Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 953

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What the Guffins Left Behind (1)

Kata Torsa nodded.

Sirone’s Miracle Stream was comparable to the abilities of the Guffins he knew.

“It’s connected properly.”

“huh. thank you.”

There were no more mysteries left for Sirone who had experienced Omega, and naturally, the words became easier.

“If it wasn’t for you guys, the Gaian spirit wouldn’t have been passed down to this day.” That didn’t mean the respect was gone.

“On behalf of Guffin, I would like to thank you.” They were the ones who kept time in the great flow from eradication of Guffin to the era of great purification.

“I just finished my mission.”

Even if he said that, he must have felt deeply moved. Kara Torsa stared at the ceiling with vague eyes.

“… … Knowing Omega didn’t mean it was over. As I said before, I cannot tell you the history of the era in which you exist. From now on, you must fight the world with your own judgment.”

“I am determined.”

” but??????

Cara Torsa’s head slowly lowered, and both eyes gazed straight at Sirone.

“One more thing remains. The history of your time, the only one allowed by the Guffin.”

“Guppin gave permission… …

Sirone swallowed his saliva.

“okay. It is an event right before the guffin leaves the photon system, and also at the time you were born. Very few people know that Hexa was born, so it won’t have a big impact on you now. But Guffin asked for forgiveness. I don’t know what the case is either. If you do not allow it, I will delete the logs I have.”

In a situation where he left Hexa behind, he didn’t want to convey his feelings.

‘It must be a parent’s position.’

I still wanted to know.

‘I don’t have any memories of him, even though he’s my biological father.’

Since Sirone does not appear in Omega, it was assumed that there was no contact between him and Guffin.

“What the Guffins left behind.”

Sirone murmured softly and took a deep breath.

“huh. I want to know.” As the golden light lit up again in Kara Torsa’s eyes, certain records of Omega flooded in.

The Guffin’s Gate was installed in Istas, and the 20 Judges soon found Miro’s paradise.

“Is that the child?”

Plateau of Corruption.

In the aftermath of the war, in the landscape where everything was swept away, a Guffin was holding a child.

≪Uh g


An indescribable emotion was put on Guffin’s mouth as he lowered his head and made eye contact with the child.

“Look where you are.”

When Miro lowered the child’s outer covering, the child, as bright as the full moon, was smiling.


Guffin chuckled.

“If you’re pretty, just tell me honestly. It’s Ikael and my child, so of course he’s handsome.”

“It’s very mouth-watering. It’s such a waste, how are you going to give it to someone else and leave?” Guffin smiled bitterly.

‘Even if I can see through all things, will my child feel sad?’

Unfortunately, Miro looked at the child again and changed the atmosphere.

“Yeah, he looks 90% like Ikael. sweetie, i know you’re lucky If you look like your father… … Ugh.”

Guffin exclaimed in bewilderment.

“What are you talking about? Anyone can see that he is my son! Compare well. How is this 10 percent?”

“No, the face is 100% Ikael. The remaining 10 percent, hmm, maybe here?”

Miro’s index finger slowly opened the wrapper and headed toward the child’s lower body.

Sirone’s shoulders trembled as he accepted the log.

‘Miro, please… … : It was not just a video, but felt with 11 senses, so even her thoughts were clearly visible.

‘I’m really trying to see it.’

Then the Guffin hurriedly twisted its body.

“Why is this? My son can’t give it to you.”

Miro let out a snort.

“what? At one time, they said that he was the only heir and the last defender to protect the world.

“I don’t know. Anyway, my son will never! I will have a normal relationship with a normal woman.”

Miro’s eyes widened.

“Mister, you won’t even remember soon anyway?”

If the guffin that left the photon field erased the log, he wouldn’t even remember what happened here.

“Wujjujju, you’re good.”

Guffin, who had been admiring Sirone without pretending to listen, suddenly showed friendly eyes.

“He said he looked like Ikael… …

Sirone’s eyes grew hot as Guffin’s feelings came through the gunggam.

‘How much I will miss you.’

Miro, who noticed Guffin’s eyes, relaxed his expression and patted him on the back.

“let’s go. We have to start.”

U U ≫

……flaw ?

Proceeding 100 meters from it, there was a huge bell-shaped structure rising from the ground.

“this… … tower of Babel?”


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Guffin burst into laughter.

“I understand your disappointment. Still, at one time it was high enough to pierce the sky. And it was huge.”

I was close to God.

“Battle of the Tower of Babel. In the second war, Gaiain was officially defeated in a confrontation with God. You could call it a historical place.”

“You want to tell that child?” “When I think about it, Gaiain doesn’t seem to have a hometown. Since he realized Ultima, he refused to be cowardly and challenged the gods. Now that even the roots are disappearing, maybe this place can become the hometown of the heart.”

Guffin looked down at the child.

“Son, remember the heart of the Gaian who dwells in this tower. Even though we lost, we tried endlessly. never succumbed to the world We were never frustrated, and we defended our free will until the end.”

The guffins and mazes that entered the inside of Babel descended endlessly underground.

Sirone realized.

‘You really came.’

This was the reason why I felt similar to déjà vu when I entered Babel from the Heaven Project.

Miro asked.

“What kind of security is this tight? Didn’t the Gaians live here before’?”

Guppin answered while disabling the security device while always activating the Miracle Stream.

“It is heavenly work. Looking at the code, it’s Kariel. Originally, Heaven’s technology belonged to Gaia. Now, a subject called Mecca is carrying on that legacy.”

“… … Will it be safe?”

Miro looked around as if on alert, and Guffin raised the corner of his mouth and said.

“Anyway, it’s just technology. You can never imitate Gaia’s unique spirit.”

The red warning light in the hallway went out every time the smoke from the Miracle Stream spread.

“I might be able to do something here.” Upon entering the c*ckpit, the first thing I saw was a cone-shaped pillar installed on the ground and ceiling.

Beyond that, there were all sorts of contraptions that Kariel must have made that looked crude to Guffin.

“The Tower of Babel is operated by the Ultima system. To the angels, it is the bread of the picture.” When I put my hand between the cones and activated the Ultima System, powerful electrical energy was condensed.

At the same time, all devices lit up and the barbell started operating, and the screen lit up.

“Access to the main system. Codenamed Babel Project.”

As Miro watched, the logic circuit of the operating program appeared on the screen.

“What are you going to do by turning it on now?”

“It is, but.” Even Guffin felt a little embarrassed.

“Still, since I’ve come, I think I should leave it. After all, I am the last Gaian.”

We existed in this world.

“Of course, if Hexa doesn’t beat God, this record will go back to nothing… …

That’s why it’s an omega.

“I’m just throwing it this time. My heart.”

As thoughts were converted into text, characters that had not existed before began to be written on the screen.

I couldn’t read the labyrinth either.

‘Number of Laws 1.’

That’s why it was only the language of guffins.

“All Gaians used different characters depending on their personalities. But communication was not a problem. After all, there is only one signal that penetrates this world.”

That is Gunggam, the Ultima system.

Therefore, if Sirone comes here in the future, he will be able to read Guffin’s record.

‘When Ankera attempted the second reset… … It’s about Omega 412 years old.’

The Guphin, which recorded the specific age of Gaia as an omega unit, filled in the last 999 years.

‘The last Gaia, Mackline Guffin. photon field exit.’

The name will be erased anyway, but with this, the history of the Gaians ended.

‘The future… …

After thinking for a moment, Guffin murmured.

“Beyond infinity.”

The sentence sent to someone was re-recorded, and the screen turned off.

“Are you done?”

Miro asked.

Before she knew it, the dimensional door leading to Istas was open behind her.

“Then give me the hexa now. If you reset while swapping with the Prince of Kazura, the cause of Hexa will be permanently removed. Then even Ankera can’t touch it.”

“I guess so.”

Since the future of mankind was at stake, Guffin offered the child without hesitation.

However, his hands seemed to be shaking a little.

“… … the child will be fine I won’t be able to convince Yolga-sister, but I won’t let you down either.”

“okay. request.”

Miro, who was about to receive the hexa, stared at the child’s face and raised his gaze.

“As a father, do you have any last words?”

farewell life.

I know it’s painful to leave room, but I didn’t think the maze would go this way.

“Leave it.”

Any advice I could give to my son who has to fight the world alone in the future… … .

“If I.”

said Guffin, stroking the child.

“If you have to fight an evil that is so strong that you cannot defend yourself, you may follow the methodology of evil.”

The seal of the Behemoth engraved on Sirone’s inner side glowed red for a moment.

“If you are strong enough to defend your family, stand neutral between good and evil.”

There is nothing greater than protecting your family.

“Dad couldn’t.”

As Guffin’s eyes turned red after bursting into a devastated laugh, tears flowed from Sirone’s eyes as well.

“If you are strong enough to protect your family and protect more people, then defend the good.”

that’s right

“And if… … You have become strong enough to protect the whole world

noodle… …

Guffin lifted Hexa high.

“Listen to everyone.” There is nothing insignificant in beings born of oneness.

“cadet. iced coffee.”

The child smiled brightly, as if seeing the guffin’s face from a high place felt good.

Guffin raised his head all the way, as if drinking in tears, and slowly lowered his arms.

Miro, who had become pious before he knew it, accepted Goi Ai and entered the dimensional door and turned around.

“How much time do I have


“The time of Istas must be connected with the space. When events are differentiated, the relativity of time is pushed to the limit. One second in here could be decades in Istas.”

It was a closed curve of time.

“Don’t worry, you will definitely succeed. If you don’t come back in time, just close the time. I won’t resent you.”

“no. You’re going to resent me anyway. Because if I cease to exist, you will only become the scapegoat for humanity.”

Guffin, lost in thought for a moment, continued.

“I’m sorry to you, and I’m prepared to be hated. Just be sure to protect Hexa.”

Miro nodded and muttered as she moved to the inside of Estas.


The next moment, I saw a maze coming out of the hallway with blood on its face.

In the closed curve of time, space is time, so from Guffin’s point of view, warehouse 72 was in the same time zone.

‘If I create an independent time within the world’s time and leave the photon field… …

In other warehouses in Istas, Miro may have already been affected by Guffin Eradication.

It was the mystery of Istas, which is the future in the closed curve but actually the past in all time.

‘The Prince of Kazura… … does not exist.’

It was the first time in such a life-threatening maze, but she nodded without saying anything.


Perhaps tragically, Guffin also closed the dimensional door without asking.

With this, the maze leaves the event of getting out of Istas on the closed curve of time.

‘All preparations are over.’

Guffin muttered as he looked up at the ceiling.

“You won’t be able to stop this time, Ang Kera.”

’cause you’re not alone

As Ikael’s tears flowed through Hexa, a huge ataraxia unfolded.



Guffin’s body itself became a miracle stream and began to compress to infinity.

‘There is no more Ultima in this world… …

leave it behind

‘One hope.’

A faint smile appeared on Guffin’s face as his body gradually radiated into the light.

“It was fun.”

The body disappears as if flickering.


That moment when you pass through an unknown layer without even the concept of time and space, the boundary of the photon world.

‘That one?’

He saw a blond-haired boy who looked just like Ikael galloping towards him.


Guffin understood everything. “He’s become a nice guy.” look, it looks like me

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