Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 983

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It was too hasty to judge someone based solely on being one-armed, but Shiina knew with her heart.


The man holding the sword slowly turned around.

Except for the fact that her right eye was closed, Shiina’s appearance was exactly what Kuan thought.

“Are you okay?”

Shiina ran to Kuan.

I couldn’t figure out if I wanted to be hugged or if I wanted to slap him on the cheek.

‘bad guy.’

the cheeks

‘I’m not the only one suffering.’

The moment she put strength into her shoulders and accelerated her steps, she saw Kuan’s face.

A sword scar on his right eye.

It was clear that the cut, cut diagonally, was not a cut on the skin, but a stab in the eye.

‘He’s a real bad guy.’

Her arms swung with all her might, and before that, her face was buried in Quan’s chest.

“why… …

Hot tears wet Quan’s chest.

“Why are you so stupid… …

The power of the demons she experienced was on a different level from the enemies she had fought so far.

However, Quan’s swordsmanship had reached a level far beyond them.

It was such a wound.

Kuan, with one arm wrapped around her back, spat out as much emotion as possible.

“it’s okay.”

Didn’t you keep it thanks?

If I could protect her at the cost of losing an eye, it would have been cheap… … .

‘This is not enough.’

Knowing the strength of his enemies, Kuan was prepared to pay more.

“Let’s go. Where are the others?”

Shiina’s eyes widened wildly, and she pushed Kuan’s chest as she spoke.

“Is that the end? Are you talking about leaving without a word and then suddenly coming back?”

“That’s right.”

It was so nonchalant that it was rather embarrassing.

“Then why did you come? Why did you come down to this region? There will be plenty of places for you to fight.”

I don’t know.

When Shirone told her to do what her heart wanted, the first thing that came to her mind was Shiina.

‘What did you expect?’

It is still in a form that can be called a human, but how long can it be maintained?

In Kuan’s head, he could see his own future in which even his limbs were amputated and turned into chunks of meat.

“It is part of the strategy. I have nothing left. Shiina-san, please close your heart.”

“uh… …

She pursed her lips to speak, but soon closed her mouth and put on a cold expression.

At that moment, the demons who ran after hearing the explosion of the operation team filled the front line with blackness.

“Quack. What are you?”

They were about 3 meters tall and had dozens of mouths on a muscular body without skin.

Even though a piece of amulet was covering her face vertically, she could not calm the disgusting feeling.

Brigadier Kerer.

One of the things that divides the ranks of anglerfish is the number of mouths, and Kerer had a whopping 237 mouths.

“Please step back.”

Kuan blocked the way with a serious expression.

‘Is it one ear?’

An ordinary anglerfish has the energy efficiency of digesting a loaf of bread in two seconds.

‘That’s why I’m always hungry, but…’ …

Once full, the anglerfish was one of the most difficult demons to deal with.

Quan drew his sword.

“I’ll lure you as far away as possible, so stay away.”

“no. I will fight too.”

“They are stronger than turtles. It is too much for you to handle with your skills right now.”

“It doesn’t matter, to you.”

Quan looked back at her, frowning at the cold tone that left a residue.

“I only have one arm.”

The bitter feelings were conveyed as they were.

“I can’t fight with you.” As Shiina’s eyebrows drew a sad figure, Keruere burst into laughter.


The sight of tongues protruding like rainbows from his entire mouth made him vomit.

“That’s it. Even if you die, only that woman… … . huh? But what? I would definitely eat that woman first. Fuhehehe!”

The subordinate frowned.

“Stop laughing. Even we are hungry.”


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Keraire was serious.

“Okay, let’s do it quickly.”

Shiina’s shoulders trembled as the energy of demons rose from the group of meat-killing demons.

The first demon.

The desire to eat, which existed from the moment the creature was born, made her mind confused.

‘I have to run away.’

Just before the omnipotence and omnipotence of space movement were combined, Ker-Ehr came right in front of me.

The demon’s face was reflected in Shiina’s retina, but the signal had not yet been transmitted to the brain.

‘ huh?’

When I came to my senses, I wasn’t there anymore, and everything that had happened in an instant rushed into me.


He felt his one arm, the only one he could wield, wrapped around his waist.

Shiina bit her lip and said.

“because of me… …

“Calm down. Because this is the beginning.”

Hearing those words, Shiina raised her head and saw the demons moving at tremendous speed.

‘They’re chasing after this?’

Even the energy metabolism of an ordinary anglerfish reached 30 times that of a human, and that of a carnivorous demon was 240 times.

“There! excuse me!” Quan said at the time when he felt a strange feeling that even though he could hear it from afar, he was approaching him.

“You may lose consciousness.”

” what……

The moment Shiina opens her mouth.

Clown Pierrot – super-excited.

As the landscape tilted more than 70 degrees, the flat land turned into a cliff as huge as the world.


Gravity shook the inside of the stomach, and according to the acceleration, a shock was applied that turned the blood in the whole body backwards.


the world rotated

In that landscape, the afterimages of demons were passing over the retina at tremendous speed.

‘Where is this?’

In a state of disorientation, Shiina half-forcedly embraced the landscape.

The sky and the earth interlocked vertically and began to tilt sharply to one side.

‘It will fall.’

Gravity that can’t help but think so.


However, the scenery waiting beneath her feet was a sky covered with white clouds.

falling into the sky

‘And this… …

The world where a man named Quan lives.

‘Because it’s so crooked.’

Confessing your love or walking hand in hand is something you cannot even dream of.

Shiina’s eyes grew hot.

‘ still… …

The sea of ​​sky that we looked at together was so beautiful that we couldn’t give it up at all.

“Kuan-san, I… …

The moment she was about to express her determination, Shiina’s stomach convulsed.


That moment when his cheeks swelled up due to vomiting, but he couldn’t spit it out to Kuan.

“Miss Shiina.”

After the landscape turned half a turn, the weight of standing on the ground spread throughout the body.

It probably didn’t go very far, but it was important to persevere anyway.

“Wook! Woo!”

Kuan patted him on the back.

“If you want to vomit, vomit. It is only natural that the gravitational acceleration keeps changing.”

She endured, and whispered ferociously.

“Is that a problem now? As the demons stopped talking, the shouts of the enemies looking for Kuan and Shiina could be heard from all directions.

“come out! Where are you!”

“Cowardly child! come out quickly! Do you think we’ll be this hungry?”

He was in the middle of the scattered demons, and no enemy could find Quan’s location.

‘Surely this is a circus.’

said Quan.

“You will not be able to fight like before, as your energy has been consumed rapidly. Now we just have to deal with it.”

They were all screaming, but their shoulders were drooping, and eventually even their voices were locked.

“I will.”

Since he wasn’t the type to intercept the ball, Ku An’s closed eyes frowned even more.

“Because I have to get used to it in the future.”

As she said with a smile, she tightened her eyes and fired ice magic in all directions.

A scream erupted as the thick icicle landed precisely in the carnivore’s open mouth.

When the sight opened, Kerer, who was still looking around, finally found Quan.

“How dare you mock me!”

The posture of kicking the ground was good, but it was so slow that it was incomparable to the first time.


There was an empty stomach rumble so strong that it could be mistaken for thunder.

“wait! Chew me up!”

Grabbing the still-living subordinate and hugging him with both arms, his entire mouth moved.

“Kuaaa! Aagh!”

“Be patient. I will avenge you.” Hundreds of mouths licked the flesh on her side, and Shiina made a disgusted expression again.

“I’m going to live for a while.”

Kerer, who had thrown his withered subordinate to the floor, widened his eyes at Quan.

“Just kill… …

Kuan’s appearance disappeared.

At the same time, the ground tilted in Keruère’s field of vision and finally flipped completely 180 degrees.


Even while raising his arms and waving at the situation of falling into the sky, he did not realize.

When I realized that the neck cut by Quan was falling from my body and was going up to the sky, my face spun around, and the world turned around and the unbearable motion sickness intensified.


The face that fell with a thump rolled on the floor.

Shiina stared blankly at Ker’er’s body still struggling with her arms.

“Let’s go.”

When Kuan returned to her sword, she hurriedly turned her head.

“that’s right!”

THAAD seemed to have escaped safely, but demons were still gathered in the central building.

“The principal is still here. It was surrounded by demons, but at that moment, an explosion erupted from the central building.

“oh my god… …

Where Shiina turned her head, a huge mushroom cloud was rising into the sky.

‘haha. Cheek. Alfeas, crushed by the rubble of a building, burst into laughter.

“Alfeas! are you okay? hey!”

Olivia crawled over and shook his body, oblivious to the blood flowing from her head.

“don’t worry. I won’t die like this.”

Looking at it with lighting magic, a huge pillar crushed both knees.

“… … Why did you do that?”

When the demons entered the building, Olivia tried to cast the self-destruct magic.

But Alpheas was faster.

“A bomb?” While pressing the detonation switch of the bomb piled up in the basement, she protected Olivia with magic.

“why? Are you going to sue me?”

It is absolutely illegal to store explosives in schools, but Olivia chuckled.

“Is this what it means to be confident? A wizard too.”

“It doesn’t matter, magic or bombs.”

“… … It is you.”

Whether it’s a particle or a wave of light, like Al Peas in his youth, when he thought it was enough to be beautiful.

“wait. I’ll take your leg off.”

When Olivia tried to lift the pillar with magic, Alpheas frowned.

“Arthur. It’s probably buried as deep as 10 meters underground. If you touch it wrong here, you will be crushed to death.”

“It’s the same. Because the second collapse will happen soon. Whether it works or not, I have no choice but to try it.”

“do not do that.”

Hearing Alpheas’ unusual voice, Olivia quietly looked back at him.

“little bit more… … Will you stay with me’?”

I already knew.

The fact that there is no way to get out of the underground with the power of two people who have run out of energy.


Olivia squeezed into the narrow space and lay down next to Alpheas.

It was quiet.

“What are you thinking about? Thinking of your wife?”

“Not that shameless. I said goodbye Before the demons come.”


“Is this also the main book… … I want to.”

Alpheas turned his head.

“It wasn’t something I didn’t like. When you confessed, I thought I might have a new life. Sorry. I didn’t have the courage.”

Olivia was in tears.

“Are you saying that now? stupid long.”

“Cheuk, anyway, you heard it alive, didn’t you?” She smiled and nodded and gently stroked Alfeas’ cheek.

When I turned off the lighting magic and slowly brought my lips together, a stream of light flowed in from outside.


In the next moment, the entire wreckage of the building began to rise slowly, driven by some force.

“principal! Are you okay?”

Sirone’s face was visible above the pit, and a huge hand of light was grasping the rubble above it.

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