Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 950

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Age of History (2)

Heaven’s armies toured the planet.

I searched once along the axis of rotation and twice along the equator and the prime meridian… … .

‘can not find it.’

There was no Buddha anywhere.

‘If we’re not lame… …

Shura’s gestalt dominates lies, but in front of the ability to amplify, it’s like childish puns.

‘Am I avoiding it on purpose?’ There was a good chance of that.

When his memories were amplified 20,000 times, this Kael regained all his lost memories.

Even what Anchera did to her.

‘Of course I’m also resentful.’

However, I didn’t think that I would definitely take revenge.

‘Because I don’t have a heart.’

Every judgment Ankera made was merely a cold means to maintain that world.

‘But Ankera is now a human. If I meet a human named Nane, what should I do? No, how will he treat me?’

Satiel peeked at Ikael, who was in trouble.

‘I must have regained my memory.’

Of course, the other archangels also had some guesses about the erasure of Guffin.

This is because the mental body of an angel is the purest, and it feels uncomfortable even with the slightest cracks that have worked in the world.

‘No matter how the whole changes, it’s just the whole, but the initial reset is definitely different.’

Also, the fact that the angels felt a sense of incongruity was proof that another being had reset in Ankera’s world.

‘If this feeling is true, I would be an enemy to Ikael-nim.’

With her nostalgia ability, Satiel disassembled memories into the smallest units and collected the fragments.

‘Maclein Guffin. jealousy. Ichael’s sin.’

Just having the words connected at the level of delusion made my teeth quiver and goosebumps.

‘But why? Are you not saying anything to me?’

Even though I don’t have a clear memory, it seems clear that Ikael did something very bad.

‘Did you really get your memory back? If it’s possible with amplification, it’s not impossible for me either.’

So it was questionable.

Why is it that only Ikael can remember everything about Guffin Eradication?


At the direction of Ichael, the armies of Heaven were stopped.

The photon signal illuminates the common sky, but to Ikael, it was a childish lie.

“Come out.”

The scenery in the sky bulged, and Shura appeared.

“I have been ordered by the Buddha.”


7th in the Order of the Ten Commandments.

There is no way that the Eternals of Heaven are ignorant of the archangel’s authority, but Shura did not show respect.

‘There is no Ankera.’

The manager of the world was a human named Nane.

‘Only to know the heart.’

I got goosebumps at the determination of Ankera, who had become a mere creature in the status of a god.

“Buddha’s name? You will have to cover up your words. can command us

Existence… …

“Follow me.”

As if there was no need to consider Ikael’s opinion, Shura turned away coldly.

Protea, the chieftain of the Fire Tribe, had her eyes closed tightly with a painful expression on her face.

‘I keep losing my life. I can’t last long.’

The Hwajok’s strategy is as follows.

If 300 flower people control 300 fresh flowers, Protea controls the entire flower garden from the center.

Therefore, it would be an urgent task for the demons to get rid of Protea, but in reality they did not care.

“Ha ha ha! i got it! It’s mine!”

They were preoccupied with terribly harassing the humans, fire tribes, and elves in front of them.

“Damn it!”

Even so, the number was so great that Rufist eventually gave orders to Fleur.

“Pull the defenses! Protect Protea!”

Allied forces, which moved swiftly,

I restructured the defense line 300 meters ahead from Ah.

Intercepting device!

The sound of breaking steel was heard from all directions, and the ground shook with a thump.

“It’s an elf! Catch the elf! Those are delicacies!”

The only popular prey for the demons were elves.

“no! go away!”

A race that has stronger immunity to fear than humans, but once their hearts are broken, their emotions are revealed as they are.

“Those like dogs!”

Seeing his people being trampled upon, Enox finally raised his sword and was about to charge.



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Fireballs flew from the sky.

The fireball, shaped like seeing the sun right in front of your eyes, did not arrive even while the demons were watching.


And finally, when the skin started to melt, I realized it was a large sphere, over 20 meters in diameter.

“Aww! hot!”

The moment the fireball hit the ground, Enox took the elves and retreated.

“Are you thinking of killing them all?”

At the same time, Rufist blocked the rear of the Elves and built a 40-meter high iron wall.


The hot energy was blocked for a while, but soon the steel wall started to turn red like lava.

“The magic of water!”

As Enox shouted, the water nymphs cast ancient magic.


The blood of demons and humans evaporated in an instant, and torrential rain poured down in a radius.

Chee Hee Hee!

The iron walls collapsed as the temperature dropped to the point where you could breathe with a cooling sound.

Even the allies were dangerously powerful, but thanks to that, the advance line of the demons was pushed back by 700 meters.

Rufist’s eyes deepened.

‘It’s as rumored.’

There was only one person in this seat who could use this level of fire magic.

Garcia arrived by space transfer.

“Are you okay?”

Lufist nodded, feeling that the name of the world’s best flame mage was not false.

“Thanks. How is the war situation?”

“Not good. We lost 20% of our Valkyrie forces.”

Considering that the Allies suffered 50% damage and the Elves suffered 30% damage, they were indeed the world’s elite.

“But the biggest loss was the 1st Corps commander. At this rate, we will not be able to protect the flower garden.”

Rufist’s eyebrows went up.

‘Fidero is dead? A swordsman who can be called the reincarnation of the great swordsman Cadel?’

It was obviously a shocking news, but on the other hand, the battlefield was a place where anything could happen.

“The president of the association decides. Whether to retreat from here and pursue the next strategy, or defend this place.”

The operational rank is higher for Garcia.

However, he thought it would be better to leave it to the commander of his own country when it comes to the fate of Tormia.


Lufist rested his chin.

‘If we retreat, we will protect our troops. But if we step away, do we have a future left?’

The reason why he was able to stand up against the demons despite the asymmetry of power was because he had a flower garden.

Which is more efficient, humans or machines?

“All troops!”

Lufist shouted.

If you give up the ancient weapon, you won’t be able to inflict this much damage to the demons again.


There is no system without humans.

That was a human named Lufist, and Garcia respected his intentions as well.

“Valkyrie! Full army retreat!”

The demons, who saw the allied forces running away with their backs, salivated.

“Ha ha ha! I had the most fun with this part!”

As they attacked the fleeing enemy’s back, the despair in their eyes was thrilling.

“Aww! no!”

The cries of the allies, the screams of the familiar voices, pierced the hearts of the allies.


The jaws closed so much that the teeth were crushed.

“run! Keep running!”

But in the end, someone was able to escape because someone was caught.

“Let’s see! Bastards!”

As they retreated while shedding tears of blood, the roar of space movement crossed the sky.


Judging by the length of the sound wave, it was a magic cast from a great distance.

The place where Rufist’s eyes followed was deep in the demon camp.


Even if the distance was far, it was too far.

If the coordinates were measured incorrectly, he could only hope for a painless death.

The demons who surrounded the spot where the flash of light fell also had absurd expressions.

“What is this kid?” A slender girl with her hair cut short like a man muttered in a low voice.


burn without remnants

Contrary to the soft voice, a huge flame rose from her center and pierced the sky.


As the whirlpool of fire danced amid the screams of Abi Gyu-hwan, the allied soldiers’ faces went blank.

“no way?”

The moment Garcia’s eyes glowed at the familiar fire, the flames scattered and the land turned to ashes spread out.


Standing there was Amy, who had created a storm of fire and not a single thread had been burned.

What that meant, only Garcia, the best flame mage, could guess.

complete combustion.

‘It’s not magic. It’s a spiritual realm. It also requires the realization of fire to reach its peak.’

It is very difficult.

It was in the same vein as the saying that the only people who know the true nature of fire are those who have been burned to death.

Amy’s body seemed to be ignited in an instant, and suddenly she appeared in front of the allied camp.

‘Magic that uses concepts, not phenomena. A unique understanding of fire is required… …

It was also the privilege of the Archmage.

I don’t know why the fire-type movement magic is needed, but it must have its own use.

“Lieutenant Colonel Karmis Amy has returned to the battlefield.”

While Garcia watched with a serious expression, Tess came running with Lian.


Tess, who held Amy in her arms until she was suffocating, said with tears in her eyes.

“I thought you were really dead! What happened!”

“Wait, wait, Tess… …

“Besides, why is your hair like this? I’m just like a man It’s pretty, though.”

“lieutenant colonel.”

After hearing Garcia’s voice, Tess came to her senses and backed away.

“Oh, sorry!”

Amy, on the other hand, met Garcia’s gaze with a meaningful smile.


He knew that he was the one who had been waiting for her return more than anyone else.

“If you survived twice, it wouldn’t be a fluke.”

After looking at the enemies in front for a while, Garcia looked back at Amy and said.

“The position of commander of the 1st corps is vacant. Go in.” “??????yes?”

Amy, who had not digested what she had heard, asked back, but Garcia’s words were still short.

“As of this time, you are the commander of the 1st Valkyrie Corps.”


Tess covered her mouth, and the soldiers around her also whispered with shocked expressions.

“If you are the commander of the 1st Corps… … Are you the lieutenant general?” No matter how much the world was on the brink of destruction, it was unconventional treatment.

Amy’s voice trembled.

“Brigade commander… …

“As you know, it may be a façade. This might be our grave. However, the weight of responsibility that the corps commander must shoulder remains the same. Nothing to gain, much to lose. Would you like to try?”

Tears welled up in Amy’s eyes.


The moment she clenched her fists, her eyes started burning red.

‘I did it. I did it.’

In a brief moment, a lifetime passed by.

Entered the magic school, failed the first graduation exam, and graduated in 4th place out of 10 students in the second graduation exam.

The Tormia army, and Valkyrie, enlisted with a report card that did not show a particularly promising future.

The training was grueling, and Garcia’s guidance was impersonal and brutal.

‘Thank you, Berrik.’

Even if he had overcome all of that, he wouldn’t be where he is today if it wasn’t for Berrick.

‘and… …

Amy brought out the memories she cherished even in extreme pain.


If you are the commander of the 1st Valkyrie Corps, you can acquire the title of Archmage just by applying reputation points.

Since he was actually a great wizard who broke the fire world, the red line rating system was reasonable.

‘Can we meet.’

On the night he had to leave Sirone right in front of him, how much did he regret his own weakness?

‘We can fight together.’

The figure of Amy with burning red eyes

Looking at Tess’ heart


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