Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 956

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What the Guffins Left Behind (4)

Signals transmitted in real time from all over the world were sucked into the temple’s command center.

“Sir General! The signal continues… …


The commander touched his mouth and crossed his two index fingers as if there was no need to report on this matter.


When the messenger looked inside the command and control room, a huge golden panel was spread out in front of Iruki.

Goldbird continued to infiltrate the panel, breaking numerous records.

‘Arnold Lampa.’

As befits the evaluation of being the world’s best information wizard, he was showing a planetary-class activity radius.

‘According to this information… …

Demons who looked like high-ranking corps commanders were being discovered all over the world.

In other words, the elite of the demons are not in the central continent.

‘Can you be so vigilant? If it was to see through the operation of the Holy War… … No, it can’t be.’

Therefore, it is not a normal judgment.

‘Something’s going on inside the army of hell. Infighting, or the emergence of rivals.’

Because that’s when people are stubborn.

‘Anyway, the elite of the demons are not in the Central Continent. What was stolen was probably the upper corps commander and his subordinate units.’

Iruki’s expression became serious.

‘Even if you explode an elemental bomb, the elite of the demons will not be harmed. Instead, we will lose Baska and millions of people will die.’

The commander who confirmed the panel’s information asked.

“Sir, what should we do?”

“Proceed as is.”

Because the decision was so quick, the commander hesitated rather than answer.

“Are you going as is?”

Iruki rested his chin.

‘Stealing the elite can’t be a strategy to seize victory. Therefore, this is psychological warfare.’

Literally shake.

‘In other words, it means that the current Balkan is not in a state where it can make its own decisions, whether it is voluntary or unwilling. That’s why I handed over the options. I feel the intention to overcome the situation in the military by somehow creating a new variable.’

After organizing his thoughts, Iruki spoke again.

“I will go as is.”

Balkan’s strategy rather resulted in strengthening Iruki’s psychology.

‘I’d rather have this. The possibility of the demons voluntarily changing their route is gone.’


‘The remaining variables are… …

A light shone in Iruki’s eyes as he looked at the map.

Even after accepting all the last records left by Guffin, Sirone closed her eyes.

There is no confusion because I felt it with my 11th sense, but I wanted to feel a little more aftertaste.

‘Guffin. Ichael. Gaia.’

Not alone.

“like that… … It was connected.” God with a heart.

What Guffin, denying the cold world, leaves the photon world and leaves in this world O…


Sirone finally learned the reason for her existence.

“Do you feel a sense of mission?”

Karatorsa asked.

“no. I’m still sirone Nothing will change, and it should not change.”

“Then, what did you feel?”


Sirone looked up at the ceiling.

“The movement of all atoms that began from the beginning. The many hearts that were born in it made me who I am today. I want to carry on that great love again.”

‘What I chose in the end was love.’

The corner of Kara Torsa’s mouth rose slightly.

‘Take it easy, Guffin. Your child has grown up wonderfully.’

Caratora, who had laid down all her burdens, took a comfortable stance, feeling that her life was fading away.

“good. The 12 apostles will help you in the future.”

log of the Akashic Records.

For Kara Torsa, who literally carried the entire universe, extinction was the best rest.

This time, Sirone also paid his respects.

“You have worked hard all this time.”

After Guffin initialized the world, Anke tried to change history by all means.

The dragon fought with the angels for eons of time, sharing the log of Karatorsa, the core.

‘Numerous dragons have disappeared.’

Excluding the 12 apostles, there were almost no dragons left in this world and avoided them.

‘No, the remaining dragons became the 12 apostles.’

What was saved in that way was a pure world that was not swayed by the will of a particular being.

“Until now, dragons have shared their thoughts through the core word Mudeungryongmi. Balaur’s network. But now, if I disappear, that network will also be cut off.”

Kara Torsa chuckled.


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“I’m worried because all of them are eccentric, but if you are Ultima, there will be no problem. Guide me well.”

“I have nothing to teach you.”

The 12 apostles waiting for Sirone were the strongest dragons who did not succumb to the might of the archangel.

“You don’t have to teach me. because they will learn If I follow your footsteps… …

The era of the dragon passed by in Karatorsa’s mind as she slowly closed her eyes.

“Can we continue?” Mudeungryong’s body rapidly lost its vitality and then disappeared with a bright light.

Sirone bowed her head and mourned.

“thank you.”

Time was short.

Because it is not polite to feel sorrow for someone who left after completing the hardest life.


A thick Miracle Stream began to spread around Sirone, who took a deep breath.

The deep mountain scenery was dismantled as a signal, and a huge mountain range was leaped with a single step. The 12 apostles were waiting for them when they arrived.

“Meet the Messiah.”

When Blitz knelt down, 11 apostles performed the same action.

The core called Mudeungryongmi disappeared, but no one showed sad feelings.

‘The strongest dragon.’

Sirone had already felt all of the 12 apostles with 11 senses through Omega.

However, when I looked at them with only my five senses, especially my eyes, I felt a different feeling.

“Kara Torsa has gone to rest.”

“I know.” Now that the network’s database is gone, the Twelve Apostles must rely on individual judgment.

“That is why the Messiah must lead us. We will follow you.”

It was the realm of belief, not information.


As Sirone examined the faces of the 12 apostles, they all raised their heads with burning will.

Everyone was waiting for me to call them.


From the time Mudeungryong existed, the rivalry between the 12 apostles was known.

The way to prove an individual’s value in a state of sharing thoughts is to be selected by the core.

‘Who should I call first?’

It was now a situation where Sirone had to do the useless worries that Karatora had done.

‘First of all, the light dragon Phaeton.’

He was a handsome boy, but as far as he knew, he was the most violent of the 12 apostles.

‘The Fire Dragon Inpercus.’

It was also a simulation model for the graduation exam, but Sirone secretly avoided her gaze.


It was difficult to talk to him at the sight of him with half of his head shaved and a piercing on his lip.

‘Honestly, the apostle I’m most curious about… … Baekryong 晩龍 As-Skiker.

The moment I saw her seated in the red skirt worn by shamans of the East.

‘uh? uh?’

Sirone was stunned.

Among the dragons, the appearance of Asriker, who uses the information of the soul, overwhelms all forms of the world.

‘It’s the most beautiful signal in the universe.’

There is no concept of perfection.

It was an extreme goodwill that transcended individuality, and a charm that satisfied everyone’s ideals.

Sensing Sirone’s gaze, Assryker quietly lifted his head and smiled.

feelings of favor.

Just the mere smile caused a huge ripple in Sirone’s heart.

‘This is dangerous. It’s really dangerous.’ My heart raced and my mind was bewildered by the most pleasurable signal that my eyes could feel.

As Messiah drew attention, As Sri Kerr gave a softer gaze.


A red light came on in her head, and Sirone immediately activated the Ultima System.

As the information of the extreme 極好 that makes up the As-Ryker was dismantled into the smallest units, the fluctuations in emotions stopped.


Blitz’s eyes shone.

‘How can you subdue the characteristics of a white dragon so quickly? After all, the Messiah, the strongest spirit in the universe?’

The 12 apostles put on an expression of accusation.

‘Hey, where are the beauties?’ As Riker lived as if he was acknowledging it, he lowered his head and quelled his desire to be called.

Sirone searched for another apostle.

‘Oh, that man… …

Water Dragon Chaios.

The scene of leading thousands of tons of water and gushing out of Galliante Island was vivid in my mind.

A dragon that managed the world’s time by moving across the three oceans for 10 years.

Sirone made a decision.

“Come to think of it, we are old.” That explanation was enough, and Kaios stood up and left the ranks of the apostles.

‘Sheesh! It can’t be helped.’

Kaios, who had a calm impression, had blue hair hanging down to his ankles and moved with his eyes closed.

‘Closed eyes and open eyes.’

In Ultima’s history, Kaios appears as a dragon with two personalities.

When I close my eyes, I have a calm personality like a windless zone, but once I open my eyes… … .

Kaios lowered his head.

“yes. There were many examples back then. Because Caratora has issued a restraining order.”

It was to keep time.

“no. Thanks to you, I was able to make wonderful memories. It was a very beautiful sight.”

I missed Jis, Kanis, Arin, and my friends.


Poine, the venomous dragon, cleared his throat and stood up. The eyes of the other apostles narrowed.

‘The Messiah hasn’t even given a name yet. Anyway, I feel arrogant…’

Either way, she put on her cane and walked forward, bowing politely.

“Meet the Messiah. My name is Poine, the Poison Dragon.”

“nice to meet you.”

Sirone lowered his head to face him, and Poi’s eyes shone as if he was interested.


If you have lived through the history of Omega, there is absolutely no reason to exalt someone.

In fact, Sirone also did not harbor the reverence that normal humans have for Poine.

‘Even so, she’s a grandmother.’

However, no matter how much I realized, I made up my mind not to forget the important things for humans.

Maybe that’s because it’s a god with a heart.

“Hoho, as expected, your prediction is not wrong. You have a lot to do in the future. Treat us like limbs, and ask me if you need anything.”

A light came on in the eyes of the 11 apostles.

‘Has that thing gone senile!’

After the demise of Kara Torsa, nothing has been decided yet about the representative.

‘Where are you going to eat raw!’

The image of an old woman threw the odds, but Sirone also did not take it lightly.

‘I really can’t be careless.’ Karatorsa took advantage of the Twelve Apostles’ rivalry, and now it was Sirone’s turn.

“Yes, I will take care of the work for you. The representative of the 12 apostles should also think about it.”

Poine was rather amused.

“Of course, we are only following the will of the Messiah. That is the reason we exist.”

“So that’s what I mean.”

Sirone looked around at everyone and said.

“I don’t have much time, so I want to hear the situation first. I couldn’t get the current log. Can you tell me how things are going on the battlefield?” The apostles, whose names had not yet been called, simultaneously raised their hands and shouted.

“I will tell you!”

“… … haha.”

Facing their eyes burning with passion, Sirone let out an awkward laugh.

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