Leveling with the Gods Chapter 464

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* * *

Yuwon, who was hit by the flying hammer, smoothed the hit spot with his hand.

My head wasn’t particularly broken or bleeding. That little bump didn’t even appear.

Even if he swung the hammer using skill, it was natural that Hephaestus’ hammer would not break Yuwon’s head.

of course.

However, that didn’t mean there was no pain.

“Are you ignorant or stupid?”

Hephaestus glared at Yuwon, who was stroking his own forehead with his hand.

“I just got hit with that.”

“Hasn’t this happened before?”

“Are you planning on going over like this again?”

“I passed it once, so why can’t I pass it a second time?”

There was a situation like this before before.

At that time, Yuwon did not look for him even when Hephaestus contacted him, and the moment he met him, he was hit by a hammer he threw.

In the first place, Hephaestus threw it because he knew Yuwon wouldn’t get hurt, but it wasn’t a very pleasant experience for the person who got hit.

“You have a unique way of apologizing.”

You can soothe someone’s anger by greeting them. It was literally an ignorant and stupid method.

“Bring it and see.”

Clapping his hands, Hephaestus motioned for them to quickly bring the sword.

It has finally come. Yuwon thought this to himself and handed over the sword he had on his belt in its sheath.


Let’s take the black night sword and take it out.

“… … “Okay then.”

Hephaestus, who had seemed to have calmed down a little, caught fire again in his eyes.

That was why Hephaestus was so angry.

The Black Night Sword was the sword Yuwon obtained when he had just arrived on the first floor. It was made by mixing black stone powder and various precious ingredients, and it was also an item that Hephaestus treasured quite a bit.

Of course, it is an item that is almost too much for a player on the first floor to use and is no different from a treasure.


“You’ve been fighting so much and never thought about repairing anything?”

Yuwon was really good at handling that black night sword.

Day after day, I was fighting against top-ranked rankers and creatures from another world I had never heard of before, and it was even more strange when I had no sword left.

“I don’t want to use it sparingly. Still, if it gets to this point, I should at least get a call… … .”

Hephaestus’ nagging continues for a while.

It seemed like he was angry at Yuwon for treating his child like this. Yuwon also felt quite sorry about that.

Still, I couldn’t help it.

‘I live too far away… … ‘I don’t know how long it will take to repair it.’

Yuwon was in a hurry one day.

Since I couldn’t waste time, I had no choice but to waste the time needed to meet Hephaestus, who was stationed on the 10th floor, and repair the sword.

As I was swinging the sword at random without repairing it, all of the teeth of the black night sword fell out before I knew it.

It was definitely written well.

It’s so strange that Hephaestus, who cares so much for his children, doesn’t get angry.

“I’m sorry.”

“Apologize to this guy, not me. Next time, use it sparingly.”

Is it because I kept nagging for over ten minutes?

Hephaestus looked a little more calm than at first. He put the black night sword in and out of its sheath several times and then opened his mouth.

“It’s ten days.”

Ten days.

As expected, it was not a short time.

“It’s okay to keep it to a minimum. “Returning a blade this damaged to its original state is more difficult than making a new sword.”

“Is that so?”

“In the meantime, take whatever you have over there and use it. Anyway, there’s no danger if you don’t even have a knife… … .”

Hephaestus, who continued speaking, looked at Yuwon with squinted eyes.

As if he was listening, he was already opening the box that Hephaestus had brought with him.

“Are you repairing broken items?”

Yuwon picked up the sword that first caught his eye among the items in the box.

A sword whose blade doesn’t stand properly and whose center of gravity is out of whack.

There was only one reason why Hephaestus bought something like this.

“Bringing new life to dead iron… … Like you said, wouldn’t it be easier to make a new one?”

“What are you so curious about?”

“It seems you were very bored.”

Hephaestus, who was caught, turned his head to avoid Yuwon’s eyes.

The reason why he settles down here and collects bad products.

That was because I was itching as a blacksmith.

There was no need to worry about money anywhere.

There is a saying that if Hephaestus had his way, the wealth of Olympus would double, because the items he created were worth the price.

If you run out of points, you can easily get tens of thousands of points just by picking up a few miscellaneous items and selling them.

“Actually, I didn’t come because of that sword.”



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“what are you talking about?”

“Mel it down and use it as an ingredient.”


Another sword was pulled out from Yuwon’s waist. Hephaestus, as expected, was more interested in the new item Yuwon brought out than in anything he said.

The black blade was completely broken and screaming. Although no one else knew, the scream was clearly heard in Hephaestus’ ears.

“This… … What?”

Hephaestus’ voice trembled when he saw the otherworldly sword with his own eyes.

The shape of the otherworldly sword was clearly similar to Hephaestus’ work. However, as expected, his eyes were seeing something that Yuwon’s eyes could not see.

In fact, Hephaestus, looking at the otherworldly sword, seemed to be thinking about something.

Then suddenly.

“Who made it? uh?”

Hephaestus asked hastily, not knowing if it was made by his future self.

If there was a blacksmith who made this sword, I would definitely like to meet him.

“Can you fix it for me?”

“I can fix it, but… … .”

“So, can you make it again?”


Hephaestus’ eyes sparkled.

Only then did he look back at the black night sword Yuwon gave him.

They told me to use it as an ingredient, and that’s what they said.

“… … I don’t know for sure. To be honest, this is a skill better than mine.”

“Why do you say such things so confidently?”

“I said it because it was all worth it. “Now is the time to be humble.”

This was my first time seeing Hephaestus like this.

He was someone who always prided himself on being the best when it came to creating something. However, a bigger wall appeared in front of Hephaestus.

A weapon made by your future self. Hephaestus’ eyes, looking at it, were sparkling more than ever.

“Anyway, I can’t be more angry about this.”

“How is it that you bring something interesting every time you come?”

“So, when they come, don’t start by throwing hammers at them, but rather welcome them. Do you know what kind of surprise I will give you next time?”

“It’s about helping each other.”

“Does that mean you can do it too?”

Otherworld Sword and Black Night Sword. Two swords created by Hephaestus of the future and present.

It was a task of combining two swords that had been damaged by a long fight into one. It was by no means easy, perhaps the most difficult task of Hephaestus’ life.


“I can’t refuse something like this.”

Hephaestus laughed even louder at that difficult task.

I didn’t even care about the broken blacksmith equipment I had purchased.

“We need fire.”

The skeleton of the other world sword is adamantium.

Even if it was Hephaestus, it was not a material that could be easily handled. It took quite a bit of time to create a fire that could melt adamantium.

Moreover, in order to succeed in such a difficult task, a hotter fire was needed.

And now, in front of Hephaestus.

“Would you like to help?”

Perhaps among the existing rankers, the person who could use the hottest fire was in front of me.

And Yuwon’s answer to that was, of course.


It was a question that there was no reason to refuse.

* * *

Yuwon and Hephaestus climbed one more floor and arrived at the 11th floor.

Although he wondered why he would leave a perfectly fine blacksmith shop, Hephaestus led Yuwon to a huge blacksmith shop the size of a small castle.

Why on earth did you come here?

“This is the place I used to use.”

Yuwon asked in surprise at what Hephaestus said.

“Do you mean it belongs to you?”

“why? “Are you afraid I don’t have anything like this?”

The 11th floor was definitely a floor under the influence of Olympus. Also, although they have almost broken off their relationship now, Hephaestus was a ranker that Olympus was proud of.

Naturally, it makes no sense that there is no forge of Hephaestus, the best blacksmith, in Olympus.

In the end, Hephaestus returned to the house he had abandoned.

“This is a place where items used in old Gigantomachia were made. “I don’t have very pleasant memories, but as far as facilities go, this place is the best.”

He is skilled enough to not need to rely on equipment or facilities.

But this work was a daunting task even for that.

Naturally, he found his blacksmith shop, which he had abandoned a long time ago.

“Why are you hesitating? “Come in quickly.”

Hephaestus takes the lead with strides.

Yuwon followed him into the blacksmith shop. It was big, hot, and dry inside.

‘It looks like it’s been empty for quite some time.’

A blacksmith shop with no traces of people.

‘The fire hasn’t even gone out.’

Huuuuk, huuuu-.

The bellows worked automatically. The flame in the furnace gave off heat with all its might whenever the bellows worked, supplying fire energy to the forge.

Hephaestus took out a hammer and said as Yuwon’s eyes were scanning the blacksmith shop.

“Does the forge have to cool before it can be used? It was a gift from Apollo. “It’s a fire that doesn’t go out.”


As if there was no need for this anymore, Hephaestus stepped on the bellows. Then, miraculously, the bellows, which had been operating on its own, stopped.

All that remains now is the yellow flame remaining in the furnace.

“Even though the heat isn’t that great, it won’t go out for a thousand or ten thousand years. “I don’t need it anymore.”



Hephaestus tore off his clothes with his hands. Burn-stained wounds on his chest and stomach were visible through his loose clothes.

“Let’s get started right away.”

There was no need for a bellows.

It was natural since there was no need to start a fire in the first place.

However, Yuwon was worried.

“… … Are you sure you’re okay?”

Normally, using a bellows to make a fire in a brazier and heat iron is the standard of blacksmithing skills.

Hephaestus was in a huge furnace that he had built himself.

“I worry about everything. “If it’s a fire, I’m confident.”

“It won’t be an ordinary fire.”

“Arthur. Do you think the fire I was dealing with was a normal fire? “Do you think this wound happened for nothing?”

Boom, boom!

Hephaestus struck his chest with a hammer.

An expression of confidence that tells you to trust me.

“I am proud to say that my resistance to fire is higher than anyone else in this tower. “There is no one in this tower closer to fire than me.”

Your eyes are hot.

Hephaestus was no fool. He would also know the ranking of the amusement park.

Moreover, if you know the high mountain called Zeus, you won’t be unaware of the skills of a high ranker of that level.

‘I guess I have no choice but to believe it first.’

If your request calls for the hottest fire in this tower.

[‘Heart of Fire’ responds to ‘Seonghwa’.]

[Supplies fire to the ‘Hephaestus’ brazier.’]


Yuwon raised the flame.

A huge flame created by combining the flames of Muspelheim was supplied to the Hephaestus brazier.

Burning heat.

“If you feel like you can’t bear it, you should tell me.”


Hephaestus raised his hammer. His face was more serious and joyful than ever.

So he walked into the burning furnace.


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