Legendary Hero is an Academy Honors Student Chapter 635

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[come! Back off! Step back!]

[Wow! Come this way! Go there!]

[hey! Shamefully!]


The front line vanguards who stepped forward to stop Leo were suffering miserably.

The professors, who were watching the horrific scene of destruction unfolding before their eyes, unconsciously covered their faces.

In particular, the faces of the professors of the Department of Engineering, who were in charge of the 4th and 5th grade students, were even more miserable.

Leo, who took away the will of his seniors to fight by howling incessantly, rushed at them like a typhoon.

The 4th and 5th graders were overwhelmed and helpless by Leo’s thrilling appearance.

In the meantime, as expected of those who had been promoted to the 4th and 5th grades in Rumern, they were clearly stopping Leo.

The ability to unite, which was considered a weakness of the 4th and 5th graders, has not been a major problem so far.

’till now.’

Halind looked at Leo on the screen.

Leo’s fighting method now is clearly different from what Leo used to do.

‘Under any situation, you won’t lose your cool, find the opponent’s weak point, and attack him.’

Leo is now pushing his opponent to the point where he looks cruel.

‘He’s blatantly exposing his strategy.’

It is surprisingly simple to deal with an enemy that rushes at you as if it will crush everything in front of you.

All you have to do is narrowly avoid the charging enemy and inflict a fatal wound on the side where there is an opening.

The 4th and 5th graders will plan a strategy aimed at that.

But what if the operation fails?

‘From then on, it will be decided by how good our unity is.’

If you fail to attack an enemy for which there is an obvious strategy, two things happen.

‘Either stay focused and try again. Or shaken.’

When you have a clear leader, you can reimagine operations.

But what if there is no such leader?

‘A moment of conflict of opinion. The cracks will start to appear.’

That’s exactly what Leo is aiming for.

‘All 4th and 5th graders still have some spare time.’

Except for the first time they were attacked, no student was incapable of fighting for no reason and was killed even while being thoroughly trampled by Leo.

He’s crying and telling people not to come to him, but if it’s really serious, he can’t even say that.

‘It will be soon. ‘Even hitting a real wall.’

Halind thought that far and turned his head.

On the screen, freshmen were seen looking for a knife.


“Wow, I’ve completely succeeded, haven’t I?”

Standing in the middle of the countless uninhabited islands within Lake Lumeria, Carl looked up at the blue sky and burst into laughter.

“Hundreds of Rumeren first-year students are conducting a large-scale raid to catch me. Hehe. It’s me too. “He deserves to be called a hero.”

Carl, who was swinging the key in his hand like a pencil, suddenly fell to his knees and placed his hands on the floor.

“He deserves to be called a hero! “This is just being bullied!”

No matter how new they are, Rumern’s new students know that no one’s opponent is a genius!

And that’s not just one person, but a whopping 500 people!

At the time of the entrance exam for the current second year students, who could be considered direct juniors.

Karl had dealt with juniors targeting him, but it wasn’t in the hundreds like now.

‘Besides, strictly speaking, those guys at that time were test takers, not new students!’

The difference between those who pass the Lumern entrance exam and those who do not is very large.

‘Professors said they would help students realize their shortcomings, but in fact, the biggest shortcomings of freshmen are obvious.’

Cal, who was in despair, sighed deeply.

‘Excessive confidence in one’s abilities. And absolute blind faith in specifications.’

No matter how talented he is at flying and crawling, he is ultimately an inexperienced kid.

That’s why all first-year students have a narrow view of the world.

‘Leo didn’t do that. Well, that guy is an illegitimate person who is a complete fraud, so let’s leave it out of the discussion.’

Cal, who was sitting cross-legged, rested his chin and took stock of the current situation.

‘There is only one reason why Professor Halind chose me and no one else. When it comes down to it, I guess it’s because I look easy from the perspective of first-year students.’

Although he obtained the title of hero, the sword’s strength itself is not at a very high level.

There are probably some first-year students who think that it would definitely be worth a shot if they competed against them.

Carl looked around.

‘What’s advantageous to me is the terrain. First of all, given that it is not an open area, there are many things you can prepare for. Even though… … .’

Carl burst into laughter.

‘I don’t know how they could handle up to 100 people, but there are only 500 people… … Anyway, isn’t that too harsh?’

Carl grumbled internally for a moment and threw the key in his hand as hard as he could.

The key that was flying far away suddenly began to shine and fell into Karl’s palm.

“hmm. “It would be impossible to hide or leave the key somewhere.”

Carl nodded and stood up.

“Well, strictly speaking, it’s not about defeating 500 people, but it’s ultimately a game of tag, right? All you have to do is avoid getting caught as much as possible, right? Plus, this uninhabited island. “It’s island number one.”

The islands in Lake Lumeria are called by numbers to students, except for the Island of Phantom Waters.



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Island No. 1 meant the largest island.

“That means there is enough time to prepare.”

Carl grinned as he turned the key with his fingers.

“Now then, shall we tell our juniors what kind of place Lumern is? Hahahaha!”

Carl smiled evilly and went into the forest.


“First, let’s find senior Xia.”

On a beautiful sandy beach.

Luke, who was admiring Lake Lumeria, looked back at the second graders and said.

At those words, Aina, who was staring at the dense forest, nodded.

Currently, all 2nd graders were on the sandy beach of an uninhabited island.

Even though it is a lake, there was a sandy beach on this island.

“Huh~ the seniors were right. “Isn’t Island No. 6 perfect for water activities?”

Juen looked around in admiration.

Looking at Juen like that, Haviden narrowed his eyes.

“You sound carefree. “The one we have to deal with is senior Chen Xia.”

“know. I know. “I just did it!”

Juen slowly opened his eyes.

Sasha, who was standing next to Juen, looked straight into the forest and said.

“by the way. “It feels completely like night inside.”

Even though the sun was high in the sky, the forest on the uninhabited island was as dark as night.

This was because the densely grown forest blocked the sunlight.

“This is troublesome.”

As El Jane muttered in a serious voice, Aina looked puzzled.

“Is there any problem?”

The person who answered that question was Fritz, a shadow graduate from the Department of Magic.

“There is a problem. “And very loudly.”


“The problem is that the person we have to deal with is senior Chen Xia.”


Aina’s eyes widened as she understood Fritz’s words.

Luke, who did not understand what he said, made a puzzled expression.

“Aina, what does Fritz mean?”

“Darkness is a battlefield of shadows.”

“ah… … .”

Luke’s face also turned serious at Aina’s answer.

The other second graders looked puzzled at that reaction.

“Senior Xia is the princess of Shan, but… … Is she really going to take it that seriously though?”

“I think it would be easier if it were senior Sia instead of senior Celia and senior Duran.”

Despite being a knight department, Celia and Duran have a wider range of attacks than most magic departments.

Compared to those two people, Chen Xia definitely felt less pressure.

It wasn’t that Chen Xia was weaker than Celia and Duran, but the difference was in Auror tendencies.

In any case, the water auror handled by Chen Xia was an auror with a strong defensive tendency.

El Jane snorted at her classmates’ words.

“You say that because you don’t know how scary shadows are in the dark.”

There was no way that they, who had just entered second grade, had ever seen a shadow fight.

“I understand. “What the professors said we need to improve on.”

Harbiden narrowed his eyes.

Juen nodded at those words.

“Battle with Hero Hunter.”

In fact, in most cases, there is no way for a second year Rumeren to face a hero hunter.

And yet, they make us experience this from the first day of school.

“For some reason, I think second year life will be difficult.”

widely-! Sasha gave up her offer and sighed softly.

Aina said those words.

“It’s no use standing here. “For now, let’s go find senior Xia.”

The second graders nodded at those words.

“Get in line. “So that we can respond to surprise attacks anytime, anywhere!”

“L! Fritz! Form a search team!”

The second graders quickly began preparing.

Meanwhile, Luke looked into the dark interior of the forest and trembled.

“I’m getting chills for some reason.”


“As expected, our third graders are very capable. “I can’t believe you came to us so quickly.”

Elena was smiling and clapping her hands.

Elena, who was riding on a cane with her legs crossed, was looking at the third graders surrounding them with a relaxed expression.

“That’s surprising.”

At that time, Celia stepped forward and spoke.

“I didn’t know they would be waiting so proudly. I thought we were going to engage in guerrilla warfare… … “Is this a trap?”

Elena, who was clapping her hands, widened her eyes as she saw Celia looking around with wary eyes.

Then, Elena put her elbows on her knees and rested her chin, making a grumpy expression.

“I was wondering what our third-year juniors, whom we thought were perfect, were lacking… … There really was this side. but. “The goal is too bright.”

Elena grumbled, looking at the third graders with disapproving eyes.

“To the point where I’m going blind.”

It was when the third graders looked puzzled at those incomprehensible words.

“Now, this is what our juniors want, right?”

Elena took out the key from her pocket.

“Why don’t you try taking it away?”


“Oh my goodness?”

A strong thunderstorm struck.

“Isn’t that too reckless?”

Before we knew it, Duran had arrived right in front of Elena and was reaching for the key.

The moment Duran snorted and was about to snatch the key from Elena’s hand.



Duran’s face stiffened slightly at the sight of the huge piece of metal that filled his field of vision.

Quagga-ga-ga-ga-ga-! Ujikkeun! Quack! Ujijik! bang!

The battle hammer, swung with terrifying force, struck Duran in the face.

Duran, who was thrown away, was only able to stop after breaking several trees.

Grinding- Gripping- Gripping-

Duran, who protected himself using Auror Armor, stood up.

But soon my legs lost strength and I stumbled.


Everyone’s eyes turned to the person who slammed the battle hammer on the floor.

“You cannot touch the keys with Senior Elena without my permission.”

The third graders swallowed their dry saliva without realizing it at the emotionless voice of Lil, who was always kind and personable.

I literally felt overwhelming charisma.

It was a time when Lil overwhelmed the third graders with momentum alone.

“Our reel is really reliable?”



Elena was hugging Lil from behind and placing both hands on Lil’s chest.

“Uh… … Senior Elena. Now is an important moment for me to show my juniors the dignity of a senior… … Heeik?!”

“oh? “As a senior, I’m cuter when I look embarrassed than when I look dignified.”

Lil cried at Elena’s touch.

The third-year boys cleared their throats and looked around.

Elena, who had been giggling with her chin resting on Lil’s shoulder, widened her eyes at the sight, then glanced down and muttered.

“Is there a safe place to keep your keys?”

“A safe place?”

As Lil tilted his head, Elena smiled evilly at the third graders.

“You know that? Are you saying that Lil is the type that looks skinny when she wears it? “She’s actually pretty awesome.”

Elena, with a witch-like smile, suddenly put the hand holding the key inside Lil’s school uniform top.

“Huh? Come on, senior!”

When Elena withdrew her hand, Lil was startled and backed away, clutching her chest.

Elena smiled brightly while watching that reel.

“With this, boys will never be able to touch the keys.”

“yes? “Will this method work?”

Lil tilted his head.

The male students gaped.

“Of course it works.”

Elena giggled and climbed on the cane.

“Okay then, Lil. “Can I ask for the lineman?”

“I’m not confident, but I’ll do my best.”

“It’s reliable.”

Elena climbed high into the sky on her staff.


Spiritual power began to stir in Lil’s body.

“Third years, everyone.”


Lil, holding the battle hammer in both hands, spoke in a low voice.

“I’ll show you how scary my senior is.”

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