Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 987

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Crete, the capital of Tormia.

The screams that had been heard all over the capital the night before were quieted down around dawn.

From the tallest watchtower, Miro captured the pale scenery of dawn.

‘He must have found his own way.’

Because a lazy person cannot exist in the face of pain.


Miro was like that too.

There was nothing precious to her who sealed her heart to protect the good.

The only way is to accept the pain.

‘It’s painful.’

It was as if knives were mixed in his veins.

I was afraid to even breathe because every breath of air seemed to tear my organs.

‘I wish time would stop.’

Who can dream of a hopeful future in a life where every moment is painful?

‘I have to endure it.’

At least Gaold did, so she clenched her fists and took a deep breath.


Just as the signal of pain pierced his brain, Gaold’s voice was heard from the door of the watchtower.

“Initially… …

Standing side by side with Maze, he looked down at the city and opened his mouth.

“I am angry. When you’re too angry, listen to fight the pain. Picking up the wounds, prodding them. But how long can that be? In the end, you are the one who hurts.”

Before I got emotionally ill, I thought it was all about putting up with the pain.

‘Pain is not like that.’

Any terrible pain can be endured if there is hope that one day it will go away.

‘True pain is… …

The fact that it never ends.

‘Can I hold on, can I? Will I be able to fight to the end without succumbing to pain?’

like Gaold.

‘Stupid child. how… … How can I live like this?’

I thought I understood all human emotions on the journey to the extreme.

How arrogant.

‘Human beings shouldn’t talk carelessly about things they haven’t experienced.’

I thought I knew Gaold’s pain.

It will be hard enough to die. It will hurt thousands, tens of thousands of times more than if my hand was cut.

that would be really terrible

‘… … say.’

should have been silent

At least I shouldn’t have made any judgments about his pain.

Gaold asked.

“Are you really going?”

There is no way to survive in the spirit of Ymir, where 10 billion Gaians are united.

“If you’re thinking of paying with your life to go sightseeing, I won’t stop you… …


Miro shook her head.

“I don’t care how the mind came about. It’s just there what you need to get rid of evil.”

“What are you going to do? You really don’t think you can make it, do you?”

“Why are you asking me that?”

Miro smiled at Gaold.

“You have to find a way.” “Find it. Whether it’s chasing me and protecting me, fighting enemies, or beating up Ymir, it’s up to you. Somehow get the Ultima System in my hands.”

“I don’t like it… … i won’t tell But what if you can’t? There are things that are impossible.”


Miro grabbed Gaold’s collar with both hands.

“Then I die. Do you see what I mean? It’s saying I can’t be happy. Do you want to die in pain?”

While receiving Miro’s evil gaze, Do Gaold’s expression did not change.


Miro sighed and placed her forehead on Gaold’s chest.

“Do you know what annoys you the most?”


“That you are stronger than me. You, the human being, would be annoyed and annoying to death, but since there is still value to use, you can’t get rid of it. That makes me so angry.”

“… … I’ll try my best.”

Miro raised her head.

“Let’s go in together, in the spirit of Ymir. I’ll come up with the means, so take care of your emotional illness.”

Gaold thought simply.

It would be enough to raise the sense of pain much more than it is now, that is, to an unimaginable level.

“I’m going to talk to Sirone.”

As Gaold tried to leave the watchtower, Miro, who was watching his back, opened his mouth.


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“I will ask you one thing.”

Gaold stopped at the door.

“Why do you like me?”

As he tilted his head, as if he hadn’t expected it, Miro asked as if to scowl.

“Am I that pretty? Are you in good shape? Or are you just coming? He always makes it hard for you.”


With an absurd smile on his face as if he was going to listen to everything, he said as he pulled the doorknob.

“Why do you hate me?”

After Gaold went down the stairs, Miro thought for a while.

Neither could she say anything.

Three streets, 32 kilometers from Baska.

The two-headed carriage stopped, and Meniruki and Nade unloaded the large suitcases.

“Is this right?”

Iruki checked the sign.

“That’s right, the fork in the journey. Did we arrive sooner?”

Just as they were about to check the time, the smoke from the Miracle Stream condensed in front of the two of them.


Sirone, who appeared in front of them by quantum transmission, smiled and raised her hand.

“Did you wait long?”

said Nade.

“no. We’re just here too. But what about the wagon? Shall we leave it here?”

It was the time to prepare for the next two days and start the mission in earnest.

Iruki and Nade planned to spread the Ultima System on a pilgrimage around the world following Sirone.

“Because we’ll be going around remote areas, that would be good. And I’m sorry. Dorothy and Mr. Liz, actually you can go together.”

Iruki shook his head.

“There is not enough manpower in the capital. At times like this, you should also draw on connections you don’t have. She said Dorothy was bringing an excavation team.”

said Nade.

“Liz will also join Pony. I handed over everything about the elemental bomb manufacturing plant.”

Friends of friends and friends of friends, where the hell is the enemy?

Nade asked, weighing the backpack on his shoulders.

“Then where shall we go?”

Although Sirone learned all the geography of the world through Omega, the aftermath of the war was unknown.

“How about this?”

Iruki unfolded the world map in his head that he had been saving since Valkyrie General Command.

“To explain my map, every place where the army of hell passed is lit up. The dark part is sparse like an island. I think we can use that place as a point to move.”

“aha. Then where is the nearest one?”


As I zoomed in on the world map with my thoughts, thousands of place names within a radius came to mind.

“The Borshua region.”

Sirone nodded.

“It’s the Akros Kingdom.”

As a country that came down long along the coastline, it had a border with Tormia to the north.

“Although it was almost destroyed in the war, it seems that the area near the seaside has not suffered much damage. Let’s go there first.”

Nade asked.

“But what about emotional illness? I’m buying time with Sirone’s ability now, but I won’t be able to handle it later.”

“I guess there is no back. It will be solved if Sirone and Li An purify the back world. If it’s impossible… … Iruki shrugged his shoulders.

“Isn’t it the same anyway? The end of the world.”

“Of course it is. What I’m worried about is that we’ll be incurable before the Underworld is cleansed.”

The threshold of pain rises endlessly, and in order to calm it down, the power of Hexa must continue to grow stronger.

Sirone said.

“It’s a bad thing to have your ability to act at a critical moment. but this is for the best According to Seriel… …

Sirone gave them information he had just received from the World Health Organization.

“It seems that emotional diseases can be transmitted through the human body. Emotional disease outbreaks were also found in areas other than the direction of the wind. It was confirmed by the World Climate Organization.”

Iruki’s expression became serious.

“Hmm, then the propagation speed must be faster than expected. There will be those who give up their hometown to soothe their pain. You’re giving up the biggest material piece of real estate, your house.”

“huh. Pony took emergency containment measures, but since even the soldiers are infected, it’s impossible to prevent them from escaping. That’s why you made the decision. Those who carry out the core mission are trying to increase the incubation period with Hexa’s ability.”

Since they were a community with the same destiny, Iruki and Nade also accepted their opinions meekly.

“I understand. Then let’s go.”

The world is heading toward ruin day by day, but the hearts of the three are a little excited.

said Nade.

“Come to think of it, this is my first trip after graduation. We promised before, let’s be together even when we go out into society. A dream has finally come true.”

“It’s because it’s free. Was unemployed a dream?”

Nade pointed at Iruki’s words.


“Then he is also dog hair! Just get better. I will make a lot of money.”


Listening to the two bickering, Sirone let out a relieved laugh for the first time in a long time.

‘Yes, I’ll start from here.’ I hope everyone can laugh


Miro came to the room.

“What are you doing?” It could be said that the atmosphere in the royal castle was heavy because Lian had to leave for the Underworld soon.

“interview. Did you hear from Gaold?”

“yes. I decided to go with Drimo. I’ll be leaving as soon as Lian’s work is done.”

“huh. Before that, there is something I want to say. I can deliver it anytime, but when I enter Mir’s mind, I only want to focus on the mission.”

It seemed that he was giving homework.

“Yes, please.”

“I mean Havitz.”

Power entered Miro’s eyes.

“I got a lot of information while attempting to assassinate Havitz this time. I’m sure he’s the most dangerous. If the circumstances are right, he could even kill his Buddha.”

Sirone was just listening.

“Quan, who attacked Habits while listening to God’s frequency, expressed the situation at the time like this. that it was embarrassing He said he felt like a delusional child.”


Quan’s feelings were fully understood.

“But Havits definitely exists. There must have been moments when Mei Ray and Lian felt something. Therefore, it is not delusion, but we who dismiss it as delusion are the problem.”

“Limits of Perception.”

“okay. The quantum barrier you mentioned. If the human mind defines everything, vanishing is the exact opposite. Havitz is in the realm where nothing should be defined.”

“for example… … Is it purity?” Miro clicked with her fingers.

“That’s right. pure existence. In other words, if you are a child who has just opened your eyes and accepts the world without any preconceived notions, can you see Habits?”


Sirone rested her chin.

“Perhaps, no, you can definitely see it. because… …

both said at the same time.

“Even if you see it, you don’t see it.” Miro nodded her head.

“He can see Harvits. It’s because I don’t even know what the form of Havitz is. Without any preconceived notions, it just sucks in all the signals it gets into the optic nerve.”

“… … It is not invincible.”

Said Sirone, who was lost in thought.

“But isn’t it the same? How do you get help from a toddler who doesn’t even know what a Havitz is?”

“There is one.”

Sirone’s eyes widened.

“A child who is not perfect, but still close. No, that kid could kill Habits.”

“that is… … Who are you?”

Miro raised his index finger and said.

“Wenna Wizard.”

Along with Nane, Jin Seong-eum, and Sirone, it was a name that was listed as the 6th place in the list of candidates for the Ivory Tower.

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