saw marks on the leather of her hands that looked like they were melting from the heat.

“That’s why I told you to be careful.”


Yuwon came in front of Pandora and examined her hands.

Fortunately, it wasn’t a major injury. Yuwon asked with relief.

“are you okay?”

“Yeah, yeah.”

A somewhat clumsy answer.

Yuwon first examined Pandora’s wounds and then checked the stone tablet she was holding in her hand.

In any case, recovery of the stone slab was completed. As promised, Hercules took the lead and blocked the slime from trying to retrieve the stone tablets.

‘Leave that to him-.’

Yuwon checked the stone tablet held in Pandora’s hand.

There were countless languages ​​and scripts in this tower. And most of those languages ​​were interpreted by the system and read or heard by ear.

But this was different.


[Interpretation required.]

[The information cannot be accessed because interpretation is impossible… … .]

A language that the system cannot interpret.

There was nothing to be embarrassed about.

I came here knowing that I couldn’t read anyway.



Yuwon handed the stone tablet he had received from Pandora back to her.

“Can you read?”


Pandora looked at the letters on the stone tablet and tilted her head.

“Can’t you read?”

I asked myself why I couldn’t even read this.

Yuwon’s eyes brightened.

“Can you read?”

“huh. there is. “It’s a little difficult to interpret, though.”

Pandora’s eyes moved along the letters on the stone tablet. Surely she was reading these letters that Uvo Satla had guarded.

‘It was true.’

Chances are less than half.

No, to be honest, I wondered if I would be able to work.

It was natural.

The idea that she might be able to read this writing was just an uncertain hypothesis.

Pandora has lived as an outer ever since she became a ranker. Even though the power of the Outer has now disappeared, she was a being located somewhere on the border between the ranker and the outer within the tower.

If only Outer had the authority to read the writing on this stone tablet.

I thought that if it was Pandora that was somewhere along that border, I might be able to read the writing.



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“Speaking of interpretation, how long do you think it will take?”

“I don’t know. “I wonder how long it will take.”

“I guess I can’t do it right away.”

If possible, I wanted to know everything here, but if I couldn’t, there was nothing I could do.

“Hold it well so it doesn’t break.”


“no no! Don’t hug me that hard. Because it breaks quickly.”

Yuwon quickly stopped Pandora, who was holding the stone tablet tightly, and looked back at the sculpture of Ubo Satla that was blocking Hercules.


Two hit!

The slime scattered to pieces by the fist of Hercules with his thunderbolt in his hand.

The thunderbolt only served to protect Hercules’ body, but could not cause a proper impact.

Tuk, puk-puk-.

Hercules frowned as he watched the pieces coming back together again as time passed.

“Do I really have to break the stone slab?”

What on earth is Yoo Won doing when he asks for a moment?

Let’s take a quick glance back to where Hercules is at the amusement park and Pandora.

‘Where did it go?’

There Pandora stood alone, holding a stone tablet in her hand.


At that time, Yuwon passed by Hercules.

What are you trying to do?

He clearly decided to take charge of the guy, but Yuwon stepped in front of him as if to tell him to take a step back.

Hercules took a moment to catch his breath as he watched Yuwon walking towards the wriggling pieces of Uvo Satla that were coming together.

I don’t know what he was going to do, but I thought I would have to wait and see for now.


When the distance narrowed to a certain extent, Yuwon stopped walking.

The guy must have sensed something and stopped moving towards the stone slab almost obsessively.

It was then that Ubo Satla spoke to me.

-Why are you here?

It was a question I had heard once.

It was probably in the test that was taken when obtaining the ‘Great Enemy of the Other World’.

Above all, at this moment, what Ubo Satla was looking at was not himself.

“I know. “Why?”

When I heard that question, something from a while ago came to mind.

For Yuwon, it wasn’t that far away, only about a month or so ago.

However, for some people, it seemed like it was a relatively long time, more than a year.

-I am… … ■■■■.

It was like a very short dream.

I was very confused at first.

Was it real, or was it just a dream I had in a really long time?

In that dream, Yuwon met autumn leaves.

-I am-.

The small boy, who was only about knee-high, was sitting with his back to Yuwon.

In the darkness where there is nothing.

Sitting alone in a deep, dark place that could not be compared to Tartarus, Maple muttered to herself with her back turned.

-I am ■■■■.


As if he was trying hard not to forget that name.


At the end of a short dream, the autumn leaves scattered.

As if melting away into the darkness.

The guy turned into an amorphous being.

‘Where on earth did he go?’

I had a vague guess.

He couldn’t lose his mind and take away Tulka’s name, or not know that Ubo Satla was seeing someone else through him.

The autumn leaves did not disappear.

Maybe that guy.

‘It might be the name he muttered.’


A shadow appeared around Yuwon.

An uncountable number of teeth hidden there.

Yuwon glanced at it.

[‘Amorphous chaos’ bares its teeth.]

[Spiritual power is consumed.]


The shadows spread out in all directions as if filling a huge nest.

Shadows fill the nest.

Hercules, who was trying to see what Yuwon was going to do, was embarrassed and clenched his fist again.

“What on earth…?” … .”


A small, thin hand was placed on top of the fist raised with the power of a thunderbolt due to an unknown threat.

Pandora appeared in the eyes of Hercules as he turned his head. She shook her head and spoke confidently.

“It will be fine.”

“… … .”

What else does she know?

I looked at Yuwon, holding the stone tablet tightly as if it were a treasure.

[‘Amorphous chaos’ bares its teeth at ‘an idiotic piece of incorrect form.’]

[‘Amorphous chaos’ questions the unfamiliar name.]

I felt my spiritual power draining rapidly.

The difference between knowing the name and not knowing it was this big.

Amorphous chaos.

The moment I realized that what I initially thought was the name of “predator” was someone else’s name, the size of the name grew uncontrollably.

Divine power was the power needed to use the name.

However, at this rate, it would not be long before the name could be used.

Yuwon looked at the Uvo Satla, ‘an idiot’s sculpture of an inaccurate shape’ forming an unclear shape before his eyes.


‘I don’t really want it.’

Yuwon was able to see many names and had the power to take on those names.

And from then on, Yuwon saw several names and began to covet them.

It wasn’t just because he wanted greater power.

The name Yuwon uses.

This was because the amorphous chaos wanted their names.

But why?

‘That… … ‘It’s not the name I need.’

The existence in front of you.

Isn’t the name ‘Idiot of Inaccurate Form’ that the outer with the true name Ubo Satla covets at all?

Although he knows better than others, Yuwon’s knowledge of outerwear is less than half.

In that case, it was best to leave it to my intuition for now.

“Destroy it.”


Was he waiting for Yuwon’s order to come out?

As soon as the words were out, the black darkness that had filled the nest engulfed the sculpture of Uvo Satla.

Quack, quack, quack.

Uvo Satla’s body, which was wrapped around the stone slab, was torn apart by its teeth.

At first, Yuwon thought that those teeth were just piercing and crushing the bodies of living beings.

But that wasn’t it.

‘Chewing and tearing at the name, not the body.’

Is it because I learned that the teeth of amorphous chaos were not just a skill, but the power of a name?

The teeth ripped open and destroyed the so-called ‘incorrectly shaped piece of idiot’ and trampled on it to their heart’s content.

A name that eats up names.

Outerwear’s natural enemy.

That was Yuwon’s first name.

‘Was that maple’s body? or not… … .’


Through the amorphous chaos of chewing on names, Yuwon wanted to see the autumn leaves.

The guy who suddenly disappeared along with that strange dream.

That might be the clue to finding that guy.


It was my first time seeing something so focused.

The deeper he looked, the more Yuwon felt like he was being sucked into it and would never be able to get out again.

That wasn’t all.

Even at this moment, the spiritual power that went into using the name ‘Amorphous Chaos’ was enormous.

In the end, the ‘imprecisely shaped piece of idiot’ was crushed to the point where it could no longer retain its name.

‘… … see.’

Despite this, Yuwon couldn’t stop using the name.


In the chaos of biting down on names.

Even if it was blurry, Yuwon began to see it.

And the moment I recognized its identity.


Something that had been blurry became clear so quickly that I couldn’t even tell when it started.

Beyond chaos whose depth cannot be measured.

In a vast darkness whose size cannot be fully measured.

Inside, Maple was sitting on a huge throne, peacefully sleeping.

It was a very innocent face.


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