Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 978

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Major premise (1)

It was a shock to everyone, both those who guessed the relationship between Sirone and Ikael, and those who did not.

The question that shakes the very foundations of biology, that angels have human children, did not even arise.

It was only important that Yahweh, who represents humanity, and the head of Heaven’s army were connected by a strong link.

‘Sirone is… … A child of Ikael?’ For the officials close to Adolph XIII, the strengthening of Syrone’s cause was not a good thing.

There is not much time left before the succession ceremony, but they are also the people who came here after experiencing numerous reverse electrodes.

‘There is no giving up until the end. I have at least one card. But if what I said is true… …

Their future was clearly looming.

‘Should I ride the pony line even now? If I do this, I’m really going to be purged.’

The Pandemonium opens on each continent and humanity is in danger of being destroyed, but who cares?

The reason they are here is to protect their own lives, not to save the world.

Sirone, who knew most of human history, was reading their minds as well.

‘it could be.’

As I heard in Guffin’s last message, protecting oneself was not a sin.

Waiting for everyone in the Grand Hall to clear their minds, Sirone spoke again.

“Ikael’s joining will be of great help to mankind, but we cannot survive with that alone. If we classify the world situation with the concept of enemies, now mankind

There are 3 powerful enemies. It’s me, Ymir, Habitz.”

They were strong people who could not present a counterargument.

“Either way is fatal to mankind. In fact, in terms of the depth of the realm, I think I am second to them. But why couldn’t I stop it…”

Miro said.

“Ultima System.”

“yes. It is because the state I have reached is based on my heart. After the succession ceremony, I will go on a pilgrimage around the world and gather the hearts of mankind. I can do kingdom or city scale through Pony, but I plan to go directly to villages and remote areas where the social system has not penetrated.”


When I turned my head to where the voice came from, Gaold sat sullenly in the corner.

It was Gangnan who looked after him, and Miro turned away from Gaold as soon as he glanced at him.

“What are you going to do? Are you going to visit each one and beg them to change their minds for the sake of the world?”

Sirone was speechless.

“That would be fine too. But would you know? What is the human heart

hey… …

Kang Nan lit a cigarette in his mouth.

“Cool! Cool!”

Aside from being in front of Pony, who would become the next king, Kang Nan was also halfway giving up.

Gauld, who had been coughing hard, continued by inhaling a long cigarette again.

“Humans will never eat strawberries if they want to eat apples. Even if you just want to eat it. In the end, it is the heart that can’t even turn around the trivial question of which fruit to eat. If you threaten with a knife, of course you will eat strawberries, but that is far from your heart. To change his mind is to change himself. In other words, he becomes a completely different, new human being.”

The heat of the officials hurriedly dissipated as Spark threw a living cigarette butt.

“There is only one way a human who wants to eat an apple can change his mind to eat a strawberry. Do you know what that is?”

Gaold spread two fingers.

“I’ll give you both.”

Sirone was still silent, but answered with a look as deep as Gaold’s.

“If told to eat both apples and strawberries, humans would happily eat strawberries. that’s the heart They are uncontrollable monsters that want to devour them all. The only thing that can be done is to confine even the extreme maze inside the cage. Harvits completely freed him. Perhaps only I can kill that monster.”

Cutting out the heart perfectly.

“But you want to tame it? I have no intention of pouring cold water on it, but I assure you, that is absolutely impossible. Not everyone can be you.”

Gaold’s analysis, despite his apparent depravity, was still sharp.

Mir also admitted.

‘Still, it’s not completely gone.’

Well, in a way, Gaold’s life may be the reality of the monster I just talked about.

‘You can’t lock it up, you can’t release it. It cannot be tamed nor killed.’

The name of that life would be Miro, but she didn’t want to think about it that far.

“Mr. Gaold is right.”

Now, everyone’s eyes turned back to Sirone, and Sirone accepted it meekly.

“I talked about it in front of my friends yesterday, but it’s a matter of technical thinking. I don’t think we can reach Ultima in time using normal methods.”


As Miro spoke, a knock was heard.

The big door opened, and Blitz and Aitra, who had left for somewhere last night, entered.

“Messiah, I have brought you.”

Following the apostle were Luver and Mongah, familiar to some people.

Louver greeted with a benevolent smile.

“I have been called by Oh Dae-seong.” While the people who had experienced Drimo were making faces of surprise, Miro suddenly realized.

“No way, Sirone you… …

There was such a way.

“yes. Mr. Louver is a dream keeper and manages Dremo’s territory. That is to say, he is connected to the spirit of humanity all over the world.”

Through Omega, Sirone also realized what kind of existence Louver was.

He wasn’t as top-level as Taeseong or Argones, but he was definitely an administrator in charge of a part of the system.

“The plan is this. With the approval of Mr. Louver, the manager of Dremo, the Ultima System is installed in the psychology of all human beings. It is implanted directly into the mind.”

“uh… …

A few people tried to speak up, but my mind was still unorganized.

When I finally understood what it meant, Amy opened her mouth with an expression full of joy.

“That way… … Miro intervened.


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“It’s a contradiction.”

It was a problem that only she, who had no blind spots in thinking, could grasp.

“The method itself is good. But it doesn’t include a major premise. That there really should be an Ultima system. It should be at least conceptually complete. But if that was the case, I would have already solved it with education, training, or mental resonance. The reason you can’t do that is because it’s the realm of the senses. It’s easy to explain what intimacy is, but who knows what it feels like? I can’t even guess.”

“That is why the pilgrimage is necessary.” Sirone explained.

“This world consists of the exchange of photons and quantum signals. In other words, half of it is the background, and a being with a heart fills it with something to make the world. That means that all events exist with probability, and any impossible thing can happen.”

Sirone raised her index finger and asked.

“Then why don’t quantum phenomena occur?”

Everyone listened.

“Why doesn’t it suddenly fall through the floor and onto the first floor, go to the wrong place along the way, or turn into a grotesque monster?”

Miro said.

“Because that doesn’t happen. Because it’s definitely never happened before. It’s contradictory, but you want to say that the contradiction is the truth, right?”

“yes. If this world is only made up of hearts, anything you want is possible. It’s jumbled and messed up, but it’s logical in itself. But basically it’s a photon signal. That signal creates a prejudice, possibly reducing the tenuous probability of that happening to zero.”

Sirone looked at the people.

“Assuming a world of electricity, the combination of photons and protons seems surprisingly efficient. The background is laid out, and users define it themselves. The photon signal acts like a kind of consensus mechanism. There is no need for special coordination because everyone’s justice is combined to become the world.”

The world is built at the speed of light.

“Those who used this world long ago realized the truth and developed and used the signal to the limit.”

And finally, one of them denies the cold world and goes against cowardice.

“Not everyone reached Ultima from the start. Just a small incident, that one incident can change everything.”

“Limits of Cognition. Are you talking about the realm of faith?”

Sirone nodded at Sain’s words and made a small ball out of materials.

“In the world of light quanta, all truths are obtained inductively. For example, this ball can’t go through a wall, not because it’s true, but because it’s never happened before. however… …

After catching the ball in the palm of her hand, Sirone turned around and threw the ball at the window.

“One day.”

The ball flew straight through the window and flew outside.

“When that inductive logic is broken.” As everyone stared blankly with their mouths open, Shirone turned his head away.

“Human cognition is going beyond its limits, allowing it to enter new realms. In other words, the probability that had been squashed down to 0 percent skyrocketed.”

Because half of the world is made up of the mind.

“It is often said that they believe in God. But even a priest cannot be perfect. Not to disparage them, but you can’t believe something that no entity can perceive. This is why Eden’s defenses cannot be perfect. However, if a god really descends into this world, or if even a minor miracle similar to it happens, perhaps the whole world will believe in a god.” Syrone sorted it out.

“This is why I want to purify people’s hearts through pilgrimage. Because a quantum signal is a concept like multiple users using the same bandwidth, it is less effective if mutual sincerity is not intertwined. If I passed the gong a moment ago, but the person who uses the mind skill strongly rejected it, the two phenomena would have collided.”

Sein said.

“But there is no one like that. Because no one has expanded their cognition as well as you.”

“yes. Because you can’t even imagine that it’s possible. But if you’ve already seen it with your own eyes, you don’t know.”

Miro said.

“I know you can’t do that. It’s not a skill that can be imitated to the extent of seeing it with the naked eye. That’s why you’re trying to plant the Ultima system yourself.”

So, while Sirone’s words were only about possibilities, he didn’t even consider the maze anymore.

If it’s not impossible, it’s because it’s the current situation of mankind that you have to do something.

“Okay, I understand what you mean. But there’s a second problem. Even if we move the Ultima system to the depths, what about the aftermath? Actually, you too realized Ultima in heaven. If you get only the 11th sense without going through anything from the 6th to the 10th, you won’t be able to integrate it. Even if I tried to understand all the signals, it would only lead to social chaos.”

Arius, who was lying on the floor with his chin propped up, added.

“It is a question of whether people will accept it. In the case of Sirone, Ikael implanted Ataraxia. But he must have been on the verge of destroying his mind at the time. Can ordinary people who are not even Unlockers bear such a shock?”

Come to think of it, his nickname was Grave Robber.

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