Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 971

Existence of Absence (2)

An explosion occurred centering on Lian. It was powerful enough to blow the entire radius, but the party behind Lian was unharmed.

Everyone looked at the front as if wondering, and Sirone, who had arrived before he knew it, was casting Hand of God.

I saw Ymir leaning over the palm of the light that blocked the explosion.


While the whole area turned to black ash, only Ymir was breathing life.

‘Did I miss it?’

The moment everyone thought so, Mi Le’s chest opened and blood gushed out.


Even when he saw his own blood pouring in front of his eyes, his expression did not change.

‘Ymir… … I was cut by the sword.’

Rather, it was Lian’s party that was surprised, and if there was an army of heaven, they would have been shocked.

“Awesome, Lian.”

Sirone, who was looking at Ymir’s condition, had no choice but to sincerely acknowledge Lian.

‘In the history of Omega, Ogent is the only one who has wounded Ymir’s main body.’

Lian’s sword has now reached that point.


Smoke rose from where <Idea> was, and Lian’s body began to take shape.

Ymir watched the scene for a while, then tightened his chest muscles to stop the bleeding.

“It is standard.”

Sirone draws in the Hand of God


“Remember the current power. I can’t shock Ymir at anything other than this.”

Even if you say so… … .

‘I couldn’t even see what and how he swung. It’s not a power that humans can produce.’

Lian’s body regenerated quite slowly, but the shell was not important in the realm of the unification of the divine sword.

“I waited beneath the frozen sea. It was a boring time. I’m not very patient, but I haven’t had much fun coming out.”

It was the years of enduring the blows inflicted by Ogent, chewing and chewing endlessly.

“You said you would come back. He told me so.”

Ymir nodded as he looked down at Lian, who had regained his form perfectly.

“You keep your promise, Ozent.”

The origin of the Ogent family, the pride of inheriting the legacy of the ancestors burned Lian’s heart.

‘but… …

My head was colder than before.

‘Avoided. A blow with the whole body.’

What about Ymir?

He also avoids the attack with all his might.

did it?

Ryan concentrated all his nerves, but he still couldn’t sense Ymir’s presence.

Sirone said.

“Lian, come here.”

Sirone, who had Lian retreat to the side of the party, said while putting the Hand of God in front.

“As you may have already experienced, Ymir’s attack has two types of shock waves. The first is the impact on the photon field.”

is called physical force.

“The second is the shock his body itself gives off while moving. It’s a unique wavelength, and if you get caught up in this shockwave, your mind will be paralyzed. Prepare in advance.”

As Sirone said, I had already experienced it, but I thought it was too much to be honest.

‘Are you saying there are no natural enemies?’

It is said that physics, magic, law, and even eating out are all destroyed with a single blow.

“I know you well.”

Ymir pursed his lips and said.

“It definitely feels familiar. Something that has been passed down since long before Ogent.”

The Hand of God reacted swiftly to Ymir’s movements and twitched his fingers.


Sirone, Blitz, Aetra, Lian, Tess, Amy, Nade, Miro, Zulu, Gangnan, Sein, Enox, Garcia.

Then, towards the allied forces beyond, Ymir raised his hands and flicked his fingers.

“Come on.”

They felt it for the first time.

‘I haven’t thought about anything until now.’

What is Ymir’s way of living when he truly decides to kill someone?

“Huh huh r

As Tess clenched her jaws and held back her screams, Ymir’s body snapped.

muscle vibration.

As the shock wave from the body itself paralyzed the mind, hallucinations flickered before my eyes.


With no one moving, Ymir sprang out into the maze.

“Shall we start with you?”

Miro’s gaze, which was aimed at the front, moved to the side and caught the fist.

Ymir laughed curiously.

“Hoo?” Just the look in her unwavering gaze showed how deep she had reached.

Time is compressed to the limit.

‘All-sky projection.’

Thousand Arms Guanshiyin’s hand hit the left and right sides of Ymir, who was covering his face with both arms.

‘Hey, can I survive this?’ Miro, who was preparing for a deadly blow, saw Ymir flashing through the guard.

‘There is no shock.’

Before the eerie feeling could be conveyed, Ymir took a step forward and extended his fist.

At that time when he couldn’t even react, the Hand of God grabbed Ymir’s body.


Sirone’s nose wrinkled.

‘I can’t stop this.’

Even with the quantum signal with all his heart, Ymir’s strength could not be completely suppressed.


While captured by the Hand of God, Ymir’s regime was shot, and Miro twisted his head.

bang! bang bang! bang!

His fists created wind pressure and knocked down the buildings at the back of the maze like dominoes.

“ha. ha.”

Miro let out a heavy breath.

‘I almost died.’

If the Hand of God hadn’t restrained Ymir, his head would have been blown off.

Sirone frowned and said.

“This is the limit.”

The Hand of God was released into light smoke and wrapped around Ymir’s body.

It would definitely have an effect, but I couldn’t even guess how much of an effect it would have.


At the same time as Lian kicked the ground, the wizards who followed were equipped with magic.

At the stage of the unification of the swords, Lian’s body could not stand it and exploded with a bang.

Lian, who had entered the state of obsession and soul, swung <Idea> at the speed of his mind.

The atmosphere exploded.

In the thick haze, the mages attacked Ymir, relying on the Spirit Zone.

As fire, lightning, wind and cold exploded in one place, the surroundings of Baska’s walls were devastated.


Even the fighters were surprised at their own power, but it tickled Ymir.


Garcia, who raised her mental strength to the limit, cast Hellfire from the sky.

Ymir, who strained for a while to cut off the Hand of God, bent his lower body and loaded his fist.

cried Amy.

“danger… …

Before he could finish his words, Ymir’s regime struck the heavens and Hellfire annihilated with a hook.


Garcia, who was on the other side, fell to the ground with her upper body missing.

Literally instant death.


A fire giant burst out of Amy’s body in anger and fired at Ymir.


Sirone followed, and Sain cast Sun Moonlight Wheel to maximize the Hand of God’s restraining power.

“Quack. Kkkkkkkkk.”

Feeling the damage accumulating on his body, Ymir laughed with his shoulders trembling.

“Ha ha ha ha!” At the same time, he kicked off the ground and slammed his fist into Sein’s face.

Thousand-handed Guanshiyin pushed away the three men with his right hand and raised the capital with his left hand to strike down this Mir.

Ymir bent down and said with a tear in his mouth.

“Did you think you would win?”

Because he was polar, because he was omnipotent, because he inherited the lineage of Ogent, because he was a fire world, because he was the world’s strongest magician.

“Did you really think you guys would win?”

Ymir, who avoided the follow-up of the Thousand Arms Guanshi Yin’s attack, twisted his waist and drew his fist.

<Idea> was flying at a frightening speed, but Ymir’s government came first.


Zulu, who canceled the summoning of the lich, called the space-time bird along with the maze and soared in a flash of light.


A shockwave swept through the front, and the blade of <Idea> reached Ymir’s neck.

‘ what?’

As time slowed down infinitely, Li An’s mind saw the rapidly spinning Ymir.

how fast is that?

Before he could even think about it, Ymir’s fist pierced Lian’s mind.


Lian’s mind went far away, and <Idea> fell to the ground with a metal sound.

Although he couldn’t see it with his eyes, it was clear that Lian’s mind had missed the great sword.


Just as Tess was about to jump out screaming, Sirone blocked her path.

“No, Tess.”

Even Shirone, who had experienced all of Omega’s history, could not comprehend the situation just before.

‘I attacked the psychic body.’

Ymir brushed off his knees and straightened his upper body.

“It’s nothing.”

And when he clenched his fist, a brilliant golden aura surged through the sky.


Sirone realized that there was too little information about Lee Mi Le in the long history.

Ymir laughed incredulously.

“why? Did you know you couldn’t No, I didn’t have to.” Sirone’s gaze went down, but <Idea> still did not move.

may be dead

“Zulu! Zulu!”

When I looked back at Miro’s cry, Zulu had collapsed, spitting regurgitated blood.

“… … Don’t make a fuss.”

Just like the attack on Lian’s mental body, Ymir’s Fist chased space and time.

“Blitz. Eitra.”

Sirone looked back.

“Block it.”

At the same time as the instructions were given, the two apostles spurred the ground at the same time and jumped out.

The reason why he didn’t turn into a dragon is that Ymir can also become gigantic anyway.

“Go ahead.”

As Blitz’s body was wrapped in electricity, it hit Ymir, and Aethra went back.

‘I’m not sure about the Kwonbeop… …

After being hit by Aetra’s elbow, Ymir’s back staggered and bent to the side.


Excluding the mutation that is the sum of 10 billion Gaia, the dragon is the most powerful creature in the universe.


Aethra smiled bitterly.

The most chilling thing about Ymir is not knowing the limits of his abilities.

‘I keep getting stronger.’

Perhaps it is not producing even one-tenth of its original strength.

‘No, have you ever been to the limit?’

And Ymir raised his gear once again at the point of receiving the dragon’s pincer attack.

“Ha ha ha ha!”

When Blitz’s body flew out of sight, Sirone took out a dagger from her bosom.

“<Law Slaughter>.”

The most dangerous weapon in the world that changes the law and causes murder.

When Yahweh’s wrath was contained, <Dharma Kill> let out a scream while emitting red energy.

‘please! please!’

Sirone took a big step, looked at Ymir, and controlled the sensation in her arms.

‘Get out of space!’

When both Blitz and Aetra flew away, black flashes of light rushed towards Ymir.

Ymir quickly turned his head and grabbed the blade of <Law Flesh> with his huge hand.

There was a thump and the sound of blades breaking.

“What is this toy… … ?”

In the next moment, Ymir’s eyes widened, and the hand that held the <Slayer> shook terribly.

ack uh ”

Sirone clenched his fists.

Except for the atrocities outside the law, there was no existence that could be freed from <the killing of the law>.

‘It took properly.’

You can’t kill Ymir with an incident like getting hit by a carriage or falling a stone from the sky.

Eventually, as the dimension collapsed, the space around Ymir was distorted.

At the same time, the near-infinite law that could kill him began to work beyond time and space.

“You do cute things.”

Contrary to what he said while looking back at Sirone, his expression was as serious as ever.

‘this… … It’s definitely dangerous.’

As if coming from the entire universe, space that had turned black was encroaching on Ymir.

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