Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 997

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Tomb of the Gods (3)

About ten minutes later, Gaold regained consciousness.

Her hair was bleached white, but her eyes looked clearer than ever.

Miro asked.

“How are you?”

“are you okay. 100 percent recovered.”

Humans can’t do that, but I thought that it might be possible for Gaold now.

‘I’m not losing my memory.’ It meant that he was concentrating on the battle, and the root cause must have been the maze.

It was an opportunity for the team.

‘If your mind is clear, Gaold is invincible.’

said Arius, looking down the huge hole in Ymir’s dream.

“This is the fifth level in depth. This can be said to be the beginning of a full-scale exploration. Would you like to go?”

“of course. Let’s leave now.”

Then Mona said.

“for a moment. I’d rather stay here.”

Sirone asked.


Nightmare’s ability, Nightmare, was able to exert sufficient effect even in the depths.

“If Ymir is really offended by this nightmare, then I’d rather stay here.”

Arius was convinced.

“okay. Ymir invites us into the depths to destroy the Nightmare. Therefore, there is a high probability that Egoist will not activate.”

“Because you want it.”

“yes. Conversely, if we get rid of the nightmare, the egoist will attack us in an instant. Mongah is right. Someone has to keep this nightmare alive.”

Louver said to Sirone.

“There is no door, so you have to go through the Dremo when you return. It seems like the right decision for Mong-a to stay.”

“Then we go downstairs. Mong, please.”

Mongah nodded, and Syrone and the others jumped down the hole, following Arius.

It was the spirit of Ymir, the 5th level of depth. It’s already been a week since Sirone left for many worlds with their respective teams.

In the meantime, the blood of demons blew through the world.

The number of deaths increased day by day, and the screams of the emotional sickness continued in the Central Continent.

“Kill! Aww! I’d rather kill you!”

Those who had nothing more to throw away were forced to completely surrender themselves to suffering.

Lucky people met Sirone and regained a moment of peace, but it was only a stopgap.

Sirone bit his lip.

‘At this rate, everyone will die.’

Neither the earthquake, nor the cold wave, nor the scorching sun seemed to be as terrible as emotional illness.

‘I have to find a way.’

Sirone’s gaze was directed somewhere in the central continent.

World Health Organization.

Sirone watched the patients through the glass windows installed along the long corridor.

All of them, their bodies under pressure, screamed, but no sound came over them.

“The capacity is also limited.” Sirone looked back at Seriel.

Although less than two weeks had passed since the outbreak of emotional illness, her face had been greatly damaged during that time.

“Actually, there is no meaning other than restraint and experimentation. That no anesthetic works.”

The devil’s egg is like that.

“Don’t be too pessimistic. There will be a room law. I am also looking for it in every way.”

At the end of the hallway stood Seriel’s superior, Tenos.

“You’re here early.”

Tenos nodded and said.

“I can’t say good morning. It was urgently evacuated at dawn. All family members are dead.”

The place Tenos pointed to was not an inpatient room, but a small room where patients were consulted.

Looking through the window on the door, I saw a man with his head down.

“Is that Klein?”

There were traces of self-injury even on the outside of the clothes, and the face was skinny like a corpse.

but… … Somehow it seemed lighthearted.

“okay. A farmer who lived outside Baska. As a result of the epidemiological investigation, it is presumed that he was probably the first person infected with emotional disease.”

Sirone was speechless.

“It doesn’t make any sense, but it does. It has already passed through the central continent and spread to the southern continent. In this camp, countless nobles come every day with bags of money.”

Tenos lit a cigarette in front of a no smoking sign.

“They must be hoping for something, to the headquarters of medicine. I wonder if it can at least reduce the pain. But I still haven’t found a way to alleviate the pain, let alone a cure.”

“They were all high-ranking officials or royalty.” Tenos built Arsenic.

“Isn’t it obvious? That’s lucky. I came here with the nameplate of being the first infected person. No, should I say bad luck if I judge it that way? Now I can’t even commit suicide.”

In some cases, the expert’s words offended the listener, so Seriel quickly cut off her words.

“Let’s go in.”

Even while the door was opened, Klein didn’t even react, let alone move.

Dilated pupils, gaping mouth, seemed to be somehow happy.

‘The pain is gone.’ Something was thrown away, and Sirone didn’t want to hear what it was.

From Sirone’s point of view, the reason why emotional illness is more dangerous than other demon realms is not because of pain.


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‘Really dangerous things don’t get destroyed O’

This was the reason why the World Health Organization called emotional disease the Emotion Scale.

“Materials are important for emotions, for example.”

said Tenos.

“Material is life. Food, clothes, a place to rest, of course the sum of them is money. Seekers like you may be trivialized,” Seriel drew the line.

“Sirone doesn’t take it lightly.”

“anyway… … Those who have a lot have a lot to throw away. Besides, it’s cunning. I don’t just throw anything away to suppress the pain. It is said to be finely classified and used one by one. But this farmer couldn’t do either.”

At first glance, it is said that there was nothing left after 3 days of infection with emotional disease.

After that, it’s just a terrible pain.

And this morning he lost a child.

“It’s not just Lee Yijae’s fault. At least I thought it might lessen the pain.”

Even the researchers were the ones Shirone suppressed emotional illness with the Miracle Stream.

The World Health Organization would become a battleground if patients had a way to get rid of their pain.

Having grasped what Tenos wanted, Sirone firmly shook her head.

“The standards are clear. It is used as the quickest way to stabilize the world. Leaning on emotions only adds to the confusion.”

“I guess so.”

There was no way that a country’s royal family or minister would leave it alone after knowing the mystery of Sirone.

‘but… …

Tenos had Klein in his eyes.

‘If the Lord of the world hadn’t come here, that man could have been me.’

Klein opened his mouth.

“Please kill me.”

Seriel walked over and patted his shoulder.

“It was an accident. After three days of suffering, Mr. Klein was already losing his mind.”

“I should have died. Even if I had gone mad, I should have died.”

“First of all, get some rest.” Klein raised his head.

“I have no intention of living. What experiments do you do when you come here? do it. Whatever you do. Cut open my stomach or take out what’s on my head, whatever you want.”

A cold silence passed.

The reason Seriel and Tenos spared their words was because they honestly expected such things.

‘There is a limit to experimenting on nobles. Even the temple’s leading figures are hospitalized here. When a cure comes out, they are the first to get better.’

Seriel suddenly had this idea.

Even though the world is heading towards catastrophe, seeing that we have to consider these things, we wonder, ‘Are humans still worth living?’ Since it was a problem that could not be changed anyway, Seriel got rid of his distracting thoughts and focused again.

‘Klein presumed to be the first infected person.’ Since he had already lost his family, and because it was his own responsibility, he would not choose to do anything.

‘I have a few hypotheses I’d like to confirm. At least a bioequivalence experiment on a banned substance… …

Seriel shook her head.

‘Let’s not lose our reason. The more you hurry, the more important the rules are.’

Having regained her composure, she finished poisoning Klein.

“My heart is grateful. However, according to the 13th Holy War Convention, the World Health Organization… …


Klein prostrated himself in tears.

“I think I’m going crazy because I’m angry, because I’m angry. I want to take revenge on this damn bottle. And me too! Please use me!”

Seriel looked at Sirone’s eyes.

‘Human experiment.’

It must have already been done in the shadows, but the value of the name of the world organization was on a different level.

“If I don’t write, I’d rather die in a place where no one is around. I don’t want to live in terrible pain any longer.”

Sirone asked Tenos.

“How effective will it be?”

“You may fail. However, when it comes to data collection, there is a difference in quality and quantity. After all, this is where the world’s best biologists gather.”

“It must not lead to death.”

“I can’t say. You could die.”

“Even if that were the case, you shouldn’t conduct experiments knowing that you could die.”

Tenos then turned his head.

“What are you thinking?”

Sirone approached Clein, who was touching the ground, and brought her to eye level.

“It can be tough. Are you really prepared?”

“Are you sure? Now ask me to do anything. do whatever it is

I will throw it away.”

Sirone nodded.

“is it so. I will follow your will. Humanity will owe you a great debt.”

Seriel shouted.

“Sirone, what now… … !”

At that time, Sirone raised her hands and raised the smoke of the Miracle Stream.

As the orbs of light gathered from the sky slowly descended, Klein gaped and opened his mouth.

He had never seen magic before.

“Eh, what is this… …

“I will forgive your sins.” As the light of agape descended on Klein’s body, the incubation period of the emotional illness was extended.

“I will never be sick with emotional illness in the future. This is my heart for your determination. Are you still willing to take the test? Even if I refuse, my opinion will not change.”

A fire burned in Klein’s eyes.

“I lost my wife and I killed my children. I want to atone. It never changes.”

Seriel’s eyes warmed, but Tenos still asked with a hard expression.

“Didn’t you tell the patient that you wouldn’t use that ability?”

“The standards are the same. However, Mr. Klein is no longer a hospitalized patient here.”

Sirone stood up and continued.

“Just like me, Seriel, and Mr. Tenos, he’s a person who risks his life to fight for humanity.” Tenos raised his glasses.

‘The fastest way to stabilize the world. Is this Yahweh’s standard?’ It felt like my blood was boiling for the first time in a long time.

“Please, Seriel. Please make a cure. At least in some way to alleviate the pain.”

Seriel kept her mouth shut and nodded.

‘Do it. I will definitely do it. Because that’s the only qualification I can breathe comfortably.’

On that day, an unknown team was formed at the World Health Organization.

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