Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 951

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Age of History (3)

In the eyes of Guffin, who has lived for eons, Miro was just a child, but he recognized her excellent insight and will to be right.

‘It’s a piece of wood worthy of entrusting the world with.’

I liked how his self-esteem skyrocketed, and how he was completely open-minded.

‘If that’s the only problem… …

Will Miro be prepared to sacrifice everything for the world?

“I will. There’s no one else who can do it anyway. I wonder if there is another way.”

A wizard can even lay down his life if it is the only way to solve a problem.

“No, not that much. It’s not a role that you can entrust because you can or want to.”

A lifetime, perhaps much longer than a human lifespan, may have to endure alone.

“The human heart has no limits, but it is as easy to break as it is. If you regret even a little bit, humanity will be in the worst situation.”

“Even if it’s a job that requires the heart, not the head… …

Miro, who supported his chest with his arms clasped together, swayed his upper body from side to side.

‘It’s heaven.’

I liked how she never lost her sense of humor even in desperate situations.

“Who would be willing to take on something like this? I do it because I am the only one. It’s a matter that needs to be approached coldly, and I think we can tolerate it.”

“How long?”

Miro kept his mouth shut.

“I know you are great. 100 years? No, it can last for 1,000 years. If I tell you to hold on until then, that is. But it’s not like that. You have to fight the thought that you might be alone forever. No matter how large the space is, you will feel trapped in a coffin, and reason cannot be perfect in such a state. I bet you will go crazy in 10 years.”

Miro, who couldn’t deny it, asked.

“What do you want me to do?”

When Guffin held out his palm, a hexagon of hexas emerged and turned into a metal box.

“Metagate. It is heavenly equipment. Save coordinates and bend space. Currently, this planet is distorted by a dimensional wall, so there is no way to return without it.”

“You mean go to heaven?”

“Give me one year. You see and feel it for yourself. You can’t have only the opposite sex. I can’t make you my successor without a mission to do it.”

Guffin added, flipping through the metagate.

“It should never be taken away. Of course, the dimensional wall cannot be easily penetrated, but a system without administrators will eventually be conquered. That’s why someone should be locked up in a solitude that may last forever.” Miro, who had been staring at the meta gate, raised her head.

“I’m not complaining, but why not you? You just need to be the manager, right?”

“I have a bigger mission than that.”

It was a short answer, but Miro didn’t ask any more.

“Then, I will go. Where can I go’?”

“Galliant.” A year later, a black sphere was born in the warrior’s resting place in Galliant.

The appearance of Miro, who reached her hometown through space, was thinner than a year ago.

Guffin, who was sitting on the bed, asked as he closed the book.

“Was it a pleasant trip?” Looking at Miro’s eyes as she stared straight ahead, Guffin realized that it wasn’t just her appearance that had changed.

‘I’m ready.’

There was a sense of duty that transcended reason.

“I want to hear your impressions.”

The first words that Miro uttered at Guffin’s words were.

“No one should have access to heaven. Humanity, at least for now, can’t handle the truth of the world.”

Guffin nodded meekly.

“Have you made your decision?”

“I will do it. I will manage the dimensional wall and prevent heavenly beings from entering this place.”

Miro turned to face the outside.

“The same goes for the Guffin’s Gate here. It would be possible to provide an excuse for aggression by those who do not deserve to go to heaven. At least I need to install at least the gateway to the test.”

Guffin held out his hand as if inviting.

“do whatever you want. From now on, the three prizes are yours to protect. How to do it is also free.”

The labyrinth created a test gateway to judge the qualifications of those who go to heaven.

Guffin prepared to leave.

“Then see you on the promised day. Don’t leave it to Estas. And this may be far-fetched, but… …

After a moment of hesitation, he said.

“If there is something you will regret later, don’t hesitate and do it now. If you have someone in your heart, tell them your heart. share the love.”

“It’s really remote.”

Guffin laughed.

“I don’t think you will make a mistake either. just… … I think it would be too sad to leave lingering feelings behind.”

You will be unbearably lonely.

‘It’s regret.’

Someone’s face appeared in Miro’s mind.

Her mouth didn’t open for a long time, so Guffin asked knowingly.

“also… … Are you there?”

Miro, who escaped from his thoughts, answered firmly.

” doesn’t exist.”

Although the 20-member committee’s judgment had not been made yet, the outcome was already expected.

The world will push her into cold solitude, if that is her fate… … .

‘I’m just accepting it.’

Miro asked this time.

“Don’t worry about Estas. Because there are competent assistants. What are you going to do anyway?”

“You should prepare to leave.”


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Unlike a year ago, this time Guffin turned around first.

“It won’t take long.” The first place that Guffin visited was the non-living area located in the southern hemisphere of heaven.

Although it was named as a living thing because of the dried seeds, it was actually a place where forgotten beings stayed.

“Cara Torsa.”

A gigantic presence passed in the darkness without sunlight, and after a while, a glow was born.

The majesty of Mudeungryong looking down at the giant body was admirable at any time.


The silhouettes of the 12 apostles were vaguely visible behind the karatorsa where the light was fading.

‘It’s still a strong race.’

To be so powerful without undergoing special evolution from the early days of Omega.

‘It must mean perfect.’

At least they were the most perfect creatures Argones and Gaia could create.

“Why did you step into the forbidden area?”

Because Argones allowed the species to continue, the dragon waited in the inanimate world.

“Don’t be too hard on yourself. The reason you guys were able to rest is because we blocked the reset.”

Kara Torsa wanted to hear the main story.

“so? Why did you come?”

“I was thinking of doing a reset this time.” Life flashed in Kara Torsa’s eyes.

“Man, I hate jokes. If you’re serious, it means you’ve come to fight us.”

“On the contrary. want to make a deal I want to ask instead, but there is no oblivion for the apostle of time, right?”

“Heh, don’t compare it to human imperfect thinking. we are the coldest species

feet. It does not distort any information.” All information is stored as a combination of 0 and 1.

“Then we can view our history as neutral. Help me, human.”

Kara Torsa hid her face.

“We are on nobody’s side, neither God nor man. It just prevents the intentions of certain beings from interfering with the flow of time.”

“That is what I want. A world that will never change no matter what I do in the future.”

“You have poor understanding.” Kara Torsa was frustrated.

“It means that if you succeed in intervening in something, you can even do an enke. The existing time will collapse, and from then on, I can’t handle it.”

“What if I could send you the logs of the Akashic Records?”

The eyes of the 12 apostles lit up, and Kara Torsa, who had a dazed expression, asked back.

“The log of the Akashic Records? Are you talking about all the events that have happened since the beginning of time, all the movements of atoms?”



Karatorsa’s voice was provocative.

“I know you can embody signals from outside. It’s called Edea. But in the end, Ideas are also signals created in this world. And the Akashic Records belong only to Ankera, who dreams of this world. You can’t get there.”

“I can reach you.”

Guffin pointed to the sky.

“I’ll shoot you directly from outside.”

“……Out of the bar }?”

Raising her head vertically, Cara Torsa imagined the universe at the end of the dark sky.

After a long silence, he murmured.

“Going out into space… … There… … to me… … Sending logs?”

“okay. I don’t know what kind of world it is, but I will definitely succeed. Hack the log and shoot it at you. Instead, if I succeed, you will keep track of time based on the logs of the Akashic Records. So that no variables arise.”

“Departure from the photon field. If you disappear… … Karatorsa’s brain rotates rapidly.

started to wake up

“It’s like the only obstruction to Anchera is eliminated. From then on, he will try to reset and try to fix all the errors he has made.”

“okay. You have to stop it.”

“But I have a question.”

Kara Torsa looked down at the guffin again.

“Even if we defend time, then who can stop Anke? Aren’t you already there?”


Guffin smiled.

“Ikael and my child will be in this world. no name I will not build it.”

Because parents don’t even deserve it.

“When the time comes when that child can handle the truth of the world, I want you to tell him everything. The beginning and end of this world. Alpha and Omega.” Kara Torsa is also now realistic.

“Ankera won’t let you go? Hexa will be eliminated first in the reset.”

“So I’m going to do it first. Hexa embodies the signal from the outside world, and if you initialize it, you can remove the cause itself. Then even Anke can’t touch it. Almost ready. The dimensional wall, and even the successor after protecting it… …

“for a moment. wait for a sec.”

Kara Torsa stopped talking.

“If you try to reset while leaving the log, the person called you doesn’t exist in the second era. The bottom case occurs. Users will have déjà vu, and angels can even feel a sense of incongruity.”

“okay. There will be cracks in the Akashic Records. I left behind ruins with my name engraved on them. Not necessarily for this, but it will help you resolve the contradictions of history.”

“Hmm. Rather than confuse the user, it seems to make the reset itself positive.”

“That’s the only solution. Even if you dry up, I reset. You’d better have the log I sent you than head into the ground.” It’s been a long time.

“… … i get it.”

The 12 apostles descended to the ground in human form, and Kara Torsa raised himself to the end.

“The apostle of time promised.”

“thank you.”

Karatorsa asked when the guffin turned and raised the light of Hexa.

“Are you sure you won’t be empty?” “This world seen from the outside may be just a signal. Can you still love this place while looking at it? If everything that has been precious to you so far is a lie.”

“you can do it.”

As the last descendant of that brilliant spirit, Gaiain who achieved an integrated mental system.

“Even if it’s a lie, even if there’s something more futile than that, I can still love you.”

Guffin touched his chest.

“Because everything I felt while living and loving here is real. It will remain in me forever.”

I am not leaving to leave.

“I am ready. The time has come to return to this world with what I have learned. Also, that is… …

Guffin’s body began to dissolve into particles of light.

“It must be a god with a heart.” With only voices lingering in the air, Kara Torsa was deep in thought.

“He is a god with a heart… …

It was thought that the world was in the process of converging in endless cowardice, continuously creating new worlds.

“It goes up in reverse.”

beyond infinity.

So that a god with a heart can dwell in all worlds.

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