Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 992

Karma Chain(3)

Galliante Island.

When the Ultima System Extraction Team arrived at Mount Toa, Kergo Chief Mahatu came out to meet them.

“Welcome, Mr. Sirone.”

“yes. How are you? I’m sorry to say this as soon as I arrive, but I’ll take care of you for a while.”

“Thank you. It is the glory of Kergo.”

Mahatu went down underground and led them to a mysterious temple.

It was a scene familiar to Miro and Gaold.

“The Kergo tribe. It’s a fortress, but… … Will it be safe?”

To Sein’s concern, Mahatu said.

“There is a separate shelter underground. My direct subordinates will take turns guarding it 24 hours a day.”

Because they have to go through Dremo, the team members have no choice but to fall asleep defenseless.

It was the reason Sirone set up a base on the island.

‘While sleeping, activity is impossible. I want to avoid overlapping simultaneous events.’

Mahatu emphasized again.

“Please leave it to me. I will risk Kergo’s honor and my life to protect you.”

Arius said while crawling on the ground.

“The dreamer can penetrate the dream. Through Drimo, you will enter Ymir’s REM area, the 6th level of depth. But getting out is another matter. I can’t install the door.”

Divers inject keywords into objects and use them to install doors.

“This is absolutely magic. Keywords cannot be injected into Ymir outside the galaxy. Even if he did, he would die instantly.”

Miro asked.

“Then how do we get out?”

“If you really intend to come back alive, I would like to tell you to stop now.”

“Answer me.”

Arius fell forward as Miro kicked him in the butt, landing his chin on the floor.

“It comes from the deep sea. Falling from Ymir’s Dream to Drimo again. But the reason it’s quite difficult is, once you get to the depths, the upper levels become a complete mayhem. Because the core of the self has been attacked.”

Gangnan rested his chin.

“Battle is unavoidable. In other words, you mean we have to break through the Egoists, right?”


Arius burst into laughter and quickly coughed.

“sorry. It’s so absurd. Think about it anyway. Even in the current room, Ymir is the strongest. But now we are entering the world where Ymir is the master.” The atmosphere got heavy. “I have no intention of giving you despair. Our team also has Mr. Polar, Fraternity, and Autumn de. What I want to say is, the choice to fight and win must be made before death. Once you enter Ymir’s mind, a lot of information will come to you. I’ll try to find a way out somehow.”

The moment Arius’ explanation ended, the group entered a bunker deep inside Mount Toa.

There was a bed prepared in advance, and several days worth of food and water were piled up in a corner.

Mahatu said.

“Once you shut the door, no one could open it until you gave a signal, forever. Even after 100 years, this gate will be guarded by Kergo’s descendants.”

It was a grandiose statement, but no one knew what would happen.

“thank you. I’ll be back.”

After Sirone’s greeting, Mahatu closed the door, and complete darkness came.

Sirone, who cast lighting magic, pointed to the bed.

“Let’s start. It would be better to come up with a specific strategy by entering Ymir’s mind first.”

As the six occupied the bed one by one, Arius cast a sleep spell.

Sirone slowly opened her eyes.

It was inside a cabin that seemed abandoned a long time ago, and moonlight was seeping through the walls.

As I focused my senses with lucid dreaming, I felt myself sitting on a chair in the center of the cabin.

A cold wind, the smell of old dust.

A skinny girl in a white rag was walking around the cabin with her hair covering her face.

‘It’s a nightmare.’

You will probably have to be locked in a hut with an unknown girl until the end of this section.

A normal person would have been crushed by the scissors, but Sirone calmly opened her mouth.


Louver’s satellite and dream designer.

“I don’t have time to play around.”

The door to the cabin creaked open and a pale-faced, goofy-eyed boy entered.

“sorry. But it’s no joke. The fastest way to use nightmares

Because it is.”

Sirone and Mong-a followed the girl passing between them and turned their gazes.

“what does it mean?”

“It doesn’t make any sense. That’s the hallmark of nightmares. In short, it just needs to be terrible.”

Mong-a grabbed the girl’s wrist and lifted her dark hair covering her face.

A distorted face appeared as if it had melted in the heat.

“Nightmares deal with negative energy. Events unfold in a way you never want to experience. In reality, everyone wants a girl to have a pretty face, and they probably do too… …

“Behind it, there is a psychology that fears the worst is about to happen.”

“That’s right. The reason this is important is because the dreamer intends to inject Ymir with nightmares. Even if you are the owner of a dream, if you are surrounded by negative energies, everything will attack Ymir. Then we can save the mobility of our team.”

Sirone blinked and was lost in thought.

“I know it works, but… … Is there really a situation where this Mir feels fear?”

“I don’t know. However, since it is using the inner energy, the possibility is not completely absent. In fact, what worries me more is when the nightmare actually unfolds.”

It must have been on a different level from the nightmares of ordinary people.

“Let’s leave at once. By now, the others must have followed the nightmare.”

Sirone got up from her chair and looked back at the girl before going out the door.

Sirone, who was staring at her barefoot, slowly lifted her hair.

A pretty face appeared.

When the girl smiled, revealing her white teeth, Sirone smiled and stroked her hair.

“everything will be alright.”

At the end of the wasteland sucking in the moonlight, Maze and the others were waiting.

10 kingdoms of the archipelago.

Most of the island was submerged as the tsunami caused by the earthquake in Gamagin, the commander of the corps, caused a tidal wave.

Sirone, on board a sailboat carrying refugees, looked at the sea from the deck.

‘The Kingdom of Dionas.’

Although it is the least damaged country, it would take several months to cross the windless zone.


Poine, the poisonous dragon, approached Sirone.

“According to Kaios, the tectonic plates are constantly shaking. If a tsunami occurs, people on the boat will not be safe.”

“It is not a one-off. It’s serious.” Demon world is another poem planted in reality

Because it’s stem, it was impossible to block it

‘As long as the purification of hell does not end… …

While Sirone was in trouble, the crew carried blankets and food to the deck.

“Now, take turns! Since supplies are limited, we will distribute only the quantity. If we do, we don’t know how we will change!”

The reason for threatening them is probably because they know how cruel it is to survive in an isolated sea.

“… … I will eat.”

One by one, the people who came alive in their exhausted eyes headed for supplies.

started to gather.

“Back off!”

At that time, the stalwart knight pulled out his sword.

“Where is the commoner going to lay his hand! According to the laws of the kingdom, Minister Desika will cook first.”

People’s eyes turned to one place.

Decica, the interior minister of Rosarion Kingdom, was taking a break with a cold expression.

“Move! I mean Vicky!”

The knight who defeated the people brought a thick blanket and plenty of food and presented them to the minister.

The expressions of the sailors who watched the scene became grim, but they could not handle the article of the Home Secretary.

“There will be problems. The bread taken by a skinny human like that anchovy is one-fifth of the total.”

Because there was not enough time to load supplies, the amount of food per person went far short of one meal.

“At least you have to eat your fill. Well, since it’s a creature, it’s only natural.”

In Poine’s eye smile, there was condensation of unapproachable miasma.

“What would you like to do? If you give only one name, this old man will give you a sharp admonition…

“Let’s go.”

Poine tilted her head.


“We should get it too, bread and water.”

Sirone, who waited at the end of the line, was able to pack supplies on her turn.

As expected, bread was scarce, and all they got was half a bucket of water and a shabby blanket.

Those who couldn’t eat were angry, but the knight’s sword was still more frightening than hunger.

Poine sat down next to Sirone.

“Messiah must have a lot of troubles too. In my opinion, ‘extraction’ is also fine.”

One way would be to remove factors hindering integration.

Sirone said.

“Desica is not fair. However, in order to extract, a more fundamental standard is needed. If everyone in this seat becomes Decica, what other actions can be taken? Because principles and principles alone do not unite human beings.”

“What matters is the heart… …

Poine spared his words, but the light in his slender eyes became even more terrifying.

“Drink slowly.”

When Sirone looked away, the girl was drinking all the water for the day.

“Oops. It looks like you drank seawater. It is an unbearable pain for children.”

As expected, the child who licked the last drop cried out, as if it hadn’t sunk.

“Mom, I’m thirsty! I will die of thirst!”

Although the mother could not even touch the water, her child’s pain burned her even more.

“Water, water… …

As people’s eyes turned to the minister, Desicca turned her head away.

‘No water. It is said that the knights can find food, but water is life in the sea.’

Then Sirone beckoned and called.

“Baby, come here.”

When the child who saw the water ran to it as if possessed, Sirone handed him an open water bottle.

“Drink this.”

The child raised his head and emptied the water in an instant.

“Are you okay now?”


As the child bowed his head in disdain, Poine held his water bottle and said,

“Take this to your mother. Instead, you should drink sparingly from now on. got it?”

The child hesitated, but eventually accepted the reality without turning away from the pain of the family.

“thank you.”

A heavy silence fell on the deck.

The man on the other side jumped up as if he had made up his mind, approached Sirone, and offered him water.

“ruler. Take a sip.”

The man who received Sirone’s gaze scratched the bridge of his nose with an embarrassed expression.

“I can’t give you everything, but we should help each other and live. drink. Because there is no need to be burdened.”

As if a wall had been demolished, people were finally able to see who was around them.

“excuse me… … Let’s eat this together.”

A small loaf of bread was split in half and divided into the hands of those who had not been fed.


A young man handed Poine a bucket of water.

“Take this. You’re older, but if you don’t drink even one sip, you can’t stand it in broad daylight.”

The gaze of the venomous dragon, said to be the cruelest among the 12 apostles, pierced the bucket.

Water is just a drop to a dragon.

However, her smile had a different warm energy than before.

“Thank you, young man.”

Taking a sip of lukewarm water, Poine turned his gaze to Desicca.

‘Criteria for extraction.’

The Messiah’s words finally made sense.

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