Leveling with the Gods Chapter 462

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Yuwon moved after Odin. For Pandora to live alone, the mansion was excessively large.

Did you say there was something surprising? But why is something like that here?

“It was Zeus who brought it. “It happened right after you disappeared.”

Is the destination getting closer? Odin began to open his mouth.

“Don’t you know? What kind of guy is Zeus? Do you really think he was sorry for what he did to her Pandora and gave her this mansion as a gift?”

Now that I think about it, it was like that.

What kind of guy is Zeus? He wouldn’t have done that to Pandora if he was going to feel sorry in the first place.

So why?

The thought didn’t last long.

“Was it something you were told to protect?”

“As expected, you have a good head.”

Answer in the affirmative.

Pandora was a high ranker with one of the greatest skills in Olympus. If we put aside his status and power, Ilshin’s strength might be similar to Hades’, or even slightly superior to that of Hades.

If you entrust something to Pandora, you can disguise it as an ordinary mansion, and on the other hand, you can have Pandora guard it.

“How important is it?”

“If you look at the item alone, it’s amazing, but not that surprising. “Because it’s worse than the Gungnir I have or the ring you have.”


“What matters is ‘where’ it came from.”


This time, it wasn’t easy for Yuwon to guess either. Numerous items passed through my mind, but none of them applied to what Odin was saying right now.

In the end, you have no choice but to check it with your own eyes.


The door to the basement of the mansion opened. When the door first opened, the first thing I felt was a scent that assaulted my nose.

‘Is it hallucinogenic?’

A hallucinogenic drug that disturbs your vision and affects your senses. And as if that hallucination wasn’t enough, magic circles that appeared to have been created by Odin were installed throughout the door.

“You did it noisily.”


Black light burst out from Uranus’ heart in Yuwon’s hand. Let the magic of the dark attribute separate the hallucinogenic incense and magic circle.


The inside was revealed.

“… … “It was built sturdy.”

Gray walls. It was all made of mithril, and this alone seemed to boast one of the strongest strengths among the towers.

It felt like I had crossed through a portal and entered another world.

“They say it was originally a prison that imprisoned Pandora.”

“So like this… … .”

Scratches all over the wall came into Yuwon’s field of vision.

It was a mark of scratching something with a fingernail. Looking at the marks on the fingernails, it looked like they had been tied to something.

Of course, for a high ranker of Pandora’s level, it would not have been a task to destroy a mithril wall this size.

That’s right.

‘It probably means that other measures were taken to prevent the use of force.’

At a glance, Yuwon’s eyes turned to Pandora, who was clinging to his back.

Less, rattling-.

Is it because of the location?

Even though Zeus was right in front of her, she was trembling as she rushed towards him, saying she would kill him.

It seemed true that he had been trapped here for quite some time.

‘You’re letting Pandora stay in a place like this… … .’

I don’t know if he came here knowing or not.

‘It’s still trash.’

Still, if you wonder if things have changed at all, Zeus clearly showed his trash-like side.

As long as it is for the purpose, it does not choose any means or method.

Of course, that was the most ‘Zeus-like’ thing Yuwon knew.

“If you feel uncomfortable, please leave for a moment.”


At those words, Pandora actually held Yuwon’s clothes tighter.

Does this mean you won’t miss it?

“I’m not going anywhere. Are you going to head out again after you finish your business? … .”

“If you go in, you can’t come out.”

This was something that came from quite an experience. In reality, Pandora may have been trapped here for thousands of years.

So my current concerns were not strange.


“There is nothing to worry about.”

Yuwon shook his head and let go of his hand.

“Because I’m stronger than you, and there’s someone stronger next to me.”

With the words ‘stronger guy’, Yuwon pointed to Odin.

Pandora thought for a moment and nodded. Just when I thought Pandora would fall, she actually took one step further into her room.




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Odin is slightly impressed by Pandora’s actions.

“Of course, things these days are bold.”

“What do you mean by that old man?”

“I may be old, but that’s not what I say.”

A brief commotion that passed like that.

Yuwon eventually entered the room with Pandora.

A fairly spacious room, about 40 pyeong (approximately 40 pyeong).

And a sword floating in the middle of it.

Since the only thing in the room was that sword, it wasn’t difficult to figure out what the ‘item’ Odin was talking about was.

“Is that it?”

It was a sword that looked somewhat familiar.

It was a long black sword with a handle that was shaped like a round half moon. There was a sword sheath floating next to it, but it didn’t look that unusual.

It was a design mainly used by Hephaestus.

“Do you want to know what it is?”

“I guess Uncle Hephaestus made it.”

Could it be something sent by Hephaestus?

If that was the case, it was definitely a valuable item. Hephaestus put a lot of effort into making each item, and each item he made was considered a treasure.


“I’m sorry uncle, but I don’t think it’s something worth causing such a fuss about.”

“Look closely. “You’re the only one who can recognize that.”

“It’s only me… … ?”

When I asked for further explanation with my eyes, Odin shrugged his shoulders.

The response seemed to be to see it in person rather than hear it in words.

‘Certainly, it would be better to see it for yourself than to hear it and wear colored glasses.’

I don’t know why Odin was surprised to see that.

As swords are expensive, it will be much easier to figure out the identity of the item if you hold it once.

Jeopuk, Jeopuk-.

Like that, Yuwon walked towards the sword.

As if she didn’t want to miss out, Pandora continued to follow Yuwon.

“Just be patient.”


Odin blocked his path with his arm.

It means you can’t pass by.

Even if there was only one arm blocking the path, there was nothing that could not be passed. But that was only the beginning.

Pandora knew. What is the gap between myself and Odin in front of me?

If you try to cross the line created by your arms, Odin will overpower you in an instant.


In the end, she had to watch Yuwon’s back as he walked away, biting her lip.

Yuwon had already reached the center of the room where the sword was floating.

There was no significant difference in appearance whether viewed from afar or up close. There was no way I could see something that I couldn’t see at this distance difference.

However, I am confident.

‘As expected, it looks familiar.’

This item was one he knew. However, there are many other items with similar designs from the same manufacturer.

However, even if the item was already known, it was not enough of a reason for Odin to bring him there in such a hurry.

‘Still, you can check the status of the item… … .’

The moment Yuwon stretched out his hand and held the sword in his hand.

[name : ?]

# This is a sword that Hephaestus carved out of his own hammer and bone. It contains nutrients from another world.

# ?

# ? ? ?

# ? —

The explanation seems to be very broken somewhere.

But that alone was enough to understand this item.

‘Why is this… … .’

“… … Here?”

The words I was saying in my mind flowed out of my mouth without even realizing it. I could see why Odin was so sure he would be surprised.

This was something that could never be here.

“Is this something you know?”

After giving him a moment, Odin approached Yuwon.

It seems that he only knows half of this item.

“I have no choice but to know.”


Yuwon responded to the familiar feeling in his hand.

“Because that’s what I used.”


Hephaestus mostly liked giving simple names to the items he created.

Most of his masterpieces, such as Thunderbolt and Sun Chariot, were given intuitive names based on their appearance or the abilities of the items.

The name of the sword is Igyegeom (異界劍).

A long time ago, it was an item that Hephaestus made by carving his own hammer.

“It was the end of the fight. “Let alone eating and drinking, even the weapons I wield are worn out from fighting every day.”

The fighting was poor.

All blacksmith shops where equipment could be repaired had disappeared, and the only way to obtain materials to make items was by gathering stars in the sky.

Even if Hephaestus was the best blacksmith, he could not create materials that did not exist.

“Son Wukong’s club was broken in half, and Hercules’ club was the same. The tip of the Gungnir you used was also very worn.”

“fairly… … “It must have been very difficult.”

“it’s tough?”

It’s similar, but the expressions are different.

The fight they went through cannot be fully explained in words.

“Probably no one was sure that he would survive that fight tomorrow. “It would be the same even if it were right now instead of tomorrow.”

I slept on the same pillow as Death, and I didn’t think it was anything special if a colleague I greeted with a smile yesterday disappeared today.

Because it was something everyone was prepared for anyway.

“… … “This is my first time hearing this.”

It was Odin’s first time hearing such a story from Yuwon.

A future where Son Goku’s sword is broken and there is no weapon to wield, let alone food to eat.

Yuwon asked Odin, who looked surprised.

“Why are you surprised? “What do you think the future is?”

“I didn’t think it would be that beautiful. “Ever since I saw that goat on the first floor.”

Odin nodded with a sigh and looked up at the empty ceiling, not confident enough to face Yuwon.

“I thought you came here carrying a lot of things. So deep down, I felt sorry for the other guys who left everything to you… … .”

“Compared to the guys left there, I’m just a flower garden right now.”

There wasn’t a single empty word in Yuwon’s answer.

Indeed, the years he returned to the past felt like a field of flowers. Even though he was fighting for his life, he was able to taste warm water and rich food at the end, so compared to the future, this place was no different from heaven.

So it was.

“Now I know why you were so busy.”

The reason why Yuwon scolded himself even more.

“Are you feeling sorry for the guys who were left there?”


Yuwon was silent as he looked down at the sword in his hand.

I didn’t deny it. Sometimes silence is a bigger answer than any nod or voice.

For the first time since meeting Yuwon, Odin felt sorry for him.

Somehow, even though his whole body was broken while running, he never once said it was difficult.

No matter how out of breath it felt like his lungs were going to burst, the reason he couldn’t say it was hard was because of his comrades who were fighting in hell, supporting the path he was running on.

“… … “This was a sword that the man made by sharpening his own hammer.”

Yuwon raised his sword and changed the subject.

“He had no other hammer, so he used his own hand as a hammer.”

The explanation given by the system was a mess, but it was clear the moment I held it in my hand.

An item that can never exist in this world.

Therefore, it is clear ‘where’ this came from.

“How did this come from the future?”


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