Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 979

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premise (2)

Miro, who maintained a critical attitude, could not hide his disappointment when he heard Arius’ words.

“How could there be no way?”

“The human mind is exclusive, and it loathes the concept of forced penetration. That’s why divers use familiar concepts as keywords and endlessly detour. Even so, you can’t avoid the egoist. After all, it is impossible for another person to know the mind of another person perfectly. Robbery is rather irrelevant. Because oblivion is a natural flow for humans. But to engrave something on the mother’s mind is just the same as what Ikael did to Sirone. You’ll go crazy, and you could die of shock. Normally, I dive like it doesn’t matter, but this time it’s different.”

“Then why can’t we talk about it from the beginning? Even if Agape expands the limits of cognition and Ultima is transplanted through Dremo, it is only if the person concerned does not accept it.”

“I have something in mind about that.”

Sirone said.

“If you feel reluctant to accept someone else’s concept, make it a given.”

Most couldn’t understand, but Ariusman had a serious expression on his face.


It was a judgment that made sense.

“You mean you lower the threshold by repeating the experience.”

Sirone nodded, and Miro looked down at Arius and spat out fiercely.



Arius, who straightened his upper body, straightened his posture for the first time and began to explain.

“Humans are creatures of adaptation. The more you repeat the same experience, the more you take it for granted. For example, no matter how delicious food you eat every day, you get tired of it. Of course, the reverse is also true.”

Arius raised the index fingers of both hands.

“Let’s call Mr. Sirone’s Ultima system Keith. And it is assumed that the target to be transplanted is a person who has never been kissed since birth. In that case, when the concept of kissing was implanted, there would of course be a backlash. It’s because what you haven’t experienced has been defined in your head. But what if we implanted the experience, the memory of having kissed before, all at once? Of course, the backlash drops to less than half.”

Miro opened his mouth in an absurd way.

“So now… …

“yes. What Mr. Sirone is trying to say is to conceptualize the entire experience of the Ultima system. Obviously there is a possibility. Indeed, familiar concepts are portable. Even if the memory of turning the pedals is transplanted differently to a cyclist, there will be some confusion, but in the end it is the same as accepting it as one’s own memory. In that respect, as much as the mind is exclusive, it is also a very strong attribute of self-identification.”

Miro said.

“But this time it’s not a kiss. It is transplanting a state that no one has reached in human history.”

Arius objected.

“On the Ultima system, there is only one experience. This is because the information in 1 digits is integrated no matter what is added. Once you can conceptualize it, the equation itself will be easier. And don’t speak easily. Master, you haven’t even kissed before.”

“Suddenly, the story… …

Miro looked where Gaold was and sighed when he saw that he was preoccupied with his own thoughts.

“good. So where do you get that experience? Even Sirone has never been integrated with anyone.”

Minerva asked.

“4-star villager castle brain. That guy is Gai Ain, right?”

Sirone readily admitted.

“yes. But he lost Ultima. It won’t help you this time.”

Sirone knew what happened between Adam and Eve through Omega.

Miro asked in frustration.

“Then what are you going to do? Isn’t there a way?”


Sirone looked back at everyone and said.

“There is only one. The one who has a perfect Ultima system that doesn’t even need to be integrated anymore.”

“Is there such a person?”

Miro flashed the person he knew into his head like light.

I tilted my head for a moment, but when the category surpassed people, I finally realized it and opened my eyes wide.

“… … Ymir.”

The hall was buzzing, and even Lian, who had been contemplative without interfering in the conversation, opened one eye.

“Yes, Ymir. The only life form in the universe that has the experience of integrating 10 billion Gaians.”

With no one speaking, Sirone looked back at Louver and came to a conclusion.

“Through Dremo, we enter Ymir’s mother’s mind and steal the Ultima system. It’s transplanting it to all human beings. Then we can end the war.”

“Whoops. Whoop whoop.”

A half-mad voice echoed through the grand hall, and his eyes turned to it.

Arius was shaking his shoulders like crazy.

“Heh… … Kkkkkkkkk.”

Even though Sein is the number one person in the mental system, he can’t keep up with Arius when it comes to stealing, so the audience waited until he exhausted all of his emotions.


He, who had become a dog in the labyrinth and had been subdued even to his spirit, lifted his chin like a human for the first time.

“Will this happen in the end?”

Then, with his missing eye, he estimated the direction of the maze, raised his index and middle fingers, and said,

“Master, would you like a cigarette?”

“Shut up and speak quickly.”

“… … yes.”

Arius sighed and said.

“I have the experience of going into the psychology of Mr. Sirone’s mother, who is called Yahweh, and even the psychology of my master Miro.”

Both approached with bad intentions, but there was a sense of authority.

“It was amazing. yes, it was great But in the end, it’s just a human mind. It’s not that sirone-san or master are shallow, it’s just that they’re so. What I really want to say is… … 10 billion minds.”

Unlike the trembling shoulders in fear, Arius’ mouth was filled with happy madness.

“And its integration. I can’t even guess what the world would look like. Are you really going to do it? If you want to say that you are the only hope, let me say this. It’s just suicidal. He said he would give up without a fight.”

Sirone asked with a smile.

“So you’re not going?”

“I have to go.”


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For the first time, Arius felt sorry for the eyes he had plucked out as he decided to dedicate everything to Miro.

“I will definitely go. However, as a leader, I am not going to live. I will do my best, but I want you to keep that in mind.”

“great. I will also join through simultaneous events, but as this is the most important issue in the Ultima System project, we need more collaborators. If you would like to support… …

Before he could finish his words, the hands of many people spread out in the Grand Hall went up.

Lian didn’t even have to check, this Rookie and Nade, Amy and Tess

eyes burned

Nade has arrived.

“Sirone, we are going too. You know my stubbornness am i sure to go? huh?”

Sirone gave an embarrassing smile.

I was moved by the determination of my friends, but considering the difficulty of the mission, it was an impossible team.

“The little ones are missing.”

Nade and Iruki looked back, narrowing their eyes, but soon shrank their necks like Zara.

Miro was walking toward Sirone, emitting an incarnation of the Thousand Arms Guanyin like smoke.

“How am I?”

He was a person who didn’t need to be judged, but it would have been easier to build a team that way.

Sirone, who was examining the energy of the iron wall emitted by the Thousand Arms Guanshi Yin, nodded.


When even the maze asked for permission, Iruki, Nade, and Tess quietly backed away.

On the other hand, there were two people who still did not give up: Lian and Amy.

said Amy.

“Sirone, I will go too. You’ve experienced Dremo, and you’ve played an active role there.”

It was Sirone who saved his life with Amy’s base.

‘Amy is strong.’

Her power to conquer the world of fire is beyond imagination, but Sirone did not readily answer.

‘A little… a little bit ambiguous.’

that level of difficulty.

When Sirone first mentioned applicants, she turned her attention to the person she had in mind the most.

‘Mr. Gaold.’

He knew that if Miro went, of course he would follow, but he was still lost in thought.

People opened the way to the left and right, as if Sirone’s gaze contained invisible power.

Miro moved along the path.

“What, are you not going?”

Contrary to expectations, no answer came back.

“Are you really retired? If you can’t fight then leave. Don’t keep fooling around in front of me.”

Kang Nan glared at her.

“You speak harshly. I’ve never ruined myself for a single moment. It’s all because of you.”

“okay? I’m sorry. But what can I do, it seems like I don’t have a body to break anymore? Foolish deaf person.”

He cursed at Gaold, but Gangnan was so sad that it brought tears to his eyes.

“What are you doing… …

Why is Miro being mean to Gaold?

“There are conditions.”

As if not paying attention to the conversation between Miro and Gangnan, Gaold looked back at Sirone.

“Please speak.”

“Instead of me going, the labyrinth stays here. If it’s decided like that, I’ll destroy Ymir or whatever.” Garold’s remarks may have come from the same cold analysis as Sirone’s, but she came as an intolerable insult to Miro.

“This bastard!”

The moment Miro, who came running in one step, swung her leg and slapped Gaold’s chin.


Everyone who watched blinked quickly, realizing it was an hallucination.

Miro was breathing heavily.

“… … kill it.”

I really want to kick it, but the moment the seal in my heart is lifted even a little bit, Jeon Too-yeong breaks.

“Just die. Get out of my way.” Sirone seemed to understand a little why Miro was being so cruel to Gaold.

Then Rufist came in.

“I am Lufist, the head of the Magic Association, who was in charge of the succession ceremony. Please follow me.”

Respectful, he looked at Pony and said.

“It is time to become king.”

The news of the succession ceremony being held reached the farmland outside Baska.

“I’m going out to a place like this. After all, people live a long time to see. Is that so, honey?”

The wife watched pathetically as farmer Clein tying a bow tie on his tattered clothes.

“Are you really going to come? What would a farmer like you do in a place like that?”

“You won the war. There are only a few houses other than ours where the whole family has survived. Anyway, the city is said to have been devastated, so let’s look for something that can make money.”

“I can’t live like this because I have the head to do that. Don’t go overboard and go somewhere.”

Klein scratched his cheek.

“Why has my whole body itched like this since last night? Did something strange happen here?”

“The only thing that’s strange is your face, isn’t it?”

“My wife, what are you talking about… …

My son jumped out of the kitchen when my husband turned his head in disapproval.

“dad! Are you going into the castle?” my dear son

“ha ha ha! okay! Dad went in today… …

The moment I threw my heart at my son, an intense pain spread through my whole body, like being stabbed in the teeth with an awl.


The son stopped walking in surprise, and the wife put her hand on the shoulder of her fallen husband.

“honey! What’s wrong?”

“it hurts! Do not touch! It hurts!” I was about to lose my temper.

“Are you sick anywhere? here? here?”

“I don’t know! I don’t know! just everything… … Uhhhh!”

As if his sense of pain had become more than 100 times more sensitive, his bronchial tubes seemed to burn just by breathing.

Farmer Klein.

In the Baska area, it was the name of the first person infected with emotional disease.

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