Legendary Hero is an Academy Honors Student Chapter 646

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“Both barriers and traps are breaking through at incredible speed!”

At the shouts of the magic students, the remaining 4th and 5th years had stern expressions.

“shit! “Haven’t you summoned a lot of summoned beasts to deal with the Great Spirit of Water?”

“What kind of crime did I commit in my past life to have such a monster become my junior?”

Crying sounds were heard from all over the place.

This isn’t just a joke.

The 4th and 5th graders really felt like crying.

However, there was no demoralization like before.

Compared to before, it’s not like it’s any change.

Having experienced overwhelming strength, it is especially difficult to prepare your mind well.

The fire was lit.

“Runba guy! “I just pretend to be cool by myself!”

One of the 5th graders from the Summoning Department shouted in exasperation.

The fire that Leo lit for Runba soon spread to other 4th and 5th graders as well.

Lil and Elena leading the 4th and 5th grade students.

Probably even if it took a lifetime, there would be no way that their classmates would be able to surpass the two of them.

The same goes for Leo.

“If I were to be reincarnated about ten times, would I be able to beat Leo?”

“Even if you were reincarnated ten times, it wouldn’t be possible?!”

The gap is keenly felt.

Even now, I don’t think I can stand shoulder to shoulder with Leo.

However, Runba’s words caused great ripples in the minds of fourth and fifth graders.

‘Let’s at least get respect as a senior.’

It wasn’t just about getting respect from Leo alone.

At some point.

This also included the third graders who followed behind them.

“They’ve been having their heads broken by Leo ever since they entered school!”

Third graders who had to compete directly with Leo.

However, unlike themselves, who had set limits after seeing Elena and Lil, the third graders showed no such sign.

Will I be able to be proud in front of my juniors like this?

When that question comes to mind.

The 4th and 5th graders changed their thoughts.

I gave up the complacent thought that I might be able to become a hero just by staying like this.

I also gave up the thought that I would just be chasing after Elena and Lil for the rest of my life.

Eren, who was in charge of staff, shouted.

“No matter how much it is Leo, Senior Runba has even summoned the Great Spirit! “It’s different from before!”

“Everyone, come to your senses!”

Takon also helped.

The vanguard at the front widened their eyes.

I was filled with the thought that things would be different from before.

“Eat up as much of Leo’s mana as possible!”

“Anyway, if we just take the key, we win!”

“Let’s hit something!”


Morale soars.

TakOn, who inspired the will of the 4th and 5th graders, stood at the front.

At that time, Eren approached Niel.

“Senior Niel, is there anything that could embarrass Leo?”

“Something that could embarrass Master Leo?”

“yes. “Just like a while ago, when Leo embarrassed Niel by saying something strange.”

Niel, who was thinking about Eren’s words, clenched his fists.

“It’s a judgment call anyway.”

“oh? there is?”

Eren made a bright expression.

Niel nodded at that.

“This might be enough to embarrass you.”

Niel, with a determined expression, adjusted his grip on his sword and took a deep breath.

At that time, Leo appeared from the front.


A golden flame erupted from Leo’s body and quickly permeated it.

“It’s that strange Auror armor!”

“Are you planning on crashing into me from the front again?”

“You’re tough!”

“Wizards! “Ready magic!”

At Takon’s words, the magic students released their spells all at once.




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Leo, who was charging at incredible speed, stopped.

An enormous force of gravity pressed down on Leo.

‘Linked magic.’

Leo’s eyes narrowed.

The gravity magic that all 4th and 5th graders used at once was definitely powerful.

Leo, who was quickly calculating the magic formula, let out an exclamation.

The magic removal code changed in real time.

It seemed like he had predicted Leo’s magic calculation speed.

He narrowly misses the magic trick.

Of course, in normal times, he would have used magical power to forcibly apply the spell and destroy it.

But now, unfortunately, we are running low on mana because we have summoned high-ranking phantom beasts.


Leo, unable to overcome the weight, fell to his knees.


There was a dent in the floor as if an object of great weight had been thrown into it.


Leo curled the corners of his mouth and activated his aura.

Immense force overcomes gravity.

Eren’s face turned white as he saw that.

“No, what an ignorant person!”

“Is that possible?”

Screams also erupted from the magic students.

Leo moves even though he is under pressure that would not be surprising if an ordinary person’s body exploded or was crushed.

The 5th year engineer student’s eyes sparkled when he saw that.

“As expected, it’s Leo! An overwhelmingly trained body can overwhelm even magic!”

“Is now the time to praise!”

“Heh! Don’t get excited! Leo is probably exerting all his strength right now! I guess there are no magic attacks or summoning skills! There are no wide-area attacks! Rest assured!”

The head of the physical training club, The Power, spoke confidently.

Bang bang bang!

Leo started charging again.

Takion said after seeing that.

“If I swing my fist in that state, won’t it hit us just as much as the weight it’s holding on?”


“… … “Isn’t that enough to make a wide-area attack possible?”

“… … is it?”

“Everyone be prepared!”

At the same time as he said that, Leo pulled out his sword and swung it with all his might.


Leo’s tremendous sword attack, with the added weight of gravity, struck the 4th and 5th graders.

Overwhelming physical power that literally transcends even magic.

“Stop it!”

“Leoplov! I was once again impressed by your trained body! But the club president of The Power! I, Halken Lark, have also been training my body in Rumern for a long time! The strength of my trained body… … .”



Halken, hit by Leo’s swing arm, flew into the sky.

“Tac on! Shall I lift the spell?”

When the 5th year magic student asked urgently, Takion shook his head.

“no! Keep suppressing Leo! Summoning Department! “Use the summoned beast to target Leo’s key!”

At those words, the spirits tried to attack Leo.

That moment.


Leo’s body became lighter.

Eren widened his eyes.

“What’s this?”

“Magic doesn’t work!”

“Is it dispel?”

“no! The magic is done! But it doesn’t work!”

“What is that!”

Gravity magic was still applied to Leo’s body.

However, the magic effect itself was nullified.


Immunity magic.

It was Luna’s magic that ignored certain magic effects themselves.

Leo, who analyzed the magic technique, used immunity magic to give himself immunity to gravity.

“Is this magic that makes you immune to the magic effect itself?”

Eren, who was analyzing Leo, bit his lip tightly.

‘Hoo? Did you take one look at it and figure it out?’

Leo let out an exclamation and glanced at Eren.

‘As expected, the potential of the 4th and 5th graders is also formidable. so?’

Leo curled the corners of his mouth.

‘How do you plan to respond?’

The summoned beasts that were attacking Leo were stopped by the magic that Leo used.


At that time, Takon blocked Leo’s path and called Niel.

Takion, who was holding his dual swords, had a devastated expression on his face.

“It won’t be as easygoing as it was a little while ago!”

“I’m excited too? “The connection between the two people.”

It was when Leo smiled and looked at Niel.

Niel took a deep breath and pointed his sword at Leo.

“Senior Niel. I am confident that I will not panic like before… … .”

“I don’t get embarrassed like that anymore! If you’re going to say something, say it!”

“Hoo? Then, with the real Machel senior… … .”

“is it so! I decided to date Machel! That’s Okay?”

“… … .”

Leo looked dumbfounded for a moment.

On the contrary, I was momentarily taken aback by Niel’s aggressiveness in making this declaration.

‘good! I bought time… … .’

Niel, who was feeling happy inside, momentarily looked back.

And his face was distorted.

“no! “What are you going to do if you too are embarrassed!”

“no! Don’t panic and get tired! “Is that real?”

“Aren’t those two enemies of Cheolcheon?”

“We were fighting even before winter break last year!”

“What the hell happened during winter break!”

A commotion broke out among the 4th and 5th graders.

At that moment, Leo came to his senses and quickly charged.


At that time, a gale of sword energy blocked Leo.

Takion, holding dual swords, was blocking Leo.


Niel’s flame auror helps Takon.

Leo curled the corners of his mouth and tried to swing his sword at the two people.

That moment.


“… … ?”

“… … ?”

Embarrassment appeared on Niel and Takon’s faces.

Leo narrowed his eyebrows.

I was clearly trying to swing my arm, but I ended up swinging my foot.

Leo tensed the muscles of his entire body.

When I try to swing my right arm, my right foot moves.

The left arm also moved differently than the left foot.

Additionally, when I tried to smell it, my vision moved.



A fiery aura spewed out from Leo’s sword.

The magic student who saw that screamed.

“what! “Does sense-disruption magic not work?”

“no! “I just got used to the disturbed sensations!”

“It’s a real monster!”

‘Sense-disrupting magic.’

Normally, it is blocked by anti-magic power before it penetrates the sensory system.

But now this spell has worked on Leo.

‘The effect is a sense-disrupting magic… … The form of magic is gravity.’

Just completely immune.

Leo was still under the gravity spell.

The 4th and 5th graders took advantage of this and changed only the effect while leaving the form of the gravity technique.

This is a magic that accurately sees through the loopholes of immunity magic.

Before that, the ability to modify the linked magic technique itself was also excellent.

‘okay. No matter how powerful the magic is, it is still 5,000 years old. ‘You can make as many strategies as you want.’

However, those who despaired of the overwhelming and unreasonable gap would have had a hard time finding a response so quickly.

‘It looks like the fire has been properly ignited.’

Leo curled the corners of his mouth.

A small gap was created due to the disturbed senses.

Niel and Takon did not miss that small gap and dug into it.


The string of the key hanging from Leo’s waist was cut.


“I took it! “I took it!”

Resian, a 5th year magic student riding a broom, shouted as he snatched the key floating in the air.

“Lessian! “Bounce!”

“We’ll stop Leo!”

4th and 5th graders blocked Leo’s path.

Runba summons Undine and grabs Leo’s ankle.

The remaining 4th and 5th graders came up with a strategy and achieved what they wanted.

‘Shall I chase you?’

The moment Leo thought so.

The entire 4th and 5th grades were warped.

The professors declared that the test had been passed.

Leo looked at that and nodded.

‘At the point where I realized my shortcomings and pushed myself this far, I guess I can say I passed the test.’

Leo curled the corners of his mouth.


Leo turned around, praising the progress of his juniors as a senior.


“you! “I won’t leave you alone!”


Undine muttered in a voice filled with resentment, as she was bound in the darkness.

Fiora climbed on top of the undine’s head and pecked at it with her beak.

Larel sighed, putting his club on his shoulder.

“This guy. “You’re persistent.”

“It is clear that marketing is lacking.”

Ista said, showing off his muscles.

“Are you still whimpering? “You have great pride.”

Leo, who arrived at the scene, smiled and said.

“I’ll make you regret it! I am the ruler of the ocean! It’s Undine, the spirit of the deep sea! Soon, my subordinate spirits who have subdued the fire spirits will come to punish you! “It’s no use regretting then!”

It was time for Undine to do evil.

A huge number of water droplets began to form around Undine and soon turned into the highest level water spirit.

Undine was delighted when she saw that.

“Ahahahaha! My men are here! Be prepared! Leo Plov!”

-Why is that spirit being treated so badly again?

Elsie suddenly appeared above Leo’s head.

Undine shouted, looking at Elsie like that.

“what? you! “Are you looking down on me as a low-level spirit?”

Undine reacted sharply.

They reacted as if they could not tolerate the presence of lower-level spirits interfering between the great spirits and the three great phantom beasts.

In response, Elsie made a serious expression.

-Are the Great Spirits originally this obsessed with class? It would be nice if we all became friends.

Elsie, who was a loner from birth, wanted to be friends with spirits regardless of their class.

-Spirit of the deep sea. They are hated because they treat lower-level spirits like that.

“Are you scolding me for being a low-level spirit?! What are you all doing? A hot taste for that low-level spirit… … .”


“… … ?”

The club wielded by one of the highest water spirits hit Undine on the head.

Undine, unable to understand the situation for a moment, made a dumb expression.

“What… now?” … .”


“100 million?!”

puck! Bub bub bub! puck! puck!


The water spirits did not utter words filled with anger.

It seems like it’s a waste of time to talk.

He just silently did his best to beat his former master with a stick.

Looking at that, Elsie looked troubled.

-Esta too. Same goes for Undine. How badly do we have to treat the lower-level spirits so that all the gentle spirits end up like that?

Kiran muttered as he looked at Elsie, who had succeeded in having a fire spirit and a water spirit as his subordinates.

-I feel extremely grateful to my father.


-huh. I think I would have ended up like that if I hadn’t been kicked out of Fairy Land.

Kiran, who had been kicked out of Fairy Land for his vicious behavior, did some serious self-reflection.

Leo chuckled as he looked at that.

“You’ve grown up.”

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