Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 995

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Tomb of the Gods (1)


Seekers around the world, including Sirone, now understood dreams.

“Dremo is a system that processes logical and illogical signals.”

Sirone said.

“Therefore, signals from the real world and the other world come in at the same time. This is why dreams are contradictory when you wake up.”

Miro added.

“It’s not really a contradiction. It is perfectly logical, at least in dreams.”

Sein agreed.

“That’s what makes hidden codes so scary. Things that can only be dreamed of happen in reality.”

Even now, thinking about Shi-ok made my teeth clench.

‘I’m still in the labyrinth… …

To the extent that not being able to choose her at the time of the 20 judges is the biggest regret of my life.

Of course, I had no intention of hurting Gaold.

‘I don’t deserve it’

Old Ga is the only one who is qualified to love Miro, and that’s why Miro’s heart also had a crack.

‘but… …

What you like is what you like.

Sein, who was looking at Miro’s face, met Kangnan’s gaze.

We both knew what each other was thinking, but in the end, we didn’t show it and looked away.

“by the way.”

Gaold looked up and said.

“Certainly not a place to go sober.”


A monster-like roar was coming from all around the machines turning.

“This is the heart of Dremo.”

The world called somnambulism was spreading frantically before the eyes of Sirone and the others.

Gangnan opened his mouth.

“oh my god… …

No madman’s head seemed like this.

Mysterious structures were repeatedly assembled and dismantled, and among them were ancient artifacts from Sirone’s planet.

Abstract and Impressionist paintings, sound waves exploding like firecrackers, unknown mathematical formulas.

Louver said.

“The process by which illogical emotions are expressed as rational symbols is phenomenal. That is why some people call dreams a source of inspiration.”

Arius, who had robbed countless minds, could only spit out praise this time.

“Awesome. The common sense we know is overturned, and concepts belonging to completely different categories are combined without difficulty.”

Mongah said proudly.

“In dreams, all concepts go through a mysterious combination. There, logic and non-logic are distinguished. When you wake up from the dream, only the logical part remains. This is very important. If illogical code comes up in reality… …

“Because the world is changing.”

Sirone said.

“It is the human mind that defines the world. Therefore, if you perceive the world based on illogical criteria, the world itself will eventually become distorted.”

Sein asked.

“Eating out?”

Mongah nodded.

“yes. But is it rather a small part in that it uses equivalent exchange?”

Louver took the word.

“There are cases where concepts are artificially manipulated. A representative example of this is <Objet>.”


“Concepts that should not have come out to the world of logic are implemented using the expedients of the system. People who do such things are called grave robbers, right?”

When Louver looked away, Arius shrugged.

“Ha, but not all objects that exist in the world are the work of grave robbers, right? <Idea> that Mr. Lian has is also a representative example of self-expression.”

“If you are a user with faith, the system cannot do anything about it. But rules are meant to be followed. The reason I didn’t enter your dream and punish you is because of the rules.”

“… … sorry.”

Louver didn’t scold anymore.

“All right. In any case, there are parts where objects have contributed to the world. Besides, I… …

Louver smiled bitterly.

“It’s not like I’ve never broken a rule.”

“Mr. Louver broke the rules?” It was something even Sirone hadn’t heard.

“That’s right. There was only one time when, with my own will, I brought an object into reality. That is the object that Oh Dae-seong uses, <Demonic Sword Armand>.”

Many thoughts passed by.

Of course, Louver would know the source of all the objects, but it was quite a strange feeling that Armand was made by his own hands.

“I have met Armand. Was she a Hwajok?”

“yes. It was what she wanted. I’ll tell you later when I get a chance.”

Louver has nothing to hide from Sirone.

That’s why I guessed that the reason for avoiding words must have been personal feelings.

‘If it’s Arius… …

The person who handed over Armand to Kazura’s prince Zion must have known something.

But even that Arius just kept his mouth shut with a disgusted look on his face.


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The place Louver led was at the bottom of a huge pyramid.

“This is it.”

The small fountain pointed by Louver contained a viscous red liquid like a mirror.

“A non-physical engine, often called a dream engine. When it is put into operation, the barrier between logic and illogicality breaks down, and the boundaries of space as well as time disappear.”

Sirone said.

“That’s why dreamers can exist in everyone’s dreams at the same time.”

“yes. It is not a logical phenomenon like simultaneous events. It just doesn’t have space-time itself.”

When Louver started the dream engine, blood-red liquid gathered in the air and caused a chaotic change.

Mong-a held out her hand.

“Currently, I am injecting negative energy, Nightmare, into Ymir’s dream. Dreams will be at their maximum, embodying the event that Ymir fears most.”

Arius added.

“If there really is such a thing.”

When everything was ready, the red liquid began to change its shape at a tremendous speed.

Like a human face, like a monster, maybe all of this is an illusion.

“I’m going in.”

As the engine of dreams turned the Drimo, the scenery around it began to change little by little.

It was Ymir’s dream.

It was dark and I couldn’t see anything. ‘here?’

It was as if the world that had swallowed them turned away from their existence.

I heard Gaold’s voice.

“It resembles a vacuum.”

The words were so close to the correct answer that the party rather couldn’t answer.

The maze recited in my head.

‘Ymir’s dream resembles a vacuum.’

Isn’t it natural for Ymir that even insignificant creatures do not appear in his dreams?

Gangnan asked.

“Is this a nightmare? Or do you have no dreams?”

I heard Mona’s voice.

“The problem is that we don’t know that. But I think it’s more likely a nightmare. If it were really a vacuum, it would erase our existence as well as our communication.”

Miro said.

“I used Shining Magic, but the light doesn’t turn on. Sirone, how about Miracle Stream?”

“It is the same. It can be cast, but this space is controlling the phenomenon.”

Sein swallowed his saliva.

‘It’s not just a vacuum. A world of power that even ignores Sirone’s abilities. maybe here… …

It seemed like it could be annihilated.

“There is something.”

Cirone stopped at the sound of Gaold’s voice and looked at the pupils floating in the air.

The reason why I can see even though there is no light, is probably because that is the only reality of this dream.

“It is a nightmare.”

Mona said.

“I don’t know why this is a nightmare… … At least it’s not like Nightmare didn’t work.”

“Hmm, the fear of Ymir.”

Arius raised his chin and analyzed the psychology contained in the keyword eye.

‘Voyeur, watch, watch. Or is it the sensory system? It could be a physical weakness.’

The eye has so much symbolism, but at least it is far better than the infinity of the vacuum.

“It’s getting more and more.”

As he moved, the number of pupils continued to increase.

Even so, the distance could not be measured, and finally the entire darkness was filled with pupils.

‘Many eyes. It’s a passive concept. Are you a persimmon poet? Or resistance to Quan Yin?’ Miro said as Arius kept rolling his head.



Arius, who stopped walking, opened the spirit zone and felt the number of pupils.

Synesthesia’s insights never miss, but this time there were too many.

“The number of pupils is about 10 billion or more. This is probably Gaia’s eye.”

At first glance, he understood, but Miro tilted his head.

“But why 10 billion? Two eyes are a pair. Then over 20 billion

Shouldn’t it be?”

“That’s the point. Why is there only one eye? It is psychological unification. It’s like the friends you hate appearing compressed into a single human being in your dreams.”

The group listened quietly.

“Then here is the problem. Why is the concept of the eye itself not unified? If it’s just a fear of surveillance or voyeurism, wouldn’t one giant eye suffice?”

“well. Because Ankera is there?”

“That is one answer. Avoid conceptually redundant forms. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t output that many numbers. Perhaps this number itself can be a terror to Ymir.”

Sirone looked up.

“Ten billion eyes. Why are you afraid of this?”

“Because there is not one.”

Arius continued.

“Eyes also have the meaning of perseverance and materialization. In other words, 10 billion eyes are defining it. Right on Ymir. And he’s afraid of this situation. thus… …

Arius circled around and aimed at the center of his gaze.

“There is Ymir.” As soon as Arius finished speaking, a shape appeared from the darkness where there was nothing.

Ymir, who was sitting cross-legged, smiled at me with his chin resting on his chin.

“That is correct.”


Everyone took a combat stance, but to be honest, even the people who saw it didn’t know what stance they were taking.

‘I have no sense.’

Because 10 billion eyes don’t define them.

“okay. as it were… … Is this a dream’?”

Normally, they do not recognize dreams, but this Mir was not a being in the ordinary category.

“Yeah, that’s a good way. Perhaps this is what you guys are looking for?”

Ymir held out his hand, and the orb of electricity emitted a blue light.

‘Ultima system.’

It was almost the same shape that Sirone got from Babel.

“Honestly, I feel bad. No enemy has penetrated my mind. Are you a manager? Well, the world is on the brink of destruction… …

Sirone said.

“Ymir, hand it over. If you are really strong, use your strength for the world.”

Ymir willingly held out his hand.

“Okay, take it.”

After watching for a while, Sirone threw herself, but no matter how much she stomped her feet, the distance was not shortened.

‘No, it’s not that kind of problem.’

To be honest, I wondered if I even had feet.

“Look, look, you can’t take it. I don’t even know who you guys are. Do you know why?”

Ymir pursed his lips and said.

“I don’t even care.”

Unless 10 billion eyes define them, they are still nothing.

Ymir absorbed the Ultima System into his palm and slowly stood up.

“I will tell you that I ate one. But you will have to struggle to meet me. Because my memory… …

Ymir’s figure disappeared into the darkness.

“Because it is the tomb of the gods.”

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