Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 974

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Demonic Hell⑴

While repairing her wounds with a roaring sound, Sirone looked towards the horizon.

Numerous starlights were twinkling at the end of the field of view.

It was starlight only here, but when approaching, it was a gigantic shock pile that could not be measured with the naked eye.

‘Ikael is fighting.’

The reason why angels are strong is because the concept of origin, that is, that their abilities are not accompanied by a purpose.

The Archangel of Destruction just destroys, the Archangel of Birth can create anything.

The limitless scalability of concepts is the strength of the angels, but Sirone, who has now mastered all things, can see their only limit.


Even Uriel cannot destroy anything that does not exist in the universe, and whatever Kariel creates will eventually become something that exists in the universe.

But Ikael is different.

Amplification has the potential to transcend the universe, and was actually demonstrated by Guffin.

The starlight on the horizon suddenly spread like the Milky Way and at some point disappeared from view.

After a while, Ikael flew towards Sirone, cutting the surface from the distant sea.

The asteroid was weakened and the face was fatigued, but the satisfaction of the one who made the decision was not visible in the eyes.


As Ikael found Sirone and accelerated even further, the sea tens of meters below split into a V shape.

The tears of light drew away from the horizon, and Ikael hugged Sirone without slowing down.


At the same speed as a physical attack, Sirone screamed briefly, but the shock was not delivered.

‘It’s a mother.’

Right before crashing into the sea, Ikael stopped, absorbing all inertia with his body.

It felt like Sirone’s sense of reality was filling the empty heart that had been pierced until now, but at that moment, an indescribable guilt tormented her.

“I’m sorry.”

It was Ikael’s first word.

“It’s not your fault.”

The conversation they share is still awkward, but the feelings in their words are sincere.

“no. I already killed you a long time ago, and even after I regained my memory, I ignored it. You don’t deserve to be a parent.”

I think it can’t be helped, but I understand the guilt she must be feeling.

“But I can’t go on like this forever. It’s good to let go of the past.”

Ikael shook his head resolutely.

“There is a heart that cannot be shaken off. Parents have children. Never mind. To see your face without guilt is even more terrifying.”


Said Sirone, who was lost in thought.

“Come over here and have a seat.”

Ikael blinked at the unexpected words, but thought that even that could hurt him, so he quietly followed Sirone’s words.

“Can I do this?”

Sirone raised her hand after briefly looking down at Ikael, who bowed her head reverently.

A soft light like smoke flowed through her body and gathered in her hand, shining transparently.

‘This is my first step.’

Many thoughts ran through Sirone’s mind as she placed her palm on Ikael’s celestial body.

‘You are right.’

In a cold world, we can’t undo anything, and we’re just blocking endless pain.

That is why Nane wants all humans to realize the truth and break the chains of suffering.


There was a god with a heart.

A ray of light, hope, the Messiah that God sent from outside the world after sacrificing himself.


‘If that’s me.’

I will deny the cold world to the end, embrace everyone’s anger in my heart, and say this.


I want to believe that it can be undone.

“I forgive you your sins.”

A great love without condition, reason, or ground permeated Ikael’s luminary body.


Ikael’s shoulders trembled.

It felt like the whole universe was reassuring her that it was okay and that you were safe from it.

‘I am truly a happy angel.’ The ultimate of the heart, the love of absolute fraternity

Because I was able to receive it from not one person, but two people.

“wake up.”

No more guilt remained in Ikael’s heart after the purification was over.

That was his heart, but because of that, Ikael felt sorry for Sirone.

“How could that be? Can you forgive everything for nothing, for no reason?”

“I don’t know.”

Sirone said honestly.

“Maybe it’s because I’m stronger. If so, is it hypocrisy? Maybe it’s just copying what Guffin taught us. But it doesn’t matter. The important thing is that you can do it.”

Unlike the law, the heart can be changed, and the world Sirone sees is such a place.

“As Nane said, reality is painful, and if it didn’t exist from the beginning, there would be no suffering… …


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Didn’t they meet like this because they also existed?

“I believe there is still something here that is not enough for the universe to close.”

“is it so.”

Ikael was convinced.

“What do you want to do? I’ll help. I will fight for the world Sirone wants.”

It was her sincerity after the purification was over, so Sirone was no longer in trouble.

“If I were to tell you how right a human being can be, I would like to ask him this.”

Sirone looked up at the sky and said.

“Do you know how huge the human mind can become?” When Iruki arrived at Basuka, the aftermath of the shock had subsided to some extent and he was in a state of maintenance.


Sirone came out to meet him.

Seeing Sirone outside the door, whom he had been with in the carriage until an hour ago, made him feel strange.

“How is the atmosphere?”

“A little calmed down. It is neither good nor bad.”

Although the formidable enemy named Ymir was sealed, two of the Five Stars were killed and even Garcia, the commander of the Valkyrie Corps, was lost.

The two talked while walking to Crete, the capital of Tormia.

“What about the Allied damage?”

“It hasn’t been officially counted yet. There will be an announcement from the Army Command sooner or later.”

When Pony arrived at the royal castle, Amy and Nade ran and hugged the rookie.


In an atmosphere of mutual comfort, Sirone asked Minerva.

“How is Taeseong?”

“I haven’t woken up yet. of course. Because Gaia concentrated all her power on the five planets. Even if you stop this Mir with that, you’d better not expect any more help from Taeseong.”

A shadow fell over Sirone’s face.

“More than anything else, the Demon Realm is the problem. I’ve found most of the corps commander’s locations, but it’s not an easy task.”

Minerva noticed immediately.

‘Right. Sirone isn’t the only one here.’

Currently, Sirone is struggling in various parts of the world where the 12 Apostles first occupied.

‘What kind of experience are you having?’

He might be fighting the demon corps commander to the death, or he might be wiping away the tears of a child who lost his family.

‘Maybe it’s both’

It was impossible without the circuit of thought becoming something that transcends human beings.

If there is such a thing as a god, wouldn’t that god’s brain have a logical structure similar to Sirone’s?

Seeing Sirone smile, Minerva averted her gaze as if stabbed.

“Anyway, this is the reason Taeseong came to Baska. You can no longer be safe in the Demon Realm. That’s why he wanted to meet Rian in person.”

” me?”

Ryan pointed at himself.

“Yes, you. The remnants of the demons still remain in numbers that cannot be ignored. Besides, the corps commanders who can open the Pandemonium are still alive and well. Perhaps it is because of the countermeasures against it.”


Just as Rian was thinking about the countermeasure, Gaold suddenly coughed up blood.

“Ouch! Kuck!”

It was only a handful of blood, but it was a pity that there seemed to be no more blood left to possess.

Minerva, who had been helping him until now, looked back at the maze and shot at him.

“Hey, you take it now. I’m fed up too.”

Miro looked at Gauld, who was coughing continuously while crouching on the floor, then turned around.


And as if he didn’t want to care, he walked to the corner and leaned back, and Kang Nan opened his eyes.

“That’s real!”

Sein put his hand on Gangnan’s shoulder.

“it’s okay. we do.”

As Sain put Gaold’s arm on his shoulder, Gangnan came to the other side and stood up.

“Get some rest. I’ll take you to Zulu’s room.”

Currently, Zulu was also attacked by Ymir and was in a state of life and death.

Gaold did not look up until he left the hall, shuffling his legs to the door.

Miro, who had been following the figure with a cold gaze, spat out nervously as the door closed.

“It’s disgusting, really.”

From the moment she reached the immaculate image of the omniscient projection, Gaold’s pain could not shock her.

‘It’s over now. No matter how obsessed you are with me, only you will suffer.’

I was just angry.

“I’ll go in and rest. Let’s break up today, let’s talk more about it tomorrow.”

Even now, all parts of the world are going back urgently, but no one disagreed.

‘Asmodian War, Assassination of Havitz, Collapse of Flower Garden, Elemental Bomb, Army of Heaven, Seal of Ymir… …

I couldn’t believe that all of this happened in just one day.

‘ I’m tired.’

Everyone’s eyes widened.

In an area 13 miles (21 km) north of Baska, the corpses of Allied soldiers were stirred.

Following the sound of stone chewing, the corpse turned over and Paimon emerged from the ground.

“Turn it off!”

Out of his throat, dirt mixed with mucus spewed out like a fountain, endlessly.

“Haha! Haha!”

Her face as she shook her neck and tried to free her body from the ground was nowhere to be found. Her eyes were gone, her nose was swollen, and her only moving organ was her jaw joint.

“Kaak! Kaak!”

Still, since he was the best longevity of the demons, when he shook his head without stopping, his body began to come out.

Soil flowed down the belly, which had swelled more than 100 times its original size.

“done. it’s okay.”

The moment she was hit directly by Sirone’s agape, she was the one who moved the furthest in the regular eating out van.

The place where he arrived by mobilizing all his momentum was the 120 meters underground.

As soon as it melted into the light, it seemed that it instinctively moved to a space where it could avoid the light.

Actually I don’t remember very well.

“Damn Yahweh!”

If demons also came from the human heart, Sirone’s philanthropy has the power to purify the extreme emotions that characterize demons into the most stable state.

‘Definitely fatal.’

She was left with only a torso, no limbs, and her stomach was about to explode from digging up soil.

“Kwuq! Kww!”

He vomited up dirt several times, but it seemed more convenient to tear the belly skin apart.


When he got a little older, Paimon laughed madly at the night sky.

lived anyway

“I won! Yahweh!”

There was a setback in the plan, but sooner or later, the commanders of the corps scattered across each continent will open the Pandemonium.

“We won.”

As her body began to rot, it began to degenerate into a huge hospital.

The disease that started here will flow to the southwest on the wind, eventually infecting the whole world.

“It is Satan.”

She melted away, gauging the moonlight with her thick eyelids.

“Lead the whole world into despair.”

Paimon’s corpse was scattered like smoke and flew to Baska as a shapeless reaper.

The name of the disease is Emotional Disease (or Emotion scale).

It was an unprecedented catastrophe that triggered a terrible tragedy by acting on certain conditions in the brain.

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