Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 985

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At the Creas Defense Forces Infirmary, Alfeas underwent surgery to put the bone fragments together.

Excluding Alpheas, numerous wounded soldiers were bleeding and moaning in pain.


They saved their lives with recovery magic, but they suffered severe functional damage to their bodies.

Lyria asked.

“Sirone, how can you help me?”

“Nothing is impossible with quantum phenomena, but curing someone is an elusive problem. Hexa’s ability is that two people’s perceptions collide over one world.”

Sirone turned around.

“Usually I win. You can’t beat me for feeling the world based on my 11 senses. But what if it was the body of another person or a common thought recognized by everyone? For example, asking the sun to suddenly disappear would probably be difficult.”

said Dante.

“Everybody thinks it’s impossible


“okay. If it were me, I would get rid of the sun with greater power, but my heart is different from the law. The Miracle Stream could take your life. Because death is a natural perception. But I can’t make you a woman. It is because it is a certainty that transcends the five senses.”

“Hmm, it’s a technique of the heart.” Sirone took out a ballpoint pen.

“The basis of Hexa is a perfect state of mind. For example, if I recognize that this ballpoint pen does not exist… …

The ballpoint pen is gone.

“It really doesn’t exist. It also means that my perception overwhelms you. But if you can create the same state of mind as me, you can too.”

Sirone handed over a ballpoint pen, and Dante took it and stared at it.

‘Ballpoint pens do not exist.’

He tried to erase it somehow, but the ballpoint pen was still imprinted in his hand and in his eyes.

“… … I understand. No matter what method you use, a perfect state of mind cannot be created. As long as we don’t know what the condition is, we can’t block suspicion.”

Sirone nodded.

“It is the limit of perception. People in particular are incredibly confident in their bodies. Regenerating an amputated leg would be something that could never be established from their point of view. No matter how desperate you are.”

“If you truly believe it?”

Eden asked.

“What if someone believed in the power of the mind to the same extent as common sense? Can it be cured then?”

“Then nothing is impossible.”

Sirone smiled.

“But if it were that easy, we wouldn’t be fighting hard. Legal treatment is the most convenient way to fix the principal’s knee. It is not necessary to solve simple quadratic equations with algebra.”

While Dante, Eden, and Lilia were testing the quantum phenomenon by passing ballpoint pens around, Sirone looked at the scenery of the infirmary and headed for the door.

Dante followed.

“Where are you going?”

All the demons in Creas City had been wiped out, and the refugees had also joined the city.

“Wherever. There are soldiers here and there are people to share the pain with, but there are also places where it is not.”

“Can we do quantum transfer?”

“Simultaneous events are like a paving stone. When the two me recognize each other, one disappears. Beings with 5 senses would not be able to recognize each other even if they were placed between just one wall, but I have 11 senses.”

Dante kept his mouth shut.

“Quantum is a phenomenon originally created to build systems on a cosmic scale. There is a feeling that time and space are too narrow to be used inside the planet. If two me pass by at a distance of several tens of kilometers, it is about the extent of normal humans barely passing each other.” Sirone brought his two fists together, almost sticking together, and slowly crossed them.

“No need to complicate things.] You shouldn’t be aware that there is another me in a certain space. But what if a fierce battle takes place in a certain space? I will maximize my senses to fight.”

Sirone spread her right hand and covered her left fist.

“In this case, the first I recognized becomes the real one, and all the remaining me becomes emptiness. If you’re on an important mission, there’s bound to be a setback.”


“I want to move as organically as possible within the scope I can afford. There are many villages outside of Creas, so I’m thinking of going there. In the meantime, please.”

“Don’t worry about that. however… … Dante’s face nodded happily

it got serious

“When will you come? Emotional disease.”

This was the reason why Sirone and the others couldn’t smile comfortably even though they had won a small victory.

“Within 24 hours.”

Sirone slowly turned around.

“You have to prepare, Dante. We will all see a different world than before. mind

keep the tone and… …

What I wanted to say was this.

“Save yourself.”

Pesian kingdom.

It was around 2:00 in the morning when the remnants of the demons rushed into the kingdom south of Tormia.

As it belonged to the poorest country in the Southern Continent, it lacked supplies and manpower to stop the demons.

At around 4:00 in the morning, the demons that penetrated the capital spread radially and slaughtered humans as they could be seen.

The port city of Verikent.

Dark blood soaked into the lifeline of Pescia, where 200,000 people live.

“Aww! Save people!”

The demons who occupied Verikent were an army led by Brigadier Della under the command of the 6th Corps.

Dela, the demon of delusion, took the form of a slender girl with black hair that hung down to her shoulders.

However, his true color was the worst of evils, playing with human emotions like toys.

“Please save me. Please, please save me.”

About 100 people who entered the pier after fleeing the alley knelt down and prayed.

Men, women, old people and children.

While searching for a target, she spotted a stout man glaring at her.


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He, who had fought the sea all his life, was showing a distinct aggression unlike other people.

Dela asked in the language of the behind the world.

“Don’t you like me?”

The language of the demons felt like tearing dozens of sheets of paper at the same time.

“What are you talking about, dirty evil


He fired hard, but he knew that the man also had no chance of winning against the demons.

‘Aim for a gap and jump into the sea.’

The sun hadn’t risen yet, so if you dived under the water and hid in a ship, you might be able to save your life.

“Looks like the captain, let’s have a bout. If I beat you, how about releasing me?”

After thinking for a moment, Della nodded.


It was human language, and the man was displeased that his voice was unexpectedly beautiful.

‘Pretend to fight and fall to the side.’

The distance to the water is 20 meters.

If it was a demon, it was a distance that could catch up in one second, but the story would be different if you avoided the blow.

‘You can avoid it. can avoid… …

Sparks flew from his brain like a revelation, and the man threw himself away, blocking his thoughts.

don’t look back

Relying on his senses while still breathing, he threw himself off and rolled on the floor.

‘I run here.’

I saw the Black Sea.

As the man plunged into the water with a splash, the captives exclaimed.


Jealousy for life and despair that he will die at the same time.

“It’s not human, but it’s a human choice.”

Della turned to the people.

“One person escaped, so you guys will have to pay for that crime. Previously… … Anyone else up for the challenge?”

As soon as the words were finished, those who could run with all their might raised their hands.

Della chuckled.

“Okay, give me a chance. from you there Take a step back to the sea. I will kill one person for every step I take.”

The man who was called stood up immediately, but his face hardened after hearing the words behind him.

“That, like that… …

“How is it? You were going to throw everything away and run away anyway, right? If you’re going to do it, do it proudly. start.”

Numerous gazes pressed the man.

“If you don’t like it, make someone else do it?”

Before he had time to make a decision, his foot moved backwards by itself and took a step.

“For now, one person.”

Della waved her hand and blew the old man’s head off.


The woman screamed, but she was also hit and pierced through Della’s blow.

“He who cries also dies. Go ahead.”


When the man cried, Della even designated a person to show him.

was a child

“Okay, this time I’m going to kill him. What are you doing, run away? Or will you come back? Is it better to wait for someone else to kill you?”

“Save me, please save me. please… … As the man ej*culated, Della’s expression became ecstatic.

“walk. Or should I trade you with this kid? This kid will run away whether you die or not.”

Bloodstains rose in the eyes of those who bowed their heads.

‘Evil! devil!’

And among them was Etela, who was once filled with the will of goodness.

There was still a spark of goodness left, but it was just a weak emotion like a burnt-out charcoal.

‘What can I change?’ During her hiding she was the one who descended to the edge of the abyss where humans could fall.

‘Everyone will die anyway.’

the devil is coming

Here comes the worst human ever, roaming the planet only after her scent.

Della shouted.

“good! Then let’s give this kid a chance!”


Della’s hand went up as the man with his eyes tightly closed took a step back.

“Ho-ho-ho! I knew it!”

Just as I was about to split the child’s head with the water tap, I heard a scream from the other side of the pier.


It was the demon’s scream.


Turning her head, Della’s eyes widened, and she saw countless men falling in her field of vision.

Hundreds of fountains of blood gushed from the backlit shadows.

“Sniff sniff. Sniff sniff.”

The sound of sniffing like a dog.

Then there was the sound of iron striking and the sound of something heavy dragging the floor.

“… … Here.”

I saw the silhouette of a man pulling a bundle as large as a wagon with one hand.

It was Chagall of the rapid-fire sword.

When the red was broken by an uninvited guest, Della gave instructions with a frown.

“What are you doing? Go and kill him.”

At the same time as the demons rushed in, Chagall’s arms disappeared with the bee’s flapping sound.


A structure unique to a rapid-fire sword, dozens of blade shells rushed in and embedded themselves in the bodies of the demons.

The muddy blood of the demons burst like a fountain through the hole in the blade that had completely penetrated.


With the appearance of a master who could not be found in the Pesia kingdom, hope dwelled in the eyes of the people.

“Sal, please save me!”

As soon as a woman ran, all the people who gained courage got up and ran to Chagall.

“Save me! Those bad demons… … Kuck!”

A rapid-fire sword was lodged in the man’s neck, and the slaughter began before he could even scream.

Della watched with a blank expression.

“… … What is that?”

It wasn’t human, it wasn’t human.

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