Legendary Hero is an Academy Honors Student Chapter 648

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evening when the sun sets.

All students were gathering at the Erek parade grounds and holding an entrance ceremony.

Current students sat in prepared seats on the outskirts of the Erek Parade Ground according to grade level.

In the middle of the Erek parade ground, 500 new students were lined up by region.

All of the current students were there during their freshman year.

That’s why everyone felt strangely emotional during the entrance ceremony.

It was definitely like that… … .

“What on earth did you do that all the freshmen are so discouraged?”

3rd grade seats.

Chelsea spoke reproachfully from the magic students’ seat.

“My only crime is working hard.”

“You don’t have to do it to the extent you can. “What if I kill all the kids?”

Chelsea crossed her arms and narrowed her eyes.

Usually, on the day of the entrance ceremony, the eyes of Lumern new students sparkle.

‘It feels like I have the world.’

Just being admitted to the Hero Military Academy, which can be said to be the best educational institution in the world, was something to be proud of.

dreams and hopes.

New students should be filled with expectations for their future school life.

The faces of those new students were all covered in darkness.

Karl, the person who created this atmosphere, looked aggrieved.

“What happened?”

Chloe also asked with a puzzled look.

“I just thoroughly laid a trap and deceived the first-year students. “As I prepared for the freshman entrance exam, I roughly had the profiles of 500 people in my head.”

Carl took out a potion bottle from his pocket and shook it gently.

“Change potion. “It’s a potion that allows you to become the person you want for a short period of time.”

“That’s the party toy you made, right?”

“It’s a toy.”

Carl smiled triumphantly.

Because it lasted for a short time, it was literally a surprise potion made for parties.

“I tried slightly extending the transformation time. And while disguised, I hid among the first graders. And it caused confusion among the kids.”

The effect was clear.

We don’t know each other very well.

And it is a strategy that can be carried out because there is a strong perception that they are competitors.

“Later, I deliberately transformed and approached him even though the person in charge was there.”

“You didn’t get caught?”

“Heh. “I do politics.”

Knowing the entire first grade well became my strength.

It wasn’t that difficult for Carl to turn an immature real thing into a fake.

“It’s a little shameful.”

“There are 500 people coming at me to catch me, so I have to kill them.”

Carl shrugged his shoulders.

Divided and even fighting with each other, the first year students literally destroyed themselves.

It was natural for me to feel intimidated since I had been thoroughly manipulated by just one person.

Moreover, to be blunt, the only time Carl fought properly was in the first battle.

It’s literally like being fooled by one person.

Chelsea shook her head.

“I think you should change your tinnitus.”

“With what?”

“To the king of tricks.”

“Doesn’t that appeal to you more than the grandiose title of ‘Preparing to Begin’?”

Chelsea giggled as she looked at Carl, who was smirking.

“It must have been a lot of studying for first graders.”

Abad said with his signature gentle smile.

Power isn’t everything.

Although this is an extremely obvious statement, it is a difficult fact for first graders to learn.

Since I learned this painfully through Karl, it could be said to be a valuable experience for first-year students.

No one was worried about hitting a wall and becoming frustrated.

‘If you can’t overcome that level, you’re not a Lumerun student.’

This was a common thought among current students.

-There will be a freshman representative speech. Freshman representative Perena Hergin. from now on.

At the sound of the student’s name being called, the eyes of the third graders all turned to Eliza, who was sitting at the very front of the Summoning Department seat.

Eliza sat down and trimmed her nails as if she had no interest in the entrance ceremony. She spread out her trimmed fingers and said,

“Why are you looking at me like that?”

Eliza blew on her nails and looked at her classmates with sad eyes.

Jureden, a 3rd class member of the Summoning Department who was sitting next to him, asked.

“Did your younger brother enter school this year?”




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“Is he as mean-spirited as you?”




“You’re asking this completely out loud!”

Sounds of laughter could be heard from all over the place.

Of course, in the case of Chelsea and Illyana, they held their stomachs and laughed openly.

“You mean you want to die?”

Eliza got up and cracked the whip! It was time to pull.

-3rd year. All the people who were laughing and talking just now, put your heads on the parade ground.

Halind’s cold voice was heard.

At those words, the third graders went down to the parade ground with tears in their eyes and bowed down on their heads.

Everyone’s resentful gaze was directed at Jureden, who had said something meaningless.

“No, I was just asking.”

Jureden looked aggrieved.

A truly tragic scene unfolded where many third graders were punished.

There was no student who quietly left out.

As long as it was Halind who punished him, he pretended not to do it, but the moment he was caught, real hell literally unfolded.

“Pathetic things.”

Celia opened her mouth as if she agreed with Duran’s muttering.

“Anyway, there is no such thing as tension.”

After such a small uproar.

Perena came up to the podium.

– Respected professors and seniors of Lumern. We would like to express our sincere gratitude for welcoming our new students… … .

Perena shyly read the speech with a somewhat reserved expression.

-… … Freshman representative, Perena Hergin.

Eventually, when Perena finished his speech and was about to leave the podium, the host spoke.

– Student Perena. Do you have anything to say on behalf of your representative?

Perena, who had paused at those words, smiled shyly and said.

-I will become a student who works hard and does my best.

After saying those words, he quickly walked down the podium as if he was embarrassed.

Chloe muttered as she looked at that scene.

“Eliza’s younger brother is quiet. It’s surprising. Carl, how was your test earlier?”

“… … .”

Carl thought of Perena.

It reminds me of him fighting for life and death in a bloody manner.

‘You’re such a prude.’

“Well, just looking at her, she’s a lady from a noble family… … “I’m not naive enough to enroll in Rumern.”

Carl shrugged his shoulders.

If the other person is hiding their true nature from the public, there is no reason to brag about it.

‘If I do well, I can use it later.’

-This concludes the entrance ceremony. From now on, please follow your grade teacher to the dormitory. more.


“Professor Artian!”

“and! “Our leading teacher was a professor!”

The third graders greeted Artian with happy expressions.

“Everyone, did you enjoy your vacation?”

Artian welcomed the third graders with a smile like the warm sunlight of a spring day.

Artiran was one of the most popular teachers in Rumern.

He is a professor who is known for being benevolent, kind, and giving good grades.

Of course, while he was a popular teacher, he was also an object of fear.

Of course, it was because of the heroic spirits that possessed her if she did not listen to their instructions.

Never disobey the Western Wall, the Mace of Punishment, Halind, or Artian.

It was a story that had already become common knowledge in Lumern.

“Me this time! “I ended up teaching a 3rd grade class!”

“yes? “Class?”

The third graders, who were well aware of Artian’s fear, froze for an instant.

Artian’s closed eyes turned cruel in an instant when he saw those third graders.

“yes? Are you dissatisfied?”

“and! exciting!”

“haha! So good!”

The third graders shouted in joy at Artian’s bloody eyes.

“everyone… … “I can’t believe I’m so happy.”

Sreuk- Artian, whose eyes were closed again, looked moved.

The third-year students headed to the dormitory under Artian’s guidance, not knowing whether to laugh or cry.

“by the way. What kind of dorm will I be staying in this time?”

Last year, third-year students lived in three dormitories.

Rather than being divided into traditional classes, students took classes in each dormitory, and each dormitory competed with each other.

“Are you going to do that again this time?”

“Class monitor! me! me! “Elect me again this time!”

Illyana stood next to Leo dragging her suitcase and pointed at herself.

“hmm. Leo, do you know anything about knives?”

Leo shook his head in response to Chloe’s question.

“Not even the student council knows anything about the dormitories.”

“hmm. For second year students, are you going to implement a mentor system like last year? “It wasn’t bad.”

“It was like that.”

It was a time when third-year students put their heads together and thought about the dormitory system and department system.

“everyone. See it over there? “That’s the new dormitory building!”

The place Artian pointed to was a huge clock tower building.

“Is that road used by the entire third grade?”

“oh my god! “It’s so luxurious!”

Cheers erupted from the third graders.

Artian said while looking at the third graders.

“This time, we decided to use dormitories for each department. So, there are a total of three dormitories.”

“iced coffee. So the shape of the building is a triangle?”

“I guess the towers at the end are dormitory buildings?”

“Are the rest all internal facilities? “It’s awesome.”

The third graders burst out in exclamation.

“Professor Tina was in charge of designing the dormitory building.”

Elf Professor Tina Tingel, who came as a visiting professor in the Department of Magic last year, became a full-time professor starting this year.

“Professor Tina, who has a keen experimental spirit, was in charge of the design? “Is this already making you anxious?”

Carl muttered with an anxious face when he heard that Tina was in charge of designing the building.

“professor! I have questions.”

“Yes, Chelsea student.”

“Leo, which department dormitory building will you be using?”

The entire third grade class looked curious at that question.

Which dorm does Leo, who is in this class, go to?

Because this was clearly controversial.

“After a faculty meeting, it was decided that Leo would be provided with a separate dormitory room as an independent student.”

It was special treatment, but it was understandable.

This was because Leo was treated specially in Rumern and no one could express dissatisfaction or question.

“what? Class monitor. “Are you a loner?”

“I see.”

Illyana giggled as she looked at Leo.

“I’ll go out often.”

Illyana gives a thumbs up! I lifted it up.

“Okay then, everyone. “I’ll give you the dorm room key.”

Artian called the students by name and handed out keys.

The third graders who received the keys looked puzzled.

“Everyone, try turning the key in the air.”

At those words, the students turned the key without hesitation.

That moment.


Leo let out an exclamation.

Before we knew it, Leo was in a spacious room.

A room so large you wouldn’t think it was a dorm room.

Leo, who was looking around and exclaiming in exclamation, went out to what was expected to be a terrace.



A strong wind blows.

Not only the panoramic view of Lumern, but also Lumeria Lake and Lumeria City were visible at a glance.

“The top of the clock tower.”

Leo came inside, admiring the scenery.

And I tilted my head when I saw a door on one side of the room.

“Is there another room?”

This room alone is huge.

But is there another room here?

With a puzzled expression, Leo opened one of the doors and entered.

“huh? oh! President!”

“Master Leo?”

“omg! Class monitor! “How did you get in here?”

Leo narrowed his eyebrows when he saw the female students from the Knights Department.

“Where am I?”

“Master Leo. This place is like a dormitory for female engineers. “Then why did you come out of the storage room?”

With those words, Leo went out through the door he came in through.

Then the scenery changed back to Leo’s room.

Leo opened the same door again and entered.

“Leo? “Why are you opening the bathroom door and coming out?”

This time, Carl was greeting Leo with a puzzled expression.

“Is this the magic department male dormitory?”

“huh. I think so. hey. “It seems like all grades are using this dormitory building.”

Leo clicked his tongue at Carl’s words.

‘It seems like my room is connected to various dormitory buildings.’

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