Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 982

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What you can’t choose (1)

“Lian… …

If the standard was to be a swordsman who reached the stage of transcendental ideals, Nade had no choice but to give up.

said Tess.

“But how do you enter the Underworld? Aren’t you supposed to be almost half dead?”

“Yes, that is it.”

Tess’ face turned pale, but Taeseong remained calm.

“in fact… … You can’t go to the other world by half dying. They are usually said to wander between death and death. Even so, it straddles the boundary between reality and the other side, but does not enter perfectly.”

Sirone said.

“The difference between reality and the other side is a blank sheet of paper. That’s why it’s called Pakji. However, the mental distance is end to end. That is why ancient people called it the river of no return.”

“Wait a minute, Sirone! So you’re saying that Lian can’t come back?”

“Seekers call the thing that crosses the boundary between the underworld and this world choeni bardo. But now it’s impossible even for me. It is because the princess of Jincheon, Jin Seong-eum, completely sealed the passage from the other world to the real world.”

Miro said.

“Thanks to that, humanity also has hope.”

“yes. Victory is impossible if demons, who are constantly reborn in the fires of hell, come over to the real world. It was such a huge achievement, and in return she… …

You must suffer forever in hell.

“So you’re asking me to handle it? There is also a woman named Jin Seong-eum, so Rian should be prepared to die too?”

Sirone understood Tess’s heart.

“Do not misunderstand. That’s half of what I mean, of course, but there’s no way to get back

It is not that there is no If you release the voice from hell, the barriers of boundaries will also disappear.”

“How do you free them? Is it possible? Has anyone ever been able to purify Hell?”

It was something even Guffin couldn’t do.

Taesung said.

“The problem comes next. Sirone can go to the other world through Bakji. But Lian has to use brutal methods. The best way is to burn it.”

Tess was on the verge of fainting.

“Lian has a strong spirit. It doesn’t budge from any kind of shock. It burns, burns endlessly, and condenses emotions to the extent that reality cannot accept them.”

“No, how could a person do such a thing…”


When Lian cut off his words, Tess turned her head and replied as if she had been waiting.

“yes? Do you think so too? You set fire to a living person.”

“No, rather the opposite. I can’t say for sure because I haven’t experienced it, but even if I burn it, my mind won’t be shaken. We need something stronger.”

Contrary to Tess’ blankly opening her mouth, Taeseong gave a satisfied smile.

“So, Lian, I need you. If you lose your reason and fall into hell, you will only be eaten by hungry ghosts. The method doesn’t matter. Fire only helps to gather emotions, what really matters is your will.”

“I understand.”

Lian, who turned around the Grand Hall, looked straight at Sirone and said.

“I’m coming too, Sirone.”

u Q ah h*

Tess, who confirmed the firm trust between the two through their eyes, lowered her head sadly.

said Pony.

“Not only Baska, but other regions are also a problem. Although the army of hell has spread radially, there will still be a significant number of demons in the central and southern regions.”

Sirone looked back at her.

“huh. Actually, I was just about to talk about it.”

Amy asked.

“I followed Dante. Have you reached Creas?”

There were Amy’s home and Lian’s home, and above all, Sirone’s adoptive parents.


“You didn’t arrive? What is it?”

“that is??????

Sirone opened his mouth.

From the top of the mountain overlooking the city of Creas, Dante put on a tired expression.

“That’s amazing… …

Hundreds of thousands of Demons completely surrounded the wall and were conducting a siege.

Giant monsters with their horns pierced the iron plated castle gate, and demons followed as if they were being sucked into the hole.

“let’s go. I do not have time.”

As Dante said, Sirone looked back.

Thousands of refugees rescued from each region so far stood there looking tired.

“I-I’m going there… …

An old man with a cane spoke on behalf of the refugees.

“We won’t help. I don’t know if it’s a bandit, but how can you kill monsters like that… …

Eden said.

“I will stay and protect the people. You guys go and help people.”

As the procession was large, it was only a matter of time before even a flying demon was caught passing by.

‘Eden’s defense magic. Even in the worst-case scenario, I’ll be able to last for a few hours.’

Said Sirone, who made her decision.

“Okay then let’s go. Dante, please investigate the situation at the Magic Association Creas branch. Lilia-san, please support the side of the castle wall. I will go inside the city and rescue people.”

Even as they spoke, a fire was burning every moment inside the city.

Dante hurriedly called when Sirone was about to cast the space movement magic.



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“Stop by the Ogent family first.”

Sirone couldn’t answer.

“go. you deserve it If you don’t save your parents first, no one in the world will be able to help you kindly.”

“… … Thank you, Dante.”

Dante nodded, and Sirone’s body turned into a flash of light and flew toward the city.

Sirone, who had landed exactly in the middle of the Ogent family’s great sword, heard a familiar voice.

“Taha! Taha!”

In front of the main building, Reina was shooting an arrow at the anglers.

The rhythm of the speaker was excellent, and the demons fell down, but when the opponent rose to the rank of company commander, not even their teeth were eaten.

The company commander, whose whole body was covered in scales, approached, bouncing arrows with his forearm.

“Hehe, you are a human who attacks demons. It’s been a while since I found an interesting toy. I’ll tear off your limbs one by one.”

Reina calmly pulled the steel bow’s string all the way.

An arrow powerful enough to pierce the scales was fired, but the demons caught it right in front of their eyes and charged.

“Ha ha ha! A human like me… … ! Kuck!”

Before he could finish his words, the Hand of God flew in and struck the company commander with the back of his hand.

At the same time, a hand of light swept across the floor, seized the hungry ghost, and sent it flying across the sky.

It was literally the hand of God.

Reina, who had been watching blankly, turned her gaze to the front.

The bow fell with a thud.


As she ran away with tears in her eyes, she shouted while holding Si Lone’s hands.

“What happened? Why are you here?”

“It takes a long time to explain. What about Uncle Bischoff?”

“He’s fighting on the wall. Your parents took refuge in a magic school. It’s probably the safest there.”

‘Well, it’s not at the level that the military can stop it.’

On the other hand, at Alpheas Magic School, there was a certified second-class wizard, which was rare even in the association.

‘Deputy Principal Olivia.’

Reina continued.

“After taking my parents to the magic school, I came back briefly and was surrounded. No matter what, I think I have to protect the family seal.”

“I see.”

In a knight’s family, the seal is like the heart.

Reina was grateful for giving up such an important item and evacuating her parents first.

“It went really well. To be honest, I was giving up halfway through. Hurry to the magic school… …

At that moment, there was a pop across the city and a mushroom cloud of fire rose.

“Is that it?”

It was where the magic school was located.

Alpheas Magic School was large enough to compare to small villages in other regions.

The demons who came over the mountain gathered in the central building that had turned into a fortress and started a siege.

At the high level of the 5 prestigious teachers, the demons were clearly embarrassed.

But that doesn’t mean they’re not a race that throws away their belligerence, so they start pouring in the offensive.

Sade, who was bombarding the ground with fire magic, shouted while looking back at Alfeas.

“principal! The barrier has been breached!”

The wrinkles around Alpheas’ eyes deepened.

“… … Teachers evacuate with students and citizens. I’ll buy you some time.”

Shiina said.

“I can’t leave the headmaster behind. I’d rather stay here.”

“This is not the time to be stubborn. Shouldn’t the student die before the teacher’?”

“Then I can stay.”

Olivia stood next to Alfeas, staring at the window with a cold gaze.

“What kind of time is this old old man wasting? Leave it to me. I will get out without dying.”

Everyone knew that it was a bluff, and Alpheas raised the corners of his mouth gently.

“Geukkeu, inspiration is right, but… … As he walked to the window, a terrifying life-blood began to rise from his body.

“You haven’t forgotten who I am, have you?” Mirhi Alfeas.

Olivia’s expression became hazy at the sight of Alpheas’ back that overlapped with her youthful appearance.

“… … It’s the main book.”

Even at this age, I want to spend the end of my life with the man I love.

Approaching Alpheas, she spoke to the other teachers.

“go. We will take care of this.” In the lofty atmosphere of the relationship between the two, the teachers could no longer be stubborn.

“I will come back.”

After Saad said that, he left the room, and other teachers quickly followed.

When the iron door in the basement was opened, the advanced class students were waiting with nervous expressions.

Behind Mark and Maria, the only seniors, were Sirone’s parents.

Saad looked back at the students and said.

“You have to act calmly from now on. I’m leaving the magic school. I’ll take you to a safe place.”

If such a place exists in the world.

Even in the advanced class, they were aspiring wizards, and they followed the teachers without disturbing anyone.

Just as she was about to leave through the back door, Shiina, who had been checking the road first, raised her hand.

“The demons are coming.” It was clear that the team was trying to infiltrate the building by bypassing it, and the number was at least elite.

“damn! Needless to say, at this time… …

“I will lure you in. Take the kids and run away.”

Thinking of diverting their gaze before they find the door, Shiina casts teleportation.

There was no time to stop, and even if there was, the role of the teachers was clear.

“There! chase!”

The demon’s operation team chased after Shiina, who was getting farther away, and fired an explosive pierced through her back.

Hundreds of thorns flying in pillars of fire bombarded the ground, shaking the entire site.


The heat was blocked by spreading cold air, but the shock wave devastated the eardrums.

‘What kind of firepower… …

He tried to counterattack by raising ice magic, but the enemies even surpassed his imagination with physical abilities.

The thorns were fired again, and this time it changed its trajectory following Shiina as if it had a will.

‘guided missile.’

Biting her lips and waiting in her seat, she cast teleportation at the correct timing.

The spikes collided and caused an explosion, and she rolled on the floor in the shockwave.

‘I’m angry.’

Even before the world came to this point, she had her own pride.

-You will be a good teacher.

Armin knew.

The enemies that will appear in the world in the future are not at the level that mere humans can handle.

“Do not be ridiculous.”

Shiina, who energized her wobbly legs, pulled up Absolute Zero’s battery.

It’s a local magic, but at least a few people should be able to use it as a road companion.

“Come on, you bastards!”

How many times in her life had such harsh swear words come out of her mouth?

Even though they were prepared for death, the demons only threw themselves away with greedy eyes.

“I will not kill you. I have a lot to hear.”

The moment Shiina’s hand lifted, hundreds of thorns bent from left and right flew away.

‘ huh?’

The world tilted sharply to one side, and all the thorns began to fall down.

‘ what?’

Have the planets turned upside down?

‘no… …

It is you who is moving.

When he realized, there was no one around, and he was standing alone on the ground.


A short burst of demonic scream.

When I turned my head, all the members of the operation team were lying on the floor with their heads hanging off.


Then, in the center of that bloody landscape, a man’s back caught Shiina’s eyes.

was a one-armed

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