Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 963

Face to Face(3)

‘ amazing.’

Nane paid her respects to Sirone. It’s a realization. He’s reached the pinnacle himself, so he wasn’t particularly surprised.

Just the path Sirone chose.


The fact that he stood at the end of the world with everyone’s heart in it is great.

‘Yeah, there was a road like that.’

Like the symmetry of a mirror, we walked different paths from the beginning but ended up in the same place.

‘I must say right.’

Hexa, the ultimate state that the heart can pursue, Nane had no choice but to admit.

‘But this is the beginning.’

As Nane’s sword flame emitted a more brilliant light, he began stabbing at the Miracle Stream.

whatever you can imagine

Because Nane’s sword contains all the harmony this world has.

‘Sermon, Bing-Yeong

All cold concepts stung Sirone in a near-infinite spectrum.

‘It’s not cold.’

Sirone’s heart, which denied Nane’s truth, was embodied in the Miracle Stream and destroyed the sermon.

Amy’s face was in shock.

“oh my god… …

Every time the particles of light and the sword of concept collided, something unbelievable was seen in the spark.

“What is that?”


It is not clear whether it was human, but an innumerable number of pupils flickered across their retinas.

“The world is ripping apart.”

Miro said.

“That’s as far as humans can know. Is it an error in the universe or something more… …

Nade swallowed and said.

“What if we step out? What if you break the balance of power?”

“Are you stupid over there?”

At the place Miro pointed with his chin, he saw angels waiting with serious faces.

“The reason they don’t move is because Sirone and Nane aren’t fighting a power showdown.”

“Then what do we fight with?”

“All justice in the universe.” “The world is one, but the point of view has somehow become two. That’s a problem.”

Rufist continued.

“When I hit with a mass of 100 tons, Nane and Sirone each decide how that 100 tons will behave. In the end it doesn’t make any sense It’s up to them to decide.”

Miro nodded.

“That’s right. The two systems are perfectly interlocked. Only the two of you know the justice that is given out there. Even if I attack Nane with a polar line, it’s a situation where Sirone could suffer damage.”

While they were talking, the confrontation between Sirone and Nane reached its peak.

‘Did you realize this too?’

It was always me who asked questions.

‘Then how about this?’

The sword of the sermon was fired at Sirone, combining all the concepts of the end and end of the universe.


The Miracle Stream emanated a terrifying light and wrapped around Nane’s sword, breaking it.

Miro’s eyebrows trembled.

“Almost matched.”

If it were a conversation, the two would have talked about everything in the universe in a short amount of time.

‘And here it is the same. If it was one person, it would have been a god, but in the end, it’s just two people… …

still human.

‘Who is the one that breaks?’

At that time, Miro covered her face and watched it seriously, the angelic light shook.

At the same time, exclamations erupted from the Allied side.

“uh’? uh huh?”

It was a subtle movement that could not be seen with the naked eye, but it was a powerful feeling that made her concentration scream.

“Sir, Sirone… …

I was pushing Nane’s forehead little by little.

‘I don’t look alike.’

When the symmetry of the mirror disappeared and Yahweh and Buddha were separated, Nane’s face was distorted.


The sword fire stood up as if it were exploding, and the entire Basuka was shaken with powerful vibrations.

‘Perspective is breaking.’ It felt as if the world would split in two, but Sirone had no intention of stopping.

‘Never back down.’

Just when I opened my bitter eyes and took a step, I saw Nane’s smile.


At the same time as Sirone’s step landed on the ground, Nane stepped back the same distance.

“What, what?”

Allied forces, as well as the army of Heaven, narrowed their eyes.

‘Did you step back yourself?’

It was almost the same, so even Sirone couldn’t understand what he was doing earlier.

‘I wouldn’t have done it.’

If he was afraid of defeat and retreated, he would not have become a Buddha of the era from the beginning.

“It was an informative conversation.”

It was the reason I was offended by Nane’s words.

“A conversation? We risked the world and collided. there are no variables No, I checked all the variables. No matter what you do, the outcome will not change.”

“know. I lost.”

No one said anything, but the atmosphere of the Heavenly Army was agitated.

‘Buddha… …

It was Shura who was most shocked.

‘I know. He’s not one to give up so easily. Even if it’s Yahweh… … . no way?’

Suddenly, a thought came to my mind.

‘Is it that difficult?’

Nane stepped back and continued talking.

“Even though the direction is different, the essence is the same. It’s about thinking about what people need. I could understand your philanthropy. No, I truly understand you.”

Nane’s gaze moved away from Sirone for the first time, and turned to someone behind her.


If you close the world, Amy will disappear, and your love for her will also disappear.

‘Is this the right thing?’

I’m right in everything except one, so stop believing that this is also right.

‘That shouldn’t be the case.’

If it wasn’t 100%, the Buddha’s sermon would be abusive language, not the truth.

“I am watching you.”

As Nane ascended to the sky, the army of Heaven lifted its head with an absurd expression.

“Are you gone?”

When he turned his eyes back to the ground, the allied forces were behind Sirone.

3 Mara Ashur asked Ikael.

“What should I do?”

Since the Buddha had left the front line, the ultimate command authority had passed to the archangel.

said Leil.

“Please allow me to leave. As you saw earlier, Nane is not Anchera. We have a mission to rule over them by continuing the will of God. I will.” No words came out of Ikael’s mouth as he met Sirone’s eyes.

Satiel was alert.

‘If she regained her memory, there’s no way she would allow a war with humans.’

“Chief Angel.”

Just as Ashur was about to ask again, Mir kicked off the floor and jumped out.

“Enough now.”

He quickly closed the distance and thrust his fist into Shirone’s face.

“I will solve it.”

As the Miracle Stream wrapped around Ymir’s arm, an unfamiliar resistance surged up.


A resistance never to be forgotten.


The light smoke exploded with a pop, and the wind pressure of the fist pushed Sirone back.


I had already experienced it as an omega, but the feeling of being victimized without going through Guffin was vastly different.

“It’s a jab, a jab.”

Lian stepped in front of Ymir, who raised his arms and thumped the ground as he charged.

“Your opponent is me.” As the great sword swung around and split the world, Ymir’s eyes shone.

‘This… … ?’

As the animalistic urge surged in, Ymir’s body, which was heading towards Sirone, twisted sharply.

“Ha ha ha ha!”

As he attacked while covering his face with one arm, the Daejikdo hit the top of his forearm.

M | 99

The moment the sensation called shock was delivered, it was so thrilling that the hair on my head stood on end.

‘Yes, this is it!’

Ymir, losing his temper from the excitement of the battle, twisted his back and threw his fist.

“Come on, Ozen… …

At the same time, a huge incarnation of Guanshi Yin emerged and struck Ymir thousands of times from left and right.


As the final blow was struck, Ymir’s body was pushed aside four meters.

‘Four meters?’

The maze was bittersweet.

‘I hit it with the intention of flying 4 kilometers.’

When Ymir opened the attack, the giants rushed forward, shaking the ground as if they had been waiting for them.

“Sheesh! Those!”

Ashur lost his temper, but they were dead anyway by Ymir’s command.

Miro said as he signed his hand.

“Fight. Get ready.”

As the allied forces rushed towards the army of heaven, the angels inevitably began to move.

Only Sirone was watching the situation.

‘It’s disadvantageous at this rate.’

Unlike the Allies, which depend on a few characters, the Heavenly Army were all Xinjiang.

If it wasn’t for Miro’s defensive power, it wouldn’t be strange if Basuka had already flown away.

‘I have no choice but to do it.’

Only Hexa could do this.


Sirone let out a deep breath and drew in the Miracle Stream between her hands.

‘As expected, it’s not enough.’

However, as the melee continued in Basuka, it was the humans who suffered the most damage.

“Hand of God.”

As signals are fired over Sirone’s head, the clouds open up and open a huge hole.

“That one?”

The angels’ faces turned pale.


As a huge group of light in the form of a hand pierced the sky, the archangels rushed.

The fastest was Rayel.


The moment Rayel, who was charging at the speed of light, put the brakes on the speed of light and punched out.

‘ huh?’

A blond-haired boy, apparently moving at the same speed, charged in from the side.

‘That one?’

In the eyes sparkling with madness, I saw two magic circles being assembled at the speed of light.

‘Gwangryong… …

When he thought that far, the boy’s fist hit Rayel in the face.



The archangel’s body, pinned to the ground, dug a hole in the ground and was pushed endlessly.

“Ha ha ha! A long time!”

Before the inertia of power disappeared, Phaeton, who had caught up with Rayel, unleashed a series of blows with small fists.

“Did you miss it! uh? Did you miss me?”

Layel’s upper body was stuck on the ground, and her legs were flapping like fish.

When the angels who had been watching blankly for a while came to their senses and hurriedly turned around.


The Hand of God pressed down on the entire Basuka, bending his fingers as if scooping up dirt.

‘Heaven’s army is scooped out.’

Like a filter, the entire army of heaven was caught in a fist of light rising to the sky.

“Yaaaaa!” At the same time as Sirone swung his arm, Hand of God threw everyone away.

Numerous angels invoked the judicial halo, but it was a nature that could not be stopped by the law.


The eyes of the allies widened as they saw the angel and Mara, the fairy and the giant flying like sand.

“… … What is that?”

When she turned her head to listen to the explanation, Sirone was breathing heavily.

“ha. ha.”

I didn’t like the current result

‘The Ultima system is too weak. All it takes is a wire break. It didn’t even fly to outer space.’

pop! pop! pop! pop!

Listening to the Pagongong sound, it seemed that some factors had already broken the power of Hexa and departed.

‘I need more ideas.’

As Sirone lost his thoughts, the Hand of God assumed the shape of a hand resting on his chin.

While everyone watched in bewilderment, Peyton walked away, dusting off his pants.

“Anyway, it’s slow… …

A roar erupted in the air,

Around Sirone, 11 people landed.

They glared at Phaeton as if they were about to eat it, but immediately got down on one knee and bowed.


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