Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 984

What you can’t choose (3)


After confirming that the two were all right, Sirone said with a smile.

“Please wait.”

The sound of the Hand of God pouring building debris into the clearing at the top of the mountain could be heard from here.

“what? however… …

The postures of Alpheas and Olivia lying down were quite meaningful.

“What were you two doing?” Realizing that she was still in her arms, Olivia dropped her hastily.


Alpheas groaned in pain.

“Mi, I’m sorry. are you okay?”

As if the pain was not going away easily, he frowned arrogantly and winked at Sirone.

“Thank you for saving me, but can you cover it up again? It was a very important topic right now.”

Olivia’s face brightened.

“What nonsense are you talking about, you crazy old man!”

Sirone laughed.

Seeing that both of them were full of energy, it seemed that there was no internal injury.

“I’ll take it out now.”

The Hand of God penetrated the ground and lifted the two as if they were being pulled out of water.

“Hmm, light.”

Alpheas smiled.

Who would have known that the child who asked what magic was would become the light that saves the world.

Upon reaching the ground, Olivia was able to confirm the power of the bomb that had just exploded.

“oh my god… …

The entire radius was blown away, and a huge crater was formed where they were.

Shiina came running.

“Sir! Are you okay? how

what happened? The school exploded!”

Olivia chinned.

While receiving emergency treatment from Sirone, Alfeas raised his thumb.

said Rayna.

“My kneecap was crushed. The magical treatment was given by Sirone, but I think he will have to combine surgical operations.”

“I must go to the army. It would be the only place where you can meet surgery in this situation.” Sade’s voice was heard from outside the crater.

“Master! Are you all right?”

Arriving in front of the group by teleportation, he too lost his words when he saw Sirone.

“What happened? An explosion?”

Saad, who had heard everything from Shiina, let out a sigh of relief and said,

“thank god. Others are hiding in the mountains. Sirone, your parents too.”

I shot the lighting magic up into the sky, and 10 minutes later the students came down from the mountain.

“uh? Shirone-senpai!”

Mark and Maria ran first, but Sirone did not even receive a proper greeting.

It was because he saw Vincent and Olina standing in the crowd of students, haggard.

” mom.”

They didn’t even expect to have a son, so Vincent and his wife froze in their seats.

But nothing could overcome the hot energy burning in his chest.


” mom!”

As Sirone hugged Olina roughly, Vincent covered them in tears.

Numerous questions that did not wait for an answer were poured out on each other, and people watched happily.

Sirone exhaled impulsively.

“I found my birth mother.”

Why is this timing?

The thought of making a mistake flashed through my mind, but it seemed like there would be no timing if it wasn’t now.

“Uh, hey, I thought I should tell you first. Of course, my father and mother… …


Olina, who was making eye contact with her husband, said while caressing Sirone’s cheek.

“That’s great.”

“… … yes.”

In the end, Sirone burst into tears.

The night streets of Baska, where martial law was declared, had turned bleak like a ghost town.

Occasionally, the screams of emotionally ill people floated through the air like ghosts.

There was an echo of a loud bang, and from somewhere a woman’s cries of terror could be heard.

Pony’s face overlooking the city from the castle was already exhausted.

‘I’ll be able to get past the day.’

After breaking two more fingers, she realized that self-injury was not a problem.

‘The rise in the threshold is much larger than expected. I can’t even last a few days in this state. I have no choice but to be patient.’

The key was to get rid of the Demon Realm, and as soon as I wake up, Sirone and Lian will leave for the Underworld.

‘Is it okay?’

According to Sirone’s hint, the process of going to hell in the state of a living body is truly terrible.

If you don’t do it, you will become a demon.

It was Sirone’s expectation that even if he maintained his sanity, things would not be normal.

When I lowered my gaze toward the garden, Tess was out alone, looking up at the moon.

‘Are you Lian’s lover? It must be disturbing.’

Since it was not a situation where anyone could sympathize with anyone, Pony closed her eyes and went inside.


Tess sighed.

‘Are you really going?’

Hearing how to cross the river of no return burned his stomach.

‘I can’t stand it. It’s crazy.’

If it wasn’t for the situation where all of humanity would perish, Sirone wouldn’t have taken Lian either.

‘Bad child.’

Even when I was angry with Ryan, I ran chills down my spine when I thought of the fear he must feel.

‘Yes, I should wake up too.’

After returning to the castle, Tess packed snacks and headed to Lian’s accommodation.

“Rian, it’s me.”

“… … come in.”

Again, his voice was trembling.

Taking a deep breath, she opened the door with an effortless expression on her face.

“hi? A beer or something… …

Tess’ movements stiffened as she held the bottle up.

“Whoa! Whoa!”

The heat was hot in the room, and Lian was doing push-ups with her shirt off.

he said, turning his head.

“What are you doing, won’t you come in?”

It was a stiff expression, but there was no fear of tomorrow.

Tess slammed the door shut and sat on the bed.

“Are you okay?”

“Emotional disease? No problem for the time being. Even if I break or tear something, it will be restored.”

“No, not that. Do you know what you have to do tomorrow? You, still in the fire… …

Tess abruptly stopped talking.

Even if it is something that has not happened to you, it is terrible. How would the listener feel?

“Yes, it sets my body on fire. That way you can enter the Underworld.”

“Aren’t you afraid?” Tess finally couldn’t stand it and spat out.

“You don’t know what kind of effect the fire on your body will have in this world! it’s crazy? Or are you really stupid? may not die But that’s what makes it even worse, you idiot!”

Ryan stopped exercising and got up.


Then he took the beer bottle Tess was holding and said while removing the cap.

“don’t worry. You will do well.” Tess was staring blankly at Lian, who was drinking beer, and suddenly got goosebumps.

‘I’m not stupid.’

It’s courage.

The courage to not give in to anything was Lian’s talent.

After the workout, Lian drank beer with Tess.

Time passed without any mention of tomorrow, and it was midnight.

After a moment of silence, Tess, who was fiddling with the bottle, burst into laughter.

“ha ha ha!”

It’s such an atmosphere when a man and a woman are in the same room.

“What, all of a sudden?”

When Lian asked, Tess’ laughter spread to a self-deprecating smile, and the words continued.

“We are cool.”

she asked, turning to Lian.

“Or am I just being cool? In fact, you are not thinking about anything.”

Ryan was speechless.

“Do you want to do it?”

When there was no answer even after exerting the greatest courage, Tess hurriedly changed the atmosphere.

“ha ha ha! I’m kidding! I hope I do you… …

Was that why it was more sad?

A warm feeling gripped her heart, and tears welled up in her eyes.

“Couldn’t you just tell me? I will never bother you, so can you just tell me that I love you?”

“You are a good person.”

“why! why!”

Tess jumped up and stood in front of Lian.

“You are leaving tomorrow! You don’t want anything! What’s so hard about just saying something?”

“Why did Sirone choose me?” I was angry at the sudden question, but I couldn’t get anything out of it without going through Sirone.

“Only you can enter the other world, you are strong, and Sirone trusts you the most.”


Lian shook her head.

“If that was the only reason, Si Lone would have gone alone.”

When I heard it, I was right.

“I don’t know the principle, but it seems that Shirone is all over the world at the same time. When I heard that, the first thought that came to my mind was this. Then how do I keep it?”

Tess kept her mouth shut.

“If Sirone dies in one space, what will happen to Sirone in another space? Will everyone die, or will only Sirone die in that space?”

“so… … Did you ask Sirone?”

“No, I didn’t ask. If it was tactically necessary, I would have told you without asking. But Sirone did not reveal. That means… …

Ryan’s eyes turned cold.

“When Sirone in one space dies, all Sirone in the world will die.”

Saliva ran down Tess’ throat. “That’s why I didn’t say it on purpose. Knowing this will lower your morale.”

“Ha, but it’s just speculation. If you ask Sirone tomorrow… …

“You really think so?”

Lian stopped talking.

“Do you think Sirone would have asked her friend to do something she could do alone, knowing that her friend would suffer terribly?”


“I will go to hell by any means. And I will protect Sirone there. Tess, I know your heart. But I don’t want to take on any responsibility other than Sirone. It will prevent you from making a choice when it really matters.”

If your judgment is delayed because of the lingering attachments left in reality, you should cut off everything and go.

“So, you can’t take any responsibility for me? Even just saying a word? Even 1 percent?”

Ryan said firmly.

“Even 0.1 percent.” “Sorry. It’s okay to resent it anyway. I’m already determined. I must… …

“ha ha ha! Ha ha ha ha ha!”

Tess’ laughter was mixed with crying, but somehow her expression looked lighthearted.

“It’s really like you. I know that? You are the worst of the worst men I have ever met.”


“no it’s okay.”

Tess grabbed Lian’s head with both hands.

“Because I never regret it. Now I know why I like you.”

Because he is a real knight.

‘And me too.’

She put her hands on Rian’s hair and said with a sharp expression.

“go. Go fight.”


“Listen carefully to what I say. You must keep your sanity. And if Shiro is in danger… …

Tess held back her tears.

‘Don’t cry, Tess. Smile. You have to laugh.’

Somehow I couldn’t see the tears, but in the end I couldn’t make a smile.

“If Sirone is in danger… …

Biting his lip, the words he pulled up finally passed through his throat and out of his mouth.

“You must die. Promise. I won’t hesitate even for a moment. It is to protect the lord.”

Lian lowered her head and closed her eyes.


Suddenly I had this thought.

If peace reigns in this land someday, it would be nice to live with Tess.

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