Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 981

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premise (4)

Even in his confusion, Miro could see Gaold’s scrawny face clearly.

Of course, he was living in more terrible pain than himself, but his eyes were vividly alive.

‘how… …

All the guesses I knew in my head were destroyed, and Miro realized for the first time.

‘How did you live like this?’

I’m afraid to even breathe right now, but I couldn’t believe that I had lived through this kind of pain for 20 years.

“I don’t know what’s going on, but Miro knew that Gaold’s words were not affected by emotional illness.

And that meant that the pain Gaold normally felt was beyond imagination.

“Be patient a little longer. Don’t try to fight the pain, don’t try to avoid it, just accept it.”

Miro just left himself alone.

Forgetting the idea of ​​breathing, he entrusted the basics of living things to the laws of nature.

The size of the pain did not change, but the attitude to accept it became much more resilient.

The voice of Adolf XIII was heard from the podium.

“Huh! I’m trash! I am insignificant. I am the worm of the world.”

In the end, it seemed that he had let go of the king’s authority.

It also meant that the personality of Adolf XIII was completely different from before.

“Help me. I am a poor fellow. please… …

The dignity of royalty could no longer be found in him who was crawling on the floor with tears flowing from his nose.

People in the square were still writhing in pain.

Suffering triggers unfounded anger, and acts of violence have occurred in certain places.

Some had broken noses, others were trampled to the ground, bleeding from their heads.

Surprisingly, most of those who were beaten came to their senses with the pain of emotional illness gone.


Since humans value their own bodies, destroying them can alleviate symptoms.

Miro bit her lip.

‘crazy… … ‘

I finally understood why Paimon had boasted so much, and why Harvits coveted Mayray’s ability.

‘This disease is hell.’

Emotional illness is scary because it not only hurts the body, but also makes the mind and heart sick.

someone shouted.

“Hit! Then it won’t hurt!”

Learning through experience is the fastest, and another method was suggested in the plaza.

‘What was given up is morality.’

It is good to destroy the body, but it is also possible to give up being a law-abiding citizen.

The scene in the square quickly turned into a scuffle.

“Aye! die! Die!”

Pain paralyzes thinking, and I would do anything to get rid of the immediate pain.

The citizens were beasts, and Sirone watched the scene with sad eyes.

‘This is the world of Havitz.’

The current situation is not even a tragedy.

You can survive by giving up a few things right now, but how long will it work?

‘You have to keep killing in order to live. At first it’s strangers, but friends, family, and even yourself… …

As time goes on, horrific things will be done that cannot be compared to just beating someone up.

“it’s okay.”

Finally, Pony succeeded.

When her friends looked away, she was clenching her teeth with her index finger broken.

Kang Nan said to Miro.

“You break it too.”

Miro shook her head.

“It’s no use.”

Isn’t it yourself that you threw away first in order to reach the extreme line of perfection?

“I will do it.”

Shirone, who thought she had matured to a certain extent, raised her arms and activated the Miracle Stream.

Brilliant light gathered on the top of the head and spread out as countless particles.

“Aww! it’s annoying! I will kill them all!”

The citizens of the plaza did not see the light.

The only things that came into their field of vision were the faces of others they were fed up with and the bloody world.

As Lufist appeared on the podium and cast his magic, a huge iron pillar slammed down the center of the plaza.

Woo woo woo woo!

As the ground shuddered at the same time as the roar, the citizens stopped moving with frightened expressions.

“ha. ha.”

Having come to their senses a bit, they realized that it was no longer difficult to rest.

“Uh, how?”

Most would have killed something unknowingly, but so did those who didn’t.

Gaold said.

“You did something dangerous.”

Controlling the minds of citizens through Hexa can alleviate emotional illness for a while.


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“Pain is the evidence of life that living things have. You can’t paralyze it that easily.”

“I couldn’t help it.”

If the status quo is maintained only by killing something, forcible removal of pain only raises the threshold.

That’s why Sirone also waited for people to get rid of the pain on their own.

“The second wave will bring more pain. But Miro-san has no other choice than this.”

Miro stuck out her tongue with wide eyes.

“Ok, thanks. To be honest, I think I will live for a while.”

Pony came down to the podium and said, showing her index finger that was bent to the back of her hand.

“The threshold of action is also a problem. If my brain convinced me that I broke my index finger, it would have already killed it. If so, even if you break the other index finger next time, you won’t be able to return to the incubation period.”

Nade asked.

“Wouldn’t it be okay if I broke my middle finger?” “That is ambiguous. It’s a different kind, but the concept of one finger is the same. I think I can break both of them at the same time, but I think I need to have accurate information about them to last as long as possible.”

Sirone nodded.

“You will need a lot of data. I’ll go and deliver it to the World Health Organization. Seriel will help. Blitz, go first and make the foundation for quantum transmission.”


Blitz, who lowered his head, immediately flew up into the sky and disappeared over the horizon.

said Amy.

“Pony, you don’t have to think too physically. I can’t give up on the king, but there are a lot of conceptual things. If the next wave comes, give up on me. The concept of friends.”

“I can’t.”

Pony shook her head resolutely.

“I’d rather have my body broken. I will never do anything like that.”

“But how are you going to hold on… … said Iruki.

“Pony is right. The danger of emotional illness is that the threshold continues to rise. Maybe you can break up with Amy. But then what? It doesn’t work the same way. In the end, you will have to go beyond severance and inflict harm, and if it continues like that… …

have to kill

Everyone who got goosebumps just thinking about the future that has yet to be shut up shuts their mouths.

Nade looked up at the sky and asked.

“What will happen next? We, and this world.”

No one could answer.

“Oh, Lord Yahweh.”

By the time the brief meeting was over, all citizens were approaching Sirone.

“Your light has saved us again. please protect us I don’t want to go through that again.”

All citizens knelt down and shouted.

“Sirone-sama! Please stay at my house! Please keep me in your light!”

“What are you talking about! I will monopolize that light! I only have 3 children!”

Sirone gasped at the sight of the citizens approaching from all sides, shaking hands.

“Then let’s choose a turn and let it shine! That is the fairest!”

“gibberish! How many people do you turn around? Instead, let’s make a specific place and gather there! Yes, we are building a church here!” Sirone couldn’t respond to their voices.

“It will be like this.”

Gaold said.

“I don’t think there are people outside Baska. Everyone puts their own pain first. Do you eat apples or strawberries? They will understand if you free all mankind from suffering. Because it gives you both. But if you can’t, they will be greedy for you endlessly.” Taesung said.

“The first wave was at a level where you just had to throw away one of many things. Therefore, agape, the intensity of the mind was not that great. But people’s threshold will continue to rise, so there will be a limit to Hexa’s power.”

Sirone’s Ultima System alone could not save all mankind.

“There is a positive side.”

Miro didn’t miss a thing.

“As I saw them, I felt that the opening of the Pandemonium made the integration of the Ultima system relatively easy. The more people suffer, the more they trust you.”

“Ironic. Evil strengthens a child.”

At Sain’s words, Miro nodded.

“The cycle of good and evil. Perhaps this is the last round left for mankind. It is still unknown which spokes will break and which spokes will remain.”

“Let’s go back.”

Sirone turned around as the soldiers blocked the citizens from approaching under Pony’s instructions.

“I need to close the Pandemonium as soon as possible.”

Sirone and the others arrived at the king’s castle using a mass teleport.

The first order given by Pony was to promote all the castle staff.

‘Most of the senior officials have given up their posts. There’s not enough people to handle the business.’

Re-employment could also be tried, but no one applied.

“As of this time, martial law is declared. Ban all citizens from going out except for royal guards. The key is to minimize the disturbance that will occur in the second wave.”

After dealing with the urgent matter, Pony asked Sirone.

“how is it? Have you reached the World Health Organization?” “Yeah, I just arrived. I’m talking to Seriel. I will pass on information as it comes in.”

Even those who experienced it directly had not yet established an accurate standard for emotional illness.

Taeseong said.

“This is not the only problem. Five Pandemoniums have been opened all over the world, including here in the Central Continent. To install a new system into the system of demonic reality. To solve this problem, we have to remove the root part.”

Sirone already knew the answer.

“The world behind it.”

“yes. The system of the demon realm raised the law of the other side world to reality. Therefore, if Hell can be completely purified, the Demon Realm will disappear by itself.”

Sein said.

“Continuing from Ymir’s mind, this time it’s the other side? Then who goes there?”

Again, with everyone raising their hands, Nade pushed the hardest.

“me! No concessions this time! Sirone, I’m coming!”

Taeseong shook his head.

“No, no. The other side of the world is not a place that anyone can go to. Sirone is possible because he opened the tissue paper, but a special method is needed for a being with the 5 senses to fall into hell.”

“What is it? I can do it too.”

“You will die.”

“The other side of the world is where the extreme emotions of reality gather. To enter the state of incarnation, you need to make a contract with Satan or have emotions that the system of reality cannot accept.”

“Emotions that reality cannot accept?”

“yes. As with Sirone’s fraternity, certain emotional limits must be reached. Death is the most common and easiest way, but there are special cases. This is called sin. Those buried in evil. Perhaps Siok is such a case.”

Iruki rested his chin.

“Then it’s a bit difficult. Because we cannot accumulate sins, and we cannot die.”

“yes. That’s why I’m begging you.” Taeseong turned his head.

“Lian, only you can fight in hell with Sirone. Please stop the Demon Realm.”


everyone realized

Only Rian, who has the ability to restore ideas, can experience hell while alive.

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