Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 961

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Face to Face(1)

Eating Out Triangle Field.

Tanote, who was born from the triangular spirit, is a middle jin belonging to the geometric system among the 72 classes of fairies, and governs the form of connecting three points with a straight line.

The law of the triangle is “the first force of confinement,” and ancient people also confined many concepts to this form, such as arrows (piercing), pottery (storage), and blades (cutting).

At a slightly higher level, there was a triangular horn that contained the spirit of Mara, and at the top was the trinity, meaning ‘reality’.

“Ho-ho-ho! What a pity! I don’t know what I dropped, but the archangel told me to collect it without fail.”

Of course, what Tanote deals with is not a high-level spirit, but a triangular form.

Even so, when the triangle field overlapped several times, Nade couldn’t move his limbs.


Tanote moved around Nade by taking three points, and each time the red line was activated, the restraining force became stronger.

‘It is an ability that becomes disadvantageous as time goes by. We need to deal with it as soon as possible.’ Following the muscles, even the senses were paralyzed.

When I looked down with the only gaze I could control, the elemental bomb was in a state of being as small as a dot.


Honestly, I knew.

Even if the elemental bomb explodes safely, he is not a person who can breathe and live.

‘That’s why I can die too.’

As the eagerness that transcends life took hold of his entire body, electricity flowed through Nade’s body.

“Big!” As the electrical signal accompanying the pain flowed, the paralyzed senses were clearly felt.

“Uh, how?”

Tanote’s face, which was generating triangle fields in succession, turned pale.


A phenomenon that is not included in the Trinity and corresponds to the number 4 of the law.

As Nade gritted his teeth, the hundreds of red lines around him began to snap.

‘I’m sorry, Liz.’

In many ways.

‘I just lied to you and left.

me.’ Magic Fairy Tale – Brain God.


When Nade felt his reason fly away and screamed, the Triangle Field was destroyed.

Subsequently, an incarnation made of electricity rose from Ned’s body, acting as a dragon.

Tanote screamed in terror.


The shape of the god of thunder that completely occupied the field of view was so vicious and sharp that it caused damage to the retina.

Tanote’s screams stopped abruptly as the giant, electrified face resembling Nade’s approached.

“100 million… … ! 100 million… … !”

A hiccup came out of shock.

The Thunder God had no intention of killing, but the reason why I was certain that he would die.

‘nature. It is the incarnation of nature.’

It must have been because he felt the temperament that only the highest-class fairies could have, the law of innocence.

The thoughts in Nade’s head exploded with a roar through the Thunder God’s entire body.

-You stupid kid.


Nade’s face distorted like a monster.

– It’s not an insignificant thing to touch without knowing what it is.

It was a bomb containing all the hopes of Iruki and mankind.

“Heh, hehe.”

Tanote’s little face was covered with tears, and her legs trembled.

Even so, the pride of receiving the command of the great archangel Ikael did not break.

“shut up! I follow the archangel’s order… … ! Kuck!”

As the Thunder God’s grip gripped Tanote, the tiny body sizzled and burned.


As Nade headed toward the ground with his eyes filled with electricity, the Thunder God grew in size and roared.


When it raised a thunderous sound comparable to that of the emperor, the fairies who were chasing after the bomb looked up at the sky.

“ah… …

The last thing their clear eyes captured was a sharp, gigantic speed of lightning.


As soon as the thunder god passed, all the fairies turned to ashes and disappeared, like a flock of gnats being burned.

“ha! ha!”

Nade, who caught up with the acceleration of gravity with the speed of electricity, hugged the bomb with his body.

Even with the aftermath of the magic assimilation remaining, both eyes clearly checked the timer.

‘Eleven seconds.’

There was a smile of relief.


With the last ten seconds of his life left, good memories passed through Nade’s mind.

‘It’s not hallucinations.’

Iruki’s eyes looked frightened, but were looking at the door with even stronger desire.

It was obviously locked and the key was with him, but the lock unlocked as if by magic.


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In fact, it was a door anyone could open if they wanted to.

However, only one person has the courage and qualifications to enter without receiving permission from Iruki.

No, I’m not sure about that either, but if I had to pick just one… … .


Outside the wide open door, Sirone was standing.

“How are you here… …

The commander was nowhere to be seen from Iruki’s location, and Dorothy was watching Sirone with a sad expression.

“I heard about it.”

When Sirone stepped into the room, Iruki’s shoulders twitched in fear.

“They made an elemental bomb. You succeeded.”

“??????go back.”

Iruki couldn’t bear to meet his eyes.

“I don’t want to receive comfort, rebuttal, or support. it’s what i chose I will be responsible for everything.”

“Operation elemental bombing is a good strategy. With this, you will be able to annihilate many demons.”

It was only then that Iruki looked at Sirone.

“Are you agreeing with me?” A smile spread across Sirone’s lips.

“Iruki, no one can object. Who else could have afforded it if not you? That’s why you are the only one who has the right to choose. Even if I am Yahweh, an infinite wizard, and the Five Great Stars of the Ivory Tower.”

While the commanders looked blank, Sirone got down on one knee in front of Iruki.

“I will not make any judgments about what you choose. The reason I came here is just… …

Shirone’s hand rested on Iruki’s shoulder.

“I came to keep my promise as a friend.”

Dorothy murmured.

” promise?”

On the other hand, Iruki.


Recalling a certain memory, the tip of his chin trembled.


Sirone nodded.

“Yes, that promise. When your thoughts lead to terrible tragedies, when your brain devours you… …

Tears flowed down Iruki’s cheeks.

“Please stop. You, you want me to stop… …

At that moment, this little rookie popped out from the depths of the brain, where scraps of information were piled up.

With a terrified expression on his face as if he had drifted on the sea, he stretched out his hand and shouted.

help me.

“I will take responsibility.”

Sirone responded to the sound of her heart.

“I will take responsibility for everything you had to deal with until now. therefore… …

Shirone’s voice trembled as she saw Iruki, who had become a pain, in her eyes.

“So now, come back.”

Iruki let out a painful cry and lowered his head as if he had been hit somewhere. Hugging his convulsive body, Iruki confessed his true feelings for the first time.

“scared. I am scared to death.”

“I’m fine now.”

As she stroked her friend’s back, which had dried up like a dead tree branch, Shirone strained her eyes.

“Because I am not afraid.”

Iruki nodded slowly, and Dorothy ran up and threw herself at him.

“Iruki! are you okay?”

Dorothy looked back as Sirone, who had entrusted her friend to her lover, slowly stood up.

“Thank you, Sirone.”

I left all the burden on Sirone, but to be honest, I couldn’t handle it anymore.

Iruki shook his head.

“What are you going to do?”

Just by putting down the weight of humanity, intelligence was reviving in his eyes.

“To Baska is too far. What time is it? okay.”

Servants don’t need to check their watch.

“It is already late. It’s more than enough time for Nade to drop the elemental bomb by now.”

“don’t worry.”

Sirone put her hands behind her back and looked out the window.

“Because my heart is already there.”

Time left until detonation, 10 seconds.

Paimon, heading towards the sky, mocked Miro and the others following him biting their tail.

“Knock-knock! Chase somewhere, humans!”

The elemental bombs were still high in the sky, but considering the speed of their fall, we would encounter them sooner or later.

‘The most gorgeous!’

Meanwhile, the fairy troops who were attacked by Nade also arrived at the headquarters of the army of heaven.

“sorry. I couldn’t stop it.”

Instead of showing emotion, Ikael looked at the bomb as it crashed at breakneck speed.

‘It’s obviously a human firepower weapon.’

Even Vulcan couldn’t imagine its power, but the angel’s scale surpassed that of humans.

‘Looking at the situation on the ground, it probably won’t be at the level of just playing with fire.’

Giants also entered the human city, so I wanted to collect the bomb as much as possible.

‘There is plenty of time.’

If you are an archangel of light.


Just as Ikael was about to give instructions, Nane said.


Nane, as if not interested in the bomb, was watching the screaming humans in Baska’s mayhem.

“I want to watch you. It will be safe here.”

To say it was Buddha’s arrogance, he had no choice but to obey because what he had was perfect.

“All right.”

Nade was dizzy as he hung on to the bomb that was falling at great speed.

‘8 seconds! 7 seconds!’

At that time, Paimon and Miro’s party were quickly rising from the ground.

‘ what?’

The first thing I noticed was Amy.

‘Why are you in Baska?’

There was nothing he could do now, and Nade fell from the bomb at that point.


5 seconds.

‘Yes, let’s die! Die together!’

4 seconds.

I was just resentful, and beyond that resentment, futility surged from a faraway place.

3 seconds.

“It is Satan.”

Paimon opened his arms toward the bomb.

“Hell in this world!”

2 seconds.

Her skin started bubbling as the demon world showed signs of opening.

“Try it to your heart’s content! This is it!” candle.

“The worst disease I ever created… … !”

At that moment, brilliant golden smoke enveloped the bomb, and Paimon’s eyes shook in shock.

0 seconds.

‘Miracle Stream!’

If it exploded as it was, it would be a process so fast that it wouldn’t even remain in my mind.


All in the sky could see great vibrations of energy trapped in the golden smoke.

The Miracle Stream, which transcended time with quantum signals, was transformed into the form of Sirone.


Suppressing the explosion between her palms, Sirone was genuinely amazed.

‘The mobility of the particles is amazing.’

Of course, it’s not like we haven’t felt energy on this scale in all of the history of the universe.

‘It was made by humans?’

Iruki proved the fact that human knowledge can reach apostasy.

“Sirone… …

Nade and Miro, who were floating 200 meters in the air, found Sirone and were stunned.

But more surprising than that.


It was a situation where the energy to fly several kilometers in an instant was confined to an area of ​​30 centimeters.

‘It converts energy.’

Just as electricity is produced by turning a windmill with wind, Sirone converted the kinetic energy of particles into hexa.

‘Any energy would be lethal

only… …

Sirone knew the only energy that could not be combined into a photon signal.

‘The ultimate realm of Yahweh.’


The particles bubbled up and exploded in the air like primordial light.


The moment Paimon’s arms and legs melted in the light, Miro’s party also twisted their heads.

‘I couldn’t stop it after all.’

At that moment, I suddenly realized that if the bomb had exploded, I would not have been able to even think of this.


When Miro’s eyes flashed open, a tremendous number of screams erupted from the ground.

“Kuaaa! it hurts! it hurts!”

The citizens of Baska lay face down on the ground, hearing screams from all directions.

“Abominable Yahweh! Goddamn Yahweh… … ! Kut!”

Silence came when tens of thousands of voices filling the surroundings evaporated at the same time.

“Sal, are you alive?”

People stood up and looked around, but everything was covered in light.

“iced coffee??????

In a feeling of warmth in their hearts, they closed their eyes as if they had made a promise.

‘It’s warm.’

It was the heart of Yahweh, the temperature of agape.

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