Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 999

What is Infinite(1)

Mackline Guffin was a person who existed in the world right before Sirone was born.

Even though it was erased, Sirone and the others were shocked to see such a person right in front of their eyes.

“No, why… …

Arius’ expression was serious.

According to what I heard from Sirone, Imi Le collided with a Guffin in the early days of her birth.

‘Of course I thought it would be the final gateway… …

It is true that other people also vaguely thought that Guffin would be the final gateway.

“If Ymir’s unconsciousness is divided into layers based on the size of the senses, Sirone understood the current situation.

“It’s no wonder that the guffins come out first. Even though we clashed, we didn’t give each other our full strength.”

Still, the power was great.

“The mere fact that it is at the fifth level is proof that it was a powerful shock. I have no choice but to fight anyway.” Sirone was calm.

The form is the same as that of the Guffin, but it was just a fictional character created by Ymir anyway.

‘But it’s strong.’

Just looking at the size of the Hand of God floating in the sky made me feel how great it was in its heyday.

Miro said.

“Let’s start, Sirone.”

As the incarnation of Guanshi Yin with his thousand hands rose up into the sky, the Guffin’s Hand of God crushed it.


Miro’s face crumpled.

Thousand Arms Guanyin’s fist struck the palm of light quickly, but it was only pushed back by overwhelming power.

“Come down!”

Garold and Sirone, who had Sein’s sun and moon halo spread, attacked at the same time.

joint work in the middle


Truly overwhelming power.

Guffin’s Hand of God slowly covered the ground without slowing down.

get faster

Everything brightened, and finally, Sirone looked around at the pale world.

I heard a voice from a place where I didn’t know if my eyes were closed or open.


It was a terrifying voice like a ghost.

“Where are you?”

I couldn’t feel direction or gravity, and even time felt like it had stopped.


Sirone shouted at the ensuing scream.

“who is this!”

“… there is… a crab… I…

I couldn’t make out the content of the broken syllables, but I could feel one thing.


They called Sirone.


As more than 10 billion syllables overlapped, it produced a sound like a thick string plucking.

In the cosmic sound waves, Sirone was able to intuit the protagonist of the voice.


They, who are united as Ymir, are seated in the unconscious as anger and despair.

‘no. The Gaians are already being integrated. But why does this sound… …

A thought flashed through my mind.

‘The Butterfly of the Firstborn.’ According to what I heard before, it was possible to temporarily leave the photon field.

A hypothesis was formulated.

‘If there is an outside world, what is affected when <Chuang Tzu’s Butterfly> activates… …

Maybe a user?

‘In reality, the Gaians were integrated into Ymir. But in the outside world, they are each distinctly individual.’

<Zhuangzi’s Butterfly> was opened in the 5th level, so it will not be fully awakened.

‘It’s just that they’ve been conscious to some extent, and their consciousness is flowing

ramen… …

I got goosebumps.

‘What state is Ymir in now?’


Sirone tried to cover her ears at the sound of another scream, but to no avail.

The sound waves are broken, so you can’t understand them with your ears.

‘It’s calling me.’

I’m deciphering the signal with Ultima, but even the meaning has been broken into fragments.

‘What do you want to say?’ Sirone gritted his teeth.

It is because I felt the extreme texture of the language before I grasped the meaning.

If it had to be conveyed in language, it was something that could not be expressed even with a list of 100 million words.

‘Careless. God is indifferent.’

Sirone knows.

The moment they convert their feelings into language, most of what they say is distorted.

It would be perfect in itself if I just melted into this concept without thinking about anything… … .

It is also futile.

‘Let’s think. I’m thinking.’

Sirone tried to somehow put language together to give meaning to the current feeling.

for example.

‘One dot goes around a circle.’

It can be said that the point that does not stop and goes through the orbit endlessly symbolizes infinity.

Perfect, nonchalant.

‘Stuck in infinity.’

To use a little more language, it is to be trapped within the definition of infinity.

That’s not infinite.

… … said, a certain Gaian voice was heard.

Wouldn’t true infinity mean forgetting even the concept of infinity?

In order to do that, isn’t it not to go endlessly, but rather to have nothing?

‘Nothing that doesn’t think about Han.’

That is, infinite without infinite.

‘Empty your mind.’

Sirone emptied his mind.

‘Forget its existence.’

When Sirone’s existence disappeared, the universe, materials, and concepts became essentially non-existent.

‘It must be infinite.’

So, if Sirone still exists, or if he is thinking of something.

It is just an illusion.

‘An illusion without a subject.’

There were no screams and no Gaian voices, but the illusion continued.

‘how is it?’

Maybe I’m mistaken as if I heard this.

‘Are you infinite now?’

Sirone let out a silent shout.

I opened my eyes at the same time, and the whole world exploded with light, and all concepts were born.

the world is made


A curtain of light was peeling off around Sirone, and a faint voice was heard in the distance.

It was clear this time.

‘We are imprisoned gods. infinite human beings.’

The scenery of the 5th level returned, and the figure of the party was seen being crushed by the Hand of God.

‘Open it, Hexa.’

In an instant, a signal from the outside world that no one should know about was imprinted in my brain.


don’t know the meaning

Perhaps it is the name of a rare insect, such as the sand burrowing beetle, that is not particularly used in real life.

‘but… …

It was a sign from the outside world.

‘I can’t imagine the unimaginable. But I picked up some fragments now.’

An extremely blurry image of the outside world was drawn in Sirone’s mind.

Even if that image is completely wrong.

‘ no way??????

The imagination that was triggered there was different from anything in reality, and I was thrilled.


When I turned my head to Miro’s voice, Thousand Hands Guanshi Yin was almost crushed to death.

Sirone, who was looking up at Guffin’s Hand of God, opened her eyes while biting her molars.

“infinite?… ”


I /\≫

Like smoke from a rocket, the Miracle Stream spread out in all directions.

‘Hand of God.’

As if it had received momentum, Sirone’s Hand of God collided with Guffin’s palm.

‘It’s just an illusion.’

The party, who had endured with all their might, turned their heads as they realized the pressure had suddenly eased.

“What, what?”

Sirone’s Hand of God grew indefinitely and inserted a pod into the hand of light made by Guffin.


Sirone’s Hand of God, pushed vigorously as if an adult broke a child’s hand, soared into the sky.


Then, along with Guffin’s Hand of God, it began to fall vertically towards the ground.

‘Even though Ymir remembers you, I was happy to see you.’


The guffin, which was hit directly by the waterfall of light, faced extinction while standing alone.

At that moment, Sirone seemed to see it.

A faint smile appeared on the guffin’s face as it faded in the light.

The waterfall of light continued for a while and only disappeared after 5 minutes.

“Is it over?”

When Arius, who had been lying down like a dog, raised his head, there was a huge hole in front of him.

Gangnan winked and raised his thumb.

“Nice job, Sirone. You did it this time.”

Since it was a team, it didn’t matter who succeeded, but I wanted Gaold to act as a last resort.

“I was lucky.”

“Lucky… …

Miro looked at Sirone with a serious expression.

‘The technology is the same. The reason it can increase its power is probably because it has reached a certain level. but… …

Oddly enough, it didn’t feel like a state.

‘It feels strange. It’s really strange.’ To the point where I couldn’t bear to go up to Sirone and ask her what happened.

‘A sense of heterogeneity. Yes, it is a vague fear that arises from a deeper level than instinct.’

In other words, a sense of cosmic heterogeneity that transcends living things.

Perhaps this is the reason why Mongin Louver looks at Sirone a little coldly.

‘The firstborn’s butterfly’. I thought it was dangerous, but… …

Ruber sighed.

‘Sirone, Oh Dae-seong is a good person.’

As the incarnation of Drimo, she loves all beings who dream, but Sirone’s dreams are truly clear.

‘sorry. It’s not something I can help you with. Maybe ‘them’ too… …

The size of the aftermath could not be predicted, but at least it was true that the situation was twisted.

‘Argones will not stand still. Even if it doesn’t reach the ‘last moment’.’

Louver shook his head thinking that he should at least reveal this.

‘I’m not an immature dreamer. It exists in reality, so I’ll go through it enough.’

He just didn’t want to see Sirone screaming in sorrow in the future.

Arius said.

“Let’s go down at once. I delayed too much time. Spent about a week here?”

Miro shot.

“It’s all because you can’t come out. I’ve fed and put them to sleep until now, but it doesn’t help anyway.”

He made no excuses.

“sorry. But now that I know how, it will be faster. Of course, if you can destroy the god who is sleeping in the fourth level of depth.” It was certainly surprising that Guffin was first, but Gaold didn’t mind.

“Thinking about it won’t change anything. No matter who it is, just hit it and it’s enough.”

Without a moment’s fear, Gaold threw himself into the pit, and an ordeal immediately followed.

“Sirone, let’s go too.”

Even after everyone left the 5th level, Sirone remained for a while, lost in thought.

‘I shouldn’t reveal it.’

When I reached the state of infinite infinity, I felt that Miro and Louver’s gaze became colder than before.

‘It can be enough. To be honest, I see myself that way too. This makes no sense.’

If an event has no precedent, then whatever it is, it must be a mistake.

I was afraid, and my heart was filled with the fact that I couldn’t predict what would happen.


Turning around, Sirone remembered that Guffin had smiled at the last moment.

‘The Butterfly of the Firstborn.’

Was he really a guffin?

“It doesn’t matter.”

The fact that he warmly smiled at himself who had reached the state of infinite infinity was important.

“I’m fine.”

Feeling much lighter, Sirone moved quickly and flew to the entrance of the 4th level.

‘Yeah, I’m not wrong. We’re moving on.’

perhaps… … .

Even that may be an illusion without a subject.

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