Leveling with the Gods Chapter 463

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Odin shook his head at Yuwon’s question.

“I don’t know either.”

“You don’t know?”

“This was brought by Zeus, not me. “It was thanks to Mimir that I found out that this was something from the future.”


How on earth did he have this?

Curiosity took precedence, but now he was very angry with himself. Even if he asked a question, it seemed unlikely that Zeus would obediently inform him due to his nature.

Finding out the source of the item probably wasn’t that difficult for Mimir. He was wise enough to make the greatest contribution in creating the clockwork together with Odin.

“Mimir must have fallen asleep again by now.”

“… … okay.”

“I guess I’ll have to wait a hundred years to see you again.”

“That would be great.”

The answer was a little strange.

That would be great.

“Is there something wrong with Mimir?”

“My eyes were taken away.”

“… … Eyes?”

It wasn’t the first time I heard this story.

Son Goku comes from a future a little later than himself. I had heard through him that Mimir had lost one eye.

But there was no way the current Odin would know such a thing.

That’s right.

“Are you talking about the current Mimir?”

“From what you said, it looks like the same thing happened to the future guy.”

“At least not at this time. “I’m not even sure if it’s the same reason.”

Yuwon, who was speaking in a muttering manner, asked.

“So what is it? “The reason Mimir lost her eye.”

“They said they made a deal.”

“Deal? with whom?”

“With an unknown robin.”

“If it’s Robin… … .”

Yuwon’s face distorted.

Stupid chaos.

He made a deal with Mimir.

‘I thought I came early… … .’

I made a deal with foolish chaos and Yuwon.

In the end, they decided to join forces to deal with their common goal, Shub Nigguras.

Of course, the ones who were more desperate were the top rankers, including Yuwon. Even if the foolish chaos did not appear as is, there would be nothing strange about it.

From his point of view, it would be beneficial if the tower’s power was weakened even a little by Shub Nigguras.


‘If you made a deal with Mimir’s Eye… … ‘Are the calculations correct?’

What would have been the outcome if foolish chaos had not appeared then?

How many more people may have been killed and injured? Perhaps not only Valhalla but several more worlds would have been destroyed.

It was complicated.

Mimir sacrificed an eye to set the foolish chaos in motion in time.

“If I lost one eye… … “It might take a few hundred more years for him to wake up.”

Yuwon looked at Odin with pitiful eyes, as if he finally knew what Odin was worried about.


“It’s not one side.”

Odin said with a bigger bitter smile.

“It’s both ways.”

“both side?”

“Where on earth did they throw the other one away? “He came with both eyes closed.”

Mimir, who lost both eyes.

I heard that Mimir lost one eye in order to send Goku back to the past, but even that didn’t seem right to me.

‘Both sides…’ … .’

Did he really use both eyes in his deal with foolish chaos?

Or was the other eye used for something else?

‘I can’t wake him up and recognize him when he sleeps.’

Once Mimir falls asleep due to the curse of knowledge, no matter what he does, he cannot wake up. It was the same even if a knife was held to her throat or her body was thrown into the fire pit.

Mimir in his current state was literally as good as dead.

In the end, there was no way to know what Mimir used his eyes for.

“I’m going crazy.”

It seemed like they had at least hinted in advance, but judging by the situation, they didn’t even give a detailed explanation to Odin.

He’s smarter than me, so he wouldn’t have done anything pointless.

“In the end, there is no way to know how this came to pass.”

Yuwon muttered as if it was difficult.

But above Yuwon’s face.



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“What’s so funny?”

Strangely enough, there was laughter.

It was a brighter smile than ever. Every time, I only saw things like ridicule, ridicule, and laughter, but when I saw genuinely happy laughter, I was almost embarrassed for a moment.

“just… … .”


Yuwon looked down at the sword in his hand and answered appreciatively.

“It’s a bit reassuring.”

“Are you feeling safe?”

“I don’t know how they sent this, but I think I know why they sent it.”

Among the many items, the reason why he chose to send his sword.

There was no need to think that deeply.

After using Clockwork to return to the past.

Yuwon always thought he was fighting alone. He is struggling to change the past, he says, leaving behind those he left behind.

Fortunately, the burden seemed to have become lighter as Son Goku came back together, but even if the two of them had to carry a burden as heavy as Cheongeun, it would not have changed.



I felt like I knew something when I saw this sword.

‘We’re fighting together there too, is that it?’

The guys were still fighting.

In the distant future. As those who have experienced this fight first.

They did not give up on Yuwon and continued this fight.

‘I don’t accept gifts well.’

It was really well received.

The meaning of this gift. And also the item itself.

I was thinking that the black night sword would be too much for me, so I was looking for a new sword, but I thought it turned out well.

of course.

‘It’s been a while since I saw you.’

I had no intention of using the sword in this state.


* * *

Yuwon didn’t stay long.

The moment he grabbed the sword, Yuwon immediately started moving again.

Odin’s words asking why he was in such a hurry were of no use. Yuwon, who was carrying a sword, looked somewhat excited.


Odin, who left the mansion, raised his head and looked up.


A boat floating above the mansion and a clear sky.

Odin spoke upward, uncertain whether it was a ship or the sky.

“Didn’t you hear everything? you also.”

“… … .”

There was no answer.

Are you embarrassed, or are you just not thinking about it? He must have been quite embarrassed for being so irritated for no reason.

“The guy moved right away. “He deserves a day off.”


A thunderbolt that fell from a dry sky.

Zeus, who appeared behind Odin, asked in an annoyed tone.

“What do you mean?”

“Didn’t you hear it too? “That guy wouldn’t have wasted a year playing around.”

“… … .”

Yuwon talked about the future he experienced.

He knew that Zeus was listening to his voice. The mansion and room they were in was not soundproofed at all.

Nevertheless, Yuwon did not hide the existence of Clockwork and the fact that he came from the future.

He won’t stop.


“It is true that it has not changed.”

“It hasn’t changed, so it has changed. That’s why I’m looking forward to it.”

Odin’s thoughts were completely opposite to those of Zeus.

He actually had higher expectations when he saw Yuwon, who seemed to have not changed.

“I wonder what that impatient guy was trying to achieve by stopping in place. And whether he got it or not.”

* * *

“Selling pretty hair ties! “A pretty hair tie made of silk!”

“Check out our new products made from luxury silk material! “It doesn’t come every day!”

“I came all the way across the water from the upper floor-.”

A bustling market.

The 10th floor, the martial arts market was always like this. The work was so complex that there was no room to move, and people were buying and selling things over and over again.

On the outside, it is just a noisy and noisy market place.

It didn’t seem to be very developed like other upper level worlds.

However, contrary to appearances, the martial arts market was also famous for producing quite valuable items.


That was why.


This is why Hephaestus entered this world after the first floor.

“What kind of bastards are selling everything they sell is silk.”

“It’s the most popular item in the martial arts world, right? “It is silk that comes through the Heavenly Mountains.”

“If you follow trends, you will end up being the same as everyone else. “Foolish things.”

“Aren’t you setting too high a standard for them? “It may only seem that way to Hephaestus, but they are also living fiercely.”

A small blacksmith shop located in a corner of the market.

Hephaestus stopped by and looked inside the box containing miscellaneous equipment. This blacksmith shop was a place where Hephaestus, who had newly established himself in the martial world, often stopped by to obtain materials.

“These things are a total mess, too.”

“Don’t look at me so pitifully. Wasn’t it Hephaestus who told you to bring defective items? “There are a lot of good things in our store.”

As the blacksmith said, there was quite a lot of high-quality equipment in his blacksmith shop.

These are definitely too many items for players on the 10th floor to use. Some of them were items that even high-level players would covet.

However, the problem was that the products Hephaestus chose now were defective products that failed to be made.

“No matter how defective it is, it is an insult to iron.”

“… … Are you breaking the deal?”

“It looks like the points have rotted away. “Do whatever you want.”

“No, no! I’m sorry… … .”

A brief scuffle.

Hephaestus eventually paid the price and carried the box containing the broken items.

“But what on earth are you using all those broken items for?”

“I don’t know anything.”

“If you get the chance, just take a field trip later.”

Now that the business was done, there was no longer any reason to remain in the ugly blacksmith shop.

Hephaestus headed to his blacksmith shop, carrying a box full of iron swords, spears, and armor.

As a large man carrying a large box moved, the crowd of people parted to make way for him.

Let’s arrive at a place not too far away.



Hephaestus put down the box he was carrying on his shoulder and sat down on a chair placed nearby.

While I was massaging my stiff shoulder with one hand for a moment.

“… … “What are you doing?”

Hephaestus suddenly looked down the stairs of the blacksmith shop with narrowed eyes.

I spent quite a bit of time installing expensive formations and magic circles around the blacksmith shop just in case there were thieves.

It seemed like an outsider came in while I was out for a moment.


Hephaestus took the hammer he had placed aside in his hand.

If it doesn’t come out right away, it’s as if the entire blacksmith shop will be destroyed.

An unauthorized outsider appeared at the bottom of the stairs due to the bloody momentum.

“It’s me, uncle.”

Waving his hand, Yuwon walked up from the bottom of the stairs. I don’t know when it was the last time I saw her, but it was great to see her face after such a long time.

If you think about it, the first colleague Yuwon met after entering the tower was Hephaestus.

And that was the moment when Yuwon, who had been hiding under the stairs, appeared.


Anger welled up in Hephaestus’ eyes and his arm muscles swelled.


So Hephaestus threw the hammer in his hand at Yuwon’s face with all his might.




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