Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 980

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premise (3)

While riding in the carriage to Allogue Street, Sirone fixed her gaze on the scenery outside the window.

Lufist stared intently at Sirone, and Fleur, who was sitting next to him, gulped down his saliva.

‘This is something I can’t even do.’

He was a comrade who fought alongside him, but from now on he had to open his mouth as a representative of Tormia.

Rufist said.

“Sooner or later the temple will be reorganized.”

“… … okay.”

Sirone did not turn his head.

“It means that the power structure of the Three Emperors is changing. The elemental bomb technology will be monopolized by Tormia. Of course, this is the content of the agreement already made with the general military of the holy war.”

‘Iruki… …

Originally, it was a contract to hand over the secrets of the atomic bomb as a condition of providing a flower garden.

“But the situation subtly took a turn when you were protecting Basuka. After all, if you don’t agree, even the General Commander won’t fulfill the contract.”

It was such a problem.

Flew waited for Sirone to answer with her hands folded.

‘I can’t beg to do it.’

Although they are close friends like older sisters and younger siblings, their feelings do not work when it comes to the question of the safety of mankind and the future of the country.

Sirone opened his mouth.

“It is possible with the technology of the elemental bomb. Kashan, Jincheon, and Gustaf won’t be able to use their strength as much as before. Are you thinking of pushing one of them out?”


Lufist stretched out his upper body.

“That too is a story when the balance of power is tight. I intend to raise Tormia to the top position.”

If it was ambition, it would be ambition, but from Tormia’s point of view, she wouldn’t want to miss this opportunity.

“Of course, if the ivory tower admits it.”

If it is approved by Oh Dae-seong of the Integrated Space Management Department, other stars will have no choice but to feel the weight.

“I’ll leave the elemental bombs to you. If Iruki made that decision, I have no intention of objecting.”

At first glance, it seemed like an easy consent, but Flew quickly realized that he had drawn the line.

‘It means that I will not give more power to the kingdom. In fact, even this is an achievement… …

I couldn’t help but feel sad.

Above all, the fairies and dragons that Sirone had under his command were once the armed forces of Prince Lee of the temple.


When Fleur woke up from her thoughts and raised her head, Sirone was smiling.


Flew also laughed and shook his head.

“No, I am sorry.”

When you get obsessed with one thing, there are cases where you forget what is really important.

Sirone is Sirone.

He was a good younger brother who had never let me down since I first met him at the Magic Association.

“Come to think of it, I’ve grown up a lot. It seems like yesterday that I was at a loss because I couldn’t even do the force.”

“haha! My older sister was also very disciplined. I am the chief secretary now.”

Memories came and went without a break.


It was not a satisfactory result, but Lou Fist closed his eyes without further request.

“Oh right! The 5th prestigious convocation day?”

“Yes, do you remember? So while we were passing by, my sister secretly gave me a high five…”

What really matters is that you already have it.

The crossroads in four directions, east, west, south, and north, centered on Allog Plaza, were filled with crowds.

“Long live Tormia! Long live Tormia!” It is unusual for the king to change in one day, but surprisingly, the citizens did not panic.

It is probably because it gave them a sense of security to quickly seek change in the midst of the complicated world situation.

Most of the procedures were completed, and the last thing left was for Adolf XIII to hand over the crown.

While Pony knelt down and bowed her head, King Adolf XIII took off his crown and approached.

‘I, I… …

I thought I had already given up, but something hot welled up again from deep inside my heart.

‘why me?’

Decades of waiting to become king flashed through my mind like a kaleidoscope.

In the end, he became the king, and now he was in a situation where he had to hand everything over to the lowest-ranking pony in a single day.

” majesty?”

The crown hovered over Pony’s head for a long time and swayed weakly.


The official’s second words were to live.

As time passed, people’s doubts would grow, and it was not the painting that Lufist wanted.

Adolf XIII relaxed his hands, and the crown brushed past Pony’s face and fell to the floor. The clear sound took the strength of the stillness and spread as an echo to the far end of the Alog Street.

“gibberish… …

Adolf XIII bit his teeth hard.

“Stop talking nonsense!”

As the citizens gathered in the square looked surprised, he lost his temper and shouted.

“This is a scam! I am the noblest of royalty! Why should I be swayed by these people?”

Shiro and the others, who were watching from the bottom of the podium, were also in an agitated mood.


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said Nade.

“That way, I’m going to go to the goal.” said Iruki.

“It must be the so-called King’s Wrath. He seems to have endured on his own, but in the end, this is the limit.”

Adolf XIII pointed the finger at the Sirone team.

“Do not be fooled, people! They are the ones who threw bombs over Baska! You are being teased!”

Lufist, who was watching the situation from behind the podium, nodded at Fleur.

“Take care of it.”

It was the order promised, and Flew grabbed the phoenix and pushed his heart into his eyes.

“This crown is mine! A human being born as a king, that is me, Adolf… … Aaaaaa!”

Adolf XIII, who was about to put the crown on his head that had fallen on the floor, suddenly let out a scream.

The flue that was about to jump out stopped moving, and Sirone’s eyes changed into a question.

‘ what?’

At first, I thought it was an ambush, but there was no magic that could fool his eyes.

“it hurts! Aww! head, head… … !” Adolf XIII, who had been rolling around holding his head, forgetting the king’s body, grabbed his chest this time.

“Knives, blades! It looks like the blade is coming in!”

People were at a loss for words as they felt like they were watching a play that was not happening in real life.

and the next moment.


With the sound of someone’s tearing screams, everyone fell to their seats and began to roll on the floor.

“Oh, it hurts! My whole body hurts!”

The moment I instinctively felt that something was wrong, the same pain came to Sirone and the others.


Sirone finally realized.

The moment I inhaled, my throat felt like it would tear, and my lungs felt like they were on fire.

‘It’s not magic. More intrinsic than that… …

some kind of system.

Looking around, not only my friends but also Miro, Sain, and Gangnan were suffering.

While everyone in the square was rolling on the ground, the only person standing was in sight.

‘Mr. Gaold.’

Only Gaold had a serious expression on his face, as if he felt no pain.

At the same time as the sound of the jet bursting, Minerva landed in front of Sirone.

Her face supporting Taeseong was also slightly distorted in pain.

“You are awake.”

As Sirone approached, Taeseong moved away from Minerva’s support.

“Sirone, this is Demon World. Paimon’s Demon Realm has opened.”


Didn’t it melt and disappear in the light of agape?

“I was revived with a short hair difference. my fire

It’s Char. Even if you don’t lose consciousness… …

Sironer] shook his head.

“It’s not Taehyung’s fault. Even if he was conscious, it would have been difficult to detect.”

It was a dilemma like an angel’s ‘looking down’.

“Rian, please summon everyone in the party. I will tell you how to get rid of the Demon Realm.”

As it should be, at present, all four of Shiro and the others were struggling in pain.

“What kind of demon world is this?”

“Paimon’s Pandemonium is a hospital. It’s a disease of a kind that doesn’t exist on the planet. The name of the disease is emotional disease. It is a terrible disease in which nociception is modulated on a scale of emotion.”

“A measure of emotion?”

Taeseong looked back at the people and said.

“The human body works in a special way according to the mind. Heart rate, brain waves, hormones, everything changes. Emotional disease is a disease that is dormant in the pituitary gland and is activated when the body reaches a certain state. To put it simply, the pain spikes when you love something and settles down when the object is removed.”

The moment she finished speaking, Sirone’s distorted face returned to a calm state.

“… … okay.”

“How did you do it, Sirone?”

“Killed him.”

Sirone looked back at her friends and said.

“A little air.” “But this is something only I can do. It’s because you can love even the smallest air with the same weight.”

It was the realm of absolute fraternity.

Even the act of breathing out the air is the same weight as killing a person to Sirone.

“Anyone who lives on an oxygen hobo can use the same method as me. But if that’s not philanthropy… …

“You can’t keep breathing. It cuts the air itself out of the heart.”

“okay. It’s going to be hard, but kill something first. What you value.”

The moment he said it, Sirone got goosebumps.

‘I see.’

It was a truly terrible disease.

Meanwhile, the friends who got a hint from Sirone’s words began to devise their own method.


The first person to solve the problem was Iruki.

“What did you kill?”

“The generals of the holy war.”

It was a kind of mental murder.


In retrospect, there are many things that human beings consider precious in life.

Among them, it can be said that it is like Iruki that he chose the commander of the holy war… … .

‘Even if it’s not Iruki.’

What else could it kill?

Nade and Amy’s eyes seemed to have the same thought, and a light of determination came into them.

“Whoa, me too.”

What the two abandoned were the positions of head of the Nade Group and commander of the 1st Valkyrie Corps, respectively.

While getting out of the pain one by one, Adolf XIII cried out in tears.

“Aaaaaa! help me! it hurts! it hurts!” He wasn’t struggling, but the pain Pony felt was no different from him.

‘No king. I can’t give up.’

Although he heard of ways to alleviate his emotional illness, things were not going well with Sirone’s friends.

It was different.

‘If I give up on the king, Sirone will lose a means to lead the country.’

So what should I kill?

“Jeonheu}! Let go of the king’s authority! Then the pain will go away!”

Most of the officials used Iruki’s method.

It was honestly easy.

Anyone could give up a career if they had to keep swallowing glass dust instead of air.

However, the weight of the king is a little different


“Yes, give up! I am no longer the king! I will give up! So my feet… …

Adolf XIII’s eyes widened and he grabbed his neck with his hands.

“Quaaaaa! it hurts! It hurts more!”

“It’s not about shouting with words! Seriously, seriously, you have to give up!”


While watching the gruesome scene, Sirone and the others realized another fear of emotional illness.

‘It has to be perfectly cut out.’

That meant that as the symptoms of emotional illness progressed, the character had no choice but to change.

What remains at the end?


Kneeling on one knee, Miro gritted her teeth and endured.

‘I’m not giving up on anything.’

Since she had already cast out everything except the polar line, there was nothing to give up.

‘The pain continues to rise.’

Every time my heart beat, my chest felt like it would tear, and my lungs were so hot that I was afraid to even take the next breath.

“Miro, give up even one!”

By the time Kang Nan’s voice faded away, and cold sweat dripped down like water droplets.

‘It’s not on the pain level. Being alive is hell… …

Miro finally realizes.

‘It’s like… …

A man’s face crossed his mind.

“Is it very difficult?”

Miro, who had been watching the shadows cast on the ground, lifted her head with difficulty and looked up.

The only human who does not suffer from emotional illness.

No, they are not even sending a message because they are already living in more terrible pain than anyone else.

“you… …

Gaold was looking at the maze with pity.

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