Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 973

Existence of Absence (4)

Ymir’s face contorted.

More than the weight he felt now, the unit of pressure that continued to mount was terrifying.

‘What is this again?’

The moment Le’s knees were about to stagger under the pressure soaring without knowing the limit.


The ground first caved in about three meters.


Contrary to expectations, Gaold’s expression as he glared at Ymir buried in the ground was serious.

‘Did you hold out?’

Only Autumn knew what a three-meter-deep pit meant.

“What, what?”

Sirone and the others looked around.

If the atmospheric pressure was enough to break Ymir’s knees, it would be normal if the city had already been blown away.

“What happened?”

Just as Tess was muttering, a fierce, tearing voice was heard from across the sky.

“You stupid bastard!” As she looked up, Minerva rode her jet and she was rapidly charging toward the ground.

Upon arriving, she approached Gaold and grabbed him by the collar and pulled him.

“it’s crazy? It’s not Taeseong sacrificing just because you’re an installation! And if the city blows up… … !”

When Amanta, Freed, and Thing arrived with Taeseong from behind, she turned her head.

“ha. ha.”

As expected, the eyes of Taeseong, who was breathing heavily, were halfway up.

‘Gaia’s ability.’ She, her star incarnation, had absorbed all of the shock De had inflicted on her planet a moment before.

Realizing the situation, Miro looked at Ymir with a surprised expression.

‘Nevertheless, the ground was crushed O…’

It meant that Taeseong’s condition was not normal.

Sirone approached her.

” are you okay?”

After recovering from the shock, Taeseong smiled.

“Do not worry. A shock of this magnitude does not destroy the star. I don’t have any problem.”

Sirone knew, but it was also true that the pain she suffered was separate from the shock.

Taeseong looked around and asked.

“Lian… … Where are you?”

Sirone couldn’t answer, so she changed the topic after grasping the atmosphere.

“Listen carefully. The reason I came here is to seal Ymir.”

It was a welcome sound to hear, but it was a word that never really touched me.

‘Sealing Ymir?’

It was a creature with strength that could not be completely subdued even with Sirone’s Hand of God.

Taeseong held out his hand.

“Sirone, please give me the key to planet Hexa.”

It was a planet gifted by Taeseong when he became Oh Daesung of the Unified Space Management Department.


When Sirone took out the pendant from her bosom, Taeseong took it and said.

“From now on, I will activate the Law of the Pentagram.”

In the number of the law, 5 symbolizes ‘external force’, and all kinds of summons and seals belong to this category.

In particular, what Taeseong is trying to do now is the Pentagram, which literally uses stars and planets.

“Normal things keep coming.”

Ymir, who had been listening to the conversation in the pit, tightened his fist and the body rose into the air.

Seeing them overcome gravity with only their strength, Sirone and the others put on a tired expression.

Landing on the ground, Ymir asked Taeseong.

“Are you going to seal me?”

“That’s right. Unfortunately, your existence is meaningless to the universe. I don’t know if it doesn’t affect me, but I have no choice but to use this method now that I have taken action.”

Ymir slowly raised his knees.


The next moment, as he slammed the ground with a thump, a tremendous shock settled in Taeseong’s incarnation.



As the Five Stars hurriedly helped, they looked down at the land that Ymir had trampled on.

“Hmm, it’s pretty solid.”

Only the shape of the sole of the foot was stamped at the place where he struck with the determination to collapse the entire area.

“I will admit it to some extent. But can you stop me with just that much?”

It was Ymir who could not find a way to annihilate existence even with the law of <Slaughter>.

“You can.”

Taeseong hung the five pendants on his fingers and put his hands together as if putting his palms together.

“Please stop Ymir for a moment.” Those gathered here were the strongest in the world, but no one could answer.

The only time Ymir had stopped moving was when he didn’t move on his own.

“It’s a fun game. be willing to respond But shouldn’t I also have a sense of purpose?”

Ymir lowered his lower body and said.

“The moment I kill you, the game is over.”


Sirone and the others moved at the same time.

The Hand of God, the halo of the sun and the moon, and now even the ‘enforcement’ of the Law of Thing worked on Ymir.

Fried was beaten.

‘Taesung is preventing the destruction of the planet.’

It’s truly heartbreaking to see her in pain.

“… … Is this right?”

The swordsman’s fighting spirit against the strongest enemy naturally pushed the corners of his mouth to the left and right.


Steel magic is engraved on the sword.

‘I’ll cut off my forearm.’

As he swung his body to the limit of his schema, the huge iron ring caused an afterimage.

Although not to the point of apostasy, Ymir also ate the law of redemption as much as he could.

The thrilling taste hit Fried’s brain.

‘It took properly.’

I thought so.

Until the steel enchanted sword shattered with a bang.

“It tickles.”

What Fred sees.

‘ iced coffee.’

It wasn’t Ymir’s fist, it was his son laughing in the tunnel of light.

‘Son, Dad… …

Before he could smile, Ymir’s fist burst into Fried’s face.

“Freed;” As the headless corpse still stood up, Amanta terrifyingly threw the world wheel.

Hey hey hey!

Even while trapped in Gaold’s Bakum press, Ymir twisted his waist and grabbed the world wheel.


With a crunching sound, all of Ymir’s fingers caught in the spokes broke.


balance of the world.

If Ymir had risen infinitely above the average of the universe, he would have blown at least his torso.


With three broken fingers, Ymir gripped the wheel tightly.

The moment the world ring shattered with a bang, Amanta suddenly had this thought.

‘Maybe the world has already… …

It may be tilted so much that it does not allow balance.


Amanta’s body was torn apart by Ymir’s wind, and everyone could only watch.


Arius laughed dejectedly.

‘If you are strong enough not to sense the universe… … Originally, it shouldn’t exist.’

Sirone’s eyes widened fiercely.


how contradictory

The fact that an entity that promotes the stability of the world created such a ridiculous monster.

‘Unification of 10 Billion Gaians.’

It was a cosmic monopoly on power that most of the user’s authority was contained in one entity.

‘At this rate, everyone will die.’

The reason the damage has been low so far is because all the fighters know their portion.

‘I have no choice but to take an adventure.’

Ataraxia – Hexagonal.

As the mind amplified transcendently, the Hand of God’s ability drew a huge upward curve.


Ymir’s movements slowed.

However, as expected, this was the limit with Sirone’s own Ultima system.

“hurry! Even a six-year-old cannot maintain it for long!”

Miro shouted.

“Gaold! Press!” The air press was immediately cast, and once again the giant’s body was buried deep in the ground.

“Now! attack!”

The moment all firepower was focused on Ymir, its power approached the G3 level, the standard for transmission mages.

“These bastards!”

Thousand Arms Guanshiyin’s palm broke like glass and Ymir came out and rushed at Taeseong.

“I will kill you!”

There was no longer any means to stop him, and a huge fist flew into Taeseong’s face.

“I won!”


Shock swept through the eyes of Sirone and the others who thought everything was over.

“Uh, how?”

Ymir’s fist was shaking in the air without reaching Taeseong.

Tears ran down Tess’ cheeks.


A human figure was blurry in front of Taeseong, and the tissue of living things began to stick to it.

“Is this a last resort?”

This Mir, who has no interest in the enemies he has already defeated, amplified his strength with a cold attitude.


arm was not extended.


It’s a power that soars without knowing the end, but Ri An’s spirit was also rising to the same level.

‘Divine transcendence.’

If you want to do that, do it.

‘Don’t imagine.’

The moment I think about what I can and cannot do, the world of thinking closes.

‘With the shape of the country completely erased… …

the ultimate state of the body.

‘It’s enough to reach it!’ Divine transcendence-divine transcendence.

When the bandwidth of Idea was expanded, signals were sent out at an unprecedented speed.

Lian’s body was restored in an instant, and twisted while holding onto Ymir’s fist.


The twisting of the arm was fleeting, but it was the first time Ymir had succumbed to its power.


Taeseong opened his arms with his eyes shining.

“The Law of Pentagon.”

The five pendants that turned into light were already handcuffed to Le’s hands, ankles, and neck.


Ymir’s limbs opened wide as the distant planets pulled Ymir’s body.


As Ymir, who had veins in his neck, gave strength, his limbs moved toward the center of his body little by little.

“Damn it!”

However, in the end, it could not withstand the weight of the planet on its hands, feet, and neck, and the body unfolded again.

‘I can’t do it.’

If she persisted like this, her face and limbs would be ripped off.

“It won’t take long.”

Squeezing out the last of his strength, Ymir shuddered and looked down at Taeseong.


The moment he finished speaking, Ymir’s body turned into light and disappeared along with the five stars.

Minerva asked.

“What happened? Are you dead?”

“No, unfortunately.”

Taeseong, who had been feeling something for a moment, opened a vision in front of him with a serious face.

“Look for yourself. Ymir is in this condition.”

Miro’s face turned pale.

“oh my god… …

In the middle of the vast universe, this Mir floated in a fixed position at the point of the pentagram.

Tess asked.

“Are those twinkling stars over there?”

“Star.] No.”

Sirone bit his lip.

“It’s Eunha.”

Dozens of galaxies stretched the distance from Ymir’s face to his feet.

“yes. Using the Star Key warps space and transports it to the planet. I thought this could cause Ymir’s limbs to dislocate, maybe even her neck… …

Sirone said.

“So you covered up the distortion of space with your size.”

“yes. It is the result of pouring all his power into gigantism. Of course, the force converges to 0. It will be fine for a while.”

Miro agreed.

“Well, even if you want to send a signal to move a finger, you have to cross the universe.”

Ymir, reflected in the vision, shook his shoulders.


I couldn’t hear his voice because it was outer space, but I got goosebumps just looking at his eyes as he turned his head.

‘Those eyes are bigger than the galaxy?’ Ymir moved his lips.

“Don’t be overjoyed. Although my strength has weakened, the planets of the pentagram have also become smaller than my cells.”

I could hear it just by the shape of my mouth.

“It must be somewhere. The moment my power is concentrated there, the seal is broken and you are doomed.”

Ymir’s eyes widened.

“Aww! Aaaaaa!”

The sound of the spirit that transmitted power to the whole body spread through the galaxy between the galaxies riding on the body.

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