Leveling with the Gods Chapter 454

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There was no eye contact.

It was natural.

Since we couldn’t see, there was no way we would encounter each other. More than anything else, this was not real reality, but just a moment in the future seen through foresight.

But why?

Jerk, Jerk-.

Yuwon bit his lip as a presence pressed down on his body. Now, it had surpassed the power of Ye Jian and was looking directly at Yu Wen.

-Don’t go through this door anymore.


The world seen through Foresight was distorted.

Some force has intervened and is distracting the vision Yuwon is seeing.

-If you come again, I won’t let you go so easily.

He kicked Yuwon out as if this was his space.

Yuwon thought about resisting, but soon gave up. It was a pity that I couldn’t look inside, but that didn’t mean there was no income.

No, rather.

‘Thank you.’

I thought it was a good thing that he took the initiative and gave it to me.

‘Thanks to you, I was able to find out what was behind that guy.’

Beyond Iljumun, which is blocked by Buddha.


I could faintly hear Son Goku’s scream.

* * *


In an instant, the world changed.

The scenery seen through both eyes. The flow of air and temperature surrounding the body.

Everything has changed.

The effect of the foresight disappeared.

“What did you see?”

This was the question of King Uma, who noticed that Yuwon had used Yejian.

Yuwon, who had been sitting blankly for a moment, stood up.

“I have to go right away.”


“To the mountain where that guy is.”

Hwareuk, Hwareuk!

Above the building where the two were having their meal, the sun chariot spouted flames again and prepared to start.

“… … ?”

Although King Uma wondered what was going on, he followed Yuwon onto the sun carriage.

The sun chariot started in an instant and immediately began moving at high speed. Even though Uma King didn’t really know the situation, he immediately pointed the direction with his finger.

“It’s over there.”

“I’ll go right away, then. “Be careful not to fall.”

“I’m done worrying, so talk to me now. “Why are you suddenly trying to move so quickly?”

Yuwon responded to King Uma’s urging without turning off the light of the sun chariot.

“It wasn’t a monster or anything.”


“There is something behind it. “Someone with a bald head and bronze skin.”

“Did you see it with those eyes?”


He intervened in Yejian and prevented Yuwon from seeing Son Goku.

Right now, it’s just a guess with poor basis.

“This guy is trying to take over Goku’s body.”

“Your body?”


Even Yuwon had no idea who he was.

However, I expected it to be an ancient high ranker from a long time ago whose ranking has now disappeared.

The reason he could only guess that much was because Yuwon could not think of a high-ranker who could make Son Goku like that.

‘If he is a high ranker that old, and if he is dead now.’

There is only one reason I can think of as to why this guy is targeting Son Goku.

‘Are you dreaming of resurrection?’

Yuwon glanced down at the back of his hand.

A ring on the right hand. The moment he discovered it, a thought crossed his mind.

‘… … There’s no harm in checking.’


Light flowed from the ring on my right hand.

Light flowing in gold, black, and blue enveloped Yuwon. For an instant, Yuwon’s spirit was sucked into the heart of Ouranos, along with a feeling as if his body was floating.


The first thing that greeted Yuwon was the sound of a teacup being put down.

A man sitting leisurely in a chair alone, with everything around him being pure white.

He was Uranus, the owner of the ring Yuwon wore.



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“You must be quite bored.”

“Well, what else can I do here? “Except for drinking tea that doesn’t even exist while reminding me of the taste of tea I drank a long time ago.”

This was a space that did not physically exist. It was a virtual world artificially created by the spirit of Uranus residing in the ring.

Of course, the tea he is drinking also does not exist. Uranus had been spending time like this boredly for a long time.


Yuwon walked in front of Uranus and sat down opposite him.

“You know why I came here, right?”

Uranus nodded.

In this extremely boring place, his only pleasure was observing the life of the amusement park activities outside.

“Do you want to ask about Shakya Tathagata?”

“Is that guy’s name Sakyamuni Buddha?”

“It’s probably not his real name. “It’s just called that.”

“How do you know him?”

“Because he was a ranker active in my era.”

The Age of Ouranos.

He was a ranker of a higher generation than the living ancient high rankers, King Uma and Odin. Naturally, for Yuwon, who became the latest ranker among the existing rankers, he was truly a distant figure.

But the person called Shakya Tathagata was a ranker of the same era as Uranus.

‘Then how many years has it been?’

I thought that maybe it was no different from Uranus being here.


He split his heart into three and left them to the world.

Shakyamuni Buddha was not much different. He dreamed of resurrection through Son Goku.

“Uma King, it looks like that kid was properly captured by Tathagata. “I have remembered until now that Subhuti Patriarch revealed the location of the heavenly axis.”

Uranus laughs as if it’s fun.

“What kind of person is Tathagata?”

“A just guy.”


“okay. They love and respect humans very much. “I don’t easily kill even small creatures like ants or grass if I don’t need to.”

Yuwon’s eyebrows twitched at Uranus’ explanation.

It was a very different explanation from the atmosphere of Shakyamuni Buddha that I had just seen with my foresight. Moreover, he was even planning to use Gingora to steal Son Goku’s body.

I can’t believe that Shakyamuni Buddha has such a benevolent nature.

“Oh, and again.”

But sure enough.

“That guy really hates youkai. Just hearing the word makes you grind your teeth.”


“I don’t know how it is now, but back in my day, youkai were monsters that killed and ate humans carelessly. “They are the only type of people that Shakya Tathagata detests.”

Yuwon finally understood the explanation and nodded.

For that reason, it was understandable that he wanted to take away Son Goku’s body.

You wouldn’t feel guilty even if you stole the body of a monster that you would have killed anyway.

“What should I pay attention to when fighting?”

“well. I don’t know how my story will help you. “I don’t know much about that guy, and he died anyway and is now in Jecheon Daeseong’s body.”

“It’s okay to be approximate. “Tell me anything.”

“Anything… … .”

Uranus played with his teacup in silence for a moment, as if recalling something from a long time ago.

So a few minutes.

Uranus, who had been thinking about Buddha for a moment, opened his mouth.

“Do you know the Shaolin Temple of the martial world?”

“Shaolin Temple?”

There was no way I didn’t know.

The 10th floor exam involves passing the exams of each martial arts sect. Each player tried hard to learn martial arts that would be of some help to them.

And Shaolin Temple was one of the best-known sects in the martial arts world along with the Namgung family. Among the sects commonly referred to as the nine factions, the Shaolin Temple was considered the best.

“The martial arts of Shaolin Temple were ultimately derived from Shakyamuni Buddha. “Maybe that guy called Jangmun-in is just a child’s play compared to Tathagata, but the framework is probably similar.”

“Shaolin Temple… … .”

The martial arts of the Shaolin Temple came into Yuwon’s mind.

They fought using fists and poles and had the knack of subduing Cheongeun with the power of one muscle.

I wanted to go to the Shaolin Temple right now and study their martial arts skills and come up with a solution, but it was difficult to do so.

Because there wasn’t much time.

“Thank you.”

“Thank you.”

Uranus waved his hand as if to say, “Let’s go now,” and before he knew it, he was holding a teacup filled with warm tea again.

Yuwon had roughly gotten all the information he could get at this point, nodded and left.


After slowly savoring a sip of tea, Uranus’ gaze turned upward.

“I’m curious.”

Up there.

Yuwon came to his senses and was seen heading towards the mountain where the Tathagata was located in the distance.

“The Jecheon Daeseong that uses the techniques of the Tathagata.”

* * *

When I came to my senses, the sun chariot was already getting closer to its destination.

King Uma was standing at the front of the sun chariot. Even though the wind was blowing quite hard, he looked at the mountain without blinking.

“Are you awake?”

In response to King Uma’s question without even turning his head, Yuwon nodded and walked towards him.

The speed of the sun chariot gradually decreased. Since we were close to our destination, there was no need to rush.

Yuwon looked at the mountain where Son Goku was.

The first impression was quite amazing.

‘That’s big.’

The mountain was high. Better than any mountain Yuwon knows.

The mountain was so huge that I could look up at it for a long time even while riding the sun chariot, which was flying higher than the clouds.

‘I never thought Mt. Heaven would feel so small.’

The largest mountain Yuwon had ever seen was Cheonsan Mountain, where the Heavenly Demon God Church is located.

The Tianshan Mountains, a huge mountain range over 5 kilometers above sea level and over 2,500 kilometers from east to west, were so huge that they could not be captured with just one eye.

But what can I say about the mountain in front of me now?

Even the heavenly mountain had a size and intimidation that made one feel like a child.

“Are you surprised?”

“A little bit.”

“I was surprised too. No matter how big this tower is, I never thought there would be a mountain this big… … .”


King Uma’s words could not continue.

This was because Yuwon jumped under the sun chariot in a hurry to find the temple.

“He’s just like Goku in terms of his impatient personality.”

Or does that mean that one o’clock is urgent?

King Uma followed Yuwon and jumped down. The sun chariot, which had lost its flame, remained floating in the sky, no longer moving, with only a slight amount of residual heat remaining.

Just like that, Yuwon and Umawang jumped down the mountain and arrived at a halfway point on the mountain.


Yuwon and King Uma finally arrive at the mountain.

It was King Uma who knew the way.

“Follow me.”

With those words, Uma King began to walk ahead. It seemed like he was walking leisurely, but he was walking so fast that it seemed like he could easily take ten or twenty steps at a time.

While following King Uma, Yuwon discovered a familiar scene.

‘The road looks familiar.’

My own steps following in the footsteps of King Uma.

And when you reach the end.

‘… … Was it now?’

A signboard with the name of the temple was waiting, along with a main gate leading into the temple.

And that was then.


A huge presence guarding the entrance to the temple.

A faceless Buddha appeared guarding the main gate.

– Gear is here… … .

At the same time.


Yu-won, who knew this would happen, pulled out his sword and swung it without hesitation.


The temple’s plaque along with the image of Buddha were cut down. The main gate was cut into hundreds of pieces with a loud sound and fell down.

Boom, coo googung-.

Watching Iljumun fall like that.

“Come out quickly.”

As if there was no time, Yuwon aimed the tip of his sword at the inside of the temple.



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