Leveling with the Gods Chapter 457

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* * *

Tathagata’s time has stopped.

In it, the Tathagata had to hear the sound of giggling.

-Did you hear? uh? Puha, puhahaha!

Son Goku’s loud applause became an echo in the Tathagata’s mind. With a pounding headache, the Tathagata wanted to crush Son Goku’s skull hidden in the long orphan with his hands right away.

But even for a moment.

‘Let’s resolve this situation first.’

The Tathagata again focused on the situation in front of him.


The Tathagata slowly raises his body with one hand on his knee.

In the mind of the Tathagata, Son Goku grumbled again.

-Didn’t you hear it earlier? They say you should come out and see me instead.

-It’s noisy, youkai.

-Anyway, do you think he did that just to provoke me? There’s a reason for everything… … .

I couldn’t hear anything after that.

The sound was not blocked. He deliberately paid attention so as not to be bothered by Son Goku’s words anymore.

In this way, the Tathagata’s fingertips turned towards Yuwon again.

“You seem disappointed in me.”

“There is nothing to be disappointed about. “I’m not a pervert who enjoys fighting strong guys like the guy in your head.”

“Then what is it?”

“I was so nervous that I was in vain.”

“I’m sorry. “Because it didn’t live up to expectations.”

“There’s nothing to be sorry about. “Actually, in my heart, I wish I could just pass by without knowing.”

I can’t believe I passed by without knowing.

What on earth does that mean?

I wasn’t paying much attention, but I suddenly felt Son Goku close his mouth. It seems that Yuwon and Son Goku were thinking the same thing.

“… … “You’re hiding something.”


The corners of Yuwon’s mouth rose slightly.

It was an unpleasant laugh. The Tathagata’s eyebrows twitched slightly and his hand moved.

“Don’t be too proud just because your move worked.”



Arms stretched around the Tathagata one by one.

It has more arms than Asura, who was called a three-headed, six-legged monster. They grew one by one, creating a total of one hundred and eight arms.


At the same time, the lotus flowers bloom again.

“I guess you still don’t know.”

Paget, pagetjiji-.

In Yuwon’s hand, a spear of lightning was created again.

“The lines you are spitting out right now are all what the villains who have left in front of me have said.”


Yuwon’s eyes burned. In front of the Tathagata with many arms and the lotus flowers blooming around him, Yuwon brought lightning and darkness.

Hwareuk, Hwareuk-.

Stop it!

Black lightning engulfs the temple hall.


Yuwon jumped into the lotus flower.

* * *

Kwa-rung, kwa-uung-!


The fight between Yuwon and Tathagata became longer.

The arms that appeared around him were cut off one by one by Yuwon’s sword. More than half of the hundred-eight arms had already been cut off, and now there were only a little more than fifty.

‘One by one, step by step.’


The sword, engulfed in black electricity, instantly destroyed another arm.

Against Yuwon, who swings his sword without stopping, the Tathagata’s arms sharply bring his hands together.

[Dragon Fighting Skill]

Claws resembling those of a dragon were targeting Yuwon’s heart, head, and other five organs at the same time.

He raised Yuwon’s sword and took the stance of both sides. Purple flames bloom from behind, forming a gigantic shape.

[‘Seonghwa’ dwells in ‘Cheonmaryeong’.]

The giant’s figure followed Yuwon and swung his sword. The tip of the huge sword crossed the temple hall and crushed Yongjogong.


Blah, blah-.

The walls of the temple were gradually cracking.

The Tathagata, who had lost all his arms before he knew it, began to stumble.

‘why… … .’



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Why is it being pushed back this far?

A Tathagata with a confused face. As he approached the Tathagata, Yuwon raised his head to the ceiling.


The temple slowly shook.

When what he suspected turned out to be true, Yoo Won was finally able to have confidence in this fight.

“I guess you don’t have time to worry about the outside world?”


The shaking of the temple’s ceiling became stronger. The space, which had only slightly cracked due to the fight between Yuwon and Tathagata, was slowly becoming disorganized.

Like Yuwon, the Tathagata is looking up at the ceiling.

Yuwon asked, as if he knew the Tathagata’s actions without even seeing them.

“Why are you anxious?”

“… … what?”

“I’m afraid this temple will collapse. So I’m afraid your finances will be ruined.”

After saying that, Yuwon pointed to the ceiling with his fingertip and asked.

“Then here’s the problem. “Where is King Uma, who came with me, and what is he doing now?”

I felt the Tathagata’s pupils shaking.

And right after that.



The ceiling of the temple, which seemed to never break, collapsed, and King Uma, wielding a sword, entered the temple.


The temple shook as King Uma landed. The temple hall had a hole in one place, and even the walls and floor were cracked, giving the feeling that the spacious hall was full.

The presence of King Uma filled the temple.

“It took you a long time.”

I was successful in the end, but it took longer than expected.

If Tathagata had been a little more familiar with Son Goku’s body, the opponent would have had a bit of trouble.

“It was much stronger than I thought. Still, wasn’t this successful?”

“It’s thanks to the good work done inside.”

Yuwon and Umawang looked at each other and smiled.

-Let me ask you a favor.

-A favor?

-Brother, don’t come in, stay here.

-What do you mean?

At first, King Uma was enraged by Yuwon’s request.

We should go in together to defeat Tathagata and save Son Goku, but we can’t just stay outside.

-I’m not saying don’t do anything. Brother, please destroy the temple.

-The temple?

– Isn’t it strange? Every other place was destroyed, so why is this place so intact?

-That’s it… … .

-And why is that guy still sitting here?

King Uma’s eyes sparkled.

Only then did King Uma realize what Yuwon was thinking.

-If this shrine is related to Gingoa… … .

-There are plenty of possibilities. If you look at this guy guarding this temple and not being able to come out of it.

-But why me and not you?

-Isn’t your brother’s destructive power much better? Smash it to your heart’s content.

The power of King Uma is comparable to that of Hercules.

If he makes up his mind and destroys it, there will probably be nothing in the world he can’t destroy.

-… … I get it. If that’s the case.

So King Uma remained outside and destroyed the temple.

It may have been harder than I thought, and it took quite some time, but the result was as expected.


The Tathagata held his head.

It was the same action as Son Goku, who first covered his head to prevent his body from being taken over by the Tathagata.

“From the beginning… … “Was the target a Buddhist temple?”

My head hurt like it was going to explode. Son Goku’s voice grew louder, and Yuwon walked towards him.

The tip of the sword was pointed at the Tathagata’s head. To be precise, it was aimed at Son Goku’s ‘Gingoa’, which is placed on the Tathagata’s head.

“If you had made Goku’s spirit yours in the first place, there would be no reason for him to remain here any longer. “At most, he would have had no reason to disperse his magic and protect the temple.”

In some ways, it was just a simple prediction.

But as simple as it was, it was effective.

“In these cases, nine times out of ten, no, ninety-nine times out of a hundred, things become easier if you first destroy what you are protecting. “It’s still the same now.”

Yuwon, who was aiming his sword at Gingoa, looked around the cracked interior of the temple.

“It looks like you haven’t sealed all of Goku yet, right? “For that, I had to stay in this place longer.”

“I heard he’s a guy with extraordinary brains… … “It was as you said.”

Unbecoming of the situation, the Tathagata smiled haha.

I thought I had a lot of regrets about life, but I can’t believe I’m so relaxed.

“Why are you doing this? “Did you think I would beg for my life at the end?”


“This was just my arrangement for reincarnation. If you were truly afraid of death, you wouldn’t have reached nirvana… … .”


The Tathagata’s words could not all continue.

The pain in my head became increasingly stronger, and the pain from the headache began to spread throughout my body.


And with him.

-hey! What are you doing! Quickly cut this bastard down, man!

Even Son Goku’s voice, which he had not been conscious of, penetrated his mind.

The Tathagata’s consciousness, which had been sleeping in the long orphan, took over Son Goku’s body, and Son Goku’s consciousness, in turn, was trapped in the long orphan.

If we had had a little more time, we would have been able to completely seal Goku’s consciousness.

Now, we are in a situation where we have to deal not only with Yuwon and King Uma, but also with Son Goku, who has started running rampant in his head.

“Not yet-.”


Could it be that Son Goku’s voice, speaking from the orphanage, reached him?


Yuwon’s sword, which was pointed at Gingoa, accurately cut down the Gingoa that was covering the Tathagata’s head.

“… … “That was my intention.”

* * *

Tweet, Tweet-.

The pleasant sound of birds tickled my ears. When I opened my eyes blurry, the sunlight stung my eyes.

Son Goku came to his senses and woke up. Yuwon was standing in front of Son Goku, and King Uma was standing behind him.

As if standing guard.


Yuwon, who was standing with his sword drawn, put it back into its sheath.

Son Goku looked up at Yuwon with eyes asking what was happening.

“Looking at how blurry your eyes are, I guess you’re back.”

“… … “Let’s fight?”

“I am even more certain after seeing the way he spoke to the benefactor who saved him.”

Suddenly, tendons sprouted on Son Goku’s forehead. The corner of Yuwon’s mouth curled up as he became more confident in Son Goku’s reaction.

King Uma, who was planning to swing his sword from behind, also put away his weapon and came back in front of Son Goku.

“Is it okay?”

“I’m fine-.”

“I’m sure you’re fine, seeing as you were sleeping well.”

The answer to King Uma’s question came from Yuwon.

Then, Son Goku glared at Yuwon. The look in their eyes was as if they were saying something to someone who had just woken up from fainting.

“I had fainted.”

“It looked like he was sleeping.”

“I fainted-.”

“You even snore.”

“… … “You really need to fight with me.”

“In that case, I won earlier. You know that?”

“Aaaah! “Get pissed!”

I couldn’t win with words. In fights, Goku always won, but he never won in words.

But this time, Yuwon won, even if it was only halfway, so I couldn’t help but feel even more frustrated.

Moreover, it was true that he regained his body thanks to Yuwon.

‘Still, I’m glad.’

Yuwon looked at Son Goku, who was screaming and rolling around on the floor.

‘Tathagata, arrive before that guy can completely control this guy’s body.’

Creepy, creepy-.

Why on earth does even rolling around on the floor and getting annoyed send shivers down my spine?

-He was weaker than me at the time, but he probably would have been stronger than me if he were 100 years old. The talent he had as a youkai was that great.

I was curious again.

What is the extent of Son Goku who has been freed from the seal of Gingoa, who was suppressing the power of the monster that the Demon King saw?

‘I should know in advance.’

In order to make future plans, we had to understand Son Goku’s power.

“Are you that upset?”

At Yuwon’s question, Son Goku, who was rolling around on the floor, suddenly stopped glowing.

As he had known Yuwon for a long time, he was anticipating Yuwon’s next question in advance.

“Then it’s been a while since we had a fight.”


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