Legendary Hero is an Academy Honors Student Chapter 647

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The tightly closed door of Lumern Academy opened and second graders poured in.

“Ha, you came to school, right? Is that it?”

“Okay, it’s over! it’s over!”

The second graders began to cheer.

“It’s over.”


The happy second graders hugged each other and screamed when they realized that Chen Xia was among them.

Chen Xia smiled brightly at the frightened second graders, held the neatly collected shoes and socks in one hand, and walked lightly toward the place where the third graders were gathered.

Looking at Chen Xia like that, Iliana asked with a tired look on her face.

“What on earth have you done that makes second graders shiver when they see you?”

“I came to tell you that the world is wide.”

After the first battle.

Chen Xia used all the means and methods available to her to push the second graders.

The second graders had no choice but to continue to be swayed by Chen Xia, who was hiding in the dark and persistently attacking their weaknesses.

The second graders felt keenly how scary the geographical advantage of darkness was for shadows.

And in that darkness, there is a being that will aim for their neck.

I also realized the fear of hero hunters.

After three battles, the second-year students managed to steal the key from Chen Xia, but they made another mistake.

Unlike the 4th and 5th graders, the passing standard for the 2nd graders was not to have the key taken away, but to enter Lumern with the key.

The professors let the 4th and 5th graders pass the test because they thought they wouldn’t have their keys stolen by Leo again, but the 2nd graders didn’t.

The second-year students, who succeeded in obtaining the key as the professors expected, hastily went to Lake Lumeria and ended up being attacked by Chen Xia again.

For Chen Xia, who handles the water auror, the lake was also an advantageous battlefield.

In the end, the second graders who were dragged into the water by Chen Xia had their keys stolen again, and it was not until the fifth time that they succeeded in opening the door with the key.

In a way, it was natural that the second graders, who had been tormented so much by Chen Xia, would freak out whenever they saw Chen Xia.

Illyana shook her head as she looked at Chen Xia, who was smiling brightly.

“It’s obvious what it must have been like.”

“How was it for you guys?”

Illyana’s face became clouded at Chen Xia’s question.

Seeing that expression, Chen Xia’s gaze naturally shifted to her classmates.

I could see the faces of my classmates with somewhat indignant expressions.

‘I guess it wasn’t good.’

“I tried three times and succeeded.”

Illyana slumped her shoulders.

“It was a completely head-on confrontation. “It broke twice.”

At those words, Chen Xia glanced in a direction.

Lil was sitting at the table, writing something in his notebook with a serious face.

‘What about Elena?’


Elena, who appeared behind Chen Xia, smiled brightly and whispered softly into Chen Xia’s ear.

“Now, for the final boss, the final bosses must sit separately from each other.”

“I want to comfort my friends.”

“It’s a good attitude, but it’s better to leave it alone for now. If only you had been there, the outcome would have been different, and they know it. “If I were comforted by you for no reason, I might feel even more ashamed, right?”

“Would the outcome have been different if I had been there instead of Kal-kun?”

“Of course it will change. Because the experience is different.”

Although the field is different, Chen Xia has already been active at the forefront as a shadow even before entering Lumern.

It’s not that the other third years lack experience, but there is definitely no one who is more experienced than Chen Xia.

Chen Xia nodded lightly, thinking about the reasons why her classmates were struggling.

As I obediently sat down in front of the table, Lil raised her head.

“Chen Xia! “I heard your performance is amazing!”

“Who did you hear it from?”

“I heard from the dark and water spirits! iced coffee! I feel very reassured because I have such great juniors, but at the same time, it feels like a huge burden. By next year, it might far surpass me. “I cannot afford to lack the dignity of a senior.”

Chen Xia made a strange expression as she looked at Lil holding her head and struggling.

“What are you doing now?”

“This time, I was organizing my mistakes and shortcomings.”

Lil, who showed the notebook, spoke with an extremely serious expression.

“I learned a lot from the third graders this time! “I think we can move forward based on today’s experience!”

Chen Xia glanced at Lil’s appearance.

The school uniform was a mess.

It’s not just school uniforms.

His head was injured, and there were small cuts and bruises all over his face and body.

It’s like someone who just returned from the battlefield.

On the other hand, Elena looks neat as usual.

I could tell just by looking at it.

‘Elena-senpai focused entirely on magic.’

All attempts by third graders to stop Elena before completing the spell were blocked by Lil.

It was Elena who annihilated the third graders, but if you ask who of the two had a more fearsome performance, it would definitely be Lil.

However, they are not satisfied and desperately try to find areas for improvement.



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A word naturally passed through Chen Xia’s mind.

“Monster girl… … .”

“… … !”

Lil’s eyes widened, he looked like he was crying, and he grabbed Chen Xia and shook her.

“That’s not what you say to your senior!”

“Oh, sorry.”

“huh. You shouldn’t say things like that. Even if that’s true.”

“Senior Elena!”

Lil looked at Elena with resentful eyes, but Elena just smiled.

“Anyway, where is Colonel Leo?”

If the 4th and 5th graders were the first to pass the exam, Leo definitely had to be here.

“Did you find me?”

“Come on. “Leo.”

“older brother!”

Elena and Lil welcomed Leo.

“Are you late?”

In response to Chen Xia’s question, Leo said calmly.

“I still had some business to attend to. “What about first graders?”

The reason why all students were in front of the school gate was simple.

Today is the entrance ceremony day.

The main characters of this event could be said to be first-year students, so they were waiting for them.

“older brother! older brother! “I was able to survive this exam thanks to you!”

“huh? What are you talking about?”

“I completed all of the training assignments given before winter break, and my elemental skills have improved beyond belief.”

“You’ve done that?”


The task that Leo gave to Lil was an introductory course to the elemental arts used by Lisinas.

And it was definitely not a training that could be done during vacation.

“… … “Are you really a monster girl?”

“Even your brother!”

“and! From now on, Lil is a monster recognized by Leo-kun!”


Elena and Chen Xia looked at the reel and admired it.

“Don’t make fun of me!”

“I’m not kidding. “It’s a compliment.”

Elena grinned.

“I don’t know about you, but this is truly amazing.”

It was clear that it was amazing because Kyle, the starting hero, was surprised.

“Ah really. “I’m itching to tell you Leo-kun’s secret.”

“Brother’s… … “Is it a secret?”

When Lil showed interest, Elena asked in a coy voice.


Lil, who looked slightly shocked at those words, suddenly made eye contact with Leo and shook his head.

“Oh, no. As a disciple… … “You can’t follow in Master’s footsteps!”

Elena looked at Lil’s harsh words and looked bored.

Then he walked up to Leo and his eyes lit up.

“Leo-kun… … no.”

Elena, standing in front of Leo, raised her tiptoes, placed her mouth near Leo’s ear, and asked in a whisper.

“What do you think, Kyle?”

After saying those words, Elena took a step back.

I look up at Kyle with eyes that have discovered a fun toy.

“say? Roll it up? “I think it’s going to be a lot of fun, right?”

Chen Xia looked troubled by that mischievous attitude.

‘It looks like Master Leo has no intention of revealing his identity yet.’

Elena didn’t know that either.

However, this self-indulgent motherfucker is someone who would be willing to reveal the truth just for her own amusement.

Even now, he seemed happy that he had caught Leo’s weakness.

“If you want to reveal it, reveal it.”

Elena tilted her head.

“oh? It comes out hard. “Then shall we really reveal it?”

Elena pouted her lips as she saw Leo coming out strong.

I really felt like talking.

Leo said while looking at Elena.

“Tell me. But what happens next?”


“Can I handle it?”

Elena, who was staring at Leo whose tone of voice had suddenly changed, turned around.

“If you are an adult, you should know how to lose like an adult. I said I never lose. Damn man.”

Leo chuckled as he looked at Elena, who was making a small noise.

Half a day passed like that.

As the sun was already setting, Illyana jumped up from her seat.

“no! “When are the first graders coming?”

There was to be an entrance ceremony, but there was no sign of the first year students coming.

“I never imagined that Carl would last this long?”

Tade, who had been Carl’s best friend since first grade, also muttered in a surprised voice.


The door that had been tightly closed opened.

First graders were seen trudging into Lumern.

The entire student body fell silent as they looked at that scene.

On the day of the entrance ceremony.

It was kind of a Rumern tradition for new students to get into trouble.

Everyone here has had that experience.

And it was a traditional event to laugh heartily at the sight of the new students in their miserable state.

Annual event every year.

But no one burst out laughing when they saw the first graders here.

That’s how miserable the first-year students were.

It looks like a remnant of a defeated soldier returning from a battlefield.

Flutter- Flutter-

He didn’t even show the pride of being a Lumerun student, which is typical for new students.

The eyes of all the students, who were looking at him in a state of extreme defeat, turned to the person who entered last.

Karl said, scratching his cheek.

“little… … Was it bad?”

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