Legendary Hero is an Academy Honors Student Chapter 644

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-A spirit of the deep sea?

Ista, who was the size of Leo’s palm, raised his eyes.

Undine, the spirit of the deep sea.

As the Great Spirit of Water, he fought with Ista for the title of the strongest spirit of the present era.

At first, Eastar was overwhelmingly strong.

The measure that defines the strength of the Great Spirit includes not only the strength of the Great Spirit, but also the forces they control.

Therefore, it was natural that the power of the star who lived for a longer period of time was stronger.

At that time, Istar devastated Undine’s territory.

-Because of that, he became a Marshal of Cheolcheon.

When Larelle looked pitiful, Elsie looked puzzled.

-Why did you do such a cruel thing?

-Should we say it was a competition for supremacy?

As Ista muttered with a distressed face, Larel spoke.

-I guess it was because he was being cocky.

-Spirit of Radiance! How could you frame me like that and make my image of you strange? … .

-Elsie, if you say just one word, the spirits that are your subordinates will get drunk, right?

Ista was silent at Larel’s words.

-Oh my. The spirit of the deep sea doesn’t work.

-But anyway, the spirit of the deep sea is the same spirit.

Larel said pointedly.

-The spirits of the deep sea also harass other spirits.

-you’re right! Boss! That spirit is truly a bad spirit!

Ista fawned over Larel’s words.

After being subdued by Elsie.

Ista became Elsie’s rattle.

It was because of the overwhelming difference in power between him and Elsie, not just because he was a distantly related Great Spirit.

The power of domination that can exercise dominance over lower spirits of the same attribute.

Elsie’s power of control surpasses that of other spirits.

A power that can be exercised on spirits of all attributes, not just on spirits of lower attributes.

It even has the ability to steal lower-level spirits from other major spirits.

Ista, who lost all of his power, had no choice but to fawn over Elsie in order to survive.

-Undine’s evil deeds are also unspeakable! The great and noble leader must punish that evil spirit! Ista, the spirit of purification! I will become your sword and liberate the suffering water spirits from that vicious spirit of the deep sea!

Ista said strongly.

The reason he was so motivated was simple.

‘Let’s die together.’

He was already in disgrace.

The base has been lost, and you have to live while paying attention to the thoughts of your subordinate spirits.

It is unfair.

Therefore, the spirit of the deep sea, whom he hated most in the world, had to be in the same situation as him.

-The name of the Great Spirit of Fire is Operation Water Ghost.

-Grandma is out.

At Ista’s words, I felt a commotion on the other side.

-Let go! I’ll just kill you! Let me kill you!

-That anger! Can you release it for me? Sigh… … Sigh… … .

It seems that Artie stopped Larel from running away from where Leo’s summoned beasts were gathered.


-Yes, Leo.

‘They should catch me and teach the kids.’

-hmm… … I’ll try.

Leo sighed slightly and looked at Runba.

“Fire spirit? “It looks unusual.”

Runba looked at the fire spirit on Leo’s palm and looked dumbfounded.

A palm-sized lesser spirit.

It was different from the ordinary low-level spirits with a round appearance.

A spirit exposing its upper body as if showing off its small but clearly visible strong muscles.

‘It looks like The Power guys will shout for acceptance right away if they see it.’

Runba shook his head, remembering Lumern’s physical training club, ‘The Power’.

‘No matter how unusual it looks, it is a spirit summoned by Leo… … You have to be nervous… … .’

-That… … !

At that time, Undine, beyond consciousness, who had been reacting indifferently, reacted sharply.

‘ok? ‘Undine?’


The streams of water swirling around Runba began to gather in one place, and a beautiful girl appeared.

The upper body with ivory skin and the lower body of a fish.

It was like the mermaid from the story.

“Why did you come in person?”

Runba asked in a slightly confused voice.



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In response to Runba’s question, Undine curled the corners of her mouth.

“There is a nemesis in front of us that must be slain.”


When Undine stretched out her hand, a trident made of water was created.


Undine held a trident in one hand and pointed it at Leo.

“You are the famous Leo Plovry?”

“Are you Undine, the spirit of the deep sea?”

Leo smiled and looked at Runba.

“I didn’t know you made a pact with senior Runba?”

To be honest, it was surprising even to Leo that Runba summoned the Great Spirit of Water.

This is because if Runba had made a contract with Undine, it would have been known long ago.

Undine snorted at Leo’s words.

“joy. Runbatess and I are not in a covenant relationship. The author helped me once. I only did it once to repay the debt from that time. “I only promised to help Runba Tess.”

“Is this a provisional contract?”

“As expected, you understand quickly.”

Undine curled the corners of her mouth.

“In that sense, let me give you some advice. Leo Plov.”


The surrounding water stream created a throne.

Undine, sitting on the throne, spoke.

“It would be best to break the contract with that lowly Great Spirit of Fire.”

Undine narrowed her eyes and looked at Ista.

“I don’t know why, but that lowly spirit lost his base not long ago. It’s a shame. It was something I should have done originally. “You must have been punished for harming me a long time ago.”

Undine openly laughed at Ista.

“That lowly Great Spirit must have lost his foothold and entrusted himself to you. But that oath is the wrong oath.”

“Wrong oath?”

“okay. Making a pact with Ista means that you have made an alliance with me, the Spirit of the Deep Sea.”

“Will it change if I cancel the oath?”

“It doesn’t change. Moreover, I, Undine, think very highly of you. I also know very well that you are an ally of the three great phantom beasts. So I propose.”


“okay. Release your oath with those phantom beasts. “Then I will give you a chance to serve the spirit of the deep sea.”

Undine, sitting on the throne, curled the corners of her mouth.

“I don’t like the fact that I made a pact with other spirits and phantom beasts, but… … “If I were to be a pledger like you, I would have to take it.”


The water throne where Undine sat rises high.

Undine, who created a water column, looked down at Leo and said.

“It’s not a bad offer at all for you. I, Undine, am literally the ruler of the ocean. Making a pact with me also means that you will become the ruler of the ocean. Moreover, this body has never made a pact with anyone until now. It means that the strongest Great Spirit is with you. It will definitely be of great help on the path you are about to take. “What do you plan to do?”

-That guy is cocky! Leo! chick! Make that guy a grilled fish!

-Beep! Beep!

-You’re going to take my master’s rough hands away from me! I can’t forgive you! I’ll bake it with electricity!

Kiran, Fiora, and Arty were excited and reacted harshly.

As a result, Leo’s head started to feel dizzy.

-Everyone, shush.

At Elsie’s soft voice, the three ghosts fell into a murmur.

-Boss! Take a look! That arrogant guy’s nonsense! They say you just have to give them a hard time!

-Didn’t you hear Elsie tell you to be quiet?

– Kuok!

Larel, who came out in the open space, flew at the speed of light and delivered a drop kick to Ista’s chest.

“Spirit of Radiance?”

Undine’s complexion suddenly changed.

Looking at Undine like that, Larel crossed his arms and snorted.

-Are you still the same?

“Are you also an ally of Leo Plov? Hehehe! Are you pretending to be arrogant and proud, then sharing your pledge? How pathetic! “Spirit of brilliance!”

-I’m tired of saying that. This guy already did it all.

Larel firmly stepped on Ista’s head at his feet.

“what. “I guess I need to talk to you.”


Leo stretched out his palm and aimed it at Undine.

Zzzzzzzzz! Flash! Quagga River-!

The beam of light extending from Leo’s hand blew the Undine away.

Leo, using Larel’s power, looked at Runba.

“Huh~ Really. From the Great Spirit of Light to the Great Spirit of Fire. I heard that the great spirits hate cheating spirit masters the most! “That was a lie too!”

Runba scratched his head.

Leo smiled while looking at Runba like that.

“I don’t like it.”

“But how did you sign the contract?”

“I’m kind of attractive, right?”


Runba burst out laughing.

“Well, is it good for me? I was only planning to borrow troops from the spirit of the deep sea. The spirit of the deep sea has come directly… … “I guess we can buy some time until they’re ready?”

“Does it change as time passes?”

“I will not fall for such provocation.”

Runba grinned.

“I will try to live up to your expectations. So, you can look forward to it.”


A huge door made of water appeared on both sides of Runba.

The door opened wide and water spirits began to come out.

They were water spirits under Undine.

The army of the deep sea spirits, known as the most powerful of the great spirits.

‘It’s more overwhelming than when it was Easter.’

What is even more surprising is the power of the rune bar that continues to summon spirits of that size.

It’s not just about summoning.

Strengthen the spirits with your spiritual power.

‘Is it really true that he is the second-highest-ranking fifth grader after Elena?’

Moreover, his eyes also changed.

Leo curled the corners of his mouth.

‘I’d like to deal with you.’

It was clear that the undine that had flown away would soon attack him.


As soon as Leo called, Leo’s shadow began to grow huge.

And there the fire spirits appeared.

Runba looked at this with a puzzled expression.

‘The summoning method is a bit unusual, isn’t it?’

Runba had no idea that their master was not the Great Spirit of Fire, but the Great Spirit of Darkness.

-They are water spirits… … .

-I expected there would be a fight, but… … I never thought I would fight as a servant of a shadow spirit rather than a purification spirit.

-So you are dissatisfied?

-No, it’s actually better.

-This is an opportunity to prove that the Shadow Spirit is the strongest.

The fire spirits grinned.

-… … How can their morale seem higher than when they were under me?

-So I told you and the spirit of the deep sea clearly, right? Be good to the spirits under your command.

Larel didn’t know about lower-level spirits of other attributes, but he took care of the spirits of light.

-Grandma! This body is sad!

-Who would call me a grandmother?

Larel kicked Ista’s side.

The fire spirit Althea appeared from the shadows for the last time, holding Elsie up with both hands together.

-Elsie, give me an order.

When Althea asked politely, Elsie smiled.

-Everyone hides behind me when they are having a hard time.


The bodies of the fire spirits began to burn.

Leaving that figure behind, Leo walked towards the direction where the undine had flown.

You must defeat Undine first before dealing with the 5th and 4th years.


At that time, a huge tsunami struck from afar.

“Leo Plovuuuu! dare!”

Undine’s angry voice was heard.

Leo, with a sad expression on his face, raised his palm.


The star began to burn in Leo’s hand.

The star that turned into a blue flame soon changed into the form of a spear.

-Did such elemental magic exist?

Leo chuckled at Ista’s surprised voice.

“It exists, right?”

-Oath breaker, is this your elemental magic?


Leo took a javelin throwing stance.

“I imitated the strongest spiritist.”


The blue fire spear that flew out of Leo’s hand traced a trajectory and flew towards the tsunami.

Pow! Sssshhhhhh!

A lukewarm rain began to fall from the sky.

Leo said while looking at the surroundings filled with steam.

“If you don’t want to make a pledge, you have to make yourself want to do it.”

-It won’t be easy.

“huh. But I also learned from the strongest spirit master how to persuade spirits that don’t listen.”

-What is that method?

Larel’s eyes lit up.

Leo laughed at that.


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