Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 994

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Karma Chain (5)

Ethella saw hundreds of chains extending from the heart of the voice, connected in all directions.

Although he did not know the details of the underworld, the chain was telling his identity.

‘Genuine sound.’

A woman who sealed the psychic realm for the sake of mankind.

It was clear that he had entered the state of a living body, and how he felt could be seen by comparing the chains connected to him and Chagall.

“you are… … Is it a true voice?”

Ethella took a step closer and asked.


The voice shuddered, and chains slid from the end of the Valley of Wailing.

A force rushed towards her from all sides.

_Ah ah ah ah ah!

I never made a sound with my mouth, but the cry of my soul was carried on the wind.

“You’re annoying.”

Chagall kept his eyes on the voice with the rapid-fire sword in his hand.

I wasn’t interested in who she was, but it was natural for me to think more about the chain.

“Oh, don’t come… …

A muddy, hoarse voice escaped from the mouth of the voice wrapped in chains.

Ethella said.

“Take it easy. I too, guardian of goodness, will not leave your suffering unattended.”

Clack, clap!

Seongeum, who struggled for a moment, shook his head.



Etela’s eyebrows rose, and Seongeum swayed and looked down.

“Tell Sirone my words. never come here go back.”

“I don’t know what you mean. Where the hell is this? And what about the chain? Why can’t Sirone come here’?”

When the second wave of pain was delivered, Seongeum spread her limbs and raised her head.

-Ah ah ah ah ah!

Hearing the screams of the one called the Steel Lady was a horror in itself.

said the voice.

“This is the Valley of Wailing. The river of the source where the devil of reality flows and the fire of hell flows. but i dried it Instead, it ended up like this.”

Ethella looked around.

If hellfire had flowed here, it would have been unapproachably hot.

The voice spoke.

“I don’t know what happened to you, but the chains represent human karma, real attachments. Chains are hell And those who entered hell in a living state are imprisoned here and made to suffer forever. Until it is purified.”

Etella examined her chains.

“But I, no, we are not bound to Hell. They are connected to each other.”

“I don’t know why. But maybe… … Maybe it means you two are hell for each other.”

While Ethella was lost in thought, Chagall snorted and walked out.

“gibberish. I don’t know if it’s this woman, but these other chains can’t give me any pain. Well, it’s a little annoying, but at this level, hell is a good place to live, right?”

Seong-eum had no expression, but for a moment she looked at Chagall with a pitiful look.

“All is well, wicked man. There is anguish because there is obsession. There is no one who can avoid suffering here. You will end up cursing that chain. You will shed bloody tears like all flesh and blood gods, including me.”

Waves of pain rushed in several times while he was speaking, but the vocal voice was silent for a moment.

‘It’s superhuman mental strength.’

Right now, I don’t know what the chains connected to him and Chagall mean, but at least Seong-eum needed to be released as quickly as possible.

“Is there anything I can do to help?”

“go back.”

The voice repeated the same words.

“There is no way out of the karma chain. no one can quit No, you can’t cut it. Ruin will happen in the real world. Tell Sirone to go back.”

“I can’t.”

If Sirone really came to the Underworld, she would definitely have some possibility.

“I will set you free. wait for me. I will find a way somehow.”

Voice was no more.

Falling into hell and suffering was all she did, but she felt something in the process.

‘Maybe this is also natural?’

Seong-eum, who was watching the karma chain connected between the two of them, said.

“You are free to do anything. but keep in mind This place… … That this is not a place where you are left to care about the suffering of others. One day your karma chain will bind you.”

“We will overcome.”

Just like the voice does.

Ethella turned around and looked up at the Valley of Weeping.

“Let’s go. The first step is to get out of here and get information.”

Chagall laughed.

“Do you think I will let that happen? First of all, I don’t care what happens to that woman. and… … If it’s what you want, I won’t do anything.”

Ethella opened her cold eyes for the first time and glared at Chagall’s face.

It was the look of hatred and resentment that I couldn’t see even after countless battles in reality.

Perhaps it was Etela’s personal feelings, not the spokesperson for good.

“You are not the only one who can restrain me. I can redeem you too. If I want to see who wins, I will.”


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Chagall kept her mouth shut.

Of course, I wasn’t scared, but looking at Etella’s eyes, I felt an inexplicable anxiety.

‘What is this?’

A stimulus that made a corner of the heart flinch along the karma chain was transmitted.

It was similar to the emotion that completely changed his life in the real world.


Now, the face of a woman who doesn’t even know if it’s real or not comes to mind.


Chagall shrugged.

“Okay, there’s nothing to do, so let’s go. But remember. I will never see you smile.”

Ethella put on a hateful expression again, but was satisfied with this and went to the wall.

The two people, tied to Taegeuk’s chains, began to climb the rock wall.


Lian, who was moving her steps, stopped abruptly.

Because again the chains of Gehenna ricocheted out of his heart and pierced him into the ground.


When I tried to break it with the power of divine transcendence, the second and third chains came out.


When Sirone turned around, Rian, who felt impatience in his gaze, put more effort into it.

The three chains broke with a clank, and the source of the devil seeped into his body.


” are you okay?”

Lian nodded.

“I just got used to it. I knew the trick. But, this is really inconvenient. They come out without even trying.”

“Perhaps it is impossible to move in hell while incarnated. You must be a special case.”

Is this really an unusual case?

‘Lian’s chain burns hellfire.’ As I guessed, it could have been an error shaking the foundations of the system behind the scenes.

‘According to Guffin’s experience, there must have been an upper class in addition to Satan’s army in the Underworld.’

If so, there was a high possibility that they were keeping an eye on them.

‘Eventually some movement will be revealed. I need to find something like a city in it.’

Although the psychic realm is sealed, demons from the real world are endlessly flowing into the other side world.

No, now that the Pandemonium has been opened, Hell must have been saturated with unprecedented visitors.

‘Even if all the fires of hell were extinguished, the world itself would not be purified.


What Sirone was aiming for was to meet the person who manages the hell system.

“Let’s go, Sirone.”

Lian, who did not want to cause concern, moved first, and Sirone followed without a sound.

The reason why I wasn’t so lonely even after falling into hell was probably because Lian was by my side.

As I climbed to the top of the sheer mountain peak, I heard a strangely huge scream that I had never heard before.

“That one?”

Countless humans were walking towards the place where the huge river of fire flowed.

The reason they couldn’t escape was because there were countless hungry ghosts around them.

“That’s a huge number.”

There were so many hungry ghosts that the army of hell that invaded reality was not even the number.

“Aww! Aww!”

Devils attacked and ate humans from all sides, and those at the forefront were being whipped by masked demons and drowned in the river of fire.

“Those bastards!” Rian grabbed the big sword, but Sirone opened her mouth with a calm expression.

“calm down. I am not a human living in reality. It’s just that the emotions at the moment of death are embodied in human form.”

“but… … You are suffering.” Ryan doesn’t know what’s difficult.

“If the chains represent the attachments of this world, then they don’t have chains. Emotions have entered the other world, but the mind must have already gone elsewhere.”

“By other places, do you mean the outside world?”

“… … anywhere. Because no one knows What I’m trying to say is, I’m not really a referee. It is a system in which the emotions of reality flow into the other world and are purified.”

“It’s a cold world.”

If there is no salvation or hell in the first place.

The two of them quickly descended the peak to a place where there was a procession of people.

Everyone was naked, and demons watching for an opportunity were attacking people.

“Aaaaaa! help me!”

When an anglerfish brought a human, dozens of them rushed around it and ripped off the flesh.

A demon wearing a mask wields a whip

drove away the demons.

“Go away! Do you know how scarce the resources are right now? Anyway, it’s a problem everywhere.”

Sirone read the letters written on the armbands on their forearms with Ultima.

‘Fire Resources Management Corporation.’

While moving among the crowds, countless people were eaten by hungry ghosts.

“scared. scared.”

The woman walking beside her turned to Lian.

“Where are we going? Will it disappear like this? No, I don’t want to disappear.”

I know it’s a system. But even if it was a lie, Lian couldn’t turn a blind eye to those who were suffering.

“Sirone, I don’t quite understand.”

Sirone nodded.


And that would be the reason humans have to fight in this cold world.

“How can I save them?”

“Hell fire.”

Sirone pointed forward.

“You can get rid of the river of fire. But even with Yahweh’s light, it’s hard to get rid of all that… …

“Hey, you two there.”

An employee of the chemical company noticed the strangeness and approached.

“What are you guys?”

The biggest proof was that Sirone and Lian didn’t feel fear.

“Why are you here? It’s not a place for you guys to be. Get lost in the original world.”

At that moment, several chains protruded from Lian’s heart and pinned him to the ground.

The surprised employee of the chemical company watched without a word and then slowly raised his head.

“Gehenna. no way… …

The Chemical Corporation had already issued instructions for those who had broken the chains of Gehenna.

“Kill! It’s this guy!”

The procession became a mess, and the staff as well as the ghosts rushed at Lian.

“I will stop. Eliminate the fires of hell.”

Sirone stepped forward and radiated the light of Yahweh, and the demons burned in an instant.

Meanwhile, Lian broke her chains and ran into the river of fire.

‘Can I do it?’

Without time to figure out a way out, he jumped into the river before the chains went in.

“No, no!”

The fireman shouted, but Lian’s body had already fallen into the fire.


Hundreds of chains sprang from Lian’s heart and began to suck in the hellfire.

“Uh-oh… …

In a situation unprecedented in the world behind the scenes, the staff stopped fighting and watched the scene.

A violent foam rose in the middle of the river, which after a while retroactively calmed down.

“Rian… …

Sirone looked back with a nervous expression, and the worker at the chemical company smiled faintly.

“That’s right, where the fires of hell quaaaaaaagh!

A single flash of light pierced the flames and soared into the sky.

The great jigsaw <idea> linked to the chain gushed endlessly and pierced a huge hole in the cloud of fire.

Along the chain, a planetary scale of flame twisted like a twist and ascended to heaven, and a river of fire began to reveal its bottom.

Sirone, the staff, the hungry ghosts and the humans all stopped moving in a state of fascination.


Lian, who was extending a chain from his heart, was roaring with his limbs wide open.

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