Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 952

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Age of History (4)

‘Park Ji-kyung.’

After making a deal with Kara Torsa, Guffin entered the underworld through Choeni Bardo.

The demonic world is as vast as the real universe, but the topography inside is completely different.

“It will be a rough journey.”

To return to the planet with the labyrinth, the route the guffin chose was to cross 72 hells.

It was the only way to meet him.

“Drinking Behemoth.”

Unlike human demons, demons of fallen angels flowed into the underworld and were born.

It is distinguished from Mara, which was born from a clear concept, in that it is a mixture of all kinds of emotions.

“Not dependent.”

Without horns, the symbol of Mara, he wandered for a long time before settling on a labyrinthine planet.

Of course, it was the standard of the world behind the scenes.

“long time no see. King of Beasts, Behemoth”

In front of the Guffin’s eyes stood a Behemoth with seven eyes symmetrically set in a mountain-like size.

“Guppin, you came to see me?”

“I crossed 72 hells. No matter how much I call, they won’t invite me. Did you avoid it on purpose?”

“… … joy.”

Behemoth shook his head and pointed to the side with nails longer than spears.

“It doesn’t make sense. sit down. Shall we have a drink or something? I got you a good drink.”

“I came with a request.” When Guffin sat on a chair made of bones and crossed his legs, Behemoth opened a bottle of alcohol airborne from reality.

“I know. I’m already retired, but my power is consumed by the underworld.”

The Behemoth lived too long, and retired by blocking the flow of demons to itself.

Right now, he’s just killing time in the human world, doing the low-level demons’ pastime.

Nevertheless, the demons still recognized Behemoth as the next elder after Lucifer.

“Drink. It was fine.” When the Behemoth tipped the bottle with the tips of his claws, the guffin also raised the glass without hesitation.

“I gave birth to a child.”

Behemoth hesitated for a moment, then filled his glass and poured alcohol into his own glass.

“when? as I know… …

“Yes, he is dead. But she’s not dead. Because Ikael and I are still connected.”

The Behemoth drank a drop of alcohol at once compared to its size and said.

“Agape or something? Was it the ability to create creatures with signals from the mind?”

It was a word that the demons hated, but Behemoth, who had already retired, had no qualms.

“okay. The child is already dead, but the body is not important to Agape’s powers. However, there is one problem.”

“What problem?”

“You won’t be human.” Behemoth thought as he opened the bottle. According to the common sense he knows, combining Hexa and Agape can materialize a human body.

“Is it a mental problem?”

Guffin nodded.

“okay. If you think of me and Ikael, they are people who have reached a high level based on this world.”

“Hong, pretending to be noble.”

The Behemoth snorted, but didn’t dig any further than that.

“You must know, as you have watched countless human lives in the Underworld. Humans are beings with all the tendencies of good and evil. Smile even when you’re sad, happy even when you’re sick. All those experiences come together to find your own perspective called idea. But my future child… …

Behemoth muttered in a serious voice.

“It means there is no demon.”

“Exactly. I am a Gaian who has already achieved an integrated mental system, and the child’s mother is Ikael, the first concept in this world. She has no room for demons to intervene. So… … .

Guffin got to the point.

“You be my child’s devil.”

Behemoth averted his gaze from the glass and looked at the scenery of the other world, lost in thought.

“by the way.”

Then he pointed at the guffin again.

“Isn’t that too perfectionism? Even if there is at least one human without a demon, it will be fine. That’s like you and Ikael’s child. There is no need to stick to the standard model.”

“No, rather the opposite. Perfect is agape, not me. The Gaia people’s integrated mental system was completed through the many failures that mankind is currently experiencing. You will never realize Ultima without it.”

“It means the standards are disappearing.”

“That’s right. True goodness is not simply goodness, but the will to overcome evil within. True love is not love spread like an idiot, but the determination to give everything even though you know that it’s empty. If any one of good and evil is lacking, human beings cannot reach Idea.”

“He who does not understand evil, will he not understand good?”

“That’s it. Only in the cycle of good and evil can we approach human beings. And at the center of that human being is the Idea. Philosophy is just a tool. Ultimately, there is no good or evil, no merit or sorrow.”

Guffin laughed and shrugged.

“Look at it now. Because I realized everything in this world, I am drinking with you, the greatest villain.”

Behemoth turned his head and ate his mouth.

“I am not remorseful.”

“So I am asking you. and… … Come on now, isn’t that kind of thinking childish?”


The Behemoth swept all the bottles of alcohol lying next to it, put them in its mouth, and bit them hard.

“So you’re telling me to die. You sent Lucifer away, and now you want to bury me too?”

“It’s about time. you know?”

Behemoth shut his mouth.

From the time he cut himself off, he had no regrets about living in this world.

“Are you okay? I mean your child If for any reason they bring me out, I could rip him to death.”


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“If possible… …

Guffin grinned.

“Make it the hardest.”


The Behemoth, which moved its huge body, poured a drink into its own cup with the Guffin and said.

“Call me when the time is right. For the first and last time, I will meet you.” The drinking glasses collided.

The place where Guffin returned to heaven was the place where Ikael and the newlyweds had sweet dreams.

It was a miserable landscape.

My heart felt like it would break as the memories of that time came to mind, but it must have been because I was that happy.

“So I decided to stay here.”

The place where Ikael smiled the happiest smile in the world while holding a newborn baby in his arms.

Hexa’s hexagon rose above Guffin’s palm and was released into a smoke of light.

Ikael’s tears, which he had stored for a long time, floated in front of his eyes with clear light.

“The odds are half and half.”

It’s not a technical problem.

Agape, a type of Hexa, has the miraculous ability to create creatures by combining minds.

If Ikael did not love Guffin, the two signs would never come together.

“It’s okay if you don’t remember me.”

connected to the heart

“So Ikael.”

As Guffin opened his arms, Ikael’s tears in the Miracle Stream flew up into the sky.

“love you.”

Agape, the greatest love in the universe.

The Miracle Stream exploded in the form of a cross, connecting the ends of the universe.

The miracle that happened in an instant, Sirone endlessly savored it through Guffin’s vision.


The light literally filled the universe, condensing at a speed imperceptible to life.

The feeling of Guffin looking up at the white light floating in the sky was transmitted as it is.


Agape’s success was clear proof that she still loved him.

“thank you.”

He gave his all and received her all.

“Our child.”

The moment when a tearful guffin sees a special shadow forming in the white light.

‘This is Hexa.’

Omega’s transmission has ended.

As Sirone savored the process of her own birth, she heard Cara Torsa’s voice.

“The information you have received so far is all the events that happened in the first universe. And now… …

A new omega has arrived.


It was a log that restarted as many times as the universe was initialized.

‘ amazing.’

It is vast information by human common sense, but compared to the entire universe, the number of changed cases was less than 0.1%.

‘Even in the Guffin erasure state, the first history is almost perfectly preserved.’

After the reset, Ankera did everything he could to get rid of his error.

The battle between the angels who follow his will and the apostles who keep time has been conveyed through the 11th sense.


After Mudeungryong’s sigh, all of Omega’s records were finally handed over to Sirone.

Karatorsa lowered her stance and pressed her chin to the floor, as if she didn’t have the energy to keep her head up.

Sirone waited.

And after a while, Saga Karator raised his head again and spoke.

“While receiving the logs of the Akashic Records, I was unable to do anything. Not only because you can’t actually do it, but also because the balance of the universe tilts sharply if it is passed on to another being.”

Sirone understood.

what a heavy responsibility.

And the sense of liberation that Karatorsa will feel at this moment.

“No matter who will rule this world from now on, the age of gods will come to an end. It will close or continue. That is the Omega Year 999 as defined by Guffin.”

It was the end of the century.

“And the log that I can deliver to you is also up to this point. Because history is past events.” Sirone, or Hexa, did not appear in Omega.

“If you come to know the log after you were born, it will no longer be your life. I won’t be able to be who you are now.”

Sirone reached Ultima by gaining enlightenment through countless agony.

‘However, once you know the log, the basis for judgment collapses. In other words, the state is broken.’

If Sirone knew all the events and feelings of the countless people and friends she met in her life.

‘I can’t look at the world from my current perspective.’

That was enough.

The library of knowledge prepared in the depths was transformed into a perfect 5-dimensional cube.

‘It contains everything in the universe.’

Because the action of the particles was fully accepted, the formulas or definitions of science were not needed.

Sirone spread her palms in front of her eyes.

‘When I remembered something.’

As the 5-dimensional cube, a space-time integration, rotates, it finds what is needed in the infinite volume.

‘The time it takes… …

does not exist.

In the 5-dimensional cube, time is a physical quantity that can be manipulated.

‘Combine that battery with Hexa.’

A hexagonal light rose from Sirone’s palm and shattered with a clear sound.

“If you throw your whole heart into it.”

The smoke of light rotated and became a flower that did not exist on the planet and began to grow on the palm of my hand.

Sirone slowly raised her hand as Karatorsa stared at her.

The flowers that flew into the air were scattered with tens of thousands of lights and poured down like a fountain.

Colorful flowers bloomed on the hard floor, and soon the cave was filled with the scent of flowers.

Sirone said with a smile.

“Miracles happen.”

god’s brain

It was the triggering principle of the Miracle Stream.

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