Leveling with the Gods Chapter 482

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* * *


The goat’s bleating shook the sky.

The ground collapsed, and the goat’s madness spread throughout the tower. Son Goku, who flew into the sky on the Geunduun, turned his head.

“This… … .”

A goat that breeds madness.

It was the name of Shub Niguras.

Goku failed to participate in the fight against Shub Nigguras. Maybe that’s why he reacted more strongly to the goat’s bleating.


“That’s not where we need to worry now.”


Yuwon grabbed Son Goku’s shoulder and turned his gaze back towards him.

Although he looked somewhat dissatisfied, Son Goku quickly complied. On the other hand, Hercules was quietly crossing his arms while riding a horse made by his clone.

Sure enough, the moment I thought, “It can’t be like that.”

I could see my shoulders shaking slightly.

‘Did you notice?’

Hercules also had the power of thunderbolt.

Perhaps he knows who is fighting over there.

Nevertheless, he’s probably crossing his arms like that.

‘Are you trying to stop yourself from running away at any moment?’

It may be because he knows that he has something else to do at this moment.

Yuwon looked down at the ground destroyed by Hercules.

Under the collapsed ground.

I felt something stirring.

And the next moment.


Yuwon’s golden eyes shone.


Just one word.

Everyone was nervous at those words.

“Ubo satlaga.”


Under the collapsed ground.

At the same time as I felt numerous presences…


A huge purple pillar rose upward. The impact shook the world and the Nibelungen knights scattered around screamed in surprise.


“Something is coming!”


It’s already here.


The land of Nibelungen began to collapse due to something purple and gigantic rising into the sky.

It wasn’t just because of the club Hercules wielded.

The ground is collapsing due to a being awakened by the impact.

That wasn’t all.

-Ah ah ah ah ah-!


Beneath the collapsed ground, beings that were either human but not human, or monsters but looked human appeared.

Huge tentacles of immeasurable length appeared. To the Nibelungen knights watching the scene, it felt like a wave.


“purple… … .”

“outer… … “Is it true?”

After the appearance of Shub Nigguras, the name ‘Outer’ spread widely among rankers.

Moreover, purple became their symbolic color.

The difference between what I knew in advance and what I did not know was huge. Fortunately, one by one, the Nibelungen knights noticed the presence of the enemy, calmed their surprise, and prepared for battle.


Outers protruding from beneath the Nibelungen lands.

And something huge covered the sky, blocking out the sun.

The Nibelungen knights who looked up at it muttered nervously.

“Under the ground we were treading on… … “Was there something like that?”

An island floating in the sky.

No, it wasn’t an island.

It looked like a huge whale.

A huge whale flying across the sky like an ocean. Swimming through the clouds, it was so huge that it made countless dragons look like small earthworms.

Ubo Satla.

Outerwear with the name ‘Idiot of Incorrect Form’.

It was in the ground and came out.



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“Grow up-.”

The very first.



Goku announced the start of the fight.

The Nibelungen knights who had been watching this in a daze looked at the place where Yeouibong rose in surprise.

The female peaks flying towards Ubo Satla.

In addition, the dragons bared their teeth at Ubo Satla, who had invaded their territory.




And Son Goku’s clones.

As they began their attack, the Nibelungen knights also began to raise their swords.

“I don’t know what it is, but-.”

“First stop them!”

The Nibelungen knights began swinging their swords and pouring magic at the Outers who were sleeping with Ubo Satla.


Boom, roar!

Thousands of rankers.

And thousands of dragons.

With the emergence of a common enemy, it was the moment when the two powers that would have attacked each other in the Dragon Man War joined hands.

* * *

A huge whale writhes in the sky.

Yuwon looked up at that figure for a moment and was lost in thought.

‘That’s what it looked like.’

Ubo Satla.

It was already my third time meeting him.

Once in the future.

And once when you get ‘Adversary of the Other World’ in the test on the 100th floor.

[‘The Adversary of the Other World’ confronts ‘Ubo Satla’.]

[‘The enemy of this world’ faces the uncomfortable truth of this world.]


It was by no means a small number of times.

Perhaps that’s why Yuwon had greater doubts about Ubo Satla.

Why did the system give a test to kill this guy?

Lee Gye Sword.

The enemy of this world.

And even the autumn leaves.

Why do these things keep coming back to me when I return to the past?

I wasn’t the type to believe in uncertain things like fate.

However, when coincidences like this continue to overlap, you have no choice but to believe it, even if you don’t want to believe it.

“What are you doing?”

Son Goku grabbed Yuwon’s shoulder and shook him.

Yuwon, who finally came to his senses, nodded and said.

“Please take care of the outside.”

“I’m still dissatisfied with that. “Why is it him and not me?”

“Because you are probably better at fighting against the majority.”

Son Goku, whose lips were pouting, had this reaction ever since they first spoke.

Fortunately, he wasn’t stubborn when it came to fighting with Outer.

The situation outside is Son Goku.

And Yuwon, Hercules, and Pandora were scheduled to enter inside Ubo Satla.

“Let’s just borrow one.”

“Are you going to ride all three in one?”


A cloud appeared beneath Yuwon’s feet.

It was the same at the feet of Hercules, who was still crossing his arms in the distance, and at the feet of Pandora.

“Take it easy. “Don’t just have fun among yourselves, come back as soon as possible.”

With that said.



When Goku snapped his fingers, the Geunduun with the three people on board flew in the same direction.

A huge whale floating in the sky.

It was towards the mouth of Uvo Satla.

Watching the three people moving around like that, Son Goku opened his still protruding mouth and grunted.

“I’m jealous, I’m jealous.”

After muttering that, Son Goku’s gaze shifted to the Outers fighting the Nibelungen knights.

Small pieces that split one name into tens or hundreds of pieces.

These guys were like Uvo Satla’s parasites.

Although the size of the number or name was by no means small, it was still not impressive.

“okay. “Let’s be satisfied with this for today.”

At a glance, Goku’s red eyes turned to the sky, which was hidden by Ubo Satla’s body.


There is no need to be too hasty from now on.

There will be bigger battles in the future. And then, my whole body will be broken and I will be able to fight again.

* * *

Yuwon, Hercules, and Pandora, who gathered in one place on the Geunduun, quickly turned on the light in the dark cave.


A sphere of lightning rose above the heads of the three people.

Yuwon was slightly amazed as he looked at the sphere of lightning created by Hercules.

“I guess I’m quite used to it now?”

Hercules does everything other than use his body.

It was new to see the thunderbolt being used in this way, instead of just wrapping it around a fist and swinging it or stretching it out.

“This is much easier than wrapping it around your fist.”

“Is that so?”

“What about the road? “Do you know?”

Yuwon nodded.

I remembered the approximate length. This is a path I’ve already walked twice, so it probably won’t be any different in the grand scheme of things.

“For now, all you have to do is keep going straight.”

“It won’t be difficult.”

“okay. “It’s not difficult.”

The power of Hercules was needed in the fight against Ubo Satla. In order to find the stone slab that was its main body, I would have to move in various directions, but I didn’t have that much power right now.

“Then hurry up. “Nothing good comes from delay.”

Unusually, Hercules took the first step.

The arms that had been binding his trembling body had already been loosened. I guess I was a little anxious.

And perhaps the reason is because of Zeus, who is fighting outside.

So the three people moved along Ubo Satla’s nest.



A fist extending in a straight line.

The outer shells that were sticking out from inside the nest were torn to pieces and flew away.

There was no need to use the club in his hand.

Yoo-won, who followed him one step behind, had nothing else to do.

Pandora, too, was just as idle.

‘I think I now know why Zeus was so hung up on the completion of Hercules.’


Zeus worked hard to perfect Hercules, even starting that great war.

Hercules using the power of thunderbolt was not in the plans of Yuwon and his colleagues.

But now.

As I watched Hercules use the power of the thunderbolt to kill the Outers before my eyes, I felt that Zeus’s efforts were not in vain.

Attacking the nest with Hercules, who unleashes the power of lightning, was truly comfortable.

Paget, Chijiji-.

So it’s the same again.

Hercules asked after suppressing the parasitic Outers of Ubo Satla coming from inside the nest.

“Why not just destroy it from the inside?”

Now that I think about it, it seems like I didn’t mention this.

In response to Hercules’ question, Yuwon saw a wall blocking his back in the distance.

It seemed like we were slowly getting closer to our destination.

“It’s impossible to catch this guy until the slab is broken.”

“What about attempts? “Have you tried it?”

“This guy is impervious to Gungnir. “It is impossible to destroy it from the inside, nor to break through it from the outside.”

“Then in the end, there is no other way than destroying the stone slab you mentioned.”

“okay. Yes, but… … .”

Yuwon’s gaze turned to Pandora, who was close behind him.

Somehow I ran right up to here. If we could find and destroy the stone slab that could be said to be the heart of Ubo Satla, the goal would have been achieved.

However, if that was the only purpose, there was no need to bring Pandora to this dangerous place.

“… … ?”

When Yuwon remained silent for a long time after their eyes met, Pandora tilted her head and blinked.

The expression on his face asked why he was looking at me like that.

Yuwon shook his head and looked at the wall in front of him again.

How did we get here again? It is not impossible to catch Ubo Satla as the method of attack is known, but just catching him was not enough.

‘please… … .’

Yuwon desperately hoped in his heart.

If there really is such a thing as fate.

And if that destiny really chose you as the opponent of this world.

‘She should be able to read.’

I can only hope that Pandora can read the text that no one can read.


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